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welcome back french riot police have fired tear gas and prison guards from europe's largest jail striking over dangerous working conditions including attacks on staff in the latest incident at a different jail in corsica two guards were injured in a stabbing attack by an inmate has reportedly been radicalised inside here's what a french prison union told us about that incident oh unit and this is well that's a serious incident to police in borger prison ridiculous inmate brutally. french prisons have suffered similar several similar attacks on guards recently a week ago three security staff were injured after an in an inmate attacked them with scissors and a razor blade while on monday at yet another jail seven guards were attacked by an
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inmate in that case according to the ministry of justice the perpetrator had again been radicalized in prison inmate violence disobedience and radicalization have triggered a nationwide strike of french prison guards who have in turn clashed with the riot police. there was. a striking guards are demanding the author of his do something about the dangerous conditions in french jails r.t. france spoke to a representative of a prison guard union. said love for the government our representatives are to blame
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they don't want to discuss the problem or to find a solution to our poor working conditions we demand an increase in the number of prison guards and also the creation of a special high security wing radicalize prisoners. so it's not as jails that are giving the french authorities a headache drug related crimes are becoming so bad in parts of the paris metro the train drivers are reportedly refusing to stop at certain stations as according to a union representing the metro and bus network in the capital r.t. is shallow deep and ski went underground to see what those fears are based on. the most parisians the metro is a staple of life but it's winding tunnels and lines that stretch across the city. it's often the easiest way to get from a to b. but down in the underground the gritty underbelly of the capital is being exposed drug related crime and violence has been
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a long standing issue in paris as metro but now the unions representing the train drivers say it's inspiring out of control dealers and muses including those taking crack cocaine a new god thing what they've doing. lighting up metro drivers is so fearful of attacks at some stations many are choosing to longer stock their survive more for survive more quickly is very dangerous and it's terrifying if you can range from a simple punch to people using nails and knives at. stations like marks and market a year are especially troubled druggy says come here for their daily fix and gangs have taken over. the problem is very dangerous for both the metro workers and for the commuters it's even more dangerous they are targets of fast
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i've seen more than one hundred attacks take place. within minutes of arriving if mark's door metro station we witnessed what looks like a drug deal the man with his back to the camera has just arrived with a bag of hand he was the platform stopping and exchanging some packages with people and then he left with his bag empty this seems to be the new normal. there are lots of drug users and i think that with everything that's happening in the match they should be doing something most of the time the drug users are aggressive and everyone is afraid for the security of. children. twenty twenty five. lived there. we've we've we've heard of course. i've been attacked just one time because the we had in the middle of the night is
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a smartphone. playing with that problem as a precipice a problem as the security robberies can happen sometimes it's maybe aggression physical aggression sometimes due process our man attack another young man. as we travelled through some of the most dangerous stations we saw metro security and police trying to crack down on the problem they succeeded in moving they spun chalong but in reality all they've done is move the problem to another stop on to another day jollity pinsky r.t. paris. a teenager has attacked a school in eastern siberia including injuring six people including a teacher. demand to the class and inflicted injuries upon three school children and
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a teacher with the next a child received a blow to the face another one was struck on the back and another girl lost something. but the girl said she received a text message from the tag to school that she should not go to mornings that there will be. longer than that on any more for the next three. years. this comes amid a string of similar attacks throughout russia russia this week r.t. jacqueline vega has the details. the past five days have seen a frightening trend creeping up in russia with three different attacks occurring at schools.
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and all of those cases the young perpetrators used basic weapons not an axis as that was likely all that they had at their disposal and a disturbing online trend also linked these incidents our sources believe that violent online groups that center around tragedies like the columbine high school massacre may also be a common factor just to remind you the columbine tragedy took place in the u.s. back in one thousand nine hundred ninety two students armed to the teeth killed twelve of their classmates and a teacher and that horrific massacre is apparently inspiring violence and children who weren't even born when it happened it's so popular that the followers of such groups even have a name for themselves columbine years now russia's version of facebook called v.k. has dozens of these pages open to all we did a simple quick search and found scores of them with post that promote violent behavior things like describing the power someone feels when they have a gun in their hands one of the alleged perpetrators of monday's incident has been confirmed to be a follower of such pages and today's and wednesday's instance are being looked into
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see if the same is true for them as of today russian officials have announced that they will begin shutting down pages with extremist content the communications watchdog groups and social media which call for violence in schools it will be undertaken under the criteria of terrorism extremism and then. to commit suicide but the question remains if closing pages will really be enough in the long run especially given that a number of students have already taken the next up and used violence against their classmates. a turkish defense minister has announced his country has launched a military operation in syria's kurdish controlled african region starting with cross border shelling point to syria has more on how events unfolded. we're hearing from the turkish defense minister that a de facto turkish military operation has begun across its border now this is been corroborated by the syrian kurds the white p.g.d. who say that since those day night some seventy shells have been fired by the
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turkish military on to their villages now it's one of the only a statement by the turkish president and the one in which he said that the united states has admitted to establishing a terrorist army on the turkish syrian border any chord on the united states to deal with that terror at its infrastructure and these comments by the turkish president so infuriated could see living in the afan region that earlier they took to the streets also they were protesting against what we see happening slowly on the ground which is turkish tanks leading to little buddha this is what citizens of us have to say. right now our freedom will be the ones graveyard today hundreds of thousands are protesting to tell him that the people of our friend will never leave their land. and the international community should send a message to turkey telling them to stop we have bought the white b.g. and so we can depend on what sells. well this comes after the statement that the
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coalition forces were working closely with the syrian democratic forces to establish and train a new syrian border security force but what we've seen happening is the american administration backpedaling now on plans to establish such a border force essentially after it created such a huge and furious backlash from america's close ally turkey the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has said that the entire issue has been mis portrayed and misdescribed the u.s. state department has this to say is he saying that when the pentagon says we're going to try to commit forces there because the people that took that long we see just being oh i wouldn't i would have to refer you to the department of defense on that i think they. we're clear in the statement that they put out so let me just refer you to them on that. part but i'm asking about closing comments yesterday we said there's no orders to be ready for just that's not what it is like i have to refer you to the turkish government about what they became so concerned about and
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the fact that somebody misspoke and i'm not going to name any names and neither is the secretary but somebody clearly just misstated their policy it's as simple as that the situation is extremely tense on the ground and it has the possibility of igniting into something much bigger so that what it does so us is that would have the potential to ignite a potential war with. we discussed the latest tensions between the u.s. and turkey with international relations profess that jamal wakim he believes we're currently seeing damage control being carried out by to less than on the trumpet ministration is trying to limit the damage that was closed to the american relations with this new american move by establishing this border to me on the pretext of protecting the border the syrian border with iraq and with the the turks there isn't to be would of all the national security of thirty especially if
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they consider themselves as allies of the united states i would have a the united states is doing what the school and so that an infringement on on that national security so i believe that this is a critical issue for the turks and i don't believe that the us would. not act against such an american stuff. now for those who like life on the edge chase the story of a bridge in eastern five beriah damaged by fire and it's wooden planks rotting away the five hundred meter river crossing is amazingly still braved by fifteen hundred locals every day.
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the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley claims that the trumpet ministrations. policy in afghanistan is working with pace being closer than ever however the un recently reported that almost half a million people were displaced in the country in two thousand and seventeen alone let's have a look at some of the latest pictures from afghanistan. the u.s. powerfully on afghanistan is working. hard . we are all were victims of the bombing is ongoing. a lot of houses have been
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destroyed and several villages about sixty seven thousand displaced families are living in this camp. closer to talks with the taliban and the peace process than we've seen before. as we were a taliban and i said we're fighting with them government forces launched a military operation against our houses were destroying our lifestyle. we do not want afghanistan to be a safe haven for terrorism any more and so we continue to go down that path twenty one international terrorist groups operating in this country dozens of suicide bombers are being sent we are under siege we do everything we can to combat terrorism. really has to pretend that u.s.
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policy is working because she's loyal follower of donald trump she is the donald trump policy is not working his policy is very similar to obama's except to do sending another four thousand troops so soon there will be something like fourteen thousand u.s. troops instead of money so that's a sign that the old policy wasn't working it's not a two. all clear that the new policy of sending more troops will work either the trouble is that whereas five or ten years ago the main opponents were the taliban and since then we've had other people coming into the picture there was the haqqani network there was good but in fact much our ben the third group that's come up in the last five years is the i.s.i. says they've been conducting some very dramatic suicide bombings in.


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