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is it really possible that there is such between the upper floors of. the small room problems. that we are one in a room with only five bones and who decides when the bones must be ninety five or one hundred. eighty days. if you need to see.
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more than one. that really missed said. that it started to. take into its very allegations t.j. you had a hundred fifty billion dollars today. and. also the other big question tonight the fate of the balance of employees who work in the building. the u.s. financial crisis spread to europe in the form of a crisis and quickly turned into an economic crisis. there's
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a lot of the starts about what's going to come out of. but democracy was never the strongest suit or european union. the only way of imposing such highly. toxic policies of france really shifting the losses from the banks onto the shoulders of the weakest taxpayers of europe. whatever the next.
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trip. to look. nice. i did it. because. they treated me unique. feel a. massive government intervention launched
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a new. economy creating jobs balance and social conflicts in protecting the weakest segments of the population this was called the new deal found. their way. out of. the new deal was inspired by the father of macro economics john maynard keynes argued the need for public intervention in the economy of the nation on the opposite side . yes that treatment of freedom and economic consumption of the bloodthirsty dictator pinochet theories remain the source of current economic policies of the past and anything we can do to keep down government spending is a good thing we should restrict it to those activities like defense which we really need to do. because it's
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a political decision that's why in the past i've called it a crime against humanity because it's an act of decision a kind of what they have run out of money the central bank this credit because there's no limit to the amount they present so let's see how money is created in the united states. and when you don't. see teachers who are. not through only ten space. let alone. said. you know. that. if you speak french. what's new.
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something that is very important for us. not to be only a common market as we say to be a community of them don't adopt this view was of proselyting as if you two where else saw he had power that from moscow pride stood dominate to the it why did it their way to be unsettled communities it is a silly. play the air.
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leak. prescribe medication is widespread on the us market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit some site what or who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what are the real side effects why. was this jealously altered what i did was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's safe.
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it is. it an empty empty empty. air. the federal reserve is not spending money the bunks. with the federal reserve are much the same way that you have been in a commercial crew member knocking was the president of the world's most powerful central bank the u.s. federal reserve troops to learn through a bank we simply use the computer to mark up the sars look at your kong and the
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federal reserve we need to print morning because our economy is barely weak and then free from its very low. skilled in the us the creation of money can be focused on public spending especially when the economy is in trouble september. second if you. wish the second if you just. sit in the eurozone instead during hard times even this could happen. if we still see kitchen. coming that. she made sacrifices. and sacrifice today needs austerity. nobody goes to the man for
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a cause very main been the economy and. yet. about the because of the you know the green light for me to defend in it because the bigger praised it will see your name soon or your you know the. boy. was the same as the child. according to census the research institute in italy national funding to the regions linked to social policies was reduced by approximately eighty percent from two thousand and seven to two thousand and fourteen. and. you're a member of the matter of the bones if we got it right it is the austerity that decides how many down should be placed in a room of five hundred dogs. this is the room.
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i want to be well gentle. and you'll just want to say. that it was the one huge markets. ten. channels i'll be wanting to buy i wanted more money in it wasn't it i tell. you finally and we're going to. get it going to. normal. transects and it's only just. came into inclusion.
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and i just don't. if you just check your receipts for me you know they are really costly to me and she will lead you down you know it's gonna kill somebody truthful . i want to be one of them was all the song mean needed tell me is it any easier was all the needy punishing continental antonino eighteen you shall also nicole trash talking a lot of. shit i will somebody you. can just sign is all you have. what we have learned is that if you are in a situation of low growth even the recession austerity is a very bad idea it doesn't work and it makes millions of people very unhappy those who are unemployed see their wages decline and it has been misery and as
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a result in due course on the countries of the eurozone have been doing much less well in terms of my quick anomic developments of growth and employment the country is outside he was on sinatra's the term. being dismantled. who believes documents which are highly misleading collapse into this beautiful looking. east a community joining a uniformed i mean at least as you saw in the day yet the lack of the economy still going to go up badly a little from d.c. only on the most likely to go up if he's going to dog me. if. you guys. didn't mourned ok don't post it down you could have it prove to be the sort that is going to say they. don't you don't he's welcome by the people.
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with the why they are all good people with what you are doing a choice. sure he did believe me she still kilometers i mean if i. called her a killer going to me of a day job if you didn't believe you don't need to keep the beautiful be going it would exonerate him it don't mean. that she's going to shoot the child live. but is it true that the national debt is a problem is difficult to get caught western. probably. won't put up with you know make a move to prohibit you not because the money is that you need to invest it is that you don't it will be no yeah yeah they were in diapers that impresses the out of phase with the pool because he will transform not the problem or that. it will become economic after they sold the carry out the the mood of the immediate and the
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man you did with the would go america elevator with. a sovereign currency is a currency that is under the control of its issuer so there is an important relationship that exists in any sovereign country that has a sovereign currency the relationship is that the government collects taxes in that currency spends in that currency and has a monopoly over the ability to create that currency so in canada and in the us and australia and britain the governments are the only ones who can create their own currency here in the euro zone governments spending euro's and taxing but cannot create the currency. issue the idea in the us is that all of the medication the dollars at the end appraise number need to do not put into it that
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it was there was stern no. movie or problem. it would move. these are the countries of the world whose public debt can be a problem because they are unable to create their own. when you buy u.k. government bonds you know that you will always be in pounds sterling at the moment of maturity because the bank of england will make sure that the cash will now take the italian government is issuing debt bourne's not in lira anymore but in new boss and you also are in fact like foreign currencies and as a result if markets distrust italian government can be massively silverball knowing governments may not have the cash hugo cash to pay out to bond told us and
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therefore precipitating a crisis in a self-fulfilling way pushing the italian government into illiquidity cannot find the cash and possibly default to them as a political tool for you. to see if you. believe it's a good feel. good. about the. power of academic paper by harvard economist rogoff and reinhart which conservatives will need wide to argue for austerity was recently refuted by a us grad students just because it had a few simple spreadsheet errors and a couple of little staggering omissions that made it slightly fundamentally wrong
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please welcome thomas hearns and mr arnold thinks probation. one of the most important american company talks to realize that you have upset some people in the austerity crowd who have someone starting your car for you right now it's austerity policies on the theories of reinhart and rogoff when the public exceeds ninety percent of g.d.p. it becomes an obstacle to growth however the two great economists had committed and the line in the columns of their ex bridge time as i've been talking to a lot of the media across the world are pretty heartbreaking stories about what's going on in europe and you know i've also seen the effects of it in this country as well why we have to keep cutting the government budget and laying off people until those people get jobs that's right you've got it the austerity policies are based on a full blown miscalculation. you know but they see their already using it all over
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europe and they love it so much that they have celebrations in the streets sometimes with. sometimes just fire and every day. despite seven years having no lapse since the beginning of the crisis the economic studies continue to support the danger of public debts which are too high and the need to cut public spending and the deficit. back also four. percent. the. equally month immediately meet they didn't put it that we have that three percent move she said. for them in. any moment ok. is just something that is scientific it's like. something to
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no scientific basis for imposing the number. of intelligent people. when you reject this it doesn't make sense if you do deficit spending you're not adding your stimulus you're not giving the economy drugs are you doing is you're removing a restriction so you want to think of the economy with us i don't think run it that's all that the run it's it's educated it's got good capital goods behind it it's got a lot so far away and lots of food what you know everything you need in your economy housing clothing music production ok but then all of a sudden you put a plastic bag over the head of the satellite and he can't breathe right and so now we can't run anymore so what we're saying is just like remove the restriction. see like as a bianca event that there's even that jannat you did with me then all they've done
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the piano do this to mean people rishi bank us into that it is that you need a federal reserve stump up the money. and they can last decades if he she will be a committee can all get you know who the shooter the change the trait quadrupled the good from they feel that they've been involved in between you will but who decided and why the sprinter had to run with a plastic bag over his head. everybody i'm stephen both test hollywood guy usual suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and honored to do so this is my buddy max famous financial guru and we're just
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a little bit different i'm just going to linger in there with those up with all the drama happening in our country and i'm shooting the brood have fun meet every day americans. and hopefully start to. ridge again this is the great american people which. is rather stand here from last. hour or so from what i saw. an hour that are on the run from i think that there are rather you know what are the four for medicare that. i'm going to let them but i don't cut him any cut can there and keep an eye on what
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i have to lose a child for truffle that it never got. beyond words then i want my michelle the downside of. the family on me and my. members set up around the hatefulness and. get the toefl first choice for gun the i knew you have them and they are charming serious said alaei british yards away. from my last farthing then after the couple fights around the mr hate for jim an envoy for our forefathers our family for. the money. after intense bombardment turkey now starts
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a ground incursion into kurdish held syrian territories the assault follows a now retracted announcement by the us that it was set up a kurdish border for something that and raged and. olympic peace north and south korea reach a breakthrough deal to march and compete under one flag at the upcoming winter games but that says western leaders decide it's time to up the ante against pyongyang. will continue to intensify that pressure just good to include cutting off diplomatic ties to his north korea. and in germany the vote on coalition talks with angela merkel's party sees the s.p.d. party leader martin shields visibly uneasy as even though he gets the green light the social democrats are clearly split on the issue.
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thanks for joining as you're watching the weekly here on our international. turkish tanks rolling into syria supported by air power and ground troops with anchors military operation against kurds in the region now in full swing. ok let's take a look at pictures that we've received recently from the turkey syria border. these here are rockets being fired from the thai province in the south. can also take a look at turkish tanks firing shells that could issue positions. breaks down the situation on the border to get a clearer picture of what's going on between the turks and the kurds along syria's northern border we should look at the map this is where the kurds are the two
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yellow areas the one on the left is the african region that's the new war zone the turkish army entered it from the northwest plus they used airstrikes the green area is where the turkish backed syrian rebels are these are the militias that ankara is counting on on the ground there moving in on afrin from the east turkey's claws are being drawn together turkey has officially made it clear they are determined to create a thirty kilometer buffer zone right here along the border once the actual armed operation is done and dusted there's little doubt that the turks have enough military capabilities for that so the buffer zone will mean effectively that a part of syria is under turkish control at the moment it seems ankara isn't going to stop there they want the operation to extend further east as well as president
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aired on announced towards mon be a city also controlled by the kurds it's and this other kurdish enclave when it comes to the kurdish forces they say they've been returning fire the kurds also claim they managed to repel. the offensive speaking of casualties for now the kurds say there have already been quite a few mostly civilians it's all lies says ankara they say they've only killed fighters or terrorists as turkey puts it the turkish military is trying to reassure everyone it will take precautions to minimize civilian casualties but in the media reports we also saw more threats from the turkish government like the prime minister saying anyone who helps the kurds with weapons will automatically become a target for ankara's guns. but it is not just the kurds who sustained damage during operation olive branch this turkish city was hit by three rockets fired from
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syrian territory turkish troops are now carrying out their terror operation one person was killed more than thirty others injured in the shelling according to local officials who can see turkish tanks and military vehicles arriving at the border city. the turkish incursion follows ankara's outrage over america's recent claim now retracted though that it would create a force to patrol the turkey syria border now this was to consist of syrian democratic forces made up largely of kurdish y p g militia the coalition is working jointly with the syrian democratic forces to establish and train the new syrian border security force currently there are approximately two hundred thirty individuals training in the b s f in or group plus with the goal of a final force size of approximately thirty thousand. soon after the announcement u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson backtracked he clarified the whole situation to be missed described him ruled out the creation of a border force era pictures of kurdish forces day he was allegedly already
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graduated from a u.s. led to training course aimed at establishing the border security force washington now claims one to exist unit here consists of five hundred men reportedly the second group to have graduated we spoke with months article ago to former turkish ambassador to the united states he believes the situation has acted as a trigger for turkey. i don't think the us really interfere but the u.s. is responsible is the reason why turkey felt compelled to intervene to start this operation in the first place because. the u.s. even though they backtracked. initial announcement today showed they want her stablish an army of course parallel force in most in all countries of the world there is only one for a large one army so the u.s.
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says i'm going to create another force to patrol and control and secure syria's border with turkey what does this mean turkey is not an enemy or syria turkey is not an enemy of to us turkey is a member of nato so it didn't make sense and i think turkey was quite right in person having this step as a direct threat to its national security. in light of recent events the u.s. state department issued a rather measured statement to the farm a spokesperson said turkey should ensure its military operations were limited in time and scope that's after the turkish president earlier accused our allies of providing military support to the kurds with washington first and foremost in the line of fire has more the technician president added one has come out with guns blazing and some pretty harsh rhetoric for the trump administration.


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