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it's. not here lives in the suburbs of the past. mike is a daily struggle for her parents who caught make ends meet on the plane. she's been contributing to the family budget for of attributes. and them a little at a desk was all a human royal. evils present to them ok you've read it and you think something will kill you that having a food will ever go to those where was. the
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man as a land that me and seven silver platter made out of even with that last. part that last. brought up in my list get on with. life which is the chicken. and the fish. so if i found that adults i miss it oh my that doesn't consider this a clever having arms that i will hunt him for that's not so about us that in two months no i don't care about that uncle was not so my mam until the lemming this it was done for. your liver and then waits. on loan to get it that well has been. misused in the field. just
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through the woods. and with the fish in melbourne to put it but. i doubt doesn't know the policy hamper the chemist or the other man the other you hear. them talk the government bother me about that i don't have. a million dollar planes and yet i mean. put us in the look then with a great risk but. i can bend it better mucked in a table but us are not the m a t m he put us in with a lot of the most. democrats and. that it was just time embassy and the guns could then get up and damn near. just today after mia has. to speak to her on the. activity on the plug and then from oh no you're not allowed to move and you better. fall to the economy coming only a kid living. in the us are.
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going by middle class and i will not stand as was anonymous i grew back. room. rewarded food. truck or not those. who are just through school started yelling at them moment. for. us. vs. not as big dream but those dreams require a good education and what do you want to be when you grow up. adult laughs why do you want to bring on. a lost a little skin mother of eighty and plan on the field just full of good. will that he kicked our ass cause a supporter of the senate. if
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. something did these very important for us. to be only a common market. as we say to be a community of bad news to talk to these viewers both proselyting as if you twitter is so good to power that from moscow pride stood dominique to it waheeda the their way to be unsettling to communities it is. new when you don't. seem to. get a cork in it. what can you not through only ten best to. make.
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love to no kill said. no servant is that oh. alex you speak french. yes. that's a new. song is busy at the top so that. it's. not that i want foreigners to disturb us me at the same through the silent or the may would confer in their emphasis on slang and there that one. thing is that on commies and.
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says it you know. this and that's what. i don't want. i want to. kind of like so much more to. this out there but i doubt it's going to get them on my butt i want to. be there was one of eight brothers and sisters being raised by a mother the children's code as men he's been able to find work as a cleaner in the local cemetery. but as out of this is. the set of men. get their hands to do is focus on. nothing else but i haven't missed.
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that little game unless it was just yesterday stuff joe. people when i'm asked. and. then he goes again i'm on. my legs but i. see not a. reason . so.
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there last one has. that bomb us has put out one of the credit. has more to a separate last one yes that's one yes m.p.'s and i was wrong. last. hasn't been. in the room was make it down before the the end but yeah it's not all one thing i want to know that but i. guess at least. the new book eat as he paid off i was that he asked is that what it was. on public interest and this is not willful then it is a. he said i said maybe sinister it's you know. he says to the. better off and. it was this.
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is the get that one. of them enough to. marry since one began then almost to saying. no this guy. so i mean hung with the answer more to all went to. the one that gave that yesterday and then. for quito and no idea the children's code is meant they can legally end the extra
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money they badly need she can help her mother in the market and his job at the cemetery wouldn't exist without it but there are hundreds of thousands of children in bolivia operating completely outside the law. sort of like something out of the movie i get the feeling i'm in some sort of wild west gold mine these old wooden poles on everything up. i'm not built for spaces like. definitely not because people know me is that in the end and as it became a lot of room i had. an
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. accomplice in the. new york. mrs as your eyes. at the end of it katie. was with me this was the same book. who came in to tell them i'm going to go away is not really concerned except maybe of money and he continued with. both radio and his brother have been working on his mind since they were ten years old if they stay here it's unlikely they'll see forty one it was hard enough and only him with . lack of oxygen and just hand tools i'd rather have his kids do not that's all day
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in day out. so they really close and. everything will freddy when richard are doing is completely illegal. mining work is strictly forbidden by the children's kind but it's never enforced. all that. put out there. for. days it's. ok. i've. said. well this is so. we're.
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better they don't divorce i got blood. mean i was. gonna get out there. then your point about how. i said so how do you know i mean what a game and i mean as believe it was. a children's code should protect wolf radio and his brothers but up here it seems it doesn't apply. there was a former child minder an activist who tries to look after the families i'm sorry come. i believe there's a mint doesn't. bring. bolden says it was him with bill him blessing. three measures been really.
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better the hit on by. so much that is good is that i keep. the difference for the few so that when the second committee to pull him through the last funniest thing i'm. doing. there are cedar blah blah. blah it's nice but it's funny to say the most almost dumbest. is what. she did was robust she was. a. good person like it was funny. and. then found out that way to much on the small. where those that. say that by the bennett image by the. way the a c s and then look at them with. those protests.
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as casitas thought it of this chappie this was the i mean. lucy here is responsible for the safety of equipment here she simply can't afford for thieves to get anywhere near it and that's why she always has a supply of dynamite nearby it's a very effective way of warning them off. us if they get too close as the bugs out of us with a. new. one and if any equipment is stolen has to pay for it she doesn't mess around when it comes to think it's ok that's just concept that's a good deal to. pull the rug. i
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serious. you know they have and that. is the main thing. to the rule of law which will unfold a month on a simple accidentes i'm would love. it powerlessness bottles nino's. they're not small kid or mobile is just on an island even listening is one thing in the protium united but in a mild in court case are consequences for will they look in the cement on the end it all influenced is will carry protect you not in another to me that i want i mean little did total know. that. young men. now the leader know now the leader they had it's funny they had to nino's the basis they don't really
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get to have to be the key in a better state than sound a nation. know it better when they learn to put. it's had value get done the job at doing the better that i work on the board it's news but it's funny to us but this isn't. good the report it goes for the simple as type in sunday news but look you know through for good i must say good up or you just i don't be and it's funny you know that's new news but as be bitter as those but. took it took it. to. sources in the bolivian government insists the children's code is one. that overall numbers of workers a down and that illegal child labor is have almost home since two thousand and
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eight. they say that tackling dangerous work is now a top policy priority. but they haven't offered the people of center rico an alternative and that means the schoolboy mine is here continue risking their lives for the money they need to survive they still believe they'll get more help from t.o. for the thirsty devil of the pits than they will to from their own lawmakers. prescribe medication is widespread on the us market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit some
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site what or who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects. was chemically altered when i did was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's safe. for. your. own. good.
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turkey has officially launched a full scale military operation against syrian kurds after washington out buttons to codify those right along the turkish border. olympic east north and south korea reach a breakthrough deal telemachus compete under one flag of the upcoming winter games that south western leaders decide it's time to up the ante against pyongyang. the pressure campaign will continue to intensify. just. cutting diplomatic ties with north korea and he went underground after a drug related crimes are out of control on parts of the paris metro reportedly seen train drivers refusing to stop at certain stations.
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the main headlines of the week the top stories of today welcome to the weekly on our. one short mistaken statement has led to a new conflict in an already war torn country turkey has officially launched a military operation against kurdish held enclaves in syria and that is after the u.s. announced its own plans to create a new force with the kurds very close to the turkish border and washington later said the announcement was made by mistake it is certainly was not enough to stop the turkish tanks from rolling in.
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the afrin operation has a factory being started on the ground. so if i launched airstrikes and began cross border shelling with a ground invasion expected later on sunday reports about people being killed in the offensive are already starting to emerge kurds saying at least ten people are dead mostly civilians insists the only casualties have been kurdish fighters and its army is taking all precautions to minimize civilian casualties. even if it's been assessing the situation and looking at what brought turkey back into syria. this is
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what the situation on the ground in syria looks like right now afrin the region where the turks are carrying out their military or peroration the area highlighted in green is where the turkey backed rebels are to a certain extent at least they are helping ankara from the ground read the syrian army this is the syrian army guys they don't have any problem with the kurds but they do have a problem with these guys because this is the area of the green aires also the region which harbors. or nusra a terrorist organization and finally here you have a man bitch there it is also it is a city also controlled by the kurds and it could be turkey's game plan erdogan has already said after he's done with afrin man beach is next this operation hardly came out of the blue you know the kurds have been historically a major thaw in turkey but what catalyzed things now was the pentagon saying they're going to create
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a so-called syrian border force the coalition is working jointly with the syrian democratic forces to establish and train the new syrian border security force currently there are approximately two hundred thirty individuals training in the inaugural class with the goal of a final full size of approximately thirty thousand one very precise description of america's intentions there by that point turkey had had enough ankara beefed up its forces on the syrian border deployed tanks and president erdogan vowed to destroy quote this terrorist force before washington even has a chance to create it u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson tried to do some damage control saying that the situation has been most portrayed misdescribed and that some people misspoke well that was a nearly enough to contain turkey's fury ankara has been keeping the united states in the loop about the operation against washington supposed america which arguably pitted to. against the kurds has now called on them to focus on the fight with
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eisele pretty much the same as saying it's every man for himself in this conflict turkey has also notified syria about the action which damascus is not happy about it or russia in its turn has been cautious and called for all parties to pull the punches the main reason behind the developing crisis in this part of syria is the provocative steps taken by the united states which were aimed at isolating areas with predominantly kurdish populations uncontrolled deliveries by the pentagon of more than weapons to pro-american formations in northern syria contributed to the rapid escalation of tension in the region and led to special operation by turkish troops loose lips sink ships they say well this time we're looking at a potential all out war he has done of r.t. . turkey is that military action against the kurds in syria triggered protests in europe people took to the streets in
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a number of capitals to denounce the shelling and demanded deescalation we discussed turkey's move and what provoked it with various analysts. previously the united states had told turkey that they would not arm the y.p. g.e. the kurds and that they would leave syria once isis was destroyed now isis has largely been destroyed at least a territory they do not have to. arm and train. a kurdish dominated security force and change in american foreign policy is what has really driven turkey to this take a step there was a similar operation. about half a year ago all of turkey and turkey always indicated that it will lot. is this the kurdish forces to pose its threat to turkey so i think the fact that the united states and the old these special force was
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a trigger but they didn't really change to secure asia the turkey is determined that the kurdish forces or little the northern syria border will not be a threat it's amazing that the u.s. is in the past week managed to completely betray both its rival allies in this in this conflict first a bit of a trail of turkey announcing this border security force made up primarily of kurds without any consultation with turkey and then as soon as turkey you make make an issue of it immediately drop the kurds all together and say oh we're nothing to do with them and basically give turkey a free hand to slaughter them. on wednesday the two koreas agreed to march together under a single flag during the upcoming winter olympics the north will now send twenty two athletes to the pyong chang games international olympic committee president thomas back praised the agreement calling it a milestone in
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a long journey now the two careers will also form a single team in women's hockey and will have a career in folksong as a common and. officials from both countries have been meeting throughout the week to discuss peace efforts but the seeming reproach mint between the koreas hasn't convinced the u.s. president who said he's not sure tolls can lead to anything meaningful this week the western allies of the one nine hundred fifty s. korean war gathered in canada for separate talks in the current crisis they agreed tough measures will be the only solution. the person. decides to do this i think your cliquey be not is to send out a very clear message we want to intensify and that pressure to include cutting off diplomatic ties to his north korea we spoke to human rights lawyer erik who thinks the u.s. approach towards north korea seems to be rather inconsistent president. somehow
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believes that this pressure approach is the this is something different then that has been applied before which it isn't and in reality he wants to pull back some of the thunder if you will back to washington because you have again the north and south talking i think the u.s. is a little jekyll and hyde with its policies because on one hand it wants to have a resolution wants to have de mille nuclearization wants to have peace and on the other hand pumps up this rhetoric and so the motivations relate to finances they relate to geo political factors of the u.s. power in the region if you will and they relate to trying to ice out china and russia a little bit as a player in this as was evident in vancouver. and you laura in germany which
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combats hate speech online it was making headlines again this week this after the facebook account of a member of the right wing alternative for germany party was blocked it came after she called for people to join a women's march against rape and killings perpetrated by migrants in the country. i organize a women's march to the chancery almost every day we read about horrific rapes and murder of women the more women come the more pressure it will put on merkel and politicians from the old parties together let us take to the streets to fight for our right to freedom and so the temora nation despite belonging to a party known for its strong anti migrant rhetoric leyla bilger whose are women and children rights activist regularly travels to syria and iraq to help people there she is of migrant origin herself and was surprised at the official reason for her facebook. page doesn't facebook have a show on my travels with facebook started a few years.


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