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tv   News  RT  January 25, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm EST

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this hour's top stories turkey's top diplomat. saying washington doesn't keep its promises there's no trust between. its military offensive against the. kurdish militias in northern syria. donald trump meets british prime ministers on his first day at the world economic forum in davos the u.s. leader is expected to promote his america first the gender of the gathering and. just one hundred sixty million russian awfully to get the green light for the upcoming winter games in a. committee. twenty
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four hour news live from moscow this international just after eleven pm here welcome to the program our top story turkey's foreign minister has hit out the u.s. saying he doesn't believe washington is a trustworthy partner it comes as tensions escalate between the two nato allies over turkey's offensive against the american kurdish militias in northern syria which describes a terrorist. at the moment since the us hasn't kept any promises mr trump told president everyone on the phone that no more weapons will be given to the why should we want to see guns put into action well tensions between the u.s. and turkey have been escalating ever since the u.s. announced its collaboration with kurdish forces in northern syria but trump an air on have attempted to ease tensions but somehow that seems to have gone wrong as
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well the turkish foreign minister had a few things to say about all of this he first commented on the general state of affairs a between the u.s. and turkey saying that the u.s. did not keep a quote single promise to turkey regarding the kurds and that there is no trust between the countries but he also said that the u.s. has distorted a recent phone conversation between the two leaders president trump relayed concerns the escalating violence in africa syria risks undercutting i shared goals in syria he urged taking to deescalate limit his military actions and avoid civilian casualties. one time statement about the content of the phone call between trump and i was one was probably drafted before the conversation took place because it did not reflect the truth well turkey claims trump didn't express any concerns about escalating violence saying that it was just an exchange of viewpoints but the call comes after on current nouns that would be extending its operation and syria to another kurdish held city well the operation has been underway for over
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a week now with casualties on both sides but neither side seems to be willing to wave a white flag m m m . should be noted however that washington and ancora have never been on the same page over the kurdish issue there's always been contention but they just brushed it aside as if it didn't exist so this is been brewing for years and it's now finally blowing up in their faces about regardless it doesn't seem the us is helping the situation any further so we're just going to have to wait and see what happens. happy to say that executive editor of twenty first century wired dot com pottery
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having seen joins us live on the program part of always good to see you what do you make first of all of this speech over the content of the phone call is there any reason why the u.s. would lie as turkey is clearly suggesting here. no i think this is more in terms of the diplomatic public relations the u.s. and turkey although they might have a major disagreement with regards to support of the kurds they still have to remain on the same page for the sake of nato's union and that's that's absolutely central to turkey's operation too because because of article five in nato this means that if anybody attacks turkey or responds in kind to what turkey's doing let's say syria then that means all nato members can join in the fight as it
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were to protect one who's been targeted so turkey is much as it might have a difference with us it still needs to normalize that relationship with the u.s. and nato well that is the question isn't it which side do you see the u.s. coming down on in the conflict between the turks and the kurdish militias of course as you say nato allies with an korea and then you've got the kurds who they're boxing in syria does the u.s. get involved or do they try and stay out of the way as much as possible what happens here. well this is a central geo political importance for the united states so i would say the answer the question is the united states would come down on its own side on this and maybe turkey side but what's at stake for the us is if there is some sort of region that's broken off as a sort of semi autonomous kurdish region in northern syria who is going to mediate that going forward is it going to be turkey and russia managing that situation for
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the next five to ten years or is it always the u.s. going to have some stake in that and that if the u.s. loses that opportunity there there really shut out of a large part of middle east affairs so things would have to go through russia through moscow in that region that is a huge historic shift in geopolitics of the middle east so that's what's at stake for the united states that's why they're squatting and that's why they're supporting the kurds can i just get your take on perhaps maybe some are viewers are asking this question why is turkey so concerned about the kurds they are only seeking autonomy as i believe not challenging the territorial integrity of turkey or indeed syria. sure it's funny enough both turkey united states are using the exact same justification for mounting operations inside syria which is terror or if the fight against terrorists and so forth even though turkey itself properly has not been attacked it's labeled this is an existential threat as
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the u.s. did with isis so what's at stake for turkey i think turkey is interested possibly in some sort of demographic change maybe through fighting through. temporary occupation to transform the demographics maybe to have more pro and corrupt kurds and possibly muslim brotherhood arab factions right now the some free syrian army fighters are fighting on behalf of turkey right now in this in this fight so they're using some of these assets that were active in syria before and now in this fight so the danger here is this could blow up into sort of a bigger part of the war yet new sort of front in this war that's the issue isn't it that the ramifications of what are happening now how do you see this playing i because if the turkish military heads for monday is that a real threat of confrontation with u.s.
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troops who are there. i think the u.s. i don't i think will avoid that at all costs if you look at the the history of what's happened up to this point there's been a number of the times went to turkey shot down russian planes the u.s. have shot and killed syrian army battalions de confliction events between the u.s. and russia. you know confrontations between turkey so they haven't escalated because all parties i think agree that that would mean world war three or the prelude to maybe a bigger conflict so they've avoided that at every turn i think that will continue but for the big loser here is syria it's not the best situation for syria but in terms of the great powers involved it's better than maybe a wider war but it always good to get your take thank you patrick having seen executive editor of twenty first century wire dot com.
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donald trump is in this swiss resort of davos for the world economic forum he's already spoken to the u.k. prime minister trees in may as well as his is really kind of part of binyamin netanyahu at the moment he is attending an evening reception being held in his honor. is at the summit for us. after their meeting both donald trump entry some may talked about how wonderful their conversation was how much they appreciated meeting one another and what a wonderful relationship the two countries have with one another donald trump went on to say that he really respects theresa may and that contrary to what some may believe they do have a wonderful relationship they probably. have a very great relationship tables and we. don't necessarily believe that but i can tell you i was thinking that if you were really. like he should love you for that idea that the two countries still have a special relationship comes just weeks after donald trump canceled his visit to
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the u.k. open the new u.s. embassy there the president said that he canceled the visit simply because he thought that the deal that was brokered to sell the old embassy was a bad one but many did see that as a bit of a dent in that special relationship donald trump is here at the davos world economic forum with his america first montra most likely going to dominate his speech tomorrow and his meeting with world leaders throughout the next two days now transportation secretary said yesterday that if anyone doesn't like that message they're more than welcome to not listen america first is a continuation of the american affirmation of american exceptionalism so i don't think well i think this you know all these questions are why the president is coming and again i think almost a few very flattered that he has chosen this as a forum. for those that don't want to listen to him you can they can lead you know this is part of what discourse and discussion is all about so we'll have to wait
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and see if anyone takes her up on that suggestion and does leave during his speech tomorrow now meanwhile we've heard already from mccraw and and merkel and they both had sort of europe first message that they were putting out which maybe isn't as nationalist as america. first but it's not globalists either which is a bit strange in the setting of this forum let's take a listen it isn't gentleman mime my first miss each he said france is back france is back at the core of europe because we will never have any friends success is without a european success is between our twenty seven member states were not able to send a clear and united message to major powers such as china india and the united states if foreign policy is made on the national level then we will feel not. and today during teresa mayes speech at the conference she also had similar sentiments talking about how the u.k.
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would be one of the best places to open a company or to work on a lot of we would be the best country to open new businesses to start new things in the safest country to be on the internet so a lot of that sort of idea of european leaders looking at their own countries in europe as a whole as a leading force but of course we still have the rest of today and one more day tomorrow of davos and with the what else comes out of it we discuss the upcoming talks with a columnist boy field what do i expect from mr trump's visit to davos doleful lots of security police and army also you've got to bear in mind that mr trump is a stable genius as he puts it he likes to be astride the world stage so i think because of the president of china was the great favorite star at davos last year i think mr trump wants to be the star of this year i think that will be a lot of politicians wanting to speak to the gallery mr trump will be wanting to
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play to his political base over in the state so he wants will want to be seen to be talking tough and in a similar fashion mr macro mrs merkel who is still trying to form a government in germany will also be wanting to be seen to be. halting their national self interest so i suspect we're going to be seeing quite a few fireworks. to another every headline stories this hour rushes a limpid committee has condemned the list of its athletes allowed to compete in the winter olympics it's published the list online before the i.o.c. is official release on sunday it sees russia's most prominent sportsmen and women have been excluded the total number of those to go next month to south korea has been reduced from initial five hundred person squad to one hundred and sixty nine after its russia sports minister is demanding justice for the competitors. we will
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stand for the interests of all our athletes reassure their clue we haven't had any claims in terms of. the list doesn't include russia's most prominent athletes it's actually could be disappointing move but actually there is no surprise we heard about russia's leading athletes not invited to the games in pyongyang this february several days ago and now the country's olympic committee just confirmed it among those who did not receive the official invitation there were expecting that our top ranking athletes the country's major hopeful such as six time olympic champion a short trip skating victor on a cross-country skier city to go for two thousand and fourteen olympic gold medalist. until she pull in here is his reaction to this news i was shocked by the news i thought of leaving everything behind and returning home it was my dream to compete in the olympics and i was working towards the goal through hundreds and thousands of difficulties through sweat and blood throughout my sporting career i
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have never given any one reason to doubt that i'm clean i've even avoided taking ordinary little men's that's why it's more difficult for me to accept what's happened i was devastated by grief after receiving this terrible news later on i realize that you should never give up life does and it's important to carry on you should fight to protect your name right to the end while this decision leaves many questions and here's why early in december the international olympic committee bent russia from participating in the upcoming winter olympic games in kong turn following the investigation that lasted several months over. doping allegations dozens of fasteners were banned disqualified from the games but the biggest concern now is that among those who were not invited are those whose names in there ever mention during this investigation their names never emerged in connection with doping allegations. so it is unclear what's behind the ban the association of
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international olympic winter sports federation has asked the i.o.c. to explain what is behind this decision one of their representatives has said that they are sure that their route clean athletes among those not invited to the games . it is very sad if there is no direct proof of guilt the i.b.u. tested human numerous occasions and never tested positive for a banned substance earlier they had of the international olympic committee has said that the committee wants to invite so-called clean athletes from russia to participate in the winter games in pyongyang chan in such a way to encourage the country's new young generation but the thing is that there are those among those not invited to the games who are in fact representing this very new generation of russian sportsmen young generation and it's hard to understand how they could be encouraged by this decision and another concern
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which is already also very big is that this news comes just two weeks before the games actually start which means there are few chances that this sportsman could actually fight for their rights to participate maria for national will the i.o.c. recently released information on why some russian athletes have been excluded from the upcoming games they cover seventeen points focusing on alleged violations the panel sees it reviewed information based on a moscow laboratory database and allegations presented in the maclaurin report on alleged tampering with samples sports lawyer lucien vallone says the i.o.c. is not following basic legal principles. and report was was based in the beginning especially on anonymous sources. documents not to provide that these is not fair now they're trying to back it up with intelligence you see it's
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already the proof that the report was used to discredit all athletes was not a proper report in the beginning timing is a little bit problematic because as you know. the absolutes will have a very short period of time of over. trying to appeal or correct dece decisions which are taken. of you to exclude everybody who has the slightest doubt on his record and that edge is not acceptable. a student in moscow has shared online the gruesome details of him murdering and raping his flatmate before committing suicide the incident has left the russian public stunned with people describing the man as a promising student from a good family or correspondent and people trying to went to the house where they lived and spoke to their neighbors you may find parts of this report the story
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being this is the area where art and its yacht rented their flat together the center of moscow very close to in the universities where they study they seem to have everything to enjoy their lives in the capital the students were once in a relationship but after breaking up they continued to share a flat in the building right there it turned out to be unbearable for art to leave that's the right entrance they lived on the ground floor and one social media post described everything he did behind these walls on one horrifying winter night it was late art had been drinking when tiana and heard a room he started punching her the details of what was happening there and the next few hours are far too grisly to go into in this report but it included stabbing
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rape and necrophilia. after what everyone i guess would call a psychotic frenzy art to hang himself this is the entrance to their flat with a police notice but this shouldn't be the most challenging investigation for the authorities the couple's whole lives were out there on their social media accounts for everyone to see and art films very long suicide note that he posted on his account was a full description of what happened that night where he explained his motivation. this is a very small section of the building with very few apartments and none of the
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neighbors here agreed to talk to us i was mad for this which was a. little fun. but one security guard outside agreed to share some details will you still have this most people salute the people the store. is closed the with the with the soaps are still a good little some road is the still not to children look at the people in the bill and to the police. for this because of. jealousy and rage have often led to climbs of passion we've seen it in movies read about it in books but seldom before have we experienced it so vividly thanks to the killer of the victims of session with social media. well we can get to take of psychology expert t.v. host and author dr gina loudon her most recent book being politics john you're very
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welcome. your thoughts first of all on the way in which the social media was used to broadcast the the graphic details of this killing. it makes it more real to us but you know the danger there is that we can also become a little bit more numb to it the good thing if there is a good thing to be taken from the fact that social media was used as it was in this particular instance is that we can sort of watch for these signs for people we know or people even come across on social media it all good comes down to that see something say something thing that we always hear with reference to terror this is another form of terror or at least personal terror as we know and we can watch for some of the signs that were almost all there warning signs that could have perhaps prevented this or may perhaps prevent another horrific of an incident like this
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a lot of obscene comments including slurs against the victim have appeared online since the murder what can be read into god's. you know social media sadly is going to attract the most anti-social in a culture and it's also going to attract those who feel the most isolated and alone so if you ask somebody who is out living a life chances are they don't really have the time to spend a lot of time on social media but if you have someone who's already isolated who's already lonely who may already have substance or addiction issues who may then immediately have jealousy issues even with just friends and family members let alone somebody that they have a romantic inclination toward these are all warning signs that perhaps you know you might want to report once in a while if you sees things that's looking dangerous than other personalities or
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copycat situations that's something that should be reported and luckily most social media makes it pretty easy to report these things if i just expand the tragic event here in moscow how would you assess the dangers to mental health posed by social media more broadly to society. that's hard to evaluate for a couple of reasons or at least hard to calculate i guess in any real numbers because on the one the end social media has given people who might otherwise be isolated for whatever reason an outlet it's given them a place where they can express themselves where maybe even people can listen to them but the bad part of that is that sometimes that same aloneness and isolation and the fact that all of your friends really exists in a computer can become a pretty harsh reality to those same people who are already perhaps mentally fragile and then they tend to find one another and then it can become even more
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dangerous this is where we see some of the you know you can call it tribal mentality that can lead to again back to terror so some of these incidents are closely related between terror and murder suicides and things like the incident that occurred in moscow but again the good news is that the world can kind of watch because social media is such a public place that it's easier to keep an eye on that strange person that lives down the street from you know and if you glance at their social media and you see something strange you can report it may very well prevent something tragic persons are terrified on through these days not knowing what their kids are looking at online what can be done to talk to for instance online bullying and she will children when they use the internet given their vulnerabilities. i mean i have to say that as a parent and with my psychology background i would say you have to do everything in your parental power to limit your children's time that they spend on line but that
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gets harder and harder as they get into the upper teen years especially once they are in college and you really don't have controls there are apps that you can purchase i have some on some of our different technologies at my own home that can limit their time they can report to you if they're on a dangerous website or even limit their ability to get on some of those websites but again you can't necessarily control if you give them any time at all on social media ok it's very hard to control who they are associating with and what sort of emotional problems might be resulting from this sort of isolation that you can find in a life is too much time on social media has been great to have you in the program and giving your take on what is a really terrible incident here in russia psychology expert dr gina london thank you it really is. a pakistani doctor who was the key to finding osama bin laden looks in to spend the rest of his life in jail pakistan's authorities accuse him of helping militants arrested him soon after the u.s.
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operation made twenty eleven two american presidents have promised to get him released but it's now been seven years with the story goes to you. you can argue dr shakil afridi helped catch the century's most wanted man the man who did this. during the. sama bin laden you can also argue he was a traitor and a fraud it all depends on where you are from the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden the leader of al qaeda tonight we give thanks to the countless intelligence and counterterrorism professionals who worked tirelessly to achieve this outcome gratitude though has its limits dr afridi set
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up a fake vaccination program in the area bin laden was hiding in in order to collect his family's d.n.a. and give the cia proof he was there clever shortly after bin laden was eliminated dr afridi was arrested by pakistani intelligence and sentenced to thirty three years he was charged. in. two thousand and eleven of being money to the militants that. he was assisting in medical term that he was making some. news a hospital i met him in. in june and he said that i am innocent and the charges they are totally illegal dr afridi was first accused of aiding local militants and then of murdering
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a patient though how fair those charges is debatable a bomber tried and failed to get him out donald trump well trump is trump you you think. get the dr out and yes i do i think i would get him out in two minutes i would tell them let him out and i'm sure they'd let him out it didn't fly it even upset the pakistanis a little being threatened with blackmail it's been almost two years since trump made his boat stand nothing the man who helped catch some of bin v icon of terrorism is rotting away in jail we believe dr afridi has been unjustly imprisoned and have clearly communicated our position to pakistan on dr afridi's case both in public and in private and the us well they bring it up once in a while that's what gratitude is worth nowadays right because the of who we spoke
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with political analysts java to run there about what the future holds for shackle afridi us pakistan relations continue to start. i think there's a question of this of an interview of snow here it is not the question that i want to read the marquis had the americans in a look at in a somber love and a pakistani establishment see it that it wasn't that all on pakistan's intelligence and the military because that man was not supposed to provide any assistance to the american cia in look at the us army london i don't think pakistan would get whatever country applying to be a dick and release and the reason being is quite simple because. china has invested in fifty six billion dollars in this in this one of the prime projects so baucus on is not longer financially dependent on americans as it used to be done ten years ago or five years ago you have no longer the ferryman on american here that we do.


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