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community and minimizing relationship so those are there some of the issues dilemma they have united states want to crush i says and we want to bring a peace deal and work with russia and syria and hence they water support and the kurds stay in there a change in a direction to bring in d.l. and syria but turkey does not want that turkey wants to basically crush any critter shas peroration and they want to attack the kurdish people are not terrorists as there is no such terrorist this is a nonsense for the turkish people anybody wants to run as per the kurdish right they call that it is a terrorist and our opinion is turkey with iran they are both side of the coin whether she ours journey the islamist radical trying to control either iraq the the shia in this case the sunni by turkey control syria and they're each trying to grab the power and have some understanding to undermine us in the international community so in our opinion it is difficult for the us to do anything
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but i think they can do much better that the truthy. should not have a green light to invade kurdish area that will undermine what the us have done in syria in terms of fighting isis all because the kurds would be forced to evacuate evacuate other areas and send christmas troops from easter and the stone of syria to the western kurdistan of syria thus creating vacuum that hash the shabby and a lot of shia militia led by iran to come and take that area or isis to come back and take that area so for a united state is an interest in international community interest so to send a strong message to ankara to stop terrorizing credit people in kurdistan of syria many thanks for your time and your views and i guess that the shared a past president of the kurdistan national assembly of syria. ok let's switch over to breaking news coming out of afghanistan where
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a group of armed men have reportedly attacked a hotel in the afghan capital of kabul according to local media there citing the country's interior ministry spokesperson perpetrators is still believed to be inside with reports of heavy gunfire occurring local journalist. joins me live on the line he's been following this story what's the latest the reports come coming in walking you tell us below. according to an afghan special forces commander from c.r.u. the crisis response unit that's a unit that's trained to fight these sort of attacks there are several attackers there were in the kitchen of the hotel then they moved to room one hundred three in one of four on the fourth floor there's a lot of confusion according to the commander of the afghan special forces who are fighting a very complex attack now this is a hotel. is historically
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a jewel for afghanistan is all it was built in the more peaceful times it said sana held tarp it's very difficult to secure almost not impossible and this is also a hotel that got attacked in two thousand and eleven in a complex attack in which nato helicopters were called in to kill some of the attackers who were on the rooftop n.d.s. days kabul and other major cities are becoming another front for taliban in the islamic state when they have been launching these attacks and we only heard in the last forty eight hours or so from the u.s. embassy and kabul putting a security alert saying a number of hotels in government buildings in other locations were at risk of an attack obviously this sort of an attack shows the constant security an intelligence failure but it also shows how the afghan government and its international allies. or finding themselves fight another fight on
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a very difficult front line which is the city's air at this moment i really don't know more than what i have told you there's a lot of confusion but this is also a hotel which houses a lot of people and i think that will be a nightmare for afghan special forces because their priority will be to protect lives and then if you have this information an operational turn established do we have any kind of numbers in terms of how many attack is there were. details of the hostages are there any how many and also about fatalities to do we have any kind of confirmations at this point. i simply don't know but what i do know from one eyewitness who was in a local t.v. station there was a some sort of a government conference it's not unusual for the kabul government to invite some of its provincial officials of the different ministries and then they have seminars or
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meetings and some of them are housed in this hotel but this is also a place where afghan businessmen could stay were a foreigner could stay or tourists could stay and as i say this attack just shows you how brazen these militant groups have become despite strict security measures in kabul by the afghan government and the intelligence capabilities applied by international forces the militants are actually able to target kabul time and again joining us live from kabul in afghanistan last hour thank you. moving into stories from today a british student has been making headlines after she appeared on a radio show and confessed their support for communism twenty four year old fiona laurie told a b.b.c. programme she felt communism was never given a chance to develop in the soviet union and therefore didn't actually fail the story whipped up a storm of debate over how universities alluring students to the left with one
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professor repeatedly quoted saying that she's downplaying the crimes of stalin we spoke to ourselves about the storm i think it's completely hypocritical and very typical of academics like him to kind of passionately you know talk about the death under the save even by i think this is you know very much selective outrage the media in general obviously don't paint marxism or socialism or really any kind of left wing politics in a in a positive light and that's because obviously in you know the media is owned by same group of people in the media is owned by a billionaire class they have certain interests they want to protect i think people can think for themselves and i wouldn't take their headlines the general opinion of the british population perhaps it's not surprising the story was seized on it seems that red alerts a bit flashing in the british media more often of late much was made of the prime
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minister wearing a bracelet featuring frida kahlo a communist no for her concerns over the poor a buzz feed science editor felt compelled to lock down her social media account over the abuse she received for writing she wanted to communism for christmas. but does the public share the red fear of the media going to a recent opinion poll nine percent of young adults few communism is a danger to the world compare that to global business which nearly a quarter think poses the biggest threat political activist george barda shares his view on the story. what we need to remember is that anybody of my age and older in this country and certainly in the us and across much of the west identifies communism in the soviet union and anytime like hard last or extreme left i was pretty much different aspects of the same thing in the one nine hundred fifty s. when when the soviet union was showing very significant great significant rates of
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economic growth the mainstream foreign policy journals were very much kind of writing these defensive narratives to try and explain away why the demonized system was apparently doing so well i think one needs to distinguish between the propaganda and the historical reality. in france riot police have moved in on europe's largest prison firing tear gas in banks but guards arrest fled while the prison staff were taking part in a weeklong nationwide strike over what they say are dangerous working conditions including escalating attacks on guards elsewhere in the country the justice minister attempted to solve the crisis received a hostile welcome from angry prison workers.
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but also all employees of the prison are in a state of shock we're angry because it's been a week since we created a national movement following the aggression right now we're waiting for the measures the bosses and the penitentiary administration will take with respect to the management of inmates. a number of attacks on guards have been recorded in french prisons of late the latest was on friday when two guards were injured in the stabbing attack by an inmate huge reportedly been radicalized in another jail on monday seven security staff were attacked by an inmate according to officials the perpetrator had also been radicalized and a week ago another three guards were injured when a prisoner assaulted them with scissors and a razor blade. well following those incidents the prison guards union issued a list of demands which they say are aimed at improving working conditions they're asking officials to create more than a thousand new jobs in french prisons as well as to fully isolate radicalised
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inmates are calling for more security forces to protect the workers and it's just mentioned a growing discontent it's led to a nationwide strike and to violent clashes with the police. said la foret to do nor the government our representatives are to blame they don't want to discuss the problem or to find a solution to our poor working conditions we demand an increase in the number of prison guards and also the creation of a special high security wing for radicalized prisoners. some for more detail on this we are really determined to make ourselves heard and to ensure that our demands are met and we really want work conditions to be changed especially in
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terms of security. for. north and south korea will perform as one team at the upcoming winter olympics that's just being confirmed by the president of the international olympic committee the olympic winter games in two thousand and eighteen hopefully opening the door to a brighter future on the korean peninsula. and in writing the world to choice in in a celebration of hope the north and the south will march together at the opening ceremony under the name korea and the news the unification flag at least from the two countries will also compete as a single team in the women's ice hockey and the korean folksong are arriving will be played as the anthem all in all twenty two north korean athletes will take part in the games competing in three different sports all of this was agreed a breakthrough talks between north and south and it's now been officially confirmed
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by the i.o.c. . italy's law is the web site that targets fake news the move comes ahead of march is general election if somebody wants to report a fake all they have to do is click a special link on mine. the service will allow users to identify fake news online the team has been set up to analyze the authenticity of anything flagged up by using special software italian interior ministers heaped praise on to the system but some experts are a little more skeptical. it's an entirely transparent and legitimate public service tool aimed at protecting citizens from unfounded news there is not even the slightest intention to enter the political debate you cannot create a brew or people checking news because everything that we are talking about
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it's an opinion at the end you can check the region of the news you will never read aereo independent or to see what is truth and what is fake so i think we should try to fix the all media system it took to have an independent media system and then we can talk about thinking those are not. us the disability rights foundation has hit out at film directors for failing to cast people with disabilities to patrol the disabled the group's president says it's offensive and humiliate actors with disabilities a group of whom have accused directors of discrimination however some think the problem has been exaggerated. no you still. don't know if your boys do that or the lights
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just going at the same communities as everyone else not a smart night. but i know what i love you know if you get out my dress below your garbage bag in the closet are we going to skirt business so that you don't strike ever so i'm blind. to. the confusion. that was on top of. you know thirty years since my oscar win why no other actor with a disability has appeared in a leading role in a major motion picture it is clear to us that having actors playing disabled is in a frantic and so many particular community culturally offensive.
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my name is stephen hawking. when we go down that road towards regulating free speech to that extent we ruin drama we ruin cinema some of the greatest overtures to people with mental disabilities physical disabilities have been given to us in cinema by non disabled people so it's all about how they're being portrayed marlena matt lauren has been a great example of someone who has participated in comedy about her disability because she thinks that it's important to make sure that people of disability are
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not treated as a separate class but are treated like everyone else so that is i think at the core of what we're discussing here today. a cleanup operation is under way in germany after the country and other parts of europe were battered by storm friedrich violent cross winds meant the skills of pilots there were tested right to the max and videos emerged online of books known to be described as something of an extreme landing in the us of the off as you can see on this video the plane takes a public from the wind it lurches from side to side. really precarious at times even if it might flip the pilot battles against the elements that all the way we're finally touching down on the runway a safe flight although perhaps not enjoyable for the people on board and. to recap of our top story our breaking news story this hour which is that turkey has launched air strikes on kurdish positions in syria this also includes
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a ground invasion and cross border shelling and to bring you the very latest details that have just come in over the course of the last hour more than seventy planes that carried out some of those strikes on the african region and now is said by turkey to be back in bases the turkish foreign minister discussed this operation . with the u.s. secretary of state red. to listen over the phone so i get a lover of the russian foreign minister is also spoken with rex tillerson the russian ministry of defense has. been quite clear about who's responsible for this they said that this is down to irresponsible of us sanctions in syria turkey laws to stop aeration after the us announced the creation of a border force in syria that clearly antagonized. and the u.s. later backtracked on those comments. average right up today we're going to take a really short break couple of minutes i'll see you with headlines shortly.
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right charlotte rather than that i was a kid. and . i had flew to china for a transplant. they told. me was a year and they are turning to me has said. from
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my law for the fuck around mr hayes that for jim and then we were hoping that our family. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself in taking your last wrong turn. you're at us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath . but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters my mind it's consumed with this one different
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speech because there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker. breaking news here on our t.v. turkey begins a full scale military operation against kurdish positions in syria our friend region as long as there strikes a ground invasion and cross border shelling. a group of gunmen and suicide bombers attacked a major hotel in the afghan capital kabul there are reports of hostages and photo albums. and a strong trumpet as a second year in office the government is set to be shut down over a funding bill a good look back at the highs and lows of the president's tenure today.
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thanks for joining us this hour you're watching international top story turkey has launched the military up. aeration series kurdish held region involving strikes a ground invasion and cross border shelling to his general staff says one hundred eight of one hundred thirteen targets were successfully hit on saturday over seventy planes conducted sorties with all their craft and now back in turkey campaign which ankara is deemed anti terror has been named operation olive branch saying that ousting kurdish militia for our friend which has been held by them for five years back to syrian opposition fighters are reportedly entered the kurdish enclave from the ground because president earlier confirmed his country had begun a military ground operation in the turkish cross border shelling of the area started friday r.t. correspondent paula slip has been following developments at least eight f.
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sixteen s have been firing from the skies while on the ground you have the turkish backed syrian opposition rebels have moved into this enclave isn't on tape that is controlled by the kurdish militia the white p.g.d. from the ground we're also hearing that the free syrian army has been arriving in buses as well as in trucks that have been fitted out with machine guns we are receiving reports in terms of the civilian situation there and they we're hearing that people have been ordered to retreat into their homes and into shelters but there are reports coming through of people who have been wounded and injured and who are being taken to the local hospital now all of this follows threats over the last three days by the president and the one that he was going to launch a ground offensive into africa it was really just a question of when and he said that this was really the only answer to root out what he has called terrorist elements there take a listen throughout the hour for an operation has
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a factory been started on the ground this will be followed by a man bitch the promises of not so nobody has a right to say anything. now man bridge is an area that is mostly arab it is waste of the euphrates and it is the next step in terms of the turkish military's way of dealing with the kurdish militia it is not far from the area that the army has entered now so that is where all eyes are turning for the immediate future. the turkish foreign minister has posted a tweet saying that the country launched the offensive against syrian kurdish militias exercising its right to self-defense he added that anchor is actions are strictly in keeping with the international war and he went on to stress that the operation isn't targeting civilians but aims only to take out terrorist groups. correspondent is done and joins me in the studio has been following this story and as always following the events following the reaction which is just
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a significant what a lot of the what is the international community been saying about today's events well there hasn't been too much of the reaction probably because of the weekend but he has been sure surely making it's best to keep everybody in the loop first of all they've sent a letter to the syrian government notifying them about this operation probably just saying look we're going to do this there's nothing you can do about it something damascus is not going to be happy about also ankara as someone russian ukrainian and american diplomats to brief them on the situation obviously russia iran and the united states being the key players in syria right now also the turkish foreign minister has called up his colleague over in washington and talked to rex tillerson . briefing him on the situation and why so much why so much care why so much thought put into communication to the communication with the united states well because the united states and washington has always portrayed itself as a major ally of the kurds of the kurdish armed groups so this is why this is
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why and cory's taking is putting so much effort into communicating with the united states russia in its turn has said that it was washington that created all this hostility and which which eventually led to turkey starting this operation have a listen the main reason behind the developing crisis in this part of syria is the provocative steps taken by the united states which were aimed at isolating areas with predominantly kurdish populations uncontrolled deliveries by the pentagon more than weapons to pro american formations in northern syria contributed to the rapid escalation of tension in the region and led to special operation by turkish troops . well the kurds themselves have said that they are not harboring any hostile feeling feelings to anybody apart from the terrorists of course and but they are going to defend themselves yeah that's just been the kurds have said actually the there will be a response what that response will be we will have to wait and see what we know is
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that. the turkish foreign minister as we just mentioned of ago says that this is about self-defense this is about tackling so there i was like everybody's defending themselves turkey is defending themselves now the kurds are saying they're going to they're going to do just this thing so how did we get into this into this sort of standoff of two entities claiming that they're not being aggressive they're merely protecting themselves well one thing we know for sure is that this operation did not come out of the blue really and what you have to understand is turkey and the kurds have never really been the best of friends you know the kurdish military groups have been a thorn in ankara's side for years if not decades and and so but what became the catalyst and what prompted prompted. to start this military operation was the initial statement by the united states military and the announcement that they were going to create the so-called syrian border force have a listen the coalition is working jointly with the syrian democratic forces to
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establish and train the new syrian border security force currently there are approximately two hundred thirty individuals training in the inaugural class with the goal of a final for size of approximately thirty thousand. so you heard it the washington was very detailed about the how this force is going to be shaped up that it's going to go into the consisted of thirty thousand fighters mostly like half of them kurds ankara was hoping mad ankara was furious i mean creating a thirty thousand strong combat ready force on its border or made up half of the half of which would be made up made out of people that are not exactly friends with them so ankara some and some troops to the border again called this force a terrorist force and promised to destroy it even before it had begun even before the washington had the chance to create it that's when rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state stepped in to do some damage control he said that this situation
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has been missed for trade misdescribe some people misspoke and he denied they were going to create a border security force at all world but if this wasn't enough to stop the turkish military train and so the situation we have on the ground right now is that turkey going in from the north into the african region i hopefully we can just put the map on. here so that i could break down the situation for you not just in words but also visually so turkey is so really turkey's going yes there we have it there we have the map so this is this is the region and this is where turkey is going in from these are the turkey backed rebels and they are helping them on the ground from the ground these are the syrian government controlled territories and they don't really have a problem with the kurds but they do have a problem with these guys because it's not just the free syrian army and the rebels
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but also the formally know the groups that were formerly known as no strong now it's. they're considered terrorists by the united states and by the international community and the syrian government is battling them and this is man bridge. this could be the final this could be the final destination of the kurdish military and this is what and korea's threatening they're threatening that after afrin man which is next. that's clarified things but it is also pointed out just how complicated the situation remains let's get some analysis now from a guest let's bring in a risky middle east affairs expert who can speak to the. alley that the turks are fence against the syrian kurds we well we know what's going on at the moment but where is it going to end what's the possibility of this developing a chain reaction lots of different players in the region could they get drawn into a conflict indeed it's quite
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a very significant development and where it would lead i think that's on loan on darkly this creates i think a crisis between the two traditional nato allies as the u.s. and turkey i think actually it's. it's a problem for turkey but it's also a major problem a major dial m.r. for the u.s. so i think that the u.s. it's very likely that they want to expecting turkey to follow through on these threats over turkey have a sense that american remarks about a border some kind of border harmony within syria turkey has been threatened or threatening to take action i don't think that these words were taken very seriously by washington now or as i said this creates a vial m.r. to washington it's also at the same time something which the syrian government would object to the syrian government considers a.


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