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it's the right policy but sure they are a clean nation never mind cleaned out they are to be a clean nation in the wake of the scandal russia admitted to having a doping problem and has since tightened the legal screws only a handful of countries across europe consider dropping a criminal offense russia no does yet the paralympic committees decision has been to ban and those guilty by association good sports capital punishment it was done of r.t. . islamic state says it carried out monday's attack on a military academy in the afghan capital kabul killing eleven servicemen and injuring sixteen local journalist bill also ari reports. there were five suicide attackers two of them killed by afghan national security forces and another two of them did explosives and one of them was detained said jacket
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a rocket propelled grenade in four forty seven's were seized the. almost two about four hours residence in that area reported hearing loud explosions there was the use of having small weapons so the fact that these militant groups can really strike while in target these key military institutions as well as. security areas in kabul remains a serious source of concern for people living here in kabul today's attack is one for the afghan national security forces remember they were killed not on a front line somewhere in some remote district or in a province where this is every day of fighting i think that alone tells you that cities including kabul is becoming another. front in the afghan government just continues to struggle to prevent these militants from carrying out these
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attacks. afghanistan is experiencing and wave of deadly terror attacks with three in the past ten days alone. well both president trump and the commander of the u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan john nicholson say washington will spend no effort to defeat the insurgency and bring peace to the region the taliban has responded by threatening more attacks in retaliation to what it calls a policy of aggression well the u.s. has considerably stepped up its a campaign in the country over the past year in twenty seventeen washington dropped
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more than four thousand bombs on afghanistan well between august and december the u.s. carried out as many as strikes as it had in the previous two years security and political analysts. thinks military action alone won't bring peace but a military offensive is always needed because you have to keep the militant groups at bay from the main cities and from or from taking over the country and different provinces in different parts of the country but considering it as a sole response to the current situation or only way to resolve the of one conflict will be a wrong understanding because at the end of the day any conflict needs a political settlement and dialogue and that is where the of one government has tried to complement the american strategy which is mainly focused on fighting the militants or using the military might. and australian student has discovered the locations of secret american military bases by looking at
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a global map that shows why people exercise more on that after the break. we do. using a depressive rate. so that is way. elice. we. just you know. we've seen that rocket failure many times we saw in two thousand and eight we saw in nineteen ninety seven we saw in one nine hundred eighty seven and we're going to see it again probably in the very near future because the underlying design of this capitalist system has not been modified to account for changes in technology over
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the past fifty sixty seventy years and we keep having these catastrophic failures. welcome back the u.s. government has released a report that claims to identify people close to the russian government and their net worth the documents was jointly published by the us treasury along with the state department and intelligence agency as well for more on this r.t. scale of morphing into us live now. so high they calipso what more do we know. well the document is actually in titled countering adversaries of the united states through sanctions now normally documents related to sanctions or refer to human
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rights in their title this one simply referred to america's adversaries now the document was mandated by the sanctions bill which was signed into law by donald trump over the summer now it lays out twelve measures that requires the donald trump administration to carry out at least five of these twelve measures that are laid out in the law and from there it goes on to name and shame figures in russia's elite figures that are close to the russian president and it's hoping to hurt the credibility of these individuals and their ability to do business and get investments now the individuals named in the report it says are individuals that are linked to directly to the kremlin or individuals who are linked to russian military activities around the world or possibly or illegibly to be involved in you know allegations of political assassinations and such now we've already got a reaction from the sp's secretary for the russian president the press secretary
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pesca for the russian president has said that this report is due a direct attempt to meddle in russia's upcoming presidential elections. now furthermore we have heard from ben cardin the u.s. senator he has talked about the report confirmed that the u.s. senate has received a report and said that individuals involved with russian defense and russian intelligence are going to be specifically sanctioned if they do not cease doing business with those entities so there's plenty more to update on how we're gathering more information we will bleed keeping you updated here on r.t. . that's amazing stuff and thank you very much. now fitness trackers are now raising major concerns security concerns i should say for military forces this comes after an australian student was able to discern the locations of secret training bases by looking at a global map that shows where people exercise the most artie's elaborate anger as
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more. did you know now anyone who's got an internet browser can locate even the most secret army bases around the world say journalists thanks to these little things so how come people are saying fitness trackers could have become the soldier's worst enemy look at this global heat map by a g.p.s. tracking company wherever it gets bright are the areas of the stronger apps most active use some places seem totally black like of ghana stand for instance but we know there are american soldiers and parts of it zoom in tot all the little bright dots is where sam must hang out or to be more precise exercise it was a twenty year old student who first noticed how easy it was to find the u.s. bases this particular track looks like it logs or break you are joking bruce i shouldn't be able to establish any pattern of life from this far away so that's
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a real threat which the pentagon's admitted while only a few years ago they were happy to distribute thousands of fit bits among staff by the way there must be a number of temporary or even permanent u.s. bases that we don't know about journalists have zoomed in on areas around mosul and iraq and roc-a in syria we're told uncle sam is there to train and assist since the rest of iraq and syria are pretty much all black perhaps locals don't really have many of these devices so it's fair to assume that the bright spots are where americans train others and train themselves another journalist remembered this article and scrawled all the way to the capital of somalia some had a gigantic to the tune the beach around to it looks like the reputed cia annex at mogadishu no one can say for sure all of this is correct but the. cern is out there
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u.s. troops security issues aside i was going to show you the koreas how's that for a contrast but even in pyongyang there are a couple of bright zigzags could it be mr kim enjoying a bit of western technology well i bet he'll never tell us. some major german carmakers are under fire due to some of their own testing methods it's been revealed to have previously been involved in potentially hazardous experiments on humans and animals peter oliver has more. think humans inhale toxic fumes is apparently how the german automotive industry carried out its health impact research its emerged in the media that the giants of the german car industry allegedly sanctioned experiments on both humans and animals. the experiments were carried out by
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a now defunct research group that was funded by volkswagen daimler a big w. in the experiments twenty five of volunteers inhaled nitrogen dioxide put through. university hospital the experiments were given the ok by the university's ethics board and it's understood that there was no adverse health effects for those who took part in the study however this doesn't stop people being outraged and shocked that this was given the green light in the first place and less according to what is known to the public the discuss that many people are feeling is absolutely understandable these tests on monkeys or even humans can in no way be ethically justified they raise many critical questions for those who are behind these tests and those questions must be beyond the same old knife they should have previously found itself in the hope water for experiments on animals including forcing ten
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monkeys to inhale. the exhaust fumes of the w.p. while watching cartoons the car manufacturers for their part of being quick to distance themselves from these experiments. we believe that the scientific method chosen that the time was wrong the b.m.w. group is in no way influenced by the design or methodology of studies carried out on behalf of the e.u. g.t. the animal experiments in the study are superfluous and repulsive generating around four hundred billion euro yearly the german also industry has come in for criticism in recent years as well as legal action over attempts to cheat on emissions tests for diesel vehicles allegations of carrying out experiments on people and animals so unlikely to improve the industry's reputation peace or all of a party. animal rights attorney says animals are routinely mistreated by private
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industry for research purposes. we can't trust of these companies to be able to give any kind of meaningful assessment of whether this was the correct option we can expect these industries to be able to give any kind of meaningful cost benefit analysis given that the shown time and time again that they're willing to use it and kill animals for frivolous reasons these major industries have colluded together and have successfully lobbied governments around the world including the us government to basically rarely enforce the few laws that exist to protect animals at all and so it's extremely rare that any kind of enforcement will take action even against what is in this case extreme violence against animals. now russian gas will soon be heating american homes despite the u.s. continuing to hit russia's energy firms with sanctions a french cargo ship loaded with
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a liquefied natural gas from siberia docked in boston well this winter has been far colder than usual on the east coast of the u.s. leading to a greater demand for heating and so gas that docking here is owned by french company owned she which says it brought the cargo because of the current rise in demand for the ship made a delivery in the u.k. before sailing on to the u.s. i just thought to be the first shipment of russian liquefied natural gas or l.n.g. to america a second tanker originating from russia is expected to dock on the east coast in mid february. well the fuel was produced by yum all n.g.a. of which russian company never take has a controlling interest by the us are currently subject to u.s. sanctions but russian oil and gas shipments on not french and chinese companies hold almost fifty percent of your model shares so technically the cargo is not subject to sanctions as long as it's bought and delivered by a third party that's not russia former british diplomat william alanson says the
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situation is hypocritical. the more effective these sanctions are the paradoxes the more they are likely to strengthen the russian economy which has to become more independent and self-sufficient than it is even more so the other effect that is likely to have is is that it's helping the russians and the chinese to move away from the dollar in that sense the us move is slightly suicidal thus it is important to get round the sanctions as hypocrisy or the presentation yes we've got sanctions but then a french company a clever french company makes a profit by buying liquefied gas at a certain moment and by the way one very important final point is another excuse for these for these sanctions of course is the. alleged meddling in the us elections i've never seen such hypocrisy from the arch medlar of the last century
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which is the united states which is meddled in not only meddled in foreign elections but actually replace the government cynically. the u.s. spy plane has been intercepted by a russian jet over the black sea u.s. navy claimed its plane was in international airspace at the time they also trained the interception was an unsafe maneuver however russia's defense ministry said the mission was conducted in accordance with international regulations. well we'll be back with the latest headlines in just over half an hour but for more news in the meantime. running out of the closest to the best out of georgia. to the concepts of pain to perform i had to actually prepare myself to die.
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seriously he sent us an e-mail. blowing welcome across all things are considered i'm peter all about release the memo russia gate morphs into the f.b.i. gate also are the u.s. and turkey on the path to confrontation in syria and the great debate in jordan peterson is called a one man army and is taking the internet by storm. across talking f.b.i. gate i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have a he's a political analyst as well as a leading expert at the center for actual politics and we have dimitri bobbitt she
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is a political analyst with sputnik international red cross talk rules and effect and you always can jump in. me go to you first hear. a we're going to see a new member new debate. like who lost turkey because if you remember when the communist came to power in china that was lost china and it ruined a lot of careers because people didn't get it right ok well we who's losing turkey who's gaining turkey go ahead well let me remind you that in one thousand nine hundred eighty there was a big debate who was russia and the it was at the times when suppose that russia was so democratic mr yeltsin was still in power in these all those guys two boys and those who called to report called it s. called us all out of a few billion dollars right there that's about all the all the steals and the guys the younger forms but what's going on now between turkey and the united states is unbelievable i mean trying to remove
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a relatively loyal regime in syria which you know mr us with was oriented towards the european union more than towards russia the united states would need to almost a much more important country turkey but what it might lose lose it a line some top of it go ahead of the united states to the crease is a very stark choice the us has the cure in syria as a is the only force the only viable forward and they're in bed with with the kurds that that would support the petition of the factual partition of syria and that supports the u.s. and and if so the u.s. can support the curate's and then it gets the ticket we see that happening now who are the united states going to stop supporting the curate's that turkey would be happy about that but then the united states would be left with almost no credible
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serious support force see and taste to it and no reason to justify their continued presence is a kind of choice is ally with the curate's and have to keep it as is an adversarial power considering that turkey has the second largest army in. late that of a very serious question sure you know but you know one of the things is to do one he can't afford to lose in syria he's put too much into it oh yeah he's politically security invested i don't believe that peace in syria is possible you know the question isn't while bashar continues in syria but well ordered god continues in ankara. god must go hash tag or to go what is that you've been in the military what is the possibility of some kind of confrontation you know because just as i just said and you just said you know one is not going to back down this means
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a lot to him and his legitimacy at home and the ongoing problem they've had with the united states is it isn't so important to the united states because if you look at the the the defense community intelligence community even in the u.s. they're divided about what's going to in fact you're starting to see splits not only among the administration but in the fore and so the policy blow between the neo cons and the liberal imperialists they're divided on this issue and victor is exactly right you either get a kurdish protectorate carved out of syria to continue to destabilize syria and weak in iraq and thus by weakening one of their allies or you get to make continue your relationship with turkey as a member of nato and then a u.s. turkish alliance which allows u.s. military bases in turkey that their flights are necessary for controlling the region also gives the united states access to the black sea which is russia's underbelly of course so there's big geopolitical questions here but obviously this is a self created blowback we've been saying on the show all along that if the us tried
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to partition east syria with the kurds it would face blowback politically both from turkey and from iraq likewise her god has created this situation where he calls kurdish terrorists there's no evidence that any. kurds have been involved in terrorism on his territory but he created this by illegally arming training and cellaring sectarian militants you know the united states. were arming him and supporting the kurds are there is one thing in a bottle of this situation find their you with the truth about the united states financing terrorists out of the mold of babe snow out of the mouth of mr erdogan and so he's the guy who voted for. it well that's why you see it's not exactly sure what to do with no shortage of people are being punished in terrorism. but he basically admitted something that all the other need to remember us have no home
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but they have been hiding it yet so ever gonna put in these. where he drove himself by his decision to change the regime in syria he is no i'm sorry he's no spewing the truth let me know where to go if i can if i go if i put in. the existence the possibility of a kurdish state when turkish border is an existential threat to a president of literature and that's where his name is there anything else would do right now do exactly what they're going to he's doing these are the curate's yes he made mistakes i agree wholeheartedly with mark as far as that he got the start he was one of those that supported the syrian civil war he created the situation where the syrian kurds who were who have now more power and more autonomy and more willingness to act against the occasion to the interests then i. don't want to he has to choose now i mean if he continues down this path he wants to drive all the way all the way to the iraqi border here i mean is he going to have to choose nato
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or not nato. the level of negotiations agrees or disagrees and he he's not willing at this point to take it out of need to there isn't even the mechanism set for that . but at the same time to ricky and the gun is not going to do anything that will endanger the national security and seventy of the to look at what is who's bluffing here mark everyone's blood everyone's everyone is bluffing at this point including the syrian government and russia the kurds in africa have now officially called publicly for the syrian government to help come in and protect them against the turkish invasion this isn't going to be met because they aren't fully they didn't fully agree to demands that russian the syrian government sent for them which included completely dismantling the kurdish militias and either moving east to the us controlled territory or joining the syrian army plus relinquishing control of
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oil fields in eastern syria which if the kurds deem if there kurds before this incursion started a little over a week you know if they'd just taken the deal to pick up the syrian flag that would of no no that is that was the that was the minimalist demand they accepted that there was a maximalist demand from russia and the syrian government and there was no negotiation a compromise position should have been official the kurds or alfre offered that at the time they are offering that now that's not and has a habit of choosing the wrong side well you know it's one one one chooses the wrong side one place and that's what the kids are doing now let's hope that the kids will have a voice at the. syrian minority that is going to be held in sochi you know in the coming days but actually if you look at the pattern it repeats itself in syria you know the foreign invader i'm sorry they've have been trying to remove the syrian
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government created more and more programs you know that the states intervened in syria in order to replace a person who was not actually and they west and mr ross up and they've got a terrible problem with the islamic state you know which was much more dangerous then ten loss of state them together right. you wanted to put it sold people in syria. could have stayed right next to the border it seems like it's the worst possible outcomes if you look at it you know i mean how does this change mean the rest of syria we have of reconciliation going on the syrian army is an essential one against these terrorist groups it's just the border area between syria proper and turkey this isn't a new conflict a very different and it can be confined and now it will have to stop near its borders every single power. that has a significant kurdish population. iran iraq syria is opposed to an independent
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kurdish state so it's not just to every single citizen how does it marcos' billion to the huge minority of kurds inside of turkey and what's going on in syria i mean do we see more do you foresee a lot more blowback now with that and that's obviously the concern and the garden regime has forbidden kurds to protest against this euphemistically named operation and believe all of breath as these invading syria and bombing cities. you know it to me you know let's frame this properly who has all along been you know turkey the war against syria couldn't exist without the turkish border or this disneyland it provided for jihad is that the mom is training centers that the u.s. and saudi arabia set up to funnel salaries and there is turkey is still supplying al qaeda with weapons for offensive they are literally as reported in the western mainstream media doing joint patrols with al qaeda and attacks on afrin as they
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call someone else terrorists it's just it's orwellian and this could lead to turkish confrontation with the us their proxies aren't having a good time in africa and they're already seen that already thinking about the fact that he. has lost in syria. and now it's going to potentially suffer another loss against a nato ally it's really quite amazing well i think again the only good outcome here is that we're hearing the troops i think what the german media is saying about their gun and their markers just called it that that is most likely the troops but what they're gonna say in the boardroom is not is also true you know germany is not democratic you know it prevented every guard and turkey from appealing to their citizens on the german territory during the elections so no one is good in this situation and the good thing is that they they and must each other we see the truth now we could.


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