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tv   Cross Talk  RT  January 19, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EST

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and of the russian military and strategic force projection capabilities over the past two decades russia has been really significant in that and in a sense by challenging the patrol areas if you like of nato in the baltic in the north atlantic in the mediterranean in the middle east of course that poses a concern to the u.s. it doesn't mean that the u.s. and russia cannot and will not cooperate of course i think they will but the united states absolutely has to take into account the improved performance of and projection of the russian armed forces and but particularly and that this is the most concerning one for the united states the chinese power projection which has been done very discreetly we've seen the point where the chinese have attempted to use commercial and diplomatic means to essentially dominate all of africa that that's really the expense of the united states and europe so naturally the u.s.
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will challenge that china is now moving into force projection in the south china sea east china sea into the persian gulf region and particularly the red sea with its base in djibouti its new basing in lamu in kenya and the like and what are in pakistan these are of concern to the united states and quite rightly so gregory as always i appreciate your views some interesting points you made there good cop is my guest editor of defense and foreign affairs journal also president of the international strategic studies association. move on to these now drug related crimes are becoming so bad in parts of the paris metro that train drivers are reportedly refusing to stop at certain stations now that's according to a letter written by a union representing the metro and bus network in the french capital artie's correspondent sheila do as he went underground to see what those fears a based on. for most parisians the metro is a staple of life with its winding tunnels and lines that stretch across the city
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it's often the easiest way to get from a to b. but down in the underground the gritty underbelly of the capital is being exposed drug related crime and violence has been a long standing issue paresis metro but now the unions representing the train drivers say it's inspiring out of control dealers and users including those taking crack cocaine a new god thing what they've doing. lighting up metro drivers is so fearful of attacks at some stations many are choosing to longer stop there a survivor more for survive more quickly is very dangerous and it's terrifying if it can range from a simple punch to people using nails knives or. stations like marks door more and market a year are especially troubled druggy says come here for their daily fix
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and gangs have taken over for problem of. the problem is very dangerous for both the metro workers and for the commuters it's even more dangerous they are targets of fast i've seen more than one hundred attacks take place within minutes of arriving at mark's door metro station we witnessed what looks like a drug deal the man with his back to the camera has just arrived with a bag in hand he walked the platform stopping and exchanging some packages with people and then he left with his bag empty this seems to be the new normal. there are lots of drug users and i think that with everything that's happening in the match though they should be doing something most of the time the drug users are aggressive and. everyone is afraid for the security of my children. twenty
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twenty five. lived there we would we verse of course. have been attacked just one time because. we had them in the middle of the night is smart for. playing with that problem was the precipice the problem is the security robberies can happen sometimes it's maybe aggression physical aggression sometimes do by ceasar man attack another young man. as we travel through some of the most dangerous stations we saw metro security and police trying to crack down on the problem this exceeded in moving this bunch along but in reality all they've done is move the problem to another stop on to another day. r.t. paris. teenager has attacked
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a school in eastern siberia injuring six people including a teacher. he ran into the class and inflicted injury support three school children and a teacher with the next a child received a blow to the face another one was struck on the back and another girl lost something. the girl said she received a text message from the tag to school think she should not go to class morning that there will be. something that someone any more sacred than super close to. the united nations security council in new york has been discussing afghanistan among the participants the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov peace now
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addressing the media let's listen in. doing something not. abiding by our obligations in any other situation where we are blamed accused of all sorts of things including interfering into the domestic affairs of all states around the world we are never presented any facts we are being told yes we have information but it is confidential. and. we remember that one of our favorite actors are not schwarzenegger said it always said trust me without you know because i'm going to facts. you do want to work according to this principle i don't think of achieving marge by doing so so let us have rules and principles we need facts to talk about things and if we go back to the core of your issue. you and sanctions there's
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a special committee at the united nations security council that reviews all kinds of. all kinds of complaints coming from member states but there are no complaints i cannot comment on that. lack of a channel first. thank you mr lavrov for this opportunity today pentagon unveiled its new defense strategy which says that fighting terrorism is now the second issue in importance the first issue is confrontation with other states including china and russia so basically essentially we are. they tell us that we are the enemies well they say that china is on the first place as in the others and aggressive economic state and we are on the second place
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as a country that violates some sort of rules of the game. and together with china we are hacking the international system from from the inside you know in any country the military. complex tries to present something that will allow them to have more financing and in order we want to have normal dialogue. and they in standoff basing their actions on international law they try to. show their leadership to showcase their leadership through this provocation all defense strategy is it also says that after the second world war the us together with its allies created a new world order and russia and china are now attacking this new world order. you know they should remember that the u.n.
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which is basically this new world order was created together with the soviet union. but i would like to say once again that we are open to dialogue. and. we are open to contacts with the militaries of the military of the us and others to build trust and i. i'm sure that in the u.s. there are a lot of people who understand that strategic stability needs to be preserved and all of the risks that. need to be prevented need to be minimized which cannot be done without the cooperation between russia and the u.s. . foreign minister you know this now is and accept.
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my first question can russia. and russia maybe with china become the new. israel and palestine the second question. now destroy or not or i mean the us decided to withdraw all. on or has been about five million or thing and if what suggestion you have can you help can russia fill some at least some of those lost thank you very much so well as for mediation between palestine and israel russia has never evaded its obligation not only as part of the mediation quarter but. also for over two years we. having understood the interests of the israelis and the palestinians we have proposed mr abbas to. to meet his counterpart.
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in russia but this is still just a proposal the palestinian president of as far as i know is ready for such a meeting we will soon have contacts with the leadership of palestinians of israel and we will hear firsthand if there are any opportunities to move beyond this very complicated situation. as for the agency. for. assisting listing in refugees we are part of this initiative the but. this decision was to. was told making payments and then pay only half of the of those payments is of course counterproductive to the wellbeing of. palestinians in the region and we are interested in in cooperating with interested parties in the region and see what we can do. and that. how do you
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view the call by special envoy found in the store to hold talks in vienna and twenty on. something that you and russia were planning to. discuss. and is still on track going to once again. taking into account the court by most of the agency groups including the moscow and cairo. platforms to take part in the congress of the national dialogue of syria your views . well. as i can see these events complemented one another and i'd like to remind you after the game with the georgian we started undertaking about a year ago together with iran and. afterwards that just. to call
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today the asinine rosa's. to a large extent stimulated. to work at. the store actually would work before the meeting in aston i was announced in october twenty. fourth ten months the un has done nothing it has been doing nothing it was always. the negotiation rounds over and over again astronaut stimulator the negotiation process . last year for many months the u.s. officials were waiting they were waiting for our colleagues to unite the the group scenario. this is something that we welcome. in this initiative the round itself was announced only after us we announced the
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initiative of a national dialogue in sochi and that's what we enter the a position of position is we gather. and. use so far. because we haven't seen we haven't seen that all of the members present their refrain from. presenting their own preconditions. for example you know your know what happened last time were. refused from starting to go because they had preconditions. so in vienna the opposition as presented by represented by three groups. made up of people who have been living outside syria for a very long time. and if we are talking about working and creating a new syrian constitution we need to engage all ethnic groups all population women
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minorities and so on and so forth and so this is what these sochi. meeting will be about we have invited all representatives of the syrian people there including tribal leaders representatives of the civil community and so on and so forth because the people who will be living and they cut in their own country the people who have never left their country and it is their voice including with the voice. of the immigrants. will be heard in sochi and we hope that by the end of this congress in sochi itself and there was to receive recommendations about who else might be added to the. constitutional commission.


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