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tv   News  RT  January 20, 2018 1:00pm-1:31pm EST

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point is bill de blasio never would have done this if it weren't for the pressure from activists and indigenous rights groups and environmentalist. can argue on a local level forster's city to divest get them to sue the oil and gas companies and then moving forward we need to create a world that puts every decision through a sustainability filter is each action sustainable kind of like m.s.m. b c runs every story through what can we make this about russia filter ok. every action should be sustainable or it should be thrown out we need to stop congratulated murderers and profiteers as business leaders just last week trump congratulated norway on their purchase of r f fifty two fighter jets. unfortunately the f. fifty two is a fictional aircraft features prominently in the call of duty video game ok.
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i know we were in a back video game i know it but you got to be ok. ok . ok ok ok ok ok i'm going to take the news from behind as long as we're on the topic of living in the sin is simulation run by. their evil spawn speaking of that the last two weeks the democrats voted with the republicans to continue our government's unlimited warrantless surveillance of american citizens which is funny because american citizens don't approve of unlimited surveillance in fact seventy
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five percent of adults said they would not let investigators tap into their internet activity seventy five percent of us say. ok i don't want to read or hear every conversation i have with people and their stock just like her regular phone sex and stuff like that maybe i don't want the government to hear my conversation with my father about the catheter difficulties he's having however is that so crazy how i would even think donald trump wants people to hear his private conversations just about mondays stuff like how difficult it is just scrub the crack he has in his neck. you. ever told me vagina thing he's got going to your use a loop for that or does does he do stem cell grunt the irony of
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a douche bag to sing is oh no. rift in the space time continuum it is tough to say this time. and you know i was hesitant to do that job because the guy that is a very beautiful thing and i didn't want to associate it with tons of snack a. was kind of upsetting the point being the american people do not support the government spying on us but our federal government is oh and by a. corporate totalitarian as hats but here's here's this is one ray of hope chelsea manning has announced she is running for senate. and wall i think i made clear what a difference i think you can make of the federal level that doesn't mean i don't want to see her when it's still cool plus i would love to see the reactions of all
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those old white men to have a go said trans woman they wanted to lock up for simply because she couldn't handle grinning and bearing it while the u.s. military wiped out innocent women and men and children. i would love. to do. for you about the whole terri confinement for a few years of your life because you altidore war crimes. that was a little rude of us on second thought it was all those she's running as a democrat she is calling the democrats to task for a lot of there she would be the first trans woman senator she would also be the first whistle blower senator but she would not be the first prisoner of a. authoritarian state to turn around to become a prominent member of that same government i remember someone named what was it
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a blouse in crayon fellow or banana. or said something like that. and speaking of persecuting activists and documented washington state activists mara mora villa pando has been targeted by immigration and customs enforcement they placed her in deportation proceedings in retaliation for her political activism and they've done the same to prominent immigrant rights activists ravi rog here and jean montra bello star in montreal. eyes has made the jump now from an immigrant immigration control agency to a political repression agency and they deported people for activism now was that supporting us for an instagram showing immigration in a positive light. that was going on or maybe your amazon echo happened to hear you playing the bombo soundtrack in the privacy of your own home then they'll start kicking you out for just having a mohit go you know. and after that you just look at an ice agent for too long or
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deport you for instigating a mexican standoff. ice is quickly becoming the nazi brownshirts of our time you question the government or you have a color of skin they don't like and they asked to see your papers. this shouldn't really be surprising as trump had the lowest first year of approval ratings of any modern president more people are having a few lyme disease and they are to see donald trump. so if you don't have the support of the people which basically non of the presidential race you know or congress have you have to persecute those telling everyone to fight back because if there's a famous quote saying fascism will come to america wrapped in the flat. but it's either will come wrapped in ice like a pole the hamstring or chilled beer you know. like an ice cold version i
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don't mind if i do. have to go for it greg but i have lived on the events coming up in austin and houston texas so i like city pittsburgh and more go to redacted tor dot com for details what do i back. up by too many clips over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each of their own to spend spend be true to the twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful game great so what chance for.
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something good is very important for us. to be. online. as we say to be a community that don't adopt this view was both process as if you twisted a song he had to power that from moscow tried to dominate. their way to be unsettling to communities these. politicians to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. most of all want to be brits. it's a good life to be pressed that's what before three in the morning can't be good
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that i'm interested always in the waters of my. first sip. i. welcome back to what happens when the prison industrial complex meets unhinged capitalism well prisoners across southern california can now pay their way to a nicer stay in jail. for sale hundred dollars a night wealthier prisoners can serve their sentences in relative comfort replete with flat screen t.v.'s a computer in every room and new bands it's called pay to stay and yet messed up here now to explain more just senior prison watchdog john of o'donnell. what the deed i wish i knew about this when i was in jail if i had to pay to say
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often. i never would have sworn loyalty to the area nation. i missed thirteen the latin gangs the blacker bill a family the mexican mafia the nazi low riders and the massaging maniacs. all of those i had to cover all my bases and nobody would mess with me. and yes the massaging maniacs are maniacal about massage you do not want to get on their bad. john you can possibly think of pay to stay jails are fair the criminal justice system already pushes and you know it already crushes the poor with ridiculously expensive bail you got overworked public defenders and ultimately completely inhumane prison officers and i'm not i'm not saying it's fair i'm just saying if i knew stealing that cargo truck full of delicious island burial and gummy worms was going to mean i didn't know being a human ashtray for eighteen months i never would have done it and if coughing up
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cash could put me in a nicer digs i would have done so it's disgusting that two people who committed the same crime. can end up in a very different prison experience just because one has more money and and when you take into account the connection between wealth and race in this country the obvious take away is that mostly white people benefit from the well not this white person yeah but people in general have a right not this one you say. oh i don't follow. let's shift gears to the massive prison strike in florida that started this week operation push as it's called what's going on there ok well of florida prisons are kind of the opposite of pay to stay there more like don't get paid to stay but still work and don't even think about her all because we're not about red deliberation here just vengeance. rolls right off the time it does you see
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foreign prisoners are on strike because they don't get paid anything for the work they do while incarcerated so it kind of sort of totally is slave labor in addition they're getting price gouge left and right according to the inmates one case of soup on the street cost four dollars it cost us seventeen dollars on the inside this is highway robbery without a gun it certainly is and i for one stand in solidarity with those prisons folks yeah you know that i think a yeah i actually do i mean flirting prisoners getting treated like human beings may somehow end up adversely affecting future pay to stay opportunities i may be in need of in that state. you know we're going to throw these people under the bus because of the off chance that you'll have to go to prison in florida that chance is not that off my friend. boca raton is where i decided to unload all those island bury lime gummy worms it turns
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out retired jews just love that flavor profile. and there's still a warrant out for my arrest i can't go back to ted bachman. i can never survive ok . but you got to love your daughter is one of the building blocks of life unless it's filled with a toxic substance then it's one of the wrecking balls of life for more on this developing story we sent our troops not only mcgill to texas she filed this report . where. drinking unfiltered water nowadays is a lot like unprotected sex. it's refreshing if you're thirsty but it's an obvious risk to your health with a seventy five percent chance of afterburn that dumb think a brit a picture on your crotch will not fix. trust me i tried.
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but while the brighter filter can capture things like lead in mercury what it can't capture is radiation which is unfortunate given a recent environmental working group study finds one hundred and seventy million americans have cancer causing radioactive elements in their drinking water the studies california of two thousand and six standards for allowable levels of radiation and water since one thousand nine hundred seventy six was the last time the e.p.a. issued standards. and the e.p.a. could stand an update considering that only a few decades earlier americans could purchase reda for an energy drink filled with radium that promise not only to provide energy but your impotence of course of i ask any man if he was willing to let his bones disintegrate in order for the glow like darth vader's lightsaber on the deaf star i think i know what he
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wouldn't say. texas has the most widespread contamination not just because of the toxic idiocy that spewed from the mouths of its last three governors but because the texas commission on environmental quality outright lied to the e.p.a. for several years about the level of radiation in its water under the leadership of chair kathleen hart that light the commission falsified data because she said e.p.a. standards for radiation levels in water were too protective and expensive to follow even though the commission admitted in two thousand and one that some types of radiation in the tap water. texas communities pose an increased lifetime cancer risk of one in four hundred a local news team in houston pressed hard at white on the commission's decision what if you're wrong if you when you have there's all kinds of ways in the what if you're wrong an e.p.a. was right well i don't see what do you mean what if you are wrong and if you are
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right about there being a danger that it would be it would be regrettable yeah that would be regrettable. almost as regrettable as trump nominating her in october to have the white house council on environmental quality even though democrats blocked her nomination in december trying to decide at this moment to renominate her my guess is because he's hoping members of congress will forget this line of questioning she received from oregon senator jeff merkley when you say that those who are concerned about global warming are. pig pagan is and totalitarian is in marxists when you say that you believe oregon's farmers who are concerned about three worst ever droughts with the impact of climate changes are marxist or to tell terry and or or pagans i believe those words senator with all
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due respect i've been taken out of context ok to be fair to heart at why those words were taken out of context because what she actually said was there is a real dark side of the kind of paganism the secular elites religion now being evidently global warming. didn't pay ends they actually care about nature and hartnett white things global warming is just the earth burning up from a bad case of donna rhea while the federal government continues to bleed experts who actually know something about the environment we need to be vigilant about keeping people like her out of it because of trouble trying to dominate her twice when you think she's become a better choice for this position. reporting from texas natalie mcneal redacted tonight.
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your headline from the future coming out next week senate democrats fear they're running out of ways to empowered from. a as in one month alien teen running simulation we call reality scolded by the parents for letting things get out of hand. and in three weeks. during cabinet meeting secretary of transportation has apparently a form's trouble small child is stuck in his neck for. the worst that's our show but we have started posting daily news and updates and exclusive videos of redacted the night dot com you can also get them by texting the word redacted to poor poor poor ny ny ny it's free in the us until next time goodnight.
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you economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education being supplanted by the right to access education. higher education is becoming just another product. but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business what you. want is the place of students in this business model before college i was born. an extremely bored education the global economic war.
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the turkish president confirms ankara has started a military operation against the syrian kurds it comes a day after cross border shelling of syria's african region began. the war on terror is no longer america's top defense priority instead the u.s. will be focusing on a global power play with russia and china which are estimated first stories on the world stage bass according to the secretary of defense james mattis. and as trump enters his second year in office the government is said to be shut down over a funding bill we take a look back at the highs and lows of the president's tenure so far. and a new red alert as an apparent witch hunt against communism emergence we tell the story of
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a student who's been hounded for saying in the media that communism never actually failed. to. a very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international broadcasting to you live from the russian capital and they care and good to have you with us now we start this hour with breaking news the turkish president has confirmed his country starting a military operation on kurdish held region in syria it was launched on friday when the turkish army opened cross border fire and we can now go to paula all the latest details on this call a turkey is now a shelling syria why. well yes we have received the confirmation that turkey has launched new strikes against the kurdish militia the y.p. in northern syria and now we are hearing from the turkish army that they hit in what
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they say is legitimate self defense against the camps and places of refuge belonging to the y p g they said that this was in response to a fire that was coming from the athlon region which is an area that is essentially controlled by the white that the turks believe is connected to the p.k. k. and as such with god as a terrorist organization we saw similar such strikes on friday or this comes amid mounting expectations that ankara will launch a cross border ground offensive now we have been hearing from the turkish president and the one repeatedly over the past few days that he will launch a ground operation and this will be an operation that will see the turkish army join forces with pro turkish syrian rebels with an attempt of ousting from this area this afternoon region the white could issue a militia this is what everyone had to say. all throughout the hour for an operation has a factory been started on the ground this will be followed by
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a member of the promises of not so nobody has a right to say anything. now mann bridge is a predominantly arab area it is west of the euphrates and for some time now we've been hearing the turks call on kurds to leave that area in fact since last week we've been hearing the turkish say that they are threatening this operation in the african region and the comes particularly off to the united states stated that it was both training and establishing a border protection force that would involve the syrian democratic forces the if now the u.s. that is affiliated with the white p.g. which is that kurdish militias so it's understandable while two key is so angry about all of this but of course is not only the turks so angry we've seen the residents of afrin the kurdish residents there take to the streets holding posters
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and criticizing the turkish president as one as well as his recent strikes and we saw an echo of those protests happening in the united kingdom where some one hundred and fifty people protested in front of the turkish embassy holding up cards and chanting that the turkish government was a terrorist organization that had links to terrorism and to islamic state we also see this happening against the backdrop of the trump administration starting now to back pedal against the statement that it was training a border protection force and the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has said that the whole issue was misunderstood be that as it may the facts on the ground are that turkey has started its operations. ok that's paula thank you for those details. now forget the war on terror it's russia and china that are now america's biggest threat that's what the u.s. defense secretary james mattis spells out as he unveiled the country's new defense
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priorities more and galatea of picks up the story. trump's new defense doctrine can probably be summed up in just three words bring it on if you challenge it will be your longest and your worst day the war on terror is now secondary the priority is the new great game of good lobel proportions great power competition not terrorism is now the primary focus of u.s. national security the logic here is that technological and hard power gap between the us and the competition is narrowing and washington simply can't let that happen because not expect success by the tomorrows conflicts with yesterday's weapons or equipment. investments in space and cyber space nuclear deterrent forces missile defense advanced autonomy systems and resilient an agile logistic will
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provide our high quality troops what they need to win. i . i that is a new arms race or race is a nuclear arms race at me so races side by race space to what has that ever made the world a safer place sure we can have competition and all of that internationally but we should be working more cooperatively with each other because last time i heard the cold war was over what i'm really concerned about is that we're going to be seen. draining i drain resources to something we really really don't need already they're
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talking about a hypersonic fighter who needs it that really requires billions upon billions of dollars of research and development and again it's really aimed at keeping the defense industry in business it's been said that budget cuts have done more damage to the u.s. military than anything else they say is an attempt to undo that damage that these are out of business plans remember the f. thirty five or the columbia submarines lethal weapons at least when it comes to destroying budgets but then that's what friends of fool you know it winston churchill it once said the only thing harder than fighting with the allies is fighting without them the growing economic strength of today's democracies and partners dictates they must now step up and do more. making everyone else pays as much as part of the planners all the fancy toys europeans especially haven't been
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all that enthusiastic about spending fortunes in defense understandably but then there's a new domain fight in the cyber world this is a wild west right now as you know people in their bedrooms can be doing things that are causing your bank account dire problems at this point an urgent challenge and the u.s. is going to overhaul and boosted cyber forces giving them greater capability to deal with the random guys in their bedrooms i think we've got some serious challenges ahead we don't have the resources for the kind of spending that they want to do and i think we need to be a great deal more concerned about how those finite resources are going to be allocated and we need to be meeting immediate threats and that's terrorism. chance first year in the white house has been marked by a government wide shutdown as after the senate refused to approve a bill to fund the government among democrats all but five voted against the main
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sticking point with trump's intention to abandon a program for undocumented young immigrants. demand that the republican leadership do the job they are paid to do today they put politics above the national security everyone who thinks of themselves as the leader in that building is going to have to look at themselves in the mirror and ask are they really being true to the ideals of this country democrats hold on local citizens hostage over their breakfast of moons we have a divider in chief in the white house this is behavior the structure just loses no legislative. well this is just the latest example of how bumpy the first twelve months for the president has been headed more pain takes a look at how trump tenure has unfolded so. when trouble is sworn in a year ago emotions were running high on all sides.
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the us media described it as a pivotal moment in american history you're not having a terrible terrible dream also you're not dead and you haven't gone to hell it will be very bad americans and others will now die washington d.c. the establishment is terrified and they should be they call that the trump revolution trump promised to completely overhaul u.s. foreign and economic policy he promised a brave new world that was cheered by his supporters and dreaded by his detractors as a distro be an apocalypse so a year on where are we well with all this america first rhetoric you might have thought that would have met with less interference in other countries well that's not exactly how it played out tonight i ordered a targeted military strike we are so proud of our military that it was another successful event we have many options for event as well.


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