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struck different not only destroyed syria but also destroyed their own released input it will continue oh it's one of the things is if we look at what secretary tillerson had to say about syria which i thought it was like a visit to the twilight zone and could make a whole program on it but the the there will be a embargo a blockade a sanction against rebuilding syria the u.s. will actively push that for us the refugees that left that went to europe will not be able to come back because they'll be nothing to come back to so this perpetuates this problem. exactly and will it will actually see because it won't be any reconstruction more refugees flooding into europe i mean again who are the winners in all of this i don't see anyone just because the united states is trying to fight. assad iran and russia parties in europe the united states and that you hate so much i mean they will be asking these questions
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and then the mainstream media will say russians russians are sprayed all because he was and it is so obvious i mean could you not have seen that turkey would never ever in a million years allow any sort of kurdish state quasi state border security forces whatever they call it under their country a presence underneath turkey of thirty million kurds in turkey there was no way turkey would ever allow that in a million years they didn't see this truck campaigned on ending the process of nation building ending the process that euphemism of democracy promotion and ending regime changes which he said as counterproductive and destructive to u.s. policy across the middle east he also said what are we doing in syria if hillary clinton has her way we will be starting world war three with russia in syria over al-qaeda and this is the trump administration has compete clearly capitulated to the. and they're running trends foreign policy tell us in the house it permanent in
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deafening if you open the occupation of syria their goals are now open to regime change once again back to the obama era confronting iran because iran is not allowed to have influence in syria no matter what damascus said i think tillerson should give us a list of the countries in the world that are allowed to decide who their allies are and which ones aren't because it's always complained in eastern europe that countries are allowed to ally with enjoyed nato if they want but serious not allowed to ally with iran what is except they're going to go no i think we need to explain to our viewers who might know what you don't use in the house today what happened in syria what happened was a turkish invasion. it is a factor it is a fact that the russian forces have removed themselves from the area that. but it was in response to what do the united states claim that they are going to create
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the huge so-called border security consulting the turks without even consulting the . sporty could there's no two can indeed go from the former you can best of them to syria peter ford who said the forwarding which i think is pretty exotic to the united states has been trying to prevent syria from stabilizing itself as huge interest over in state now they see and way off partially implemented by encouraging the formation of a kurdish state and so their response to it was of the. essential i think we have to explain to our viewers this is a an attempt at partitioning syria permanently. shootout and an american in the same end at the behest i would say of the saudis and the israelis here because i there is again we our viewers have to understand it's very clear that the united states has no geopolitical national interest in syria and they. american forces are there or are there illegally under international law
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there was no united nations security council authorization. and turkey is violating the sovereignty also. making things was because they will provide economic aid only to the areas which are a lot of the control of the syrian government that border. the presence of refugees in the countries like germany france so the next time well merkel will be telling to you or there was simply no way i couldn't accept that if you geez i hope the german voters will tell you about the e.u. policy of not financing the parts of the country that are on the control of the sea that all that turkey is invading in attacking the kurdish canton of african which african which has actually been russian protected it wasn't so ok with a lot of the us well but we have. to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on real new state with art.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us actually it's. the only show i go out of my way to you know what is the impact of oh yeah it's the john oliver of r t america is going to say we are apparently better than. the sea people you never heard of love back to the night. the president of the world
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bank paid to write it seriously he sent us an e-mail. at work but boy my area here again better because like nine hundred talk to brock here said this was their year twenty seven tape to go to all kinds of crazy yahoos and yeah it sure did now experiencing a bit of a fall back. welcome back to cross talk or all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some real news. ok mark you want to finish up on the syria has a basically what we've got with this turkish attack on our friend is we've got a mexican standoff a three way mexican standoff between russia and the syrian government on one side between turkey and its proxies which are al-qaeda and the thirty one flavors of
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jihad its support of the whole war including the formerly u.s. backed free syrian army on the other and the u.s. and its kurdish proxies on the other and they're in a three way face off russia would like turkey and the united states to fight to drive a wedge between turkey and nato the united states would like the turks to fight russia over african canton because that would help destroy this very fragile essentially falling apart agreement for the stabilization of syria with the austin aughrim and and it further destabilize syria and this is where we're at it's an extremely tense situation the writing was on the wall long time we've long argued it was going to happen and that the hours and days ahead what erdogan actually does and how much damage he does in syria and whether he will then turned on the american backed kurds is is is up in the air you know the interesting thing is that one has to wonder. where turkish soldiers go do they stay or do they you
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know do they have you know it's like the russians went in had a mission said mission accomplished very limited. did what they wanted to do and basically withdrew well the turks stay and again we're looking at how they do their part to say well the turks will most likely be like cyprus looks like my impression is that russia kind of acquires to the fact that there will be turkish influence in the north of syria russia agrees that there is a turkish minority there so they have their interest we cannot say syria will write let's be realistic about it and i'm not sure russia really wants to grab a wedge between turkey and need to i think we would like to be in peace with their well i know of course they want to do right i mean. maybe they want to but they don't really have to worry about it because it's already happening in a way but it's another question i think another question to ask is who sanctions the u.s. to be in syria for so long i mean go back to what mark said this goes against
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everything that we're out for and also you know should we tell you just in time if you just tell us what you know this is a first a series of actually an interesting precedent for regime change this is the first time that the united states has sent in troops illegally to a country and then decided. it's a nuance in regime change so who wants and what happens to the u.s. forces there once turkey does go in and set up a permanent camp in the north where does the u.s. go where the troops go what are they doing there what's their purpose what's their goal what words although they look at all the tell you what it is why is that even when i say i always have. to report it's always about iran by the end of the point they all say. they've lost they know that military presence there isn't going there and hit iran in any way shape or form and they're simply acting out of spite and hatred at this point they want to play they don't they can't do anything to spoil i can't play this. beutler so that's what they're going to ok well i. just do know
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from a russian point of view we have a conflict within those days with the e.u. so maybe our last trains of country are probably for the oil and gas to be sold to europe so i think russia would try to maintain good relations with turkey despite all the music and they have shot down a russian plane every russian soldier that has died in syria has died because the turks are jihadi it's zero zero zero zero zero zero zero you know that they couldn't do it without turkey's border and everyone's going to pay a high price for this i just want to touch real quickly gentlemen there was a new national defense strategy i think it's the first one since two thousand and eleven. and its focus is the greatest security threats for the united states is china and russia i mean an interesting chain change because it before it was trans . transnational threats like terrorism even the environment
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and now we're going back to a very kind of simplistic manichean world where it's the russians the chinese it's like the nineteenth century again absolutely right i think it's much worse than the cold war and the funny thing is that truong accused russia of not been active enough on isolating north korea economically while there and i just hate congress put russia in the same group of north korea and iran so you have to do we have to we have to point out here is that russia was saying and then they asked the u.s. as the russians the saying north korea i mean that's really rich gentleman and the recent talks you know there is some discussion in the u.s. congress on each one is threat russia and north korea that the russian propaganda that sounded to me like rag tag and we're going to discuss this with this thread north korea and russia ok you go in the direction i want to go to let's talk about what's going on in social media i suppose. all of us got that little note from
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twitter i did get one you didn't get one i didn't get one more. wow this one they probably gave up on me i didn't get the well i won the russian is america you never know but you know what it was you know what i would suggest to our viewers anyone that i think almost seven hundred thousand seven hundred thousand people all they want i suggest to our viewers is all of them just go to the internet look up the us constitution and copy the first amendment pasted and send it right back to twitter thank you very much i know what my first amendment my freedom of speech rights are i don't need a company like twitter to tell me what free speech is what i should read and what i shouldn't read twitter and facebook are now working in unison and i think we know the forces behind twitter and facebook that are pushing them to do this and so twitter is basically saying look we know that there is we know from all the evidence that there are russian trolls and russian influence what's turning to
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surely machine laying there so they're so their best it was a warning to people that was it was very creepy very big brother mentioned there was a creepy you know it's like we know that you're following certain russian troops you were watching you be careful you may have liked something that a russian or potentially russian line person face may how do you know their heads facebook on the other hand is going to do this they're going to write that they're going to rate reputable quote reputable news sources and they're going to make sure their readers get to these reputable news sources while the other reputable news sources the ones they don't want you to read just kind of how wait a way just don't disappear they tell us how this is this process is going to be done i mean is there any transparency here or is it just trust me trust algorithms . this is. kind of not that an internal investigation into the russian influence on the u.k. or friend and found out that russia spent oh jesus zero point nine two seven so.
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it's well known that i have verbs that i get in the u.k. to frown don't so russian mental toll just when you rule and that was terrible meddling barack obama went to london spoken for you were all of a stable and it was not meant to be he was just there well obviously all western media and i look at europe and i look at the united states canada all of them supported hillary clinton but that wasn't meddling that wasn't meddling foreign meddling in the support of their doing what was going to be c.e.o. came out it said she supported hillary clinton and burke said it multiple times twitter ok fair enough to send out a letter to everyone you may have liked something that a russian posted on the internet that's fair enough jack. what i want to know jack is will i get an e-mail that will tell me that i may have potentially liked something that an american propaganda agent of influence posted maybe an israeli the e.u. a saudi i really you know sort of maybe george soros pierre omidyar the other
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technical jeff bezos jeff bezos influence that he get anything on my twitter feed that may have influenced me i want to know this you know you guys want to or you just every branch of the u.s. government we are concerned about this because we are in media here what is the impact is it just impacting people like us that are very rigid in constitutionalism incomes of freedom of speech or because my concern i've mentioned this a number times in this program is that they're damaging their own business model and i'm right am i wrong or does it really matter you know i think there's a debate there how much damage going to do to their business because if you take twitter not even so much twitter i would say facebook and google we have a metric google is doing a lot of the same practices that facebook is doing there they're actually much more advanced that facebook has to be honest and they and they own instagram the own whatsapp your facebook and google lots of a riot of properties and they control eighty percent of the advertising facebook and google alone on the intuitively globally now what they what they do to
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a website an alternative website a website that's just getting started or is not as big as say the new york times or the washington post facebook and google have the means to either make your site grow very large very large or they have the means to completely shut you down and no one's going to be able to find you if you can't find the website via google or facebook you're writing in the dark you're lost you're lost so this is a very serious issue of course you can say they're private companies and they have the right to do whatever they want to have become you to look exactly i was going i was going but they've got gotten to the point where they become utilities and if they continue this they need to undergo some sort of regulation because alex you know we had standard. and there was a whole populist progressive movement to break up this very damaging monopoly i don't mark to maybe i'm missing it where is the talk about breaking up these monopolies eighteen t. that that was a concerted effort this google and some of the most powerful entities that if they
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ever existed before company on the planet why would they want to pick them up when they're right now operating as u.s. government schools i mean the idea that you would break them up why they're fully cooperating hand in hand with the u.s. deep state there's no reason for them to. and i think this brings us. to the very good point of what the end goal here the end goal here isn't even not letting you hear what our t.v. or chinese media has to say that the goal is to suppress internal internal dissent it is to strangle the ult media both left right all left right far left either way the progressives write anything outside the mainstream anything you know but what like the new york times in the washington post which is by the way also owned by jeff bezos the washington post what they want you to know right i mean the very slogan question more offends them because it really means question them
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a question they're there and i'm going to thirty seconds well i don't like it so i can call it the american officials when they used to argue would be it was also they sat there so we indulged same bad thing so these families in country but wasn't so indulged a european thing seems that times are so critical it's called the enlightenment that's went down that's what the whole outfit was about gentlemen we're going to jump in here i want to thank my guests here in moscow and thanks to our viewers for watching us here this is the end of our broadcast segments stay with us for the extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember cross talk rules. i've played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside dives. football
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isn't only about what happens on the pitch pull the funnel school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman he just kill the narrowness and spending to do the twenty million on one player. so it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy but great so one more chance for. a nice minute. the.
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parliament during a speech by the u.s. vice president on moving the american embassy to jerusalem. to the united nations to deal with a humanitarian crisis in northern syria i made a deadly turkish offensive against kurdish forces. army official more funding. from russia. and u.s. senators agreed to support a funding bill to end a government shutdown to keep working for another.
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just a few moments into a brand new day here in moscow choose the january twenty third a very warm welcome to the program u.s. vice president mike pence america's embassy in israel will move to jerusalem next year. president trump has directed the state department to immediately begin preparations to move the united states embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and that united states embassy will open before the end of next year well this announcement by the american vice president is hugely controversial and no doubt will be met with the same kind of backlash that met the announcement by the american president donald trump last month when he stated that jerusalem is the capital of israel now they were protests that were held as the american vice president landed on his wall
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yesterday there were posters with his face on that were trampled on and thrown about at the same time a day of rage has been called for tomorrow or tuesday in the palestinian territories the palestinian leadership is boycotting this visit by the american vice president now that protest actually moved inside the israeli parliament today just as paris was about to start his speech members of the arab joint let's this is the third largest faction in the israeli parliament and it represents some four arab dominated israeli political parties these lawmakers stood up and started shouting and holding plaque cards that said that jerusalem is the capital of palestine the supreme court. citizens of israel. thank
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you thank you israeli parliamentarians gave my pims a long standing ovation to try and detract attention away from the i would members of parliament cry that at the same time there is off wage that has been happening for the past few weeks since the american president said he recognizes to receive them as israel's capital both here inside israel in the palestinian territories gaza and in the international community. i i i. was. i was the. know i know the palestinian president mahmoud abbas is currently in brussels way he is meeting with the e.u. foreign policy chief maslany now the e.u.
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has criticized early a statement that he recognizes jerusalem as israel's capital and have said that they stand by their commitment of a two state solution. we managed to speak to a member of the israeli parliament who walked out during my pension speech. well we decided from the beginning that we were to deliver a message that there is at least twenty five twenty or thirty percent of the people in is that do not welcome him or his policy or the policy of his administration that we see the danger in leading such kind of. told to. support to mean that the government the fact that pence wanted to declare that today that they are moving the american embassy to jerusalem says very clearly that they don't care what the palestinian people see as their right this brings
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a lot of anger and outrage among the palestinians i hope that this duration will not deter mortar we hope that the palestinian our palestinian people will find a way to express their outrage and their anger about such kind of declare ation without losing a lot. the united nations security council has called on turkey to scale back its military operation in northern syria a u.n. situation was held on monday but the turkish president doesn't system his forces will not back down the turkish military has ramped up its efforts to dislodge the region's kurdish fighters amid fuse as terrorist groups intervention follows illinois spring from washington plans to establish a new border force in the region which will include kurdish y p g forces.
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ok let's see now actually power is distributed in the border region the areas in yellow here are held by various kurdish militias and it's here in the african region the latest flashpoint in syria where turkey is carrying out its military operation it's receiving backing from syrian rebel groups in this area shown in green on turkish tanks have reportedly been closing in here in the city of snow and prevented tends to turn its attention here to be the syrian kurds have already asked the u.s. led coalition for support washington for its part has called on turkey quote to
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limit its offensive in time and scope president or to one shot back telling us to worry about its own campaigns in iraq and afghanistan and takes a closer look now at the troubled relationship between the two nato allies. unbelievable is this real a nato member telling daddy you know i mean i mean to come in behave yourself or all point a gun at you am i exaggerating a bit mr aired on didn't say that these exact words but turkey's got a prime minister who pretty much did anyone who gives logistical support is turkey's target for the record the white b.g. equals the kurdish army and for all these years who's been giving the kurds all kinds of support right. over the weekend the kurds were extended in all of branch that's what ankara calls its military op the kurds say they repelled an
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attack on sunday but where does that y.p. get its guns i made it tapered on couldn't care less why washington's been helping the kurds to destroy eisel for this man the kurdish militias are no better than terrorists that explains his latest messages to america the us is in the process of creating the terror army. what we have to do is to be in the boat american do not encroach on the borders do not provoke us and we will run out of patience does anyone from the us government have anything to say we urge turkey to exercise restraint in its military actions in rhetoric ensure that its operations are limited in scope and duration some very restrained council there to be restrained think about it mr aired on rants that america u.s. officials don't hit back turkey rolls up the tanks flies out the warplanes sends
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soldiers over the border washington basically keep stop after all this isn't about kim who's sly the squeak makes donald trump for one reward so perhaps the turks and the kurds have succeeded and one thing together were juicing america to baffled silence. well shortly after u.s. military officials announced their intention of creating a thirty thousand strong border force washington backtracked the u.s. secretary of state says the u.s. has no such plan and that the situation had been mis pro-trade over russia's foreign minister has disputed that claim. the contradictions polled at the recent u.s. announcement of create an unarmed force along the syrian turkish border though in fact america continues its actions to stop this control of of parts of serious territory to border in the meantime the u.s. scares the kids away from the damascus washington is encouraging separates a sentiment among the kurds. and meanwhile germany's foreign minister has said any
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military confrontation could potentially carry huge risks following the emergency u.n. security council session france has once again called on turkey to show restraint saying other members share that view well discuss all of that where now are joined live by and read show this quarter of the new turkey discontents emery welcome as we were just showing there are two of us france the u.s. other western powers are urging turkey to show restraint do you think that president assad on will pay any heed to those calls. are. also continue the operation this is and that if we can thought of me thought between turkey and the united states in general nato turkey has been calling the their job embers.


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