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politics of this and. try to save the world you can't say the world is the very last place is a billion people world where you can save your family by being the best example for you to say to your community you're coming your way it will be when you've lived through it bobby is a good example as well as that we were always meant it was crazy what i'm trying to do right now and i'm going to interim for this one. but like rodney king said can't we all just get along. i believe we term once we get to know each other yet. you know what i'm all star trek these was not so much going to be our prime directive you know me though most of you know roads of a culture is best not because of who you know will to be going to try to help and the deal is only all start sharing in the enterprise you get all the coastal work or go to any would be wonderful world like me could simply be that way but people webpage and i am taken back as you go to for chopra but you have
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a totally different perspective the was one of the world than i do we are here right now just struggling to survive. make sure our kids stay alive so i have a whole different perspective of the troops as wasted there used to. the small politicians like ourselves who love to swap a small posters and people that affect you know. shows that it is exactly the change you think the coach in the way the people think the people who are here for the accused to see that's what really matters trump really doesn't matter to us at all with what we're here and we have to constantly educate us building open ourselves of good to be true usually the trump thing would turn everything a whole other direction but actually you have to wonder why would you want them or why didn't you go there when you were exactly zero because there's a really good thing or. well. among them a good woman who will. me.
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love and war hard sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that are going. to stop spreading tell you that what we gossip the public bus files of the most important news today . mocks the bad guys and think you are not cool enough to fight their product. these are the hawks that we along with our we'll watch. it. yes it was pretty hard with a large couple of it but you put something to. help remove the muscle tension i. would say was mostly were done to my wall so you will find
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you know one of them stand up and we push it out so. many times going to do the you know the middle of the sky it's more with you the two cops believe you'll be. easy should resign the stage. and you will know that you know little about. the procedure to the eye machine or you can you get other cool and useful but then you tell us maybe you did to us all but you're using mice in this mission. here's what people have been saying about redacted and that it was actually just full on awesome and i was the only show i go out of my way to find you know really what it is that really packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than blue that i see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight i'm the president of the world bank so take your time to write it to me
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it's like send us an e-mail. you know what to do move from exactly your vehicle that's really good it's like. well. almost google it gets. not enough well it's simple because. the first thing i thought was going to be important with the next president is that that person. quickly as possible to start. the economy in a way that allows people to make up for money. that the answer. you know what we're going to first when we first got elected we would like the against we got to respect the gravity only give us a light so our understand the money is base just good because the flaws have been
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a favorite. fluorite best pick like a crazy uncle with a government that's not going to be for a month existing in power paying with education and putting mrs weasley make more money in the future for their families especially with the mess we took ok so let me ask you a question no one has a question look things are temps go up in the next two years by a thousand percent. here i would just ask them if they don't have. so we got to go through all that and then he gives the equal distance he just to give. all that i would do with it to go and deal with all his must put persona to expand on that will all know what well what he wanted he did all of a google i did go to twitter leave each. day and only this also should media but everybody right. doesn't it is true there's not going to be is the president he has to be
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a certain. style of ethics analogous stuff to you obama was in frank. did your world change for the better. feeling good health you had people. race for they was able to move around and do things a little bit easier than have a little a lot of person from the political standpoint. or will we all could use a little cook that he gave to the people who need obama and then i went to bob because i don't have to pay to go but i want to start all up. so like i said before . on the learn and. all of you understood and i'm a lot of his older. brother obama being elected it was a change they made first the first time ever a vote and you know he's capable i know but it's also what made me feel included and when he won it gave us all hope that that was even possible given for him to be
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so eloquent in the way you know period of some social for it gave us a great example of a man and it empowered a lot of his a lot of his our scholars now also so full based on that if in the eighteen years of barack obama more and more and more positive things happen for african-americans in america praise god. now my question is and you can if that were true for chicago how did the alignment get worse if you got positive stuff was happening at the same time violence always existed that is a good question to feel that the president is just a person that is in a position that we see this approach that we get to pick on this whole sweep of we can point to say he's the problem but there are greater power was a control of things so so black folks always play for five hundred years we so-called free for a little bit over one hundred. years the dam is not going away and geez predicate
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in the gammas goes on both sides because you know why folks are damaged just like young black folks that there was because we were raised in this same society so we have chicago chicago we have a station we have the projects they knock all the projects there a lack of all a gang leaders and this to me all these people across chicago you have kids out here with no fathers you have women i have been able to raise their kids and then now you. so they get all these i don't really. mad at each other about facebook because curls and silly stuff and killings of nonsense like real ignorance you have to ignore in the state of ego of a no bit of a day scene from your perspective why are my words. chris so much so in chicago it's almost a conspiracy tale but it's the truth so we have freight trains for a change one to one neighborhood we had keys we used to go bob the freight trains when you could get a deal games t.v. and you could get good syrian room no were no trains like that coming through long
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around america. you know we did that we were pickets. michael jackson many of them but please continue you know so good stuff all in all for it's my understanding this correctly that those weapons stop them trains he sees that whole thing which ain't no it's education education of the kid because if it is ignorance if you really knew who you were he would want to kill you broke you know would your brother really was a who he came from and his history and his movies people you would kill that you would be lifted up and then you've got kids that don't have no instruction once well have no idea of the cost of the leadership they're watching t.v. in videos and they have good rubes and they've been desensitized i'm totally d. says the ties and feel with the fantasy yummy that their little literally living off the face put me off for the images that they create so you get he is coming
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here on facebook with goods not too long ago i would have said where is all the black leaders in chicago stepping up to here not run we have in the form of we'll say gang leaders was a get what you know we had master for me that when organizations and i mean they started out street just like they can be started out as the selling liquor those guys who only kennedy's thugs so that's only maybe. they think a they got power in numbers they get grants. program a breakfast program for kids and a t.v. show to cable you know like. it's based on people this type of a good job or furled situation hold you know they had. control of the neighborhood but then they brought drugs heroin country cocaine comes in and then distractions and so all of our leaders all of the leaders that we. were told to you know revere
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and i'm a social for their respect but how for me but then gere right now by going to a what would you go as a black man would you go to pay for college for your daughter what would you go if you want to open up a business you could go to a bank you went to the policy makers to give you money to invest in your future downtown like you would was downtown periods like a second downtown we should go over there and get out east the suit say it was a movie deal there with duck city. you feel. like it was amazing and they took all of that away and then we want to go there aspect of wow are we standing up doing something about half of it is i am certain bros we are but we have been conditioned to get educated and then we move on which is away from our actual neighborhoods so we don't hand jefferson's yeah stephen exactly like the jeffersons whom you know have people who have the wherewith all right here are the keys they
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don't have right here all the men there are on drugs or alcohol we allow kids to do more than we shoot well i was unable to then i don't know how we got bridgeport running down the street with mayor daley ok i will raise them not about allow kids to take over they will say that they're going to get up and they're going to police their neighborhood period they will work with the police or gives the police but they will make sure that the neighborhood is all we should do the same thing but we don't have the brain trust that we should because the soon as we get educated we leave here but you're starting the church yes and if feels amazing i suppose it is yeah because this is going to rule generationally now young black men will graduate from your barber school. and they'll be able to give their story a stand this is how my last change that america wants under weight has anyone checked in with want to while.
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really can make a thinner moment and when they can. make their voice to this knowledge we'll call it all. these jabs at your brother. he's got a good gig for the next eight years now i don't know really silly to miss an evening but the worst possible time to get him. you know say yes i hear you loud and clear he replies a little for sure you're going to. be. i'm starting to relax and now. i remember my last question. so just tell what's america mean to you is there still hope. america to me. is the idea of hope ideal hope for the actuality of america the reality is
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that we are. a country that was developed for genocide so therefore we're going through the growing pains of dealing with that genocide and as we get over that we reconcile with what has happened to a lot of different people everybody has been subjugated used to we would still be a bit of fear we will see a sort of race with a certain class of america a soul and so we rectify those issues and. give some type of solace so that we can grow from this is where it's coming here today. just at least have been. a bit of a sense in my experience to know that i got to do a whole lot more listening. aka. yeah. i understand the perception
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of much better now than i did before i came in this was a ledge where it was a list. thanks for making the effort. for my. book thank you so much i can share alright i think we got to go check on. my own a little family. a little hounds got the real. god bless you and this place thank you and your family to fish it seared down i'll be back there we do good. and i will allocate coke. they go to. day one of chicago is a rat and stephen is amazed with this clean sheet.
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and how incredibly well miss l. train it's. final and now he has a new perspective on the pill and hopefully soon we can make the. next time on the great american pilgrim i'm from new york so like i like you on you i'm live in new york i'm actually live on a farm in upstate new york long island new york new york new york new york new york city i'm from the can i can i am a little fun with you know. you sing like a children's true and. no one two three. for fox to send a. pretty face. right well into. the actual things in. their ears as a kid when i left but freezing rain and. snow and the car is coming back remember.
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something did these be important for us. not to be only a common market. as we say to be a community of bad don't adopt this view was of proselyting as if you twitter is so good to power that from moscow pride stood domine to it why did it there be to be unsettled communities you can easily see. because there's survival guide book stacie just like all the start families at least are. you sure it's still there you don't get it back home after.
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all it's no good it's a repatriation saying forget the rest of seven years. till of the seventy year mark sky's report. as you read the stand. from us and. our own move from what i saw. in our good armor on our show at the fair our rather tough it was before fourth of any kid and. i'm going to let him but i don't catch him then you cut and kick and. i don't lose a child with a trifle that it. no. longer works then i'm modeling my michelle the downside of. the being the only and model. number set up around the hey how do you want to do it.
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and get this whole food place choice where you got the i knew where you're from and theosophy chime in syria has said. for you she ought to have someone else for the name after the couple farts around the mr hates it for jim and then boil butter for it are for him and for. me the money. it. leaves.
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off the intent to add bombardment turkey now stands the ground incursion into kurdish held syrian territory is still follows the now retracted announcement by the us that it would set up a kurdish border force something that and raged on for. olympic peace north and south korea which a breakthrough do you feel to march and compete on the one flag for the upcoming winter games but not as western leaders decide it's time to up the ante against pyongyang. the pressure will continue to intensify pressure to that include cutting off diplomatic ties with north korea. and r.t. went underground after reports of drug related crimes are running out of control on the paris metro the city's transport union says some train drivers are now we're fusing to stop at
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a certain station. a very warm welcome i'm making aaron and you're watching the weekend here on r.t. international well the latest world headlines on the stories that shapes the week. turkish tanks are rolling into syria supported by app hour and ground troops with anchor his military operation against the kurds in the region now in full swing. or france has called for an emergency meeting of the un security council over turkey's action in syria's african region really put trying to break down why turkey is in syria in the first place. to get a clearer picture of what's going on between the turks and the kurds along syria's
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northern border we should look at the map this is where the kurds are the two yellow areas the one on the left is the african region that's the new war zone the turkish army entered it from the north west plus they used airstrikes the green area is where the turkish backed syrian rebels are these are the militias that ankara is counting on on the ground there moving in on afrin from the east turkey's claws are being drawn together turkey has officially made it clear they are determined to create a thirty kilometer buffer zone right here along the border once the actual armed operation is done and dusted there's little doubt that the turks have enough military capabilities for that so the buffer zone will mean effectively that a part of syria is under turkish control at the moment it seems ankara isn't going to stop there they want the operation to extend further east as well as president
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aired on announced towards mon be a city also controlled by the kurds it's and this other kurdish enclave when it comes to the kurdish forces they say they've been returning fire the kurds also claim they managed to repel the offensive speaking of casualties for now the kurds say there have already been quite a few mostly civilians it's all lawyers says ankara they say they've only killed fighters or terrorists as turkey puts it the turkish military is trying to reassure everyone it will take precautions to minimize civilian casualties but in the media reports we also saw more threats from the turkish government like the prime minister saying anyone who helps the kurds with weapons will automatically become a target for. ankara's guards the incursion follows ankara's outrage over america's
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recent claim now were tracked it that it would create a force to patrol the turkey syria border this was to consist of syrian democratic forces which are made up largely of kurdish why p.g. militia the coalition is working jointly with the syrian democratic forces to establish and train the new syrian border security force currently there are approximately two hundred thirty individuals training in the b s f inaugural class with the goal of a final four size of approximately thirty thousand. soon after the announcement u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson backtracked he clarified that the whole situation had been misdescribed and ruled out the creation of a border force but hey all pictures all of kurdish forces who have allegedly already graduated from a u.s. led training course aimed at a stop listening the border security force that washington now claims won't exist but you need hey consists of five hundred men and it's purportedly the second to
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have graduated we spoke with also meant to reply go blue a former turkish ambassador to the u.s. who believes the situation has acted as a trigger for turkey. i don't think the us really interfere but the u.s. is responsible is the reason large turkey felt compelled to intervene and to start this operation in the first place because. the u.s. even though they backtracked. initial announcement i decide they want her son bush an army of course parallel force in most all countries all to world there was only once a large one army but the u.s. says i'm going to create another force to patrol and control and secure syria's border but turkey what does this mean turkey is not an enemy or syria turkey is not
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an enemy of to us turkey is a member of nato so it didn't make sense and i think turkey was quite right in person to bring this stuff as a direct threat to its national security. meanwhile the turkish president has been speaking out on the ongoing military operation has accused his allies of providing military support to the kurds let's not cross live to poland clear to him more about what was said now paula what was said in another one speech. well the turkish president is essentially turning on and has allies he's accused the west and in particular the united states of providing weapons and ammunition to the kurdish militia he says that aside from five thousand trucks weapons and ammunition from some two thousand planes has been provided the turkish president also saying to quote that his allies are dishonest when they do not admit to the
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fact that they have been supplying weapons to terrorists and here of course he's referencing the kurdish militia known as the diaper genie take a listen. lot of those old little boy america do not encroach on our borders do not provoke us we will not run out of patience i told barack obama the same unfortunately i don't get any response. to those who see the backing of the u.s. will not stand the turkish nation it is our national struggle. france is calling for an urgent and i to nation security council meeting while at the same time germany has expressed that it is extremely concerned with these developments particularly saying that the and culkin lated risks that could result from this confrontation between turkey and the kurds is something that might mount at the same time we are hearing from me turkish foreign minister who says that anyone who does not support turkey's actions in the aspen region essentially is siding with
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the terrorists and will be dealt with accordingly. ok that's part of clear with the latest thank you paula. what hook is military action against the kurds in syria triggered protests across europe people took to the streets in a number of capitals to denounce the incursion and demand id escalation of the crisis we're going to be following all of the developments on the turkish syrian border throughout the day and evening so do stay with us for that. at least eighteen people have been killed in afghanistan after an overnight siege at a major hotel in the capital kabul fatal if he's included a high ranking afghan diplomat and fourteen foreign nationals security officials believe up to four attackers were involved though the taliban which claims it was
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behind the assault says it sent five gunman. i think unfortunately the afghan security forces are just not. up to the standards or there's too much pressure on them and there's not much coordination between nato forces and the afghan police there are multiple threats and the taliban there's al
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qaeda there's ice is there's also has this lobby which is also in the government so there are a number of opponents and i think that this simply isn't the right intelligence to counter these kind of attacks that because they're happening in the regular basis one day it's a civilian target one it's a military target one minute commercial road or a bike today how to counter terrorism in afghanistan you need a regional approach and the regional approach means working with iran working with pakistan and working mood russia and the central asian states at the moment the u.s. is not really doing that they have their own strategy and it's not doesn't fit in with britain strategy. this week the terror careers agreed to march together and a single flag during the upcoming winter olympics the north will now send twenty two athletes to compete in three sports that the plan chang gave the international olympic committee president thomas back praised to be a dream and calling it a milestone.


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