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tv   News  RT  January 25, 2018 8:00am-8:30am EST

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oh. donald trump arrives at the pro globalization world economic forum. seeking to promote his a nationalist america first agenda. all these questions are why the president is coming also don't want to listen to him you can take a leave. extending the offensive the turkish military sets its sights on the northern syrian city of the land bridge as it continues its campaign against the u.s. backed kurdish militia in the region has reportedly warned his turkish counterpart to avoid any actions that confrontation with american forces in the area. neighborhood is left stunned after a model student killed his classmate and post the grisly details online before committing suicide.
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here in moscow and you're watching international live from las to do mean a day or two to welcome to the program president trump is in the swiss resort of the world economic forum is expected to push his america first policy to the global elite. is following developments. the white house has confirmed the donald trump will be bringing with him his signature brand of economic nationalism both to his speech on friday likely while he meets with other world leaders throughout the next two days and his transportation secretary yesterday didn't mince her words when given her recommendation of what people can do if they don't want to listen to that message america first is a continuation of the american affirmation of american exceptionalism so i don't think well i think this you know all these questions are why the
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president is coming and again i think a few very flattered that he has chosen this is a forum. so for those that don't want to listen to him you can they can leave you know this is part of what discourse and discussion is all about donald trump will be shortly meeting with the u.k. prime minister theresa may after she gives a speech where she will likely discuss brags that and that's a very global list forum that usually has a very global center and we've seen that throughout the week an interesting point of view coming from european political big wigs they seem to be promoting a new europe a first idea and while that's maybe not as nationalist a theme as america first it's not globalist either it isn't gentlemen my my my first me seach he said france is back france is back it's a call for europe because we will never have any french successes without the europeans if between our twenty seven member states we're not able to send
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a clear and united message to major powers such as china india and the united states if foreign policy is made on the national level then it will feel not. and that's not the only clash of ideas that we're seeing here at davos throughout the week we've seen protests against trump's visit throughout switzerland and the number of cities burn geneva and there are all to be included and more are planned later today here in davos but it's unclear whether or not those will be able to go forward as earlier in the week authorities. did say that rose wouldn't be possible due to weather conditions but in all actuality we haven't seen any significant snowfall since monday and all the streets are quite clear. donald trump has reportedly warned his turkish counterpart to avoid actions that risk a clash between american and turkish forces in northern syria it follows a president advance and that is meant that the turkish military will extend its operation against the u.s. backed kurdish militia in the region and set its sights on the city of man which.
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the operation we've launched named olive branch to grounds of terrorists is successful and the way starting from we will continue for them to games which are being played along our borders and we will cleanse our region completely of this trouble. with tensions growing between the two nato allies turkey's foreign ministry hit out at the us earlier saying washington hasn't kept a single promise on the kurds and that there's no trust between the countries so here's a closer look at what's happening in the region this is the border between turkey and syria and the areas in yellow are held by kurdish militias in the west you can see the african region and that's where the turkish assault began and to the east of it this bit in green there are a number of turkish bank rebel groups there and they're involved in the push towards man bridge here's a recap of how the operation has unfolded so far. i.
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said that it. was not their foreign task with tanks to move planes we did nothing to hurt them we are protecting our land and they're bombing us. we have to sleep in the cellar because of the bombs we are free to go out on the streets what do they want from us well no only learned that they should stay and there's water on a matter how many planes and missiles they send this is on land we will not leave iran wants in response to the operation several missiles hit the turkish town of kiss on wednesday killing two people and injuring a dozen more a mosque and residential building were damaged local officials say the rockets were fired from africa has more on the ongoing turkish operation in syria. we're hearing
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from the turkish president is that he will now extend his military operation in northern syria to include the town of man bridge now once the turkish military moves into man bridge this could potentially put the turkish army in direct conflict with the forces belonging to a major turkish nato ally namely the united states washington is known to have some two thousand special forces on the ground in syria and while none of them or thought to be in the affluent area they are deployed amongst various kurdish enclave set includes the town of man bridge now man bridge is controlled by u.s. backed kurdish syrian fighters at the same time we are hearing from the turkish president that more than two hundred and fifty syrian kurds as well as islamic state fighters have been killed. by the turkish army and allied forces in the past few days these figures are being disputed by the kurdish side who is also accusing
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and career of civilian casualties this despite the fact that we are hearing from two key that they are trying to avoid civilian deaths as far as possible now the american president donald trump has called for and is urging a deescalation and a limit in the military operation that and creator is conducting in northern syria it is now the sixth day since the turkish military moved across the border and no doubt in the coming hours and days the situation on the ground will only intensify . international relations professor hussein back she told us turkey and the u.s. on a collision course in syria. the call between two presidents at the moment is not friendly and americans certain. important a call to arms not turkey should not extend the demilitarized procession we have
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regional conflict on the one hand but also alliance conflict with two metal contrails of the american side was insistent one of the turkey is not going to stand the operation so this is somehow. a warning clear by the americans to turkish president the confrontation between turkey and the nurses of america is getting more and more likely the conflict has already elicited a strong reaction in europe where a number of countries have launched turkish and kurdish communities and a number of demonstrations have been turning violent.
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a pakistani doctor who was the key to finding asylum bin laden looks set to spend the rest of his life in jail pakistan's authorities have accused him of helping militants and arrested him soon after the u.s. operation make twenty eleven two u.s. presidents have promised to get him released but it's now been seven years what castro has the story. you can argue dr shaquille afridi helped catch these century's most wanted man the man who did this. during the. sama bin laden you can also argue
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he was a traitor and a fraud it all depends on where you are from the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden the leader of al qaeda tonight we give thanks to the countless intelligence and counterterrorism professionals who worked tirelessly to achieve this outcome gratitude though has its limits dr afridi set up a fake vaccination program in the area bin laden was hiding in in order to collect his family's d.n.a. and give the cia proof he was there clever shortly after bin laden was eliminated dr afridi was arrested by pakistani intelligence and sentenced to thirty three years. in. two thousand and eleven of being money to the militants of that. he was
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assisting in medical term that he was making some. news the hospital i met him in. in june and he said that i am innocent and the charges they are totally illegal dr afridi was first accused of aiding local militants and then of murdering a patient though how fair those charges is debatable a bomber tried and failed to get him out donald trump well trump is trump you you think. yes i do i think i would get them out in two minutes i would tell them and i'm sure it didn't fly it's even upset the pakistanis a little being threatened with blackmail it's been almost two years since trump made his both stand nothing the man who helped catch some of bin
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v i call of terrorism is rotting away in jail we believe dr afridi has been unjustly imprisoned and have clearly communicated our position to pakistan on dr afridi's case both in public and in private and the us well they bring it up once in a while that's what gratitude is worth nowadays. we spoke to former cia officer philip giraldi who doesn't see washington make any real effort to free the dr. i was in the teligent office or when people are caught spying for another country. that country does not like to let them freeze so it's it's actually something that trump did not understand if the pakistanis. enter into some kind of discussion and trump feels that he can be generous or or do something that world will enable this man to get free then he might do it but i don't know
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what that would be i don't know what the circumstances would be there are already having a serious discussions about the the money that the united states gives of pakistan and the united states has been suspending some of that money and not giving it to them so the pakistanis are not is are not interested in doing any favors for washington i think that is very clear. as she didn't in moscow has said online that gruesome details of him and raping his flatmate before committing suicide the incident has left the russian public stunned with people describing the man as a promising student from a good family a correspondent in tampa trying to went to the house where they lived and spoke to that name but he may find some of his report to stepping. this is the area where art and its yacht rented their flat together the center of moscow very close today and the universities where they study they seem to have everything to enjoy their
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lives in the capital the students who were once in a relationship but after breaking up they continued to share a flat in the building right there it turned out to be unbearable for art to leave that's the right entrance they lived on the ground floor and one social media post describe everything he did behind these walls on one horrifying winter night it was late had been drinking and went to tiana and heard a room he started punching her the details of what was happening there in the next few hours are far too grisly to go into and this report but it included stabbing rape and necrophilia. after what everyone i guess would call a psychotic frenzy art to hang himself this is the entrance to their flat
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with a police notice but this shouldn't be the most challenging investigation for the authorities the couple's whole lives were out there on their social media accounts for everyone to see and art films very long suicide note that he posted on his account was a full description of what happened that night where he explained his motivation. this is a very small section of the building with very few apartments and none of the neighbors here agreed to talk to us i was glad for this which it was. but once the curity guard outside agreed to share some details will do still with
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this most people through the book the story. is mostly with little to the soaps let's go a little to some road is the soul not to children look at the people in the report . for this bit of. jealousy had rage have often led to qualms of passion we've seen it in movies read about it in books but seldom before have we experienced it so vividly thanks to the killer of the victim's obsession with social media. and for the upcoming winter olympics even if they haven't. we take a look at that story after this break.
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just simplify the tax. break. for the best possible solution. you know one of the things we saw in this entire campaign leading up to selection was very little discussion of the first nobody said look you know you may be the smartest person in the world in your area of treating people in the real estate market but when it comes judge fully understand economics you have no background i think any you know good economists could possibly have won that election. the press attention for that.
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welcome back to the studio. committee has released information on why some russian athletes have been excluded from the upcoming winter and then picks they cover seventeen point focusing on and violations by the athletes the panel claims to have reviewed information based on a mosque on a partially data base and allegations presented in the report on alleged tampering with samples only the head of the i.o.c. said russian athletes would be banned from the games in south korea for even the slightest suspicion they had been doping. the i.o.c. wanted to give clean russian athletes the opportunity to participate and give the young men new generation of clean russian athletes the opportunity to be at the olympic games and be ambassadors for a new clean russian sport there could be suspicion there could even be an ongoing
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procedure there could be many factors which did not lead to the satisfaction of the panel the purposes to invite clean russian athletes for which this panel was certain and has not the slightest doubt or suspicion the move comes in response to accusations of widespread doping in russia dating back to the twenty fourteen saatchi winter games a comprehensive list of who can go to appear in china will be published at the weekend but it is thought the team will be slashed by around a fifth to just under four hundred athletes. those said to miss out include russia's next generation of athletes and also more established stars like by athlete and tongue and speed skater victor on neither have ever tested positive for banned substances and the situation is facing has received criticism from around the world while we're going to cross live now to our guest is shannon very lonely sports lawyer files and joining us on the show here now the list will be published
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on sunday as we mentioned before the icy reasons behind the actions release just now what do you make of the timing of this. well the timing is a little bit problematic because as you know the athletes will have a very short period of time of trying to appeal or correct these decisions which are taken with a view to exclude everybody who has the slightest doubt on his record and that it is not acceptable because normally if you have to go through a dopping proceeding in in in the normal sports world in the normal proceedings you and and. dopping authority has to prove ninety nine point nine percent that you are guilty that you have doped but here it is reversed
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it if you say the slightest doubt is enough to exclude somebody than you say one percent is enough so that is absolutely unacceptable it's a tickler not acceptable and it's legally of course not acceptable because the burden of proof is reversed and it is. the presumption of innocence is violated heavily. because all and also the personality rights of these athletes which or based on one percent insecurity or stroke and out of the least the public does perceive these as these guys these etal it's would have cheated but this is not to true they are not convicted but they are excluded and that's something i see gets totally wrong if we look look at what is going on here
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there's reference to the mclaren report again relevant emails and intelligence provided by international winter federations there's been a big question mark there hasn't there about the credibility of the source what what's your opinion about the credibility. of the source and the evidence in this report. well as icing the credibility is really questionable because the maclaurin report was was based in the beginning especially on anonymous sources no documents not provided icing this is not fair now they are trying to back it up with intelligence you see it already did prove that the report as it was used to discredit all athletes was not a proper report in the beginning and now they try to also force the paralympic committee to accept that the mclaren report is correct icing this is only these
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only shows that they have not enough proofs and they try to to escape from the real proceedings by establishing rules one percent is enough if we are not certain we exclude them icing this is absolutely wrong and shows that they have not enough proving their hands here things can go wrong in this process as well as tampering with some hope bottles is among the top criteria but recent reports say they could crack during a legitimate examination so what do you think about that particular point. well it's clear they have to prove what really happened if now. all the other possibilities do arise than in my view if you have to to try to
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convict an athlete and you have to prove with ninety nine point nine percent of certainty that somebody has dubbed then you will never be able to to meet the proofs and that's the reason probably day they try to go in or the route to escape the real proceedings and if you are excluded you will not have the possibility to compete and in four years or different athletes that's that's the reason what what they are doing the trying to. draw the possibilities of the athlete to have a fair proceeding that's what's going on and that's a scandal ok really good to have you on the program. sports lawyer thanks very much for your expertise and your opinions. now a german judge has caused outrage at the trial and a very affirming a crucifix from his court for
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a muslim asylum seeker the afghan man is suspected of threatening to kill a fellow countryman for converting to christianity our correspondent peter has been following the trial. this judge in the bavarian alps has found himself in the eye of a storm that's after he ordered that a crucifix be removed from his courtroom during the trial of an afghan asylum upland accused of trying to kill another afghan convert to christianity it's a move that's caused florrie in the strongly catholic state as well as in german tabloid media the judge says he made the move in order to show religious tolerance how can i educate the defendant to move away from his beliefs he thinks jihad exists between christians and islamists and so i did not think it wise to condemn him under the cross i do not care if there is a cross or not when the judge addressed this issue in court i just don't really understand the problem bosses in the bavarian ministry of justice say this should
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never have been an issue in the first place. the presence of crosses in courtrooms does not prevent the state from up holding religious and ideological neutrality. religious rights for christie and converts in germany is a hot issue particularly in places like my eyes but the toll on the border with austria is where many refugees and migrants either arrived or at least passed through in twenty fifteen and the move by judge schmidt has prompted ferocious backlash on social media dear bulgarian people this is a slap in the face of all christians do you still want to trample on your christian will lose the right judges who live near to a loss for words such an irony in the trial of afghan islamists judge class you're against me it takes christopher x. from the war of the courtroom the sophisticated islamization in this country continues judge close your are you insane such
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a disgrace this story comes as the trial of a different failed asylum applicant from afghanistan is under way in a nearby town in southern germany in that case a thirty eight year old woman was brutally stabbed to death in front of her small children the prosecution say that the motive behind the killing was that she had converted to christianity the trial is expected to continue for several more days peter all over. the u.s. is looking to bolster its nuclear capabilities pressing ahead with a plan to add new types of warheads to its arsenal that according to a leaked draft of the pentagon's upcoming policy if carried out it marks a significant departure from the previous administration's reduction efforts experts warn it could make the use of nuclear weapons easier the draft lays out changes to submarine missiles as well as the resumption of nuclear tests if necessary while the modernization of the u.s.
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nuclear arsenal to focus on smaller weapons but the former head of national nuclear security questions whether washington can afford it. we are working pretty much at full capacity we've never done more than one life extension program at a time since the end of the cold war we're now doing essentially four there's been condemnation of the late review from some u.s. senators they highlight donald trump's nuclear button with the north korean leader as an example of the possible dangers nuclear studies director peter cosmic thinks america's modernization plan only adds to the possibility of a military conflict by the main fear is that they're going to carry out these modernization programs within the context of the modernization yes the faster they do it the sloppier it becomes and the more dangerous of the terms so we're concerned about nuclear safety i would but even if there is no concern about nuclear safety the fact that we have these new modernized weapons means that the
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threat of nuclear war increases and increases exponentially. saudi arabian beauty pageant has seen the competitors going the extra mile to make sure they win and some people have got the hump contestants cheating. just say. yes. yes. yes it makes the head more inflated so when the camel comes it's like oh look at how big that head hits it has big lips big no. fear cheating everyone a fine should be applied just so. at the. news round up and
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i'll be back at the top of the hour with more. that's right the stand had a lot. of problem when i saw her. i know that i know are right but it was rather you know because i thought the fourth down take care of that i. only wish that i let him but i'm going to cut him then you cut them and keep an eye on what i have to do is a channel for all that it. was then i was on the show but also it does show that a lot of the. members of the hate.


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