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improving and working on the lead on advancing their own nuclear program and that so they see it as their duty to respond to that and there's all these new programs are not going to come cheap are they what do we know about how much the u.s. is putting into this now of course no we don't have the figure yet but obviously the pentagon couldn't you know lose couldn't really missed a chance to try and bargain for more money for more funding and this is what general mattis former general mattis did in his address he said how defense cuts probably deal the most damage to the united states national security and you know budget cuts to the defense but also it's important to remember that a lot of a lot of the pentagon's assets they go into projects like the colombia submarine for example or the thirty five fighter jets and the latter has been in development for decades and. millions hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on this
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and the development stage has not been even past the you know the most basic the most basic stuff the most basic stages so this is something to look into as well of course also matters talked a lot about how allies are important for the united states and all and right after right after the heart fell so to speak speech about how allies are crucial for for washington here reminded that this club this u.s. friends club is not a free one that you have to pay up and he reminded them to two years you know to splash more money on their own defense and to contribute more to save nato spending . we face growing threat from revisionist powers as different as china and russia or from each other nations that do seek to create a world consistent with their authoritarian models pursuing veto authority over and other nations economic diplomatic and security decision. so you have authoritarian
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model that's what that's what the believe russia and china are doing now neither of the countries have reacted to this yet but we will be bringing more and the reaction as we get it is of course of course as well absolutely this is fresh breaking news we're covering here so we're going to have plenty more discussion and analysis analysis throughout the night but for now thank you very much. ok we cannot discuss this further with our guests now let's bring in john white a political commentator and journalist. as to why thank you for joining us to discuss this breaking news so what do you make of this new defense strategy this been outlined by mattis what consequences do you anticipate. how you live on r.t. international. hello i'd like to ask you what do you make of this latest
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this speech from james madison what kind of consequences do you anticipate i do apologize to our viewers we seem to have some sound difficulties that will try to get our guests back and bring you some more discussion later on that for now the turkish defense minister has announced his country has launched a military operation in syria's kurdish controlled african region starting with cross border shelling has more on how events unfolded. we're hearing from the turkish defense minister that a de facto turkish military operation has begun across its border now this is been corroborated by the syrian kurds the white jeep who say that since those day night some seventy shells have been fired by the turkish military on to their villages now it's one of the only a statement by the turkish president and the one in which he said that the united states has admitted to establishing a terrorist army on the turkish syrian border any chord on the united states to
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deal with that terror at its infrastructure and these comments by the turkish president so infuriated could see living in the afan region that earlier they took to the streets also they were protesting against what you see happening slowly on the ground which is turkish tanks leading to little buddha this is what citizens of us have to say. right now our freedom will be the ones graveyard today hundreds of thousands are protesting to tell him that the people of our friend will never leave their land. the international community should send a message to turkey telling them to stop. the y.p. jian and so we can depend on what sells. well this comes after the statement that the coalition forces were working closely with the syrian democratic forces to establish and train a new syrian border security force but what we've seen happening is the american
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administration backpedaling now on plans to establish such a border force essentially after it created such a huge and furious backlash from america's close ally turkey the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has said that the entire issue has been mis portrayed and mis described the u.s. state department has this to say is he saying that when the pentagon says we're going to try to commit forces because the people that took that long we see just disappearing i wouldn't i would have to refer you to the department of defense on that i think they. we're clear in the statement that they put out so let me just refer you to them on that. part but i'm asking about wilson's comments yesterday we said there's no for the security forces and that's not what it is like i have to refer you to the turkish government about what they became so concerned about and the fact that somebody misspoke and i'm not going to name any names and neither is the secretary but somebody clearly just misstated their policy it's as simple as that the situation is extremely tense on the ground and it has the possibility of
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igniting into something much bigger so i think what it does show us is that words have the potential to ignite a potential war. i came back to our breaking news we cannot discuss the story with our guest slides that dick is a professor of political sociology at the american university in cairo good to have you with us sir could you tell us what was this what america was trying to avoid by backtracking on his border force comments the start of a turkish military operation on syrian kurdish positions or is this turkey using these now rejected comments about support a fourth of the critics. as you know politics makes strange bedfellows and also can we object to. you have so many cooks inside this we know everyone has the objectives for the turkish government be afraid. the kurds in syria me inspired the inside to prove they are not happy
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if. this. this would not be the end it would be the beginning. of this inside syria and this means the kurds in syria and maybe also some code. would not let the code's fight. also we have to remember that the kurds on the board will so it's not going to be a picnic for the army. the expectation that the turks can attack and they get away with it and the would be an easy ally it is not as you remember the turkish calculation that they will topple such as said in a national while that last that for seven years and even among the turkish population there are a lot of criticism of the turkish government why did we get involved in this mess in the first place that even our national security and that's why the americans
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are continuing to stay in syria they have a different agenda there as in the beginning was to topple assad and to weaken even you and hezbollah influence the half we're in now the field that why should we leave now even after we have destroyed their eyes if you that if they leave now the deal will not be able to. give that to me that ability of the gulf the two are seeing that the americans will never do anything in the middle east it serves iranian interests the invaded iraq and is now iran has a big influence in iraq then before so if the leave now syria iran will have more influence and for the other thing to assure the gulf allies that they are not abandoning them at present they believe that this is one way also to protect israel now with even young and hezbollah forces inside that area there is a reason of war and for the existence of american military bases and
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also. both easy codes. you know saves and protect the israelis and you know the disposer fears and that's why you have discount cliquey sions of everybody is playing their own as in the end killing in media something else can. tend the turkish government i thought i'd share interacting with just being listening to james mattis underscoring how the us stands with its allies but i guess it's a question of who is more important to the us the kurds will attack you what do you think. of course turkey is more important turkey has the strongest army in need to or in europe also it controls a lot of faults in the middle east of course the americans can abandon the kurds but they were not to leave syria. science article
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a professor of political social at the american university in cairo i thank you for your time. now in another news the teenager has a tot to school in eastern siberia injuring six people including a teacher. who ran into the class and inflicted injuries supposed free school children and a teacher with the next a child received a blow to the face another one was struck on the back and another girl lost something. that's just the girl said she received a text message from the soon to scoot that she should not go to class mornings that there will be much. longer got the most for mr bush.
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but this comes amid a string of similar attacks across russia this week jacqueline vega has the details of the past five days have seen a frightening trend creeping up in russia with three different attacks occurring at schools. and all those cases the young perpetrators used basic weapons not an axis as that was likely all that they had at their disposal and a disturbing online trend may also link these incidents our sources believe that violent online groups that center around tragedies like the columbine high school massacre may also be a common factor that just to remind you the columbine tragedy took place in the u.s. back in one thousand nine hundred ninety two students armed to the teeth killed twelve of their classmates and
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a teacher and that horrific massacre is apparently inspiring violence and children who weren't even born when it happened it's so popular that the followers of such groups even have a name. for themselves can buy cars now russia's version of facebook called v.k. has dozens of these pages open to all we did a simple quick search and found scores of them with post that promote violent behavior things like describing the power someone feels when they have a gun in their hands one of the alleged perpetrators of monday's incident has been confirmed to be a follower of such pages and today's and wednesday's instance are being looked into see if the same is true for them as of today russian officials have announced that they will begin shutting down pages with extremist content the communications watchdog blog groups and social media which call for violence in schools it will be undertaken under the criteria of terrorism extremism and inducing juveniles to commit suicide but the question remains if closing pages will really be enough in the long run especially given that a number of students have already taken the next up and used violence against their
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classmates. the right leaning alternative for germany or a.f.d. party has proposed verifying the age of all migrants coming to the country and idea that's been roundly condemned by all other parties in the bundestag his piece of the reports well if the right wing populist alternative for germany thought that getting into the border stark was going to be the hard part they've certainly been brought back down to earth with a bump over the last couple of days since the german parliament has convened on friday to a half day of put forward changes they wanted to see two laws relating to asylum and refugee status here particularly when it came to the ages of those claiming that real question of status germany you know the alternative to germany say that between thirty and eighty percent of those that have applied in the past haven't been the age they said they were this was turned upon by the other parties
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within the board the start of every single one of them to a man saying that the alternative for germany was wrong in doing this and in fact. when the proposals were put forward they were greeted by boobs in the chamber. making no bones about it they disagree strongly with a.s.d. and all of their policies against condominium act one could get the impression our position is close to that of the mt but if you just look through their proposal and listen to what they're seeing here you realize that it's all about attacking migrants. and the proposal of the air he is permeated with right capitalism it took nor the reality getting it into law who has seen the wording of the proposal and heard the speech of the representative will recognize instantly that it's not about the improvement of age verification but about stirring up animosity against young migrants. the kind of rhetoric we've heard from
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the goes against our christian values it's all about hate towards foreigners and this we cannot support. we also saw on thursday and the parliamentary session it was held the alternative for germany put forward an idea that be one of the reasons behind the rise in anti semitism in germany how being due to the influx of islamic immigration that was then shot down many parties including americans christian democratic union saying that anti semitism had its roots in the far right in politics in germany and elsewhere around so that's where we stand at the moment for them they've just entered parliament last september following the election this is the first time that they're really getting their teeth into legislation.


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