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the infantile school middle school. is fun to use for more shows for the. yellow. sea shell schools whom the mom. of the only one who would free pneumonia just the most of what the choice that's. pretty awful stuff that all scribes are going to be doing on it when the social source not really. push numbers if there was. a promise to steer more to russia young national showed on the part of the assumption a partial smile was last year the government from the east or the play a young one year or showman.
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where else it is just the most prestigious of the most closely is the football from the school with the fewest you. the fullest will come from the go the other children will still watch t.v. shows will this fall. and soon the dollars just will go fish in this film of washington just losing muscle you guys. who live in the midst of yeah one would feel a little bit when this reply will feel they need a gun on which to fulfill boys bush will be getting the pay that we would also get oh yeah. that's right stand. out. for them what a small. part of it i know it was true but the pride that democrats that are the fore. down medicare.
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i'm going to let him but i'm going to cut him then you. can keep an eye on what i have to lose a child with a truffle that it. was then that i'm modeling on the show little it does show the. members of the hey how you want to do it let me. get this whole fool place choice where you got the i knew where you're from and say i see tom in syria said. a zebra somewhere else farther and in africa will fuck around with mr hates it for jim and then the oil for food are for him in the course. of the. global war to sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks
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forcing you to fight the battles but don't. do socks try to tell you that simply gossip and tabloid myself one day. while the box of advertising tells me you are not cool enough unless you buy their product. these are the hawks that we and all of our audience will want. many then would do a one british man using a button to press the right button and send over. exchange so that is why this fax is a lady in this case sent to see that we've done just.
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that much to satisfy. my. boss. yeah the fires out there are new to the marshall. still more power than you. doesn't actually.
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if you both are so in. love with the stump you're either right it was the first one or the first one was most of them so. it's a lot of it still is. this is all much more social search for. tradition at. least shorts out you know i. hope all the. city.
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attorney johnny sutton he. didn't do sums up in our school system wrong. lol i know where. she was on my show i share prices for one meal. and i would change. nothing like that but the leg still wouldn't let me go for the moment is one form of the harmonies. as a prosecutor though i machine you can you can the other police. must go i am in the interim i am. the truth so if you solve for the day the true allies are going to show you when you pushed me so genius us to know that amazon.
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dot com secrets to the new gods also may even. have to. look to do she's at least. trying everything k.h. to your question as to. the mystery of an x. ray gauge distinguishing macaskill extortion a mistake he made the point is just your story mr finished registry kolstad shit leadership usually still should be education but usually ok.
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i'm going to treat the whole. they are muslim brotherhood. it's like the. longest hours of my stay so i try. to get some tonight are some. kind of where your mother katrina. place to call. you know i think a show or shop. has a washer and one of the list that is just as. here's a thought which is you know there's. been a fix or deals. here
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for souls. are still is obviously the if we're in the arts of rockefeller the sole source. for the. money more. us than email will show so they want us to cover for some form of social. use what's. your number. sixty two of. the day.
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or so dollars usually the first one should you. think. it is. ursula's it's still a year or. so for what are these systems for this. for sure and you go on the job if it still has approval for c.e.o.
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prepare for. the world if it's no good if. you know the most love the boss the manager you know i took all the. sonia says there has been a story on who's. there to listen to someone you know what i'm so i know what pushed this someone or that's. just nice. plus. plus. plus so it's
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such serious. stuff. i just want to. thank. chris then you're given a month so you're still within you and you miles. short of read your books and you've got one. of them you. just need to use of the hospital. at the end of the mcgill it's my ideal that when you mine your choice. of all. to do. good service i mean that you. fisher just missed any of them or the its muscles to the. new stuff in that it will help with all the muscles. well the more it swells most
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of them young the way it was so when you know. they have the most up and well wishers i just saw the usa. which forced us to. go see. a specialist for your system mr just because i'm not sure.
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if you feel. the. same. spite of the. if. you forced him.
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to come yes since a. scooter such. as iceland is tissue. would be condemned so there's a. whole . new fuels told. which you'll. most. to see the one you don't suppose so there's
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a reason. it was it. was would be to do all since it was a. good war. why did you know there was. there's a visit. because you just i was. just. from russia will flee with ease if. you can see the ships little. bit. on the p.c. the still no street being low. so your bullshit if it was really
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slowed you would see the full body to be removed will's evolution the only it was the ability to form. on the summer home storms to go through because you minute g.'s bush will see the problem you're going to still see a little it's just simply. the obvious truth. she's in seriously any m.e.p. of social problems for a period of zundel sold which means for money sherman. there were shows where the still city is full now you would like the cold demeanor for such a lot of you know me a muslim community which of the studio which is constituencies filled the pilgrim
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years. zia's says harlan kentucky. over all of this move them poised to go green street.
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a co money city it was almost no coal mines left. the job to grow all the coal was said that there was a lot of these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened. stalin stop is america as it actually is a bomb it was a fantasy salvage is reality and he's doing what you'd expect a seasoned businessman to do cut all the nonsense out of the mix bring jobs back. prescribe medication is widespread on the us market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything was
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that as my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit some sight was all who was made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects . was is gently alter what i did was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's safe. a massive explosion rocks the diplomatic district of the afghan capital reportedly killing at least ninety five and injuring nearly a hundred and sixty. international olympic committee will reveal today which
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russian athletes will be allowed to compete in the winter games although some of the country's top model hopefuls have already been banned. and will be visiting the u.k. later this year but activists are already planning to greet the president with huge protests. also this hour russian british satire the death of started from sentiments claiming the film distorts history and it is offensive. very good evening to you watching our international. first this hour at least ninety five people have been killed and more than one hundred sixty injured following a large explosion which rocks the afghan capital kabul that's according to reports cited by interior ministry officials local journalists were reports from the ground
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. we understand at this stage that the attacker was in an ambulance he had said he had a patient and he was stopped at the second checkpoint by the police force the attack took place right in the heart of kabul this is not very far from the swedish embassy from the european union from the indonesian embassy and from the high peace council which is down the road. this constant issue of security and intelligence breaches the area where the attack took place is less than one hundred meters from the office of the police chief of kabul less than twenty meters away from key afghan intelligence. facilities once the area is cleared in once the dust settles unfortunately we will be hearing that a lot of those killed ordinary people who are simply the only breadwinners for their families and the people of afghanistan continue to suffer and they continue
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to bear the brunt of this conflict at a time when we also see all sides intensifying the war. a canister in a scene a spike in deadly terrorist attacks recently earlier this week armed militants attacked the save the children office in the city of jalalabad surely after a car bomb exploded outside the premises of the six people were killed dozens more injured i still claim responsibility for the attack and last saturday a group of terrorists targeted a luxury hotel in kabul killing at least twenty two the taliban said it was behind that atrocities let's go analyst says that the afghan security forces like a coherent strategy in fighting numerous terror groups. the situation is getting from bad to worse the security in the afghan security forces are unable you know to have a proper strategy or plan for curbing terrorism not only in kabul city but all over
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afghanistan and now that we are heading towards a spring. in the next two three months probably insurgent attacks will increase in afghanistan and you might end up losing a few provinces to the hands of taliban the international community. headed by the us government and the failed strategies we have seen incidents in iraq we have seen you know the sweating situation in libya in other countries and for the past sixteen seventeen years we have been witnessing these strategies in afghanistan i don't think you know they have a strategy for afghanistan. to the news this hour limping chief sohn jie to announce later on saturday which russian athletes will be invited to take part in the upcoming winter games in south korea russia's already had bad knees with a number of its top model hopefuls left off the list of those eligible for selection.
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well it was tough to him was to pack was a legal abortion of a violent history in my earliest which is a material of the him. yes that was just the house accounting of carrying out what he did for all that time paschal the athlete one that he has yet at least yet we've got a little idea of this we have i am glad to see it's yeah with which was that i asked which was which was kept at that flat i think before me that is that was the environment asking us to buy and i think.
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i thought i leaving everything behind and returning home it was my dream to compete in the olympics and i was working towards the go through hundreds and thousands of difficulties through sweat and blood. of a such and i'm of service to us to filter for us to offer you a veteran here but you have to have him leave the service with his cousin that's when the production of the. issue to the survivors of the authorities restore. the truth to come over them. to. she was banned from taking part in the winter games almost two months ago over
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allegations of state sponsored doping the cleaner police are given the chance to compete is neutrals i.o.c. says that athletes who pass the strict screening procedure will receive a personal invitation to take part in five hundred russian athletes applied to compete i.o.c. gave provisional approval to almost eighty percent of them most of these didn't compete at the sochi games in twenty fourteen where most of the doping allegations stem from russian olympic officials have already released a list of one hundred sixty nine athletes he says have been cleared to participate lipper train crew has been looking at the criteria the i.o.c. is using when it screens athletes weeks after russia had come to terms with no team russia in korea anyone with even the slightest interest in sport in this country was baffled dozens of clean washed and star athletes never got their olympic invitations those who'd never been under any suspicion by the sporting federations or even the i.o.c.
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when they had everyone with a russian passport under the microscope forget about your dream end of story no explanation that could have been the case but the international olympic committee then let us know the seventeen criteria they used if you don't match at least one or rather if there's even doubt about at least one of them you're out. that could be suspicion that could even be an ongoing procedure that could be many factors which did not lead to the satisfaction of the panel the purpose is to invite clean russian athletes for which this panel was certain and has not the slightest doubt or suspicion again seventeen boxes to be taked to get the all clear there's all kinds of things on the list from the infamous scratches on sample bottles to that obscure final segment additional confidential information provided by wada even one of those gets you a red light but the criteria set by the i.o.c.
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itself might well race suspicion not only in russia take the first two which essentially unite all the rest by the way being sanctioned by the i.o.c. investigators or any anti-doping rule violation in the past the latest group of russian athletes who found out they're not go and were never involved in any of that another box to take issues revealed by the moscow anti-doping lab database well it's the whistleblower and his team who used to be in charge of it. it was created by the deputy of grigori which includes and had several levels of access until the summer of twenty sixteen it was possible to change any of the data that the world anti-doping agency coincide with this back in twenty thirteen it cannot serve as evidence i've mentioned scratches and marks on sample bottles arguably the most solid proof that however was never shown to the public just like the visual results of the bottle flaw experiments back to the water's mysterious additional
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data that amounts to intelligence extracted from its whistleblower program and other sources many people in russia would like to know who these sources are and why they should be trusted one more segment additional intelligence provided by the international winter federations i'll tell you what the association that unites these federation said the i.o.c. our request to clarify what's going on some federation official seem to have been racking their brains while the president of the international biathlon union was particularly outspoken it is very sad if there is no direct proof of should pool and guilt the i.b.u. tested human numerous occasions and never tested positive for a banned substance so apparently it's all down to the croy.


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