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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  January 28, 2018 2:30am-3:01am EST

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this was a great read question for getting into. whether rumor or not what is real is that twenty seventeen saw a real strain in the so-called special relationship. is the only way. to reason made don't focus on me focus on the destructive radical islamic terrorism that is taking place within the united kingdom we're doing just fine and perhaps a change of heart by president trump in order to repair that relationship he's indicated that he's willing to apologize for retreating britain first if you're telling me that a horrible people horrible racist people i would certainly apologize if you'd like me to do that i know nothing about their previous announcement of a potential visit by trump of provoked a backlash amongst british politicians i would not wish to issue any british to speak in the royal gallery.
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previous report suggests that mr trump himself postponed a potential visit to the u.k. because he didn't want to be greeted by huge protests and attitudes here really changed a recent poll suggests that more than half fifty six percent of brits don't want president trump to visit if donald trump comes to the u.k. he will hold the biggest protest in british history he will be mad by a million of us at times in a citizen's arrest of him for incitement of racial hatred we spoke to one of the anti trump protest organizers it's a bit disappointing that trump will be visiting and the prime minister treat him as has agreed to meet with him it's not completely surprising to be honest but it's disappointing you know and he's accountable to the electorate and i think the population of britain has more than made it clear in the fact that we don't want trump to visit we cannot see. and his views he's no racist tweets that he's come
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out with his racist policies he's going to come here that that's going to happen we can't do anything about that but whilst he's here we know we will ensure that we have him you know every step he takes in this country we will be there telling him what we think of him and telling him what we think of his policies should president trump visit go ahead britain security agencies could be getting ready for some of the biggest protests to rock this city since the visit of george w. bush in the wake of the iraq war a sally r.t. in london. when we won the u.s. government is also taking aim at one of russia's katy energy projects the nord stream two pipeline linking russia to europe this week president trump and secretary of state rex tillerson both describe the gas pipeline as a threat to european energy security my administration is also taking swift action in other ways to restore american confidence and independence we are lifting
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self-imposed restrictions on energy production to provide affordable power to our citizens and businesses and to promote energy security for our friends all around the world no country should be held hostage to a single provider of energy like fall in the united states opposes the north stream to pipeline we say it is undermining europe's overall energy security and stability and it provides russia yet another tool to politicize energy as a political tool. well north stream two is a major extension to a gas supply network running on the baltic sea poland and other countries argue that once completed it will give russia too much control over european energy supplies but germany and austria support the project and the need for cheaper gas political analyst mathias dong felt thinks the u.s. is simply trying to boost its share of the european market in the america first
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policy of president trouble in so far as the united states wants to export their. conventional gas. liquefied natural gas to the european market the european market is also one of the they could a big target if the security is not in danger when we have the second string of not strip that's for sure you know i mean russia pipeline system and the whole you know infrastructure is what appendant order of the of europe is that it will russia so really already reached energy security it's only the question who has you know the biggest share the market. a taliban suicide bomber has killed at least ninety five people and injured more than one hundred fifty in the afghan capital kabul local journalist bailout so our reports. we understand at this stage that the
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attacker was in an ambulance he had said he had a patient and that he was stopped at the second checkpoint by the police force the attack took place right in the heart of kabul this is not very far from the swedish embassy from the european union from the indonesian embassy and from the high peace council which is down the road. this constant issue of security and intelligence breaches the area where the attack took place is less than one hundred meters from the office of the police chief of kabul less than twenty meters away from the afghan intelligence facilities once the areas cleared in once the dust settles unfortunately we will be hearing that a lot of those killed ordinary people who are simply the only breadwinners for their families and the people of afghanistan continue to suffer the continued to bear the brunt of this conflict at a time when we also see all sides intensifying the war.
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when the bombing in kabul is the deadliest act of terrorism in afghanistan since a truck blast in may last year which claimed one hundred fifty lives and the latest attack follows a recent surge in violence earlier this week armed militants attacked a save the children office in the city of jalalabad shortly afterwards a car bomb exploded outside the premises six people were reportedly killed and dozens more injured i saw claimed responsibility for the attack and last saturday a group of terrorists targeted a luxury hotel in kabul killing at least twenty two people the taliban said it was behind the atrocity political analysts abdullah hyland says the afghan security forces lack a coherent strategy in fighting numerous terror groups. the situation is getting you from bad to worse the security and the afghan security forces are unable you know to have
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a proper structure your plan for curbing total resume not only in kabul city but all over afghanistan and now that we are heading towards this spring. in the next two three months probably insurgent attacks will increase in afghanistan and you might end up losing a few provinces to the hands of color born into lashley community. headed by the us government and the failed strategies we have seen incidents in iraq we have seen you know the source of the situation in libya in other countries and for the past sixteen seventeen years we have been witnessing these food strategies in afghanistan i don't thing you know they have a strategy for afghanistan. now turkey is ramping up its military offensive against kurdish forces in northern syria the operation has already claimed eighty six civilian lives according to the syrian officials and it's caused global alarm with antiwar rallies held in several countries and the latest was in
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the german city of cologne. thousands of people showed up at the demonstration demanding ankara's withdrawal from the african region of syria there turkey is carrying out what it calls anti terror operations police moved in to break up the gathering after banned kurdish militia flags appeared a similar demonstration was held in london in the protests come after seven civilians were reportedly killed in a turkish airstrike. and these are the pictures from on the ground showing the aftermath of the attack it's feared the airstrikes may have claimed even more lives with people believed to be trapped under the rubble witnesses claim the turkish aerial bombardments are targeting residential areas. there are no military zones here all of them are civilian areas the civilians were
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asleep it was nothing they bombed even though there were no soldiers here we were all civilians. a lot michel fell about twenty five meters away shrapnel landed on my hand i wanted to know why they were shelling civilians. well the turkish inventive is being supported by several anti-government militia groups in syria the areas they hold amount here in green the turkish military claims almost four hundred kurdish and i saw fighters have been killed since the start of the operation but the un has raised concerns claiming five thousand people have fled the area since the conflict started nevertheless the turkish leader has repeatedly vowed to expand the operation. well as you just heard president do invalid's to advance his trips to the syrian city of man beach which you can see here on the map and the operation will then be expanded to the east up to the border with iraq now
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the move would not i mean an all out offensive against the syrian kurds they could also see threaten u.s. personnel stationed in the area where the turkish foreign minister has urged the u.s. to immediately withdraw from man beach where american troops have been assisting the local codes in their anti eisel operation the very media the government does we want the united states to cut its ties with terrorist groups and stop supplying them with weapons we should make them lay down their arms and also take back the weapons that have already been provided the americans should a lot of money bitch immediately you know we have what appears to be a somewhat intractable contradiction between the u.s. interest in syria and the u.s. interest in nato and so this is something that trying to find a way out of that is very difficult given the fact that it was the united states along with turkey saudi arabia france britain which caused the destabilization of syria and led to the present circumstances and the united states on the other hand
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is tied in with the y.p. g. forces inside syria who have been the main fighting forces that the u.s. has been allied with in the battle against isis but more than that to maintain a u.s. presence inside syria which the u.s. military has been declaring is there for indefinitely. violent clashes have broken out in the central american nation of honduras after president and then this was sworn in for a second term riot police fired tear gas at a crowd of opposition supporters in the capital. the. i. i was. the.
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several people were injured in the arm rest on saturday opponents serve accused president and anders of rigging the election held last november and international observers cosigned in numerous irregularities during december at least thirty one people were killed in street rioting in honduras and more than a thousand were arrested. now the crypto currency market is proving to be a rollercoaster ride and the high stakes game bitcoin has crashed to half its value just a month after reaching an all time high and artie's miguel francis someday i'll go will be bringing you weekly updates from the world of high tech currencies. today crypto is unique. crypto is empowering. crypto is on the verge of a global financial revolution crypto is a direct challenge that
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a world banking system allowing you to be the bank and make the money win or lose in the end crypto is bound to lead the world into the future welcome to our weekly digest on everything hot in the world of block change this is hard to use crypto you know with your host bill press and thiago. well cryptocurrency market was shaken on friday following the biggest hack today's reported five hundred million dollars worth of tokens was stolen from digital wallets at a japanese exchange and one investor told me go that stealing crypto occurrences is becoming increasingly attractive. not all stories in the world of crypto have a happy ending meet max lord soca. a young rich and daring crypto trader who kick started his fortune by getting a return of three hundred thousand dollars from a small investment of just the thousand into early stages of the second most powerful crypto currency the theory i'm becoming an active trader and publicly
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showcasing his success and sharing tips on his you tube channel he has made himself long ramble to a new trend of crypto thieves last week as thailand residents the robbers caught up with him and stole one hundred thousand dollars worth of bitcoin i met with max to get the details of this truly eye opening incident for the block chain community musician recording done more signing and you and i went home after dinner with friends and you unlock the door and suddenly two scary guys walked up to us as it turned out they vented through the back door that's where they went caught by the security cameras the robbers pushed us in such as on the couch took away our i phones and covered our heads so we couldn't see anything the third person came in and started searching the place he took my debit card and later emptied my count it took our three mac books our i phones all documents including passports and even from judges they threatened to druggists to turn us into the thai police i knew it
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all sounded insane but even though they didn't do any of that it was still ready to use violence so i decided not to be the hero and do what they said they stole about one hundred thousand bucks they could have stolen all but they were in a hurry my case is not unique not so long ago pavel yashin was beaten up in st petersburg and twenty million rubles were stolen i've just read about that and sure enough that's the kind of thing that happened to me as well here's what i think thieves used to steal money but now they realize that cryptic currencies are a better deal it's easier because you can trace bitcoin transactions so yes i think this is a new trend max now read. it's living such a public life style flaunting his success and considers this a very expensive lesson well learned. i'll be back with the latest headlines in just over half an hour meanwhile for more on all of our stories at home.
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if i were of public opinion i would seek to have myself and all of my friends and my family of leaders at the local level of the national level be arrested by israel what you need to do is hold a mirror up to the israeli people and say this is what you're creating this is the reality on the ground we're not using violence we will not cooperate with the occupation anymore i plead with the public opinions we do to the nonviolent struggle because if you use violence you will never get the support of the israelis for the world. and. everybody i'm stephen both on the task hollywood guy suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. do you see this is my buddy max famous financial guru where just a little bit different. no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country
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i'm shooting the road have some fun meet everyday americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people which. is. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more some want to be absolute . to the right to be precise is what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of morality. question. to withdraw. from.
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you really lost on rule was that just grows good even if it was lost because this is going to be owned by those girls it's only as good as you. will do my younger. so the first time you and you do more film school for young people for smokers or when you're full of the ice which also sins of the ocean or the. glue should that's what they'll tell you george for the go soft you're. stuck with the women you know so was diminished there was a study or lost interest of joy a couple tells me was a. veil which is you know when you go through story seals would you please to learn the false which is today's self will soon do it more someone else. he will stay on as a lawyer but when you tell us leave it in a soft touch or nelson myself preston i was there in.
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terms of course can you guarantee your boy many of them were. some. he knew. right. from. the from. the. tributes to. the motion for. his amazing if.
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for some i said to my friend of george. bush we. just should. do you. like. you for you. it's so. infantile for the sun. to see if it's fun to use your more show for the. yellow it was a long speech else cause i'm the mom. of the only one youngster with three pneumonia used to most of my white meat stories but he was still.
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pretty awful so they're all struggling in your life when the social source not really my mirror. which. no but if there was. a promise to steer more into a partial young national show on the part of the some schmuck commercials live for us last year the government in the seventy's or the part of the young or she was. my elder son is still the most prestigious of the most closely is the football from the school where the through a series. of fullness to comfort her california school will be crucial for the fall . and seen the dollars just for the goldfish in this film the mushroom is losing
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must leave you with eyes that.


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