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your promise you'll see like this friend of yours as i'm sitting on the lid i was. unanimously. just pulling hard because the us is would like to drink it all or give it give it to the uncle and again for my food yes i'll kill. you ok just cool. and anything and then drink the rest. ok that's.
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what i get one more. thing he said that much of this. these are the coca leaves. no have ok. if. it's something i need this i didn't know that they don't just. must be there now but if. you don't play your. i think this is one of the most unique things i have ever seen in my life. really. mean it was in the stars as the. list on the wall. was going to look at those that when is it going to get pullman says in this global elizabeth gilels
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that i get in the is there is a. theory and the highest silver mines on the planet active for almost five hundred years. packed into the rocks the deep shots are plagued by cave ins and accidents. in the thin dusty and the miners work without eye protection breathing operators and i often work drunk it's extremely dangerous sometimes fatal and frequently carried out by children. young children who worked in bolivia for generations almost three quarters of a million a doing so today. this culture led to the development of bolivia's new liberal and
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highly controversial children's code in two thousand and fourteen which gave children as young as ten the right to work under certain circumstances. critics in the west said bolivia had effectively legalized child labor the government says the laws protect the rights and health of their young workers. the i think. all the new rules work has the situation got better since two thousand and forty. we work into any meaning to have. the child step by step so there was this five year plan right so
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yes by two thousand and nineteen yeah they want to say no must basically i think i know it's very difficult to say no math because it's only five years but it's you know it's a huge it's a high i don't know how you say made. by the level of yes yes yes yes yes you aim high end for the stars yes yes it's very. it's very high. but you know in the last ten years. to make a big thinks. you can think and believe we. tell it to live in the space we have. right now you can think and believe me we. need all the kids in the school we have this reality by now.
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because that's when the end of. this about i want to start. a million other money to pay for. those doesn't. count as a new thing as. these i knew. it was because. i think. the thing. some guy with thirteen fourteen years try to selling you this is maybe you them enough. but if you see i chatted with thing years in the cold. you know you understand yeah of course when i try to say because you were because you think i am actually closer this is a strategy. is that
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a yes is this just so you send the young little kid out and he of course looks the pause and then you make more money of course than the pirates says. danielle can. you make more money because it's child yeah this is a from the. only . really well when the senate since. nine eleven thirty seven are on the senate still the most. pressing sequence is the nominee. and then you see him for he let me know first and you know collection i gave you and i think of course just as. the man standing there most of all not a worse. came to the primary ok honestly i don't know of another higher than they.
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are now you believe yes we did the program with new eyes you know we have a new low it's different this is the past this is not geneva. they they make the laws international olsson all are places but you need to see the reality here the in the feeling in the one the sun a little song on the sound as well as the moment of the leave. one. day and don't. think anything from the six years was for you know what's on the look in nature and the demand all of us not just.
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a little bit and looking from the six of clubs to the top of clubs maybe ok so when you see that how does that make you feel of course i feel sad. i feel like . i don't know the war but then this plan is a simple dance yeah yeah it was an incident now you want to help but of course of course people want to help. young one. more. subtle. but just purchased but. the reality in bolivia is that the economy has improved in the last decade but that around sixty percent of people still live below the poverty line they do what they have to to survive and for many children it means juggling school with a full time job.
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oh. maggie and then i'll be a second language useless so funny for lasts. but l.t. cinnamon house and i eat it yes the sun will need that blow game. feels. like it's. not here lives in the suburbs of the past. mike is a daily struggle for him parents who can't make ends meet on the land he's been
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contributing to the family budget forever tremulous. fish. food dish you may end up having them at a desk was all a human voice. it was president ok with nothing to say will give you that bangle full well yes. those wherever. he moved up. and as i had read about me and tim i know still have flat on my head out don't even ask that i laugh. but that last fact brought up in my mind what we just get on with. what we should be thinking she shouldn't be.
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in the first week so if i found they would i that little time is it on my that doesn't consider this a clever outing on his part that i will hunt him for that so about us that in two months no i don't keep on that uncle who sucks my mam until i met him in the sea was. your live and then waits. on the lone going to give it's. been. a let me see was a must and what do you kiss yes. and with a face a medal and a put it but. i doubt doesn't multiply the sample a chemist to the other man that. the. focal governing mother men got that out of my body that can make you know live well and sing and i mean. put us in the look then on those who are greatest but ok i can bend it better mucked in
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a democrat i said that is not the end of him he put us in with the liberal slant on most. democrats and their family and then this is them embassy and the guns on the picket then get up and dam in. dentist today after mia has been crazy that is to get on the. activity and plug as put it in then among the not that i had anything. better. on to the economy come the move kid her name. nor is it. wrong. in the world if. he. doesn't. seem to like us.
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he was. not as big dreams for those dreams require a good education and what do you want to be when you grow up. of all glass. why do you want to bring on. a little else other than. the senate as president must get nation on love are equal but less and less. i don't think that any country can push a button and get rid of trade this is far too important to be farmers to political backlash money is a very fine people think and i think it will be very quick before people find ways around it because as i say it but it might be damaging it might cut it back but the
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idea that you could do anything nearly the same in the south but it is very unlikely. apply to many flips over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch in the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the eight. if the superman each kill you narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. it's an experience like no one else on to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy a great so one more chimes for. the base this minute.
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yeah. and i was almost destroyed us. out of this thing through the settlement that the mayor would use in there. saying is that one. thing is that aanchal me i mean was he. says it you know. this i mean this had. been as i don't want. i want to toss on you just when it looks like it's almost more tame. but i doubt it's going to get a my my but i was. there was one of eight brothers and sisters being raised by a widowed mother the children's code as men he's been able to find work as a cleaner in the local cemetery. but
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then and that is this is you know the sentiment. not get the has to do is focus on . that then you know unless you can do that but i get it though having missed. that little money getting much more interesting was yesterday stuff you know joe. people my mask. but that he did. this is a little. billy glasses again and i'm on going loses.
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game and i love. my legs but i. said i came out so late you. lose me. so. the lesson has gone on that all my life has to go on at the crack. house more train a separate last one yes nothing yes m.p.'s and i was wrong. has long been. in the loop was make it on both with the end but yeah to snog all one thing i want to do with the game but. let's at least. the new book
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eat as the prelude. i was that yes is that what it was. and broke if this is not willful then nick is a good person. with his head as it may be seen as to him it's you know. he says to the. better off and the one who prefers the name first this. is the gate that one. of them enough to. marry some one began thing only to hang. this guy. hung with the answer more to all went to. the. eastern end
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than. that. for quito and no idea the children's code is meant they can legally end the extra money they badly need she can help her mother in the market and his job at the cemetery wouldn't exist without it but there are hundreds of thousands of children in bolivia operating completely outside the law. sort of like something out of a movie i get the feeling i'm in some sort of wild west goldmine these old wooden poles on everything up.
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i'm not built for spaces like. definitely not the mountain for people around me if they didn't get focused and as it became a lot of room i had. the food. to. cook in the. county office and. mezuzahs your eyes. at six am with kate moss so we are going down was it this was unthinkable. to come in to tell them i'm going to go away is not really
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concerned except money at stake in western. australia and his brother had been working on his mind since they were ten years old if they stay here it's unlikely they'll see forty one was hard enough and only him with. lack of oxygen and just hand tools. to help his kids to know that's all day in day out. so they really close it. everything will freddy when richard are doing is completely illegal. mining work is strictly forbidden by the children's kind but it's never enforced. all that. sort of thing. for. i. always.
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hope. ok. ok. well. ok. well good so we're. better they don't divorce i got blood. mean i was. gonna get a look at all that up. your butt about. all i said so how do you know i mean what a game and i mean as believe it was. the children's code should protect wolf radio and his brothers but up here it seems it doesn't apply.
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there was a former childminder an activist who tries to look after the families i'm sorry come. sam was told and says it was him was put him. three measures been stated it. better the hit on bombs has. so much that is it is that i could. just i mean is. there a difference for the. poor luther king permitted or. funniest thing. thing. but blah blah. blah it's nice but it's funny to say the most almost dumbest. is what.
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she did was robust she was. a. good person like it was funny. and. then point out that way to much understand. where those that. say that by the bennet in the by the. way the martha a c s and then look at them with. me. as cussedness thought it of this chappie this was easy. to see here is responsible for the safety of equipment here she simply can't afford the thieves to get anywhere near it and that's why she always has a supply of dynamite nearby it's a very effective way of warning them off. us if they get too close as the bug out of us. through. what if any equipment is
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stolen or has to pay for it she doesn't mess around when it comes to thieves ok that's just concept that's a good deal to. pull the rug. i see yes i. have and that. is the main thing a. lot of trouble which will unfold a month on a simple accidental. i sentiment is. a perilous. bottles nino's. their normal kid. is just on an island of. nias mountain in the protium united but mild in consequence of the ball they look in the cement on the end they told influenced is
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will carry protect you not in another game you don't lie i mean little did told on the. news that. young men. only don't know now the leader they had it's funny they had seen us yeah this is they don't really get to us to be the. better then sound a nation but. he better learn to put. it's had value get them the job they're doing better than i was on the boat it's news but it's funny to us but this is maybe the. report it goes for the simple as type and somewhat nebulous but look you know. good i must say good up or you know just i don't be and it's funny you know that's news but as babe it was those. who. took it
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took him. to. sources in the bolivian government insists the children's code is one. that overall numbers of work as a down and that illegal child labor as have almost home since two thousand and eight. they say that tackling dangerous work is now a top policy priority. but they haven't offered the people of center rico an alternative and that means the schoolboy mine is here continue risking their lives for the money they need to survive they still believe they'll get more help from t.o. for the first the devil of the pits than they will do from their own lawmakers.
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is iran must going to fit in to steve jobs kids by coming up with innovative products you know the electronic gadgets market is a little bit different in the car business because the car businesses you know you kind of bound by the highway system and you're bound by the whole infrastructure that is the automotive industry and the lobbying of the automotive industry so it's a bit difficult to be disruptive in that industry in a way he's going to open up his charging stations with one nine hundred fifty style burger and shake joints with servers on roller skates ok that's that's an idea that might take off that might be a new like starbucks like third place that people go to to have an experience that might work. for a new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education is being supplanted by the right to access education it's high
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education is becoming just another product that can be pool and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you know most of the regime you can look good is so nice. they could to me. what is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now in an extremely more high education the new global economic war. the.
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breaking news we're receiving reports of a teenager ahmed with an ax setting the school on fire in eastern siberia. turkey to the u.s. and its support for syrian kurds have made a spat between the two countries over washington train border forces. hundreds of prison guards go on strike over unsafe work conditions at a french jail soon to be a hotbed for islamic radicalization. and leaked e-mails raise concerns over how do you think cases were handled during the rio olympics in twenty sixteen.


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