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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  January 26, 2018 1:30pm-2:01pm EST

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the media about twenty c.e.o.'s controlled the news and the editors there connected to the wall street what some are calling the now and also i am aware of the fact for some years that even the cia has connections and control to the media in kind of a quid pro quo relationship and sometimes the media will just parrot what the government says so the media is gone there's no question about that in no daniel should we believe the f.b.i. anymore i mean this is a crisis a huge crisis that they're dealing with and and is it possible to clean up this the f.b.i. i mean mass firing i mean it will be the saturday night massacre or nine hundred thirty seven you know soviet union i mean it's going to be it would have to be a huge purge. yes it is possible to do and it starts with the director what christopher ray was ever and literally there in front of the to do this ration i have no what is you what usually up to they need somebody that what. they need an attorney that was actually served in the intelligence services has
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a background is not tied to the bureaucracy and could go up and clean up and bring in whoever they want that would be the way to do it and that would be and it will remain an institution so you have to clean it up or they're just going to let it run amok as it has been for so many years and then as far as graduating to the special counsel we know no in spite of this memo whether it's released or not the only thing they're going to charge is either trying to trip up the president on a perjury charge from going to interview or simply money laundering and financial impropriety from people like me in a fort and flint and if i were the president and advising him right now to kill the collusion story once and for all i would just advise him to say hey look at my campaign team at the end of the day if they were handed a blueprint from the russian government these guys are so incompetent they couldn't have done it on their best day and then you kill the rest of that story that's. but
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i do have to leave for effect i love that daniel weigh in on that because i think that's absolutely brilliant here. you know this it's taken on a life of its own this old russia gate thing i mean you know how you can find anything around the world that you know that you hear that they do you know russian our house has these killer crocodiles you know and it's all the you know pointed against america in the west not a real story it's a real story that popped up here where is this daniel where is this going to go well what is it where is this going to go with the f.b.i. well i guess i'm a little radical because i don't believe we need an f.b.i. for you know one hundred some years without one there is no use of having at the in the intelligence services can handle counterintelligence just fine most of the crimes that the f.b.i. is involved in are made up crimes most of the terrorism that investigates itself has been involved in fomenting so we don't need an f.b.i. just of the issue of the new is i would mention one other thing and i'm sure you
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know this peter hamilton sixty eight the organization. association for for defending democracy bill kristol mike this is an organization funded by the u.s. government and this is the one that is following all of our hashtags and all our twitter accounts and it finds a rush of bots everywhere so you have collusion among the neo cons and the never trumped hillary that's a perfect storm that's what's keeping this alive in a campaign hamilton sixty eight i'm sure is a big fan of this program i'm waiting for their their next scribe to write about. kevin you've been in government here i mean what is the possibility of correcting these wrongs and these are wrongs that we only know now it seems so much more could come out go ahead. well i'm really concerned that russian crocodile is going to get donald trump that just getting it in terms of the f.b.i. we know that over and over and over michael flynn is
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a good example that if the f.b.i. can't prove a charge like russia quote collusion they'll drum up something else their favorites are lying to investigators in the case of trump what mueller is starting to do is veer off to russia into obstruction of justice and try to get trump on an unrelated charge that's what they do they say they always get their man and they mean that even if it's an injustice to do that that's a concern will people be prosecuted it's going to be almost virtually impossible to prosecute in a way that's the way some of what some people call the deep state shadow government works it's protect its own from the top down but i'm telling you people and this is where the american people come in to demand this through their congressmen and senators they need to demand that people if there were a false sworn affidavits for five so warrants on a presidential campaign the american people need to demand not just firings or reassignments but criminal prosecution who watches the watchman who investigates the f.b.i. we've got an out of control weaponized f.b.i.
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now something dramatically needs and they're about to be done to the american people need to carry on and crime would run a man that we've run out of time gentlemen i have a feeling that donald trump will be indicted for over twitter use i don't know many thanks to my guest in washington atlanta and in lake jackson and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. you next time and remember. as you read the sand here some of. our overall problem with a smile. on our good armor on our show at the fair are rather tough it out before for america. i'm going to let him but when i catch him then you can keep an eye on what i had
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flew to china for truffle that it. doesn't. work then i'm all in my machine little subtle it does show the. members of the hey i'm not doing. good it's whole foods but choice the i knew you didn't pay i think to a mysterious said. is she ought to give up someone else for that even after the couple farts around the mr hate that for jim and then boil for folks that are familiar for. me. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the sixty's full on awesome well the only show i go out of my way to look at you know a lot of the really packs a punch oh yeah there's the john oliver of archie americans do the same we are
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apparently better than blue. sea people you've never heard of love back to the night my president of the world bank so very. seriously send us an email. when you don't see. the. two i. get a copy of. what are the most true only ten space. let alone. said. something to no seven did i say that. you speak french. that same year. and send them all to new possibilities talk of specific cutoffs to discuss.
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yes i was pretty quick. work of your. help in the last election i believe the words will move the young to my wall so you will find you know one of the stuff and will push it out so. you. have to move into the middle of the scots more leave the two cops believe you believe he should resign if you feel that. you will know. the full secret of the irish you can you can also call you up and you may be getting this old daughter. most of the.
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president told his economic successes promotes his america first vision and takes a swipe at the media during an address to political and business leaders in switzerland. i believe in america i will support america first america is really his future has never been. wiki leaks chief julian assange seeks to get his u.k. arrest warrant overturned if his appeal is successful he could walk free from the ecuadorian embassy in london in early february after more than five years old. and the u.s. accuses turkey of destabilizing northern syria with its military offensive against kurdish militants says there is a crisis of trust with washington. what
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a shame that is think about all that this country has been through and now we're looking at another destruction the americans haven't kept their promise since this created a crunch and. it's six o'clock here in moscow and you're watching all t. international live from our studio with mean a day or two day welcome to the program we start in switzerland where donald trump has been speaking at the pro globalization world economic forum to a group of political and business elites the us president used his address to promote his america first vision of protectionist trade policies tax cuts and deregulation let's cross live now to jacqueline vega who's been following this. for us jacqueline what's been said. well probably to
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no one's surprise whatsoever trump speech did feature his signature phrase of america first and his speech is actually rounding out the end of the forum let's take a quick listen to what he had to say. i believe in america. for . the first the united states so does the world this is. america this is. what you do. these are. one mistake for his future has never been bright. for. the first i believe in america to come to america where you can innovate create and build. now that pretty much wraps up his whole speech which centered on progress that's been made in the u.s. in the presence of opinion since he came to the white house he touched pacifically on. the booming stock market on the recent tax reform that he signed and the
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progress against eisel and he also invited everyone to bring their companies to america saying that the u.s. is open for business and that's something we really have heard throughout the week from european leaders as well specifically yesterday theresa may the u.k. prime minister talked about how there was no better time than now to bring businesses and technological advances to the u.k. than before and trump frankly says that that's the right opinion for any head of state that they should all see that their country comes first and their allies second he also went on to say that leaders should be cheerleaders for their own countries and that he's a cheerleader for the u.s. and that's easy for him because he loves the country so much now of course trumping charmed he didn't forget to mention the media during his time on the stage let's take a quick listen. as a businessman i was always treated really well by the press you know the numbers speak and things happen but i've really had a very good press and it was until i became
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a politician that i realized how nasty how. vicious and how fake. the press can be as the cameras start going off in the back. those booking that you hear there at the end of the short video or maybe they didn't hear the comments made by terms transportation secretary earlier this week who said that if people weren't interested in listening to his message they could simply leave let's listen. to feel very flattered that he has chosen this as a forum. so those that don't want to listen to him you can they can leave you know this is part of what discourse and discussion is all about now term speech was a highly highly anticipated and according to reports the line was out the door hours before it even started making mr america first the hit of this global forum. ok thanks jack you've been following this quite closely reporting that from and
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through and. quickly said attention innocence has launched an appeal to get his u.k. arrest warrant overturned if his legal challenge is successful he may soon be able to walk free from the ecuadorian embassy in london where he's been living for the past five and a half years to say a choker has the details poor twists and turns in this seemingly endless and extremely legally complicated case of julian a songe the weekly leaks founder has been holed up inside the secretary of embassy in london for over five and a half years now a crucial lawyer hearing has taken place in london today where a judge is considering julian assange has appealed for a potential lifting over the arrest warrant based off of his alleged breach of bill conditions back in two thousand and twelve now the latest understanding that we have is that a decision might call not sooner than a week from now the announce dates so far seems to have been february sixth where we will learn more about the fate of the julian assange case if the judge does decide to rule in his favor potential new doors will be open for himself and his
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legal team to consider in terms of how to move forward with his. case and hopefully eventually get him out of this embassy here it has to be said of course that british officials have said time and time again that they would arrest julian assange were he to walk out of this embassy of course his concern was that he would potentially be extradited to the u.s. where he's not favored very much given the work of weiqi leaks that has been exposing some of the activities of the u.s. government and of course all of that said the reason that this situation unraveled kind of in the first place was because swedish officials wanted to follow him following potential alleged sexual abuse concerns now what is important is that those have been long lifted now so julian assange arguments in this latest case to have their.


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