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knowingly or unknowingly radio sports host alan moore believes all clean athletes should be allowed to compete everything that is said today i mean it. is a little bit of given it at their low so massive it's between thirty thirty five to compete a lot of a silver to make sense because ultimately as we all know this diseases are based on an informant's kind of wish to get away from russia so i mean did this is based on roger and dog i think we have to be very careful in how we deal with this for pressure does athletes the power of athletes they are already presumed guilty before they have a chance to prove their innocence athletes who've been testing clean and the last you know twelve or seventeen months as mr parsons brought up they should be allowed to compete we go back to thirty or thirty five athletes will go right now we believe but i do believe there's more twists introject to calling this tale. well earlier on monday the world anti-doping agency opened an investigation into a potential glitch found in its new sample bottles an accredited laboratory in
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germany has found out the tamper proof bottles introduced last september could be manually opened after being frozen two samples actually taken during a dating test one of them as backup which is usually frozen the bottles are produced by the same swiss company that made those claim to have been manipulated by russia during the twenty fourteen such a games. the burger bottles have been used as i was saying for decades and it's only with mclaren that suddenly it turned out that they can be opened we need to see a video of how they're opened how easily they're opened we need to have the berlinger experts involved and we need to have third party experts involved to determine what is the real situation here the schmidt commission it took them a long time it took them months of testing and devising some tool and then they were able to open some you know couple of dozen bottles but this was an elaborate
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procedure with a huge team of people working for days and weeks on end so this idea that the bottles can be easily opened is very erroneous. islamic state says it carried out monday's attack on a military academy in the afghan capital kabul which killed eleven servicemen and injured sixteen local gena spell out so are reports. there were five suicide attackers two of them killed by afghan national security forces and another two of them detonated their explosives and one of them was detained sue said jacket a rocket propelled grenade in four forty seven's were seized the target almost to about four hours residence in that area reported hearing loud explosions there was the use of having small weapons so the fact that these
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militant groups can't really strike while in target key military institutions as well as. security areas in kabul remains a serious source of concern for people living here in kabul today's attack is deadly one for the afghan national security forces remember they were killed not on a front line somewhere in some of the more district or in a province where this is every day of fighting i think that alone tells you that cities including kabul is becoming another. front in the afghan government just continues to struggle to prevent these militants from carrying out these attacks. in afghanistan is experiencing a wave of deadly terror attacks with three in the past ten days alone. you're.
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both president and the commander of the u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan john nicholson say washington will spare no effort to defeat the insurgents and bring peace to the region the taliban has responded by threatening more attacks in retaliation to what it calls a policy of aggression well the us has considerably stepped up its air campaign in the country over the past year in twenty seventeen washington dropped more than four thousand bombs on afghanistan between august and december the u.s. carried out as many airstrikes as it had in the previous two years security and political analyst. things military action alone won't bring peace. a military
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offensive is always needed because you have to keep the militant groups at bay from the main cities and from or from taking over the country and different provinces in different parts of the country but considering it as a sole response to the current situation or only way to resolve the one conflict will be a wrong understanding because at the end of the day any conflict needs a political settlement and dialogue and that is where the of one government has tried to complement the american strategy which is mainly focused on fighting the militants or using the military might. fitness trackers are raising major security concerns for military forces this comes after an australian student was able to discern the locations of secret training bases by looking at a global map that shows where people exercise the most artie's it has more. did you know now anyone who's got an internet browser can locate even the most secret army
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bases around the world say journalists thanks to these little things so how come people are saying fitness trackers could have become the soldier's worst enemy look at this global heat map by a g.p.s. tracking company wherever it gets bright are the areas of the stronger apps most active use some places seem totally black like of ghana stand for instance but we know there are american soldiers and parts of it zoom in tot all the little bright dots is where sam must hang out or to be more precise exercise it was a twenty year old student who first noticed how easy it was to find the u.s. bases this particular track looks like it logs or break you or jogging routes i shouldn't be able to establish any pattern of life from this far away so that's a real threat which the pentagon's admitted while only a few years ago they were happy to distribute thousands of fit bits among staff by
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the way there must be a number of temporary or even permanent u.s. bases that we don't know about journalists have zoomed in on areas around mosul and iraq and roc-a in syria we're told uncle sam is there to train and assist since the rest of iraq and syria are pretty much all black perhaps locals don't really have many of these devices so it's fair to assume that the bright spots are where americans train others and train themselves another journalist remembered this article and scrawled all the way to the capital of somalia some heavy jargon activity on the beach around to it looks like the reported cia annex at mogadishu no one can say for sure all of this is correct but the. cern is out there u.s. troops security issues aside i was going to show you the koreas how's that for
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a contrast but even in pyongyang there are a couple of bright zigzags could it be mr kim enjoying a bit of western technology well i bet he'll never tell us. now some major german carmakers are under fire due to some of their own testing methods it's been revealed they had previously been involved in potentially hazardous experiments on humans and animals artie's peter oliver has more. puffing humans inhale toxic fumes is apparently how the german automotive industry carried out its health impact research its emerged in the media that the giants of the german car industry allegedly sanctioned experiments on both humans and animals the experiments were carried out by you know defunct research group that was funded by volkswagen daimler a big w in the experiments twenty five of volunteers inhaled nitrogen
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dioxide put through. university hospital the experiments were given the ok by the universe the ethics board and it's understood that there was no adverse health effects for those who took part in the study however this doesn't stop people being outraged and shocked that this was given the green light in the first place and less according to what is known to the public the discuss that many people are feeling is absolutely understandable these tests on monkeys or even humans can in no way be ethically justified they raise many critical questions for those who are behind these tests and those questions must urgently beyond the same organization it previously found itself in the hope water for experiments on animals including forcing ten monkeys. stewart hailed the exhaust fumes of the w.b. thought while watching cartoons kill manufacturers for their part of being quick to
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distance themselves from these experiments. we believe that the scientific method chosen that the time was wrong the b.m.w. group is in no way influenced by the design or methodology of studies carried out on behalf of the e.u. g.t. the animal experiments in the study are superfluous and repulsive generating around four hundred billion euros yearly the german also industry has come in for criticism in recent years as well as legal action over attempts to cheat all emissions tests to diesel vehicles allegations of carrying out experiments on people and animals it's unlikely to improve the district's reputation piece or all of a party. animal rights attorney cheney says private industry can't be trusted not to mistreat animals in their research and trust these companies to be able to give any kind of meaningful assessment of whether this was the correct option we can
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expect these industries to be able to give any kind of meaningful cost benefit analysis given that they shown time and time again that they're willing to use it and kill animals for frivolous reasons these major industries have colluded together and have successfully lobbied governments around the world including the us government to basically rarely enforce and the few laws that exist to protect animals at all and so it's extremely rare that any kind of enforcement will take action even against what is in this case extreme violence against animals. russian gas will soon be heating american homes despite the u.s. continuing to hit russia's energy firms with sanctions a french cargo ship loaded with liquefied natural gas from siberia has docked in boston well this winter has been far colder than usual on the east coast of the u.s. leading to
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a greater demand for heating and so gas the tanker docking here is owned by a french company which says it bought the cargo because of the current rise in demand for the ship made a delivery in the u.k. before sailing on to the u.s. and is thought to be the first shipment of russian liquefied natural gas or l.n.g. to america and a second originating from russia is expected to dock on the east coast in mid february. well the fuel was produced by your model n g of which russian company never take has a controlling interest both are currently subject to u.s. sanctions but russian oil and gas shipments are not french and chinese companies hold almost fifty percent share of your miles she says so technically the cargo isn't subject to sanctions as long as it's bought and delivered by a third party that's not russia or former british diplomat william ounce and says the situation is contradictory. the more effective these sanctions are the paradoxes the more they are likely to strengthen the russian economy which has to
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become more independent and self-sufficient than it is even more so the other effect that is likely to have. is that it's helping the russians and the chinese to move away from the dollar so in that sense the us move is slightly suicidal thus it is important to get round the sanctions is this hypocrisy or the presentation yes we've got sanctions but then a french company a clever french company makes a profit by buying liquefied gas at a certain moment and by the way one very important final point is that another excuse for these for these sanctions of course is the. alleged meddling in the us elections i've never seen such hypocrisy from the arch medlar of the last century which is the united states which is middle not only meddled in foreign elections but actually replace the government cynically. cryptocurrency is gaining more attention including among top computer specialists artie's miguel
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francis santiago attended a cryptocurrency conference and caught up with leading antivirus developer john mcafee. today crypto is unique. crypto is empowering. crypto is on the verge of a global financial revolution crittur was a direct challenge to the world banking system allowing you to be the bank and make the money win or lose in the end crypto is bound to lead the world into the future . now it's time to take a swim at the coins bank asian block chain crews. are welcome at a coin bank to cap blotching conference we're about to get acquainted with over a thousand different participants from fifty different countries including one hundred russian i ceo's some of the hottest new stuff in the world of watch chain
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let's go. to events like this allow you to mix and mingle with some of the top talent in the block chain industry one of the speakers happened to be a man who is considered by some as the block chain guru john mcafee what are some of the. criteria that you would suggest to look for in a good i.c.a.o. . first and foremost this is something that you would use if you would love to have what they're trying to build or break supported again number two is that the team and you can find this out it goes in in the white paper will be a list of the founders and developers have they had experience in building blocks change things if not you might think maybe they can produce it. and number four does it sound like the people who are doing this corner love it themselves and the story. one of the more unique ice c.e.o.'s i found here is a russian project called marc space it's intriguing to say the least a three d.
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in virtual reality space creating platform powered by block chain technology basically it's a way for businesses communities and really anyone to run and showcase their service or an idea in virtual reality for example to virtually take a walk through a flagship store in beverly hills or do a test drive in that cool car you always want to so what's this hype and why. i think because you know people understand that we have existing company with more than ten years experience you know you see in every r. and three dollars a recession and we all know you now have process a. that know they can try him or they will try a website and the trial goes with instructor and they build the all in three d. you gotta believe upside they see that it's a here how does it actually work you go to all the upside you choose the place in our eco system it's a unit it's a virtual space then you use l. bushell constructor and you build it very fast and very easy so you don't even kids can do that you build your own three d. and d.
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are compelled to build up sides. in five years time over half of the world i promise you will be using cryptocurrency and the half that does not is going to be the half that probably doesn't have smartphones or any access to get it. writing stuff about the latest headlines in just over half an hour meanwhile for more on all of us stories. one british man using a button to press the radio button and sit over the. exchange so that he's way. back says a lady in this case sent the cd this week we've done just. like
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the war hawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle is going. to stop to try to tell you that but we gossip the tabloids by file for the most important day. off about her eyes and tell me you are not cool enough to buy your product. all the hawks that we along with our audience will watch. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c.
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and bart chill. we are back in the saddle again here in d.c. and it is a busy week ahead president from state of the union speech on tuesday and by the way a programming note of special coverage starting at eight thirty pm tomorrow night plus the federal reserve open markets committee meets mid week and friday is jobs day with the new employment numbers a jam packed week but for today here's what we have on tap first actually back banks helps us take a look at net worth and the wealth gap and extreme poverty in the united states and last david henderson of the hoover institution about wealth inequality around the world the tosh of sweet looks at border security and those doco dreamers that still are out there needs to be a problem needs to be solved and alex mahela big trip or funny global trade amid some recent statements by president trump and others and before we get going heard by dr pepper creating the biggest beverage go home and on the planet that and more
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plus we'll get to the boom busting headlines right now amazon the world's largest retailer has reaped tons of free publicity in its search for a second headquarters or h q two amazon says the facility will create fifty thousand jobs in one american city and received two hundred thirty eight formal proposals from cities and regions last october but after a round of apprentice style coverage for the selection of the twenty cities as finalist amazon once more secrecy in the bidding and the selection process many mayors have been eager to offer amazon special perks and incentives including tax breaks and special infrastructure. jex new jersey for example offered a seven billion dollars package maryland governor larry hogan offered a one worth five billion dollars and critics have pointed out that the public bidding war is a race to the bottom on wages and social obligations economist dean baker tweeted to to a call of the process as
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a jeff bezos version of apprentice and which we get to find out who is the stupidest mayor in america now finalists say they were told on a conference call with amazon to keep their offer secret last week the pennsylvania office of records declared that pump that pittsburgh's office or offer was a public record preventing attempts by local leaders to comply with amazon's request amazon seems to be in no hurry to bring an end to the publicity bonanza and has not announced when the h q two location will be decided. consumer spending in the united states rose in december as demand for goods and services increased the increased spending may be due in part to the record gains in u.s. stock market in addition to higher prices however the increased spending came at the expense of savings which dropped to a ten year low more spending and less savings is usually a troubling sign for future consumption and economic growth the savings rate in the
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us has not been this low since december of two thousand and seven just before the economic recession. since two thousand and six the inequality or wealth gap has been increasing all over the world on average the wealth of billionaires has risen by thirteen percent since two thousand and six and in two thousand and seventeen alone billionaires collectively saw an increase of seven hundred sixty two billion dollars which is enough money to end poverty several times over this isn't just an issue for underdeveloped countries but with the u.s. being one of the wealthiest countries in the world more than half of its population is struggling to survive here's our correspondent ashley banks with more from outside bar the any quality gap is increasing now courting to oxfam forty thousand people hold as much wealth as a three point seven billion who make up the poorest half of the world's population
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not compared to sixty one people in two thousand and sixteen and three hundred eighty people in two thousand and nine as you can see the gap is widening now in oxfam's latest report it cites over the past year billionaires were created at a record rate of one every two days at the same time the bottom fifty percent of the world's population has seen no increase and wealth they report added eighty two percent of the global wealth generated in two thousand and seventeen went to the most wealthy one percent. meant experts say those holding financial assets during two thousand and seventeen saw an increase in wealth due to a booming global stock market for example and twenty seven thousand amazon founder jeff bezos saw six billion dollar rise in wealth in the first ten days of twenty seven tina due to the bull market on wall street as a result he's the world's richest man and not sam's report it said nine out of ten of the world's two thousand billionaires were men mark gold ring oxfam's g.b.
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chief executive said quote for work to be a genuine route out of poverty we need to ensure that ordinary workers receive a living wage and that women are not discriminated against so if that means less for the already wealthy then that is a price that we and they should be willing to pay although bezos is a part of a small group of american men making financial gains most people men and women living in america aren't so lucky the us is one of the world's a wealthiest countries yet forty million people live in poverty according to the world and come in in quality database the us has the highest gini rate of all western countries on top of that the us has the highest youth poverty rate across the o.e.c.d. which contains thirty five member countries and also has the highest prevalence of obesity in the developed world and the us ranks thirty six in the world in terms of
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access to water and sanitation what's more alarming is within the o.e.c.d. the us rings thirty fifth out of thirty seven and terms of poverty and inequality sam said this was unacceptable and unsustainable for the rich to continue to get richer while the poor and struggle to survive according to the charity in twenty seventeen billionaires made another money to end extreme poverty seven times over sam as coal. going on world leaders to put a stop to this by creating policy is that will tackle tax evasion and boost the pay of workers part we don't agree with all that either we are not part of that one percent actually we are not ok thank you for that. trade trade more trade alex behala bitch joins us to talk about the trump administration mulling over economic courses of action from all over the globe alex is joining us from toronto alex
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let's start with the e.u. like and other cases the president says europe has been treating the u.s. unfairly and it's time for a change but what is he plan to do about it. yeah saying very unfairly actually saying that the way the goods are moving back and forth between the e.u. and the us that you know for the e.u. they can just send anything that they like over to the us and the vice versa that it's just not happening properly that there are taxes and tariffs and the u.s. just can't get their goods into the into the european union well we don't know how true that really is if you look at the breakdown of how the how this is actually happening between the two countries and we do have some information here for you in form of a graph you know you have to take this into consideration first of all this relationship is obviously very important and the two countries trade a lot together and actually they're most each other the most important trading partners of the for europe for the u.s. and when it comes to europe that is a trading volumes at five point five hundred seven point six billion euros that's
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about six hundred thirty billion u.s. dollars followed by canada china mexico japan for europe when we're looking towards the u.s. that will europe the u.s. is number one and then followed by china russia switzerland and norway now the europeans are saying you know what if trump's going to do this they will retaliate and guess what they don't have all their eggs in one basket they're actually there's some stats that say that china is creeping up and maybe has even surpassed the u.s. as a trading partner when it comes to the e.u. and they're working on plenty of deals we know that they have a free trade deal with canada that's in place now japan as well as they're working with latin america and they're looking at new zealand and australia so for donald trump to do something like this to be very radical when looking at your europe not only could he hurt the european economy can obviously hurt the us economy as well yeah and you know europe's really high on getting together with china on that one belt run one road initiative alex so there is that they'll certainly increase trade
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now there was a meeting not in toronto but up in montreal over the weekend another round of those nafta meetings anything any progress on that. well guess what actually this time we're hearing that there was probably progress at least there was optimism the the meetings ended on sunday so all sides are saying you know their little bit more cheery about things there looks like things that might be moving forward but not forward the way that we anticipated in the beginning so march was supposed to be the deadline for these nafta talks everything was supposed to be done and over with now we're hearing they might be pushed all the way into two thousand and nineteen so there's a little bit more openness to these things dragging on a little bit longer obviously for the u.s. they'd like to see things happen a little bit quicker but with the other side i mean there's still a lot to talk about one of those things and i know this is something that you're very interested in is the arbitration part of it so when it comes to that canada and mexico this is a really touchy subject for them the u.s. wants to be able to opt out of investor state dispute settlement that's
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a mechanism that's in there that's built into nafta that lets us courts make their judgments for about any disputes now canada and mexico are saying no way we don't trust the euro us courts to make the right decisions here this is our red line we will not cross it and this is something that really do not want to be negotiating about it's something that they want to keep in place right and you know when when we were in davos with the show last week alex and thank you by the way for that reporting on prime minister to go that was very interesting last week but at president trump speech on friday he actually opened the door again a little bit to the transpacific partnership the eleven nations that have decided actually just the last several days to go ahead with with that agreement with out the u.s. you know we were part of that with the obama administration but now that the other eleven are going forward now the president seems to indicate well maybe that means little bit a window for us to get involved in and that what's your prognosis for for that as
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that ship already sailed or is it still possible. well it's interesting you know when you look at the eleven countries that are left i mean a lot of people be jumping for joy thinking let's bring the u.s. back in but really the big ocean asians have moved far forward trump pulled out about a year ago it's a different deal than it was a year ago maybe not much but it is a different deal and what donald trump is saying he wants to see some drastic changes he want to see something that the that this deal is actually a really really good deal he called it as it's called nafta one of the worst deals in history when it comes to any type of trade pacts but now you know he's taken a couple of steps back is going to look at what is happening right now because he knows one thing in this what donald trump did say in dabbles yeah we might be able to negotiate with the pot so that all eleven countries but we can also negotiate bilaterally with these countries so he's seeing opportunity here any way that you turn it even if this ship has sailed because of these guys are signing march eighth and trust me they don't want to start opening up these negotiations again this has been going on for years so they want.


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