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says i'm going to create another force to. control and secure syria's border with turkey what does this mean that turkey is not on an enemy or syria turkey is not on and i'm going off to u.s. turkey is a member of nato so it didn't make sense and i think turkey was a quite correct in person having this step as a direct threat to its national security in light of recent events in the us state department issued a rather measured statement the department spokesperson said to turkey should ensure its military operations were limited in time in scope and he's after the turkish president earlier today accused its allies of providing military support to the kurds with washington first and foremost in his line of fire. the turkish president added one has come out with guns blazing and some pretty harsh rhetoric for the trump administration loves us all good about america do not
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encroach on our borders do not provoke us we will run out of patience i told brock obama the same unfortunately i don't get any response. those who see the backing of the us will not stand the turkish nation it is our national struggle is essentially turning on and has allies he's accused the west of providing weapons and ammunition to the kurdish militia he says that aside from five thousand trucks weapons and ammunition from some two thousand planes has been provided the turkish president also saying to quote that his allies are dishonest when they do not admit to the fact that they have been supplying weapons to terrorists and here of course he's referencing the kurdish militia known as the y.p. g france is calling for an urgent united nations security council meeting while at the same time germany has expressed that it is extremely concerned with these developments particularly saying that the culture latest risks that could result
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from this confrontation between turkey and the kurds is something that might mount at the same time we are hearing from the turkish foreign minister who says that anyone who does not support or took his actions in the acid region essentially is siding with the terrorists and will be dealt with accordingly so what we see is some pretty harsh rhetoric coming from ankara particularly towards its allies essentially saying that it will not sit back while they get involved in warning them that they could potentially take further action. turkey's military action against the kurds in syria triggered protests across europe and people took to the streets in a number of capitals to denounce the incursion and demand it be escalation of the crisis of course will be following developments on the turkish syrian border as they are for. this week the two koreas agreed to march together under
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a single flag during the upcoming winter olympics the north will now send twenty two athletes to compete in three sports at the games international olympic committee president thomas bach praised the agreement calling it a milestone in a long journey of the two koreas will also form a single team in women's hockey for the first time in olympic history they will also have a korean folksong as a comment at the officials from both countries have been meeting throughout the week to discuss peace efforts but the seeming reproach ment between the koreas has not convinced the u.s. president who said he is not sure talks can lead to anything meaningful also this week the u.s. and allies of the one nine hundred fifty s. korean war gathered in canada for separate talks on the current crisis and agreed that more pressure is the only solution. the pressure will continue until north korea takes decisive steps to do that i think that could be not is to send out
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a very clear message we want to intensify that pressure just going to include cutting off diplomatic ties to his north korea. we spoke to human rights lawyer eric's rodkin he says washington fears dropping out of the spotlight in the korean crisis. president. somehow believes that this pressure approach is the this is something different than has been applied before which it isn't and in reality he wants to pull back some of the thunder if you will back to washington because you have again the north and south talking i think the u.s. is a little jekyll and hyde with its policies because on one hand it wants to have a resolution wants to have de mille nuclearization wants to have peace and on the other hand pumps up this rhetoric and so the motivations relate to finances they
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relate to geo political factors of the u.s. power in the region if you will and they relate to trying to ice out china and russia a little bit as a player in this as was evident in vancouver. more than thirty people are feared to have been killed in an overnight siege at a major hotel in afghanistan's capital kabul that's according to reports citing security officials authorities put the death toll at one thousand including a high ranking afghan diplomat and fourteen foreign nationals most of them employees of a local airline now all of the five attackers were killed the taliban claimed that it was behind the assault.
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i think unfortunately the afghan security forces are just not. up to the standards or there's too much pressure on them and there's not much coordination between nato forces and the afghan police there are multiple threats and the taliban as old as i says there's also has missed it which is also in the government so there are a number of opponents and i think that this simply isn't the right intelligence to counter these kind of attacks because they're happening on the regular basis one day it's a civilian target one it's a military target one meets a commercial road or a hotel by today how to counter terrorism in afghanistan you need regional approach
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and the regional approach means working with iran working with pakistan and working with russia in the central asian states at the moment the u.s. is not really doing that they have their own strategy and it's not doesn't fit in with the regional strategy. drug related crimes are becoming so bad on parts of the paris metro the train drivers are reportedly refusing to stop at certain stations that is according to a union representing the metro and bus network in the french capital largely shoulda been ski went underground to invest. for most parisians the met true is a state of life with its winding tunnels and lines that stretch across the city it's often the easiest way to get from. ated b. but down in the underground the gritty underbelly of the capital is being exposed drug related crime and violence has been a long standing issue on paris's metro but now the unions representing the train
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drivers say it's inspiring out of control dealers and muses including those taking crack cocaine a new god thing what they've doing. lighting up metro drivers is so fearful of attacks at some stations many are choosing to no longer stop there a survivor more force of i'm not pro quo is very dangerous and it's terrifying if you can range from a simple punch to people using nails knives or. stations like marks and market a year or especially troubled druggies has come here for their daily fix and gangs have taken over for problem of a more. the problem is very dangerous for both the metro workers and for the commuters it's even more dangerous they are targets of fast i've seen more than one hundred attacks take place. within minutes of arriving at marks door metro station
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we witnessed what looks like a drug deal the man with his back to the camera has just arrived with a bag in hand he was the platform stopping and exchanging some packages with people and then he left with his bag empty this seems to be the new normal. there are lots of drug users and i think that with everything that's happening in the match though they should be doing something most of the time the drug users are aggressive and everyone is afraid for the security of. children. twenty twenty five. lived there we've we've heard of course. i've been attacked just one time because he we heard in the middle of the night is smart for. playing with that problem was the precipice of problem as the security robberies can happen sometimes it's
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maybe aggression physical aggression sometimes two was a saw a man attack another young man. as we travelled through some of the most dangerous stations we saw metro security and police trying to crack down on the problem they succeeded in moving this bunch along but in reality all they've done is move the problem to another stop on to another day charlotte even ski. paris. germany's social democrats have agreed on coalition talks with chancellor angela merkel but the road to an agreement does not look easy on that after a short break you are watching the liquid on our contract.
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what politicians do yourself to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so you want to be president. for something i want to be. but you'd like to be the person this is what the three of them or the people. i'm interested in the lives of my. question.
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welcome back this is the weekly international now in germany the s p d party convention has voted in favor of launching coalition talks with the americans party and even though the result is what the s.p.d. leader martin childs has been campaigning for it's been anything but an easy ride for mr and he's put it all over reports. this was the result that martin schultz wanted it was the result he campaigned for but it was real heart in mouth stuff as the leader of the social democrats waited for this result to come in he was visibly nervous waiting for the well what was certainly not a foregone conclusion it ended up being three hundred sixty two votes in favor with two hundred and seventy nine votes against joining the coalition with angola merkel so they are going to go forward with matt but what schultz did lay out in a speech there to delegates and to a board members before the vote it was really
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a speech that was more pleading than it was inspirational he said there was only two options you either go into coalition with angela merkel or we have fresh elections and it was very clear which one he preferred that you do you know you everyone should realize the question is coalition talks for new elections my take on this is very clear i don't think new elections are the right way for us. but it was a visibly relieved martin schulze that received those results he definitely doesn't want another election in the region for that is because of just how badly the last election went for the social democrats and there's no sign of that turning around any time soon last time around in september they lost forty seats in almost dipped below twenty percent of votes cast for representatives in the german parliament he's also going to have to of course though he's going to form this coalition he's
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going to have to cross some social democratic party red lines namely on quotas for refugees that his party opposes also on social spending which his party want to see increased and that's why this whole campaign to decide whether the social democrats would go into coalition with angela merkel's conservatives that has seen a vision it's so in well and truly within the social democratic ranks we saw a big campaign lord. by the youth wing saying that they didn't want to be part of government they wanted four years of opposition in order to try and get the party back to the roots where they believe it comes from so how will it look if this goes as it's been put forward on sunday evening well what it would mean is that the social democrats would no longer be the largest opposition party they would be part of the government again and that would mean that the main opposition party well that role would go to the alternative for germany the right leaning and to establishment party they would get that role it would be new ground for the ever
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they would get everything that comes with it including the traditional role of being the head of the budget committee. which is quite interesting when you look at it because in the lead up to the previous election martha schultz of all the senior members of the social democrats it said a.f.d. had no position whatsoever in the bundestag and should have no position in the world in trying to hang on to power may well put them into the main seat in german opposition. all right four people have filed a lawsuit against the city of berkeley in california and its university for injuries they claim they received during anti trump riots on the campus there last year and the violence erupted over a speech that was to be given out the university by a prominent conservative. my .
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my. my we spoke to katrina. shimer who is taking legal steps against berkeley university but when the attack started as specially after i was pepper sprayed i was completely incapacitated there was nothing i could do to defend myself so i had no choice but to turn around and just face the barricade i was
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worried about what was happening to my husband it turned out he was just a few feet away from me being beaten worse than any of us he was beaten unconscious afterwards by the police both the city and the campus police who are clearly inadequate given what happened when the injuries that were sustained right i saw personally it was police initially standing outside of the building that they later locked us out of i thought in their knowledge and with a wave and by the time the attack actually started they were nowhere to be seen and they had locked themselves inside the building and wouldn't give us any aid at all . the university of california berkeley has declined to comment the city itself previously filed court motions seeking to dismiss a similar case but the lawyer representing the victim says they want to send a message to campus staff and police to do a better job the injuries caused to our clients two of which were beaten unconscious and still suffer from psychological disorders post-traumatic disorders
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so they are seeking money damages to compensate them for that but the main goal of this case is to send a message to campus police and campus universities that they they have to do their job you know i liken what happened here the deliberate effort to not intervene and to not do anything to fire a man from watching a building on fire with their with their opposes water pouring out of them but they're too afraid to go into the building because they might get hurt it's the goal of law enforcement it's the role of law enforcement i should say to serve and protect the public and they did not do that. and it doesn't for me i'll be back in about thirty five minutes of the full look at your news you are watching on our to international.
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level blog selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle. for new socks for the tell you that celebrity gossip the tabloids are files of the most important news today. doesn't tell you on the cool enough to buy their product. these are the hawks that we along with our good luck. young children have worked in bolivia for generations almost three quarters of a million a doing so today. this culture led to the development of bolivia's new liberal and highly controversial children's code in two thousand and fourteen which gave
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children as young as ten the right to work under certain circumstances what is and is seen as. these animals. eat them without having the end all. of the things years. but there are hundreds of thousands of children in bolivia operating completely outside the local. mining work is strictly forbidden by the children but it's never enforced and that means the school boy minus here continue risking their lives for the money they need to survive on.
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prescribe medication is widespread on the us market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit some site watch all who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects why . was chemically altered what i did was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's safe to say that the million of it's into it and to know the new feature or even not a little not at the least a lover but i see them to meet their own slowly vote gentlemen illinois. is
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a good president it had chemical cause this is the but. going on make up so roll most of them into o's eight that my total is really chilly just some but i don't know topographic jevon implement. it it will do for a project when i buy that it will put a seal in it when the temperature to this of the level that it was too little magical the only rate that she couldn't it was that this gentleman thing as well it isn't the meat and they simply tell your shit if you go post master reeked of using about providing lego to a bedroom unit that area is three shit. up of theirs out of the city snow you have them will know when your not to be nice the more in france is that it will check the locals interests and to request as they already have a good as language that if they change to a given. to people yeah i'm of the legitimate royal york if they look in your nipple pic village and think it will be you can always the under elaborate to mean
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list be a get zero recently from. the ticket ecosystem and that is that the mint. really article death and this randomness. was strictly imposed with the fiscal compact once this treaty enters into force it's essay cuts will be deep and long lost by signing all of you commits to bring a strong fiscal rule into your national legislation preferably at a constitutional level among the strong fiscal adjustments there is also in the so-called balanced budget and then you open to debate that don't listen or michael it was not in question was. lovely would it but age of the landfill ed on an automatic call needed one of only voted that it was it was still it late would have amended its constitution at the request of the european union.
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yes it did a balanced budget would give priority to price stability. pushing aside the right to work the right to health and the right to a decent wage. for example. it will have binding efforts and it permanent counter this stronger sell of coltrane's by each and every one of you as regards the debts and deficits is important any it helps prevent a petition of the sovereign debt crisis you know all that has to convince your parliaments and voters that this treaty is an important step to bring to your oh you're a bully back into safe waters. the cooperative has faced its mission precisely on those rights that a balanced budget questions and over the years it is given work to almost three hundred disadvantaged people. is what the fam.
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every morning he wakes up at five and it takes three hours to get into this work place. ten years ago she second wife began. to search with those she were i don't know if she were unlucky with the will question the british will. take it fair it be. you or not but. so they will go through no fault of. the c.e.o. . that same afternoon communicates to the shareholders yet
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another piece in. all the banks said going to cooperate if you know what did and fax this to future must be capitalized otherwise no. tell me yes that is she said he wanted to be on better to get. the yes i think that's an age. signal meter is on even if it isn't the best out of you can shop bins enough. you know the. onus is what's really the way you go that is unless you need to go out. with me to school it was. probably again it would be. easy. because you want to meet our. economy our five audit and. that is how many it is at the front of the saw and. to me.
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this will. so there was. so. you will we. figured it was. a. relief. because it. was all said that you know that i would if you had continued want to read that so they said that now if you don't let it be known as out because i want to. go i don't get i mean a bit kate getting up at the whistles you thought it. would do you buy a month then go up to people see that i would all go up to chock full of a month bangle equus so we're going if you know if the off. the. burger are those who are. still receiving. so you look to the.
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commission. really hard to. believe that there are. there are fish there. i. welfare is a strange game to save lives you have to use a lot of. is this the reason why nobody wants to play and that's going.
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to. that many europeans are asking themselves is why the austerity policies are being followed despite the severe harm that they have caused to the one who this is the truth be considered is that the consequences are actually quite acceptable to the decision makers so one of the consequences is to weaken labor slowly dismantle the welfare state social democratic the tree provisions developments which were europe's a great contribution to modern civilization in the post second world war under the need to develop in a state of its. search should make a post so much of that is to. put it in the upper east. the green the key
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the you know it would obey or just simply clean he said we think it will but it made its own. set out yet. if it is true that blind debate instead economic dog mice is building a society that humiliates then we could stand a protecting that maybe it's doing even worse pitting them against each other turning some victims into oppressors are victims that are weaker than that but who could judge this kind of execution cannot settle i know. they did it i mean that is that a lot is going to go on and on out as an. adult saw that on about that by now that yeah they. said it on a poet's agate been inquiries and i got this out of of it they accept that god.


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