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tv   Keiser Report  RT  January 20, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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yeah how's that going we have some wonderful. prototypes that have been put up now despite the president's ambitious timetable for construction it remains unclear when the wall might actually go up on the surface donald trump looks like a president like no other he's allowed brash he doesn't care about political correctness is even turned twitter into an official white house channel but if you look a little bit closer and judge him by his political actions he's a little bit more the rule than the exception. artsy new york times presidency so far has also been mocked by a string of quirky catchphrases and diplomatic moves which kept the welds on the media guessing what he was going to do next on his own take on his tenure throughout the year.
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ily. donald trump's oath of office means nothing this is one of the most radical in our bureau speeches we've ever i'm not going to give you can you speak out if you are faked is. donald trump's incoherence for all of the ruckus over the potential for losing russian u.s. officials are growing increasingly concerned about possible russian intrusion. we've just launched. missiles. into iraq where we have it's
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a serious. heading towards syria. just got back from the middle east leaders of saudi arabia is. still. going to go to a. meeting with.
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we are totally prepared for the second option totally destroy north korea is a sick puppy north korean regime is calling the president from the words a load of nonsense obviously he's a pretty smart cookie. he wish you a very happy kind of. thinking about what is going on and the love that's all over is you. all about jerusalem. and. meanwhile a growing number of us republican congressman aren't demanding the release of a top secret intelligence document they believe it reveals political bias against trump in the ongoing russia probe i had that same shock feeling i was like wait a minute this actually happened from our justice department and this f.b.i. that's how serious this is that there has been
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a real attempt to undermine this president that is the type of information that we need all americans to see immediately the american people deserve they must say they want to know what's in this document sadly much of the mainstream media will not be covering this today but in this house on this day let us know that indeed we are still one nation under god and willing to protect life. the content of the secret document is of course unknown and it's still unclear whether it will ever be released but based on the comments made by some republicans it's thought intelligence officials under the administration were politically motivated during investigations into alleged russian collusion and democrats were also quick to react to the memo denouncing its contents they call the document profoundly misleading set of talking points which attacks the f.b.i.
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and gives a distorted view of the bureau the issue also made a splash on social media with the hash tag released the memo trending on twitter in the u.s. late on friday and it wasn't long until russia was added into the mix as well after a group of research is accused alleged kremlin linked accounts of pushing for the memos released on twitter they say the use of the hash tag increased massively over the course of a day among roughly six hundred users that they are monitoring independent journalist martin summers thinks that russia just got caught up in the partisan crossfire think the russian links account seems to have appeared from nowhere the fact that there's a very partisan situation in the us where the f.b.i. quite likely would being used to try and more and trouble things are fairly likely thing that's happened but of course both sides are digging doing this on each other accusing each other of being russian stooges and of course with the world at large what is this and it's becoming increasingly bizarre and ridiculous that these
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allegations are being flung around in the way that they are what's happening now is that the republicans are turning this russia proved on to their enemies by saying we're not sure it looks like the democrats have been. playing fast and loose and are not playing by the rules both sides actually probably are cheats that's what i would suggest. the u.s. has identified russia and china as america's biggest threat we have all the details on our story of the short break. the winner take all bets al the it's a lottery mentality in america you know where are your debt and the pharmacy or companies of course a lobbyist going to washington to change the laws of a possible to help all of america and nobody cares because it ever learned a lot as a wal-mart to. get. something that is very important for them. not to be.
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as we say to be a community of their. views of process as if you. were that from moscow. damini to. the me to be unsettling to communities he's. welcome back when he can forget the war on terror because as russia and china to now america's biggest threats as well the u.s. defense secretary james mattis spelt out as he unveiled the country's new defense
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priorities of picks up the story trumps new defense doctrine could probably be summed up in just three words bring it on and to those who would threaten america's experiment in democracy they must know if you challenge it will be your longest and your worst day the war on terror is now secondary the priority is the new great game of proportions great power competition not terrorism is now the primary focus of u.s. national security. the logic here is the technological and hard power gap between the us and the competition is narrowing and washington simply can't let that happen because god expects success by the tomorrows conflicts with yesterday's weapons or equipment. investments in space and cyber space nuclear deterrent forces
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missile defense advanced autonomy systems and resilient and agile logistic will provide our high quality troops what they need to win. i . that is a new arms race or races a nuclear arms race and me so races side by race space to what has that ever made the world a safer place sure we can have competition and all of that internationally but we should be working more cooperatively with each other because last time i heard the cold war was over what i'm really concerned about is that we're going to be seen. a drain and i drain resources to something we really really don't need already
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they're talking about a hypersonic fighter who needs it that really requires billions upon billions of dollars of research and development and again it's really aimed at keeping the defense industry in business it's been said that budget cuts have done more damage to the u.s. military than anything else they say is an attempt to undo that damage but these are ad vicious plans remember the f. thirty five for the colombia submarines lethal weapons at least when it comes to destroying budgets but then that's what friends of fool you know it winston churchill it once said the only thing harder than fighting without allies is fighting without them the growing economic strength of today's democracies and partners dictates they must now step up and do more. making everyone else pays as much as part of the planet's all the fancy toys europeans especially haven't been
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all that enthusiastic about spending fortunes in defense understandably but then there's a new do main defy it in the cyber world this is a wild west right now as you know people in their bedrooms can be doing things that are causing your bank account dire problems at this point and urgent challenge and the u.s. is going to overhaul and boost its cyber forces giving them greater capability to deal with the random guys in their bedrooms i think we've got some serious challenges ahead we don't have the resources for the kind of spending that they want to do and i think we need to be a great deal more concerned about how those finite resources are going to be allocated and we need to be meeting immediate threats and that's terrorism. in other news now a british student has been making headlines after appearing on
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a radio show and confessing her support to communism twenty four year old fiona lolly told the b.b.c. programme she felt communism was never given a chance to develop in the soviet union and therefore didn't actually fail the story whipped up a storm of debate over how universities are luring students to the left with one professor repeatedly quoted saying she's downplaying the crimes of starlit we spoke to her ourselves about the storm. i think it's completely hypocritical and very typical of academics like him to kind of passionately talk about the deaths under the soviet union but i think this is very much selective outrage the media in general obviously don't paint marxism or socialism or really any kind of left wing politics in a positive light and that's because obviously in you know the media is owned by so angry people in the media is owned by a billionaire class that have certain interests they want to protect i think people
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can think for themselves and i wouldn't take their headlines general opinion of the british population or perhaps it's not surprising the story with these departed it seems red alerts have been flashing in the british media more of late much was made of the prime minister wearing a bracelet featuring frida kahlo a communist concerns about the poor and the births feed science editor felt compelled to lock down her social media account over the abuse that she got after writing this she wanted communism for christmas. but does the public share the red fear of the media according to a new opinion poll nine percent of young adults view communism as a danger to the world now compare that to global business which nearly a quarter think actually poses the biggest threat is political activist george barda shared his view on the story what one needs to remember is that anybody of my age and older in this country and certainly in the us and across much of the west
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identify communism in the soviet union and the like hard left or extreme left i was pretty much different aspects of the same thing in the one nine hundred fifty s. when when the soviet union was showing very significant great significant rates of economic growth the mainstream foreign policy journals were very much kind of writing these defensive narratives to try and explain away why the demonized system apparently doing so well i think one needs to distinguish between the propaganda and the historical reality. back to our top story now turkish ackroyd have bombed kurdish targets in syria's afrin region which is now the focus of a military campaign against what ankara calls terrorist targets turkey has named the operation olive branch meanwhile turkish syrian opposition fighters have reportedly
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entered the kurdish enclave from the ground turkey's president earlier confirmed his country had started and the military ground operation that turkish cross border shelling of the area started on friday paulus leah explains how events unfolded. what we're hearing from the turkish president at a one who over the last few days has repeatedly threatened that he's going to launch this ground operation is confirmation now that it has begun and it is understood that it's an operation between the turkish army as well as pro turkish syrian rebels who are. operating in a country both of them have the joint goal of ousting the kurdish rebels the y p d from the region this is what other one has to say. the afrin operation has a factory being started on the ground this will be followed by remembering the promises about membership not sure nobody has a right to say. man but it is a mainly arab area west of the euphrates that the turks have been calling on
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kurdish fighters to pull back from for quite some time comes amid new strikes launched by the turkish military against the kurdish militia the widely in northern syria we're hearing from the turkish military is they hit in legitimate self-defense and number of refugee centers as well as camps belonging to the widely gee now the white p.t. controls the afrin area in northern syria the turkish government considers the wikipedia as having an alliance with the p k k who they say are a terrorist organization since last week we have been hearing and career threatening that it's going to launch this operation in the afrin area particularly off to the united states issued a statement saying that it was going to train as well as implement a border protection force that would see the syrian democratic forces involved now the u.s. that is if is aligned with the white p.g.d.
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that the turks are again so you understand why took you so angry over this whole issue but of course you also have the kurds in the afghan area who have taken to the streets in anger and frustration as well they have denounced the statements made by the turkish president and those sentiments were echoed in front of me to a cliche embassy in london where around a hundred and fifty people gathered they were holding placards and they were chanting that the turkish government is a terrorist government that has means to an islamic state on that whole issue of whether or not the americans have been helping to establish a border security force the trump administration has. backpedaling and the latest we've heard from the u.s. secretary of state to listen is that there was a misunderstanding over the whole issue but whether that is true or not the facts on the ground all that tookie has started its military operation. ok joining me in the studio now is our correspondent jacqueline vega is going to tell is more detail more information about what's going on jacki was the international reaction to
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turkey's intervention in syria well the russian authorities have been following this very closely of course and they've said that they're following the situation in africa extremely carefully and they're really concerned about what's happening there calling for restraint on all sides both on the turkish and the kurdish sides just calling for everyone to stop take a step back because this isn't going to help anything there the army command in syria the russian army command in syria also said that they're undertaking measures to ensure the security of their personnel that are present in the african region after the start of this turkish operation and so right now we're just following closely to see what else is going to happen and hope that all sides just take a step back at this point to. the u.s. has not reacted so we're waiting to see what comes from that but russia has said that they're not going to be taking sides here and just calling for restraint and calm really also some latest information for our view is the we understand that rex
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tillerson the u.s. secretary of state has called the turkish foreign minister to discuss this operation in further detail for now jacqueline viggo thanks to coming in and bringing us those latest details let's course live to our guests now. director of the know saul's british thing time the focus is on crises in syria and in the middle east i thank you for joining us on the program mr walk us now with a turkish offensive against the syrian kurds do you think we could be on the threshold of a new fully fledged military conflict in syria here. i don't think it's going to expand a lot so we understand that our assessment of the situation is that so he would like to have first of all a certain built in northwestern syria that is adjacent to its borders perhaps it's thinking long term of returning refugees without the full consent of the syrian government so some turkish forces over there and to establish some sort of i don't know how to call it but an entity that is not fully. under the mask of control so
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that's one thing they obviously have voiced our concern about the kurdish militia in. in northern syria northern eastern syria being heavily armed by the united states which he has voiced out as a major threat. so we think first of all that they're going to do something in their free they feel restrained of the moment the russians the syrians a voice objection even the syrians of amid some threats that the americans aren't happy about it so they don't have a full green light but they're apparently pushing the envelope to see what happens if you shoot a statement saying we have no choice but to intervene and let's see how far deep they can go into that territory without you know having a further diplomatic resistance or a serious one from the big players like the u.s. and the russians at least questions i was called the syrian kurds is part of an
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ally but now in the face of this turkish offensive there effectively being abandoned what do you make of america's actions or lack thereof. well the americans have never been associated with this enclave in our free which is in northwestern syria there wasn't any american presence there was no direct armament and funding and so on even though one could argue that a bit of training at least would have resulted from some people going east to where the american forces are situated in northeastern syria and then gone back to preen or could also argue about command and control. but still the americans could you know say that we've got nothing to do with this still this is not good what worries the americans is the. announced objective of going to man beach which is directly affiliated with americans and we've heard a person radically alter the ground turkey today even say that they're going to go
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beyond members who were the. words the border with iraq so that's as far east as he could go which is a bit threatening to the united states apparently the turks are saying you know they're using their feet you know the americans look we're going to go on head on this this is very serious in our opinion and we hope that you don't you know do any military resistance and it would be a very sore situation if we would have to shoot and be shot at by an ally like the united states or a nato ally so we'll see how this develops what we understand of the last few minutes that rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state have called the turkish foreign minister to discuss the operation and also to urge turkey to stay calm do you think that turkey would respond or hades the u.s. calls here. we don't think they would we think that they are pushed into
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a situation where again their main concern would be to have a certain enclave in syria where they are or says that their proxies basically you know they've pretty shields forces or whatever could find a safe haven effectively that could also be considered as a buffer zone towards. more refugees heading towards the turkish border. the syrian army is now conducting a larger operation in it live and at least two hundred thousand people are fleeing the battlefield and they heading towards their kish borders and there he may feel a little bit threatened by that so we feel that there are there is enough incentive to turkey to continue regardless of the american morning they might find some compromise with the americans because what roger theater on the the turkish president said today was that. there were promises in members that weren't kept so
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we're not going to stop now that opens the gates somehow or the door for further negotiation perhaps the carrot or evacuate kurdish militia from embedded. you know heed to some turkish demands and then the turks would stop so they're putting some pressure hoping hoping for some diplomatic gains from the americans there saying we're not going to stop it's your turn they're putting the ball in the american court see how that turns out you know what they're going to do for america's reputation in the eyes of new potential partners in the region seeing that the u.s. is clearly not willing to give their ally a helping hand when it's most needed. well it's it's not going to look good the american position is already it already looks untenable and with the policy that was announced by the foreign sorry the secretary of state rex tillerson a few days back saying we're going to stay here because we're going to combat
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terrorism reviews influence of iran probably what he didn't say is that we're going to counter the america sorry the russian influence. it doesn't look good because they don't they're not on solid ground there is no international law or mandate that allows them to be there so it's going to be always not very secure their position now the issue here is that the the russians might not be very even though they would you know tell the turks to be calm down you can't do this it's not a good idea but still russia would be you know all smiles seeing two nato allies directly clashing with each other under its nose so in a sense they might want to you know encourage turkey to be in a little bit. more contact or more clash with the united states and that would only introduce americans. position in the region because its major ally has
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been for the past fifty or sixty years is now turning against it so it's not only about being able to protect an ally already clear ally that is the kurdish militia but it's also about losing allies already that have been you know on america's side for the past few decades which is you know clearly a precarious situation to be in which has had some of the international reaction to in light of the anchoress operation what kind of response should we expect from iran. i think iran russia and syria are closely monitoring the situation we understand the syria has issued a warning we understand from that warning is that if the turkish army goes into that battle it's not going to find it easy syria will not succumb it will not sacrifice its sovereignty we understand from you moments ago that russian warplanes against that warning have actually brought and you know if he would russia this
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sort of the turkish. prime minister has been out here and i was that there are eight. airplanes the bomb inside syria so they're pushing the envelope a little bit but still should you know if this is going to be like the euphrates she'll do on issues like a year and go back where the turkish army helps some what they call free syrian army militia to take on diet in the area north of aleppo near girard loose and north of members as well you know they could you know that was a beneficial situation now the syrian stance is there any truth to that there are syrian citizens who can defend who can fend for themselves you know they can. tackle the turkish aggression so it's an answer and that mr work half that's what we have time for for now mr obama will cost direct at the no sauce british think tank thank you for your time well be back with more news after this short break to
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stay with us. all say we have a great team we need to strengthen before the freefall world cup and that's been a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment. no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that waiting spirit to the. reason the i've had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best fall since my last will and that steroids are as. thousand zero zero zero zero zero .
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left left left more or less ok stop that's really good that in order to overthrow a regime it does take popular discontent and popular mobilization but it also requires actors with in the leadership of the regime who feel that the regime is no longer serving the national interest you need people in the military or the bureaucracy or both who are willing to see the regime change otherwise they would be able to put down a popular revolt that did not have support at higher levels. thank .
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you. thank you welcome back in france now riot police have moved in on europe's largest prison firing tear gas not of inmates but guards and rest fled while the prison staff were taking part in a weeklong nationwide strike over what they say are dangerous working conditions including escalating attacks on the guards elsewhere in the country the justice minister attempting to solve the crisis receive the whole star welcome some angry prison workers.


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