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curt's school. meanwhile germany's foreign minister has said any military confrontation could potentially huge risks following the emergency u.n. security council session france has once again called turkey to show restraint saying other members share that view well discuss all of that where now are joined live by and read show this quarter of the new turkey and its discontents amery welcome as we were just showing there are two of us france the u.s. other western powers are urging turkey to show restraint do you think that president assad on will pay any heed to those calls. down also continue the operation but this is a. thought of mistrust between turkey and the united states and in general nato turkey has been calling the nato members to take an action against five p.g.
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reach. tellus organization and. no action and there is no cooperation between the turkey and united states turkey decided to take an action. from the. support of the mosque or because previously russian forces pulled out from the. turkish forces moved into the space so this is actually example of mistrust between turkey and the united states was the turkish military escalation in northern syria a direct response then to u.s. plans to establish a border force in the area. thanks to the area that united states want to establish a border is the east of the area which is in the. which is in the. east of the. turkey wanted to clear all the i.p.g.
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forces in the west of the fellas because for turkey it's important for turkey to her kind of buffer zone and also it seems turkey trying to give to do some exchange damascus russia in terms of giving in and taking but it is very early to say the future but it seems like a turkey kind of changing to airlines in the region that's why it's not only directly attacking the american statement but apparently by using the statement took is trying to create a justification for its action on the ground today yet it's an interesting point you bring up because what you think and cry is actually hoping to achieve in northern syria in the long term. that's a really difficult situation for shirky because from the very simple fact the biggest friend of turkey is actually. the biggest enemy of turkey is the
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today's friend of y. p.g. turkey's biggest enemy. of the spring of syria so today turkey is trying to create more options approaching to russia or thaw it seems like turkey is trying to lead to make a deal with the thought but it is very difficult to say because kind of a chest game for that many layers so turkey wanted to be more influential to speak up on the scam or it detection they would negotiate i think the future of the syria special northern syria is all about the relationship between them of course and the position to i.p.g. little they will work together all they prefer to work with by p.g. you describe it as a chess game a very big consequences another big move is that turkey is a vital u.s. ally in the middle east doesn't it how far could this strain the relationship.
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turkey and worst of all need to have difficult times in its parts for instance. turkey started with operation nine hundred seventy s. or before previously in the nine eleven turkey a difficult time in the united states not the first time but this is different in some extent because post equally turkey and the united states came to a point which actually they do not see any benefit in this corporation but on the other side we have a new president in the united states who doesn't see actual metal as the important difference protected or defense strategy for for the best for actually it seems like turkey is looking for options not only just because of the syria but also changing context of the international game in the region always great to talk cheering get your inside this can co-author of the new turkey and its discontents
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we appreciate it. our rallies against the military operation have been held in turkey as well as a number of european countries as you can see police in istanbul reportedly use force to disperse a demonstration earlier detained at least a dozen people we are of course keeping a watch on the situation along the turkish syrian border and you know updates they would be. all right turning your attention to the u.k. where the head of the army has outlined the main threats facing britain russian and seemingly top of the pile general nick carter wants money to be allocated to bridge the gap between british and russian capabilities. the arch exponent of this is russia i believe it represents the most complex and capable state based threat to
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our country since the end of the cold war they represent a clear and present danger they are not thousands of miles away they are now on europe store step i believe our ability to preempt or respond to these threats will be eroded if we don't match up to them now we cannot afford to sit back. well military chiefs are asking for more money for new equipment is hardly groundbreaking is pretty standard practice however this time it was the acting head of the army normally it's retired generals so it cos it was risking annoying his paid marsters with this plea for more funding the purpose of the speech was to warn of the dangers of under-investment in the u.k.'s military especially the dangers of failing to keep up with the russian defense spending he spoke of what he called russia's orthodox and hybrid warfare and one thing in the speech that was certainly
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on orthodox was this video clip take a listen no indication of the scale of the issue it's clear from a three minute video clip i'm not going to show you this was run on russian t.v. a couple of years ago you don't need to understand the russian supplied the sense of the tone of the commentary uses the movie going to be used to just get you the gurus leads to the movie so you have him there saying take a listen to this recording of a russian defense ministry video talking about investment for new weapons but certainly in our news room which may not be a good indicator we are arty after all but it caused a few people to scratch their heads wondering what they were playing on whether they were playing into this sort of stereotype of russian being aggressive and of being hell bent on world domination after all nobody could understand that video clip other than hearing the russian language now nick carter isn't the first person
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to talk about russia as a threat in military terms just in december the head of the u.k.'s defense staff was also rallying for more money when he was talking about the threat of russia cutting vital undersea cables now none of this is really ruffled downing street that is including this speech today a spokesperson for downing street as the prime. misters office said that the u.k. defense budget is the highest in europe and that the issues outlined by carter are already being addressed it's also worth pointing out that when they're not asking for more money members of the u.k. military tend to be somewhat more blunt as a about the whole russia thing last summer the then defense secretary mike mullen he joked that moscow was probably jealous of the princes and used state of the art craft carrier because russia's is pretty dilapidated and at the same time today you've got the u.k.
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foreign secretary boris johnson he's meeting for talks with his u.s. counterpart rex tillerson they're going to be talking about iran north korea and syria russia isn't on the agenda. well security analyst charles schumer bridge believes the u.k. faces a genuine problem with under-investment in its armed forces what we've got here is a situation where interestingly today even those sections of the u.k. media play up the so-called russian threat amongst their headlines to monks their deeper insight their analysis pieces on this speech from that car today there's some degree of cynicism about what it is that he's actually saying and the reason for that is because of this conflict this below the surface conflict that is going on and particularly acute at this time when a defense spending review is underway about to get under way yet another phase of the british state of the british military in terms of the number of its personnel the number of the amount of its equipment inequality that quitman is at
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a pitifully low level and that is a situation entirely of the u.k. defense establishment is making because they have instead of opting for equipping soldiers with the best equipment numbers they have chosen very expensive capital projects such as the two aircraft carriers that now suppose will be the pride of the navy despite the fact i won't have aircraft even on them for some years and of course the trident nuclear deterrent both of which eats up a vast proportion of the defense budget. u.s. senators have voted in favor of a temporary funding bill to end a three day government shutdown the measure will keep services and institutions running until eighth of february it's hope that in the meantime democrats and republicans will be able to find a solution to a dispute over immigration that led to a standstill. too much is on the table right now that needs to get finished and let us take advantage of these next few weeks to show the american people that indeed
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we will work together in the best interest of our country putting partisan politics aside we can do the people's work let's get that done and let's start right now while people are holding their breath we now have the u.s. senate voting eighty one to eighteen for this resolution that would just simply extend the funding for another two weeks so we could be back in this situation once again people are waiting for the house of representatives to see what happens now at the moment the statue of liberty here in new york even though it's a federal property remains open with the new york state actually paying the bills in order to keep this big symbol of the united states and this kind of iconic monument in the usa open furthermore all we've heard from the white house that cabinet members from the trauma administration of actually delayed their trip to the day of those economic forum now to give you more of an idea of what exactly is happening and what it means for the u.s. federal government to be shut down i want to take
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a listen to this upcoming clip. america knows this is the trump shutdown i think it is delusion so let's get that nice little ring to it doesn't it senate democrats shut down this government a big fat failure at.
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unfortunately we cannot use your column today because congressional democrats are already government i'm going to in congress lead immigration to beat you to the third direction the government shutdown. well as you saw there's been no shortage of blaming each other on the floor of congress democrats blaming republicans republicans blaming democrats all saying that it's the other party's fault that the government is shut down however people are excited hoping that we will have a two week reprieve that message that you just heard is no longer on the answering machine now there's been an interesting international reaction to the government shutdown chinese state media ran an interesting article observing the government shutdown and saying that it was an indicator of what they called a spirit of non-cooperation in washington d.c. and said it was a slap in the face to donald trump now they went on to point out that donald trump seems to undone all the major policy initiatives of his predecessor and from there
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they went on to say that you know around the world the western countries tend to hold up the u.s. political system as an icon say this is the ideal political system the ideal system of government however it seems to not have the ability to swiftly move into action and solve problems and that china essentially characterized the u.s. government shutdown as an example of what they called a chaotic political system in the united states. prison officers across fronts blockaded dozens of jails in protest over a lack of security that's after numerous attacks by inmates on stuff. joins us live now live from paris with more on charlotte tell us about this must see if it seems industrial action by by french prison wardens and indeed what's got them so concerned here. yes absolutely this is
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a nationwide strike of prisons across france with the union saying that around one hundred thirty of france's one hundred eighty eight prisons took place in this particular strike now europe's largest prison which is just south of paris the protesters there actually blockaded the prison with tires with wooden pallets they burnt them afterwards that something that we have seen at other prisons across france as well quite a normal tactic to block those prisons now this is now the eighth day of these nationwide blockades and this comes after just over a week ago there was an attack on three security guards at a prison in the north of france by a man who's a convicted terrorist now that sparked off these latest process but since then in the last week or so they have been several other incidents at prisons in france including an incident on sunday in which two guards were assaulted again now the unions and the prison guards themselves say that they want more working conditions
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to be more secure for the dangerous prisoners for those prisoners who've been radicalised to be isolated in the jails the justice minister and the government have come back and offered to create a further eleven hundred posts over the next four years saying that would bolster their numbers and make their working conditions more secure that the unions have rejected that saying it just doesn't meet their demands. we continue because today there is nothing if you things that have been announced by the chancery in the trade unions the staff of rejected entirely we're blocking everything we're blocking the prison. in terms of security we want things including material stuff to work. well of course prison guards and police officers are normally on the same side of the fence defending justice but in this occasion they're actually on different sides of the. sense different sides of the opinion and what we have seen is conflicts and clashes
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between the two including tear gas being used at times take a look at some of what's been happening outside the prisons in france was. god. god god god god. well president michel himself has offered to unveil a radical reform of prisons across france that is due to be unveiled at the end of next month but it's going to come a long way away from this process which looks set to continue unions again on monday night called for yet another day of blockades outside france's prisons yeah
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those protests to look to be escalating rather than dispersing don't fish charlotte had to bensky live from france this horrific. next door germany's drawn i'd wait for a new government could be on the verge of a breakthrough the social democrats leader martin schultz has persuaded his party members to vote in favor of reestablishing the graham coalition which chancellor angela merkel's party however this could see the empty migrant alternative for germany party become the main opposition in the country peter all over explains. all this was the result that martin schultz wanted it was the result he campaigned for but it was to have a visibly very worried martin childes waiting for those results that come in he gave a speech just before the ballots were cast he said that there were only two options it was either go into coalition with angela merkel's conservative bloc or they'd have to be another election and he was very clear on which one he'd prefer that you
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don't you know you everyone should realize the question is coalition talks for new elections my take on this is very clear i don't think you elections are the right way for us but what would a coalition do for the bundestag and how would you put the stagg look if a new grand coalition all can be formed well what it would do is it would mean that the social democrats who are no longer the largest opposition party that would go to the new kids on the block of turner to germany they would be the largest opposition party they would also get all of the well perks and traditions that come along with that including being the chair of the bundestag budget committee all new ground for the right leaning on tea establishment party a party in fact in which martin schultz and many other senior members of the social democrats have decried as racist before the election in september and said that they shouldn't be taking up seats within the bundestag well in an attempt to try
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and hang on to power for himself he may well catapult them up into the position of being germany's largest opposition or the push for a second grand coalition has had a polarizing effect in s.p.d. members other parties on the left are also warning of the social democrats are jeopardizing their future. there is no more a profit term than political suicide to describe this because if he asked did he really carries on all the things they were punished for in the last election then i don't know what will be left of them in two or four years' time. that's the vicious circle would have been trapped in for so many years now and that we should break it really made a new. democratic party another coalition with another four years of government the government will not bring us any further to this point and i think that the people's body is slipping into long term time that the party will be destroyed by
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the grand coalition some of the views of the left in germany as the country awaits their new government will up is all the news for now i'll be back in iran huff and time but more great r t programs lie just to stay with. you no order to overthrow or regime it does take popular discontent and popular mobilization but it also requires actors with the leadership of the regime who feel that the regime is no longer serving the national interest you need people in the military or the bureaucracy or both who are willing to see the regime change otherwise they would be able to put down a popular revolt but did not have support at higher levels.
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a child photo fall. when you enter this city one of the first signs you see reads welcome to burial ground of the american these soldiers had just put up posters asking people to inform on insurgents attacking u.s. troops. they had barely left the scene before the locals tore the posters down with god that it had been left on monday night when the judge then oh my god i look to let me just. follow a shot of the. head of coke zero zero there and oh ok. so i could go horny and i had to get out and was all i want to danny. just feel good the month of. ramadan was.
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