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i want to preserve. his collusion with russia and it's very interesting indeed andrew young a political commentator joining us here on r.t. international thank you very much thank you thank you. but it's not just signed that have been complicating the relations between russia and the u. west so of course have the allegations of collusion the house intelligence committee has just voted to release a secret memo that could potentially blow the lid off the whole trump russia collusion saga this memo should be immediately released to the american public i had that same feeling i was like wait a minute this actually happened from our justice department and this f.b.i. first and loudest voices calling for transparency for integrity and openness within all levels of government there has been a real attempt to undermine this president we're not attacking the f.b.i. . we are seeking clarity transparency and understanding
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of what went on it's still unknown what exactly is inside this classified memo but it's said the content relates to the alleged trump russia collusions story in its claim the document reveals that the f.b.i. and the department of justice seriously misuse their surveillance powers while investigating meddling in the twenty sixty and us elections and we discuss this with political analyst and author gina luden she says that if the allegations in the memo do turn out to be true it will be a scandal of unprecedented proportion. we entrusted our government with the powerful tools of surveillance in order to fight terror and our worst fear i think was that they would use those tools to spy on us but if we find out this is true then that means the unthinkable has happened that the party in power was using those powers to them to spy on their opponents to stay in power that is by far the
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biggest scandal in u.s. history there's no comparison i think our american intelligence services will need an entire over our overhaul and we're going to have to re-evaluate the kinds of powers that we that people give our government because power here comes from people it goes to government if this is all true they did this to protect their own power which is the greatest aberration of the trust that we put in that. there will be no russian of the twenty eighteen that winter olympics in south korea the international paralympic committee has upheld its ban on team russia though it is allowing clean athletes to compete as neutrals two months earlier a similar decision was taken by the international olympic committee but while all eyes are on russia now allegations of doping violations are surfacing elsewhere in the world in the run up to next month's winter games the issue of doping has taken the main stage once again saying the majority of russian athletes beyond and those
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eligible to participate forced to compete under a neutral flag and frankly at this point when you hear doping you think russia what is the problem really reserved just the one country i'm afraid the answer is a resoundingly no an investigation conducted by a group of international researchers are two separate sporting events back in two thousand and eleven produced a rather shocking conclusion where more than two thousand we were surveyed anonymously to encourage honest answers they open appears remarkably widespread among elite athletes and remains largely unchecked despite current biology. testing that report revealed that at the thirteenth athletics world championships in south korea over forty percent of those competing emitted to doping in the past year and almost sixty percent at the pan arab games and doha whereas what only came back with point five percent of test as positive in south korea and three point six percent at the pan arab games needless to say that is a massive discrepancy and the other surprising thing is that the research was
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actually funded by wada and yet no one heard a peep out of them about the result which they've known about for years we would note that there was a delay of nearly six years between the completion of the data collection and the publication of this paper due to negotiations between wanna and i double a.f. and subsequently between the left and the authors regarding the authority to publish the results now it goes on to say that neither of the organizations impose restrictions on the writing of the report although i'm not sure how he thinks here de lay isn't considered a restriction the president of germany's athletics federation for one was infuriated by the hold up but i think that publication has impaired the possibility of taking important measures in the anti doping compay much earlier this is more than annoying you could also call this candle and guess what the report was actually released months ago but i'd bet good money that you haven't heard a thing about it because for some reason it wasn't made into nonstop breaking news no probes were conducted and no bands were seen this was
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a study which of course would raise alarms with the world anti-doping agency instead of pursuing it and doing further tests to determine the accuracy to try to verify or disprove the results of that study they simply blocked the publication so in my mind it's an example of the lack of transparency and the bias and the efforts to censor. studies and news that is problematic from their standpoint. we managed to speak to the authors of the report they told us that there were so it's indicates a doping epidemic. to international track meets we asked or made forty six percent and and fifty seven per cent of the athletes these international track meets were. much higher than we expected our quarter results newspaper i would call it average than men
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i mean when you're when you are talking that how some of the athletes in our national track meet are asked to remain to be doing some kind of don't. i think that's a serious problem for athletics and that is certainly a problem how big it is again i go back to my previous on about having presidents estimation we don't know but even if we settle for a lower figure that just for the sake of argument i'm not saying this is. just for the sake of argument it's some percent and. it's also important in these terms percent happens if ten percent of all of the medal winners is the paper. had them all and based on the so what we published is quite high the concerns over. is we don't know much about the athlete's compliance.
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fitness trackers have unexpectedly highlighted a major security flaw for military forces and australian student was able to discern the locations of secret military bases by simply looking at a global map indicating where people exercise the most illiterate trying to explains. did you know now anyone who's got an internet browser can locate even the most secret army bases around the world say journalists thanks to these little things so how come people are saying fitness trackers could have become the soldiers' worst enemy look at this global heat map by a g.p.s. tracking company wherever it gets bright are the areas of the stronger apps most active use some places seem totally black like of ghana stand for instance but we know there are american soldiers and parts of it zoom in tot all the little bright
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dots is where sam must hang out or to be more precise exercise it was a twenty year old student who first noticed how easy it was to find the u.s. bases this particular track looks like it logs their break into jogging route a shouldn't be able to establish any pattern of life from this far away so that's a real threat which the pentagon's admitted while only a few years ago they were happy to distribute thousands of fit bits among staff by the way there must be a number of temporary or even permanent u.s. bases that we don't know about journalists have zoomed in on areas around mosul and iraq and roc-a in syria we're told uncle sam is there to train and assist since the rest of iraq and syria are pretty much all black perhaps locals don't really have many of these devices so it's fair to assume that the bright
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spots are where americans train others and train themselves another journalist remembered this article and scrawled all the way to the capital of somalia some heavy jog next to the two on the beach around the reputed cia. no one can say for sure all of this is correct but the. cern is out there u.s. troops security issues aside i was going to show you the koreas how's that for a contrast but even in pyongyang there are a couple of bright zigzags could it be mr kim enjoying a bit of western technology well i bet he'll never tell us we're back in just a moment.
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but politicians do. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president injury. or something wanted. to go on to be press this is what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of. the ship. joining me everything on the alex i'm i'm sure and i'll be speaking to a guest of the world of politics school business i'm show business i'll see you.
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moscow islamic state as a military power may have been defeated in syria but the country's political crisis has yet to be resolved representatives of the syrian government and various opposition groups have gathered in the russian city of sochi for a new round of peace talks. but i guess d.f. assessing whether they are any closer to a breakthrough. dialogue has been sorely lacking in the syrian civil war in two thousand and twelve the geneva peace process was initially founded in the six years since it is achieved nothing one side or the other would go to these talks without preconditions sometimes extreme preconditions and that has to paedo those talks this process on the other hand is designed to be more frank more open.
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there have already been eight or nine rounds of talks since we first came to geneva the end of twenty thirteen unfortunately the geneva process yielded no results for now there's no progress the science of just shrunk back into their stances we blame the syrian government for that in its stubbornness over the political transition issues so we need a breakthrough we need an impulse that would push the geneva process further we think that this congress can pave the way for the future progress in geneva unfortunately not everyone is on board the syrian negotiation committee which represents a number of rebel groups voted to boycott. you think the way the war was going that that be interested in talking but perhaps there was pressure on them not to get involved the syrian negotiation commission agreed not to attend the sortie conference our focus remains delivering a credible political transition for syria through the un led geneva talks putin's
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spokesperson said it himself don't expect a breakthrough a peace treaty you re conciliation here in sochi this is not what this venue is about it's just a space for the various sides in syria the various ethnicities the nominations to come together and to talk about their differences not necessarily resolve them it's to get the bull rolling because what has been sorely lacking in the syrian civil war is any sort of. dialogue between the warring sides between the rivals and the opponents this is intended to set up to give them an opportunity to sit down and to talk about their differences as what i just mentioned the sides do not agree on many points about syria's future including for example the fate of the current president bashar al assad but us by their differences pro-government and opposition representatives do agree on one thing that discussing these problems is crucial.
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we are here now to negotiate to sit in front of each other to fight each other to shout at each other to talk to each other to talk frankly we hope that here in sochi we can achieve what we couldn't achieve in geneva after eight rounds of talks now with the syrian government cannot just avoid these negotiations they will have to meet all the participants of the congress face to face that is a step forward that was not made in geneva it will be useful for geneva. and i'm at the head that our sochi is your regarding so we should remember there are many problems both on the ground and political the syrian army with its allies has liberated large areas and eliminated terrorist leaders anyway the geneva negotiations lead to nothing in order to please other parties that happens with other negotiation platforms too and that's where sochi comes in but we shouldn't expect too much maybe some expect the situation in syria will be resolved right
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after a declaration when announcements in sochi but we know how politics works these negotiations are just a stage. several major german carmakers are under fire over controversial testing methods being revealed they were involved in potentially how hazardous experiments on both humans and animals are all over investigators. having humans inhale toxic fumes is apparently how the german automotive industry carried out its health impact research it's emerged in the media that the giants of the german car industry allegedly sanctioned experiments on both humans and animals. the experiments were carried out by a now defunct research group that was funded by volkswagen daimler a big m.w. in the experiments twenty five of volunteers inhaled nitrogen dioxide put through.
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university hospital the experiments were given the ok by the university's ethics board and it's understood that there was no adverse health effects for those who took part in the study however this hasn't stopped people being outraged and shocked that this was given the green light in the first place and vice according to what is known to the public the discuss that many people are feeling is absolutely understandable these tests on monkeys or even humans can in no way be ethically justified they raise many critical questions for those who are behind these tests and those questions must urgently beyond's it the same organization it previously found itself in the hope water for experiments on animals including forcing ten monkeys to inhale the exhaust fumes of the w.p. cell while watching cartoons the car manufacturers for their part of being quick to distance themselves from these experiments. we believe that the scientific method
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chosen that the time was wrong the b.m.w. group is in no way influenced by the design or methodology of studies carried out on behalf of the e.u. g.t. the animal experiments in the study are superfluous and repulsive generating around four hundred billion euro yearly the german also industry has come in for criticism in recent years as well as lee. attempts to treat all emissions test for diesel vehicles allegations of carrying out experiments on people and on levels so unlikely to improve the refutation piece role of a. pleasure having you with us for the news today here when l.t. international the program returns at the top of the.
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was. manufactured to stick to the public will. when the roaming classes project themselves. on the finance merry go round the liberals only the one percent tell. the it's like going all middle of the room signal. the momentum real news is the way i am.
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this is the kaiser report on max kaiser what the frick is growing on a flower. pluckers not here will bring plucky back to what's going on. if you go on totally mad. i love the flowers and the trees and the bee is it's nature it's a forest right here in the middle of los angeles fantastic oh yes we're in a tropical jungle here in the middle of los angeles so you will hear the birds because we're in the tropical forest within los angeles where at the sunset marquis but you will hear many sirens because many bad people live in los angeles as well as people like kevin spacey harvey weinstein on the police are chasing but you know is doing very well not only are these plants and trees doing very well but max the
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stock market is doing well as we've covered it keeps on going up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up trump has had the best you know one year performance of any president since f.d.r. remember f.d.r. of course came in when it was at all time low and then the stock market after the great crash soared well chump's had a great year and you know who is now actually piling into the market at the all time high the millennia was finally fearful millennial is are finally ready to take a chance on the stock market they interviewed jared smith a thirty one year old old millennial who used to be afraid of the markets but not anymore the markets becoming a little more insulated he said i'm hoping that we learned our lesson from the crisis have gotten better as a society especially in the financial and banking world that we will not allow that again certain measures have been put in place since then and the market is not
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insulated in any way. the discounting mechanism for risk and the risk is that the moment i hear that it has been for quite some time but i understand reading the financial press that the millennial is are piling into companies that are involved in the marijuana industry. they mentioned in particular that he was he had bought nvidia so a lot of them are into that whole gaming space and all the chips and stuff like that and some of the fang shares you know the tech shares he's piling into that he is also dabbling in some of the cryptocurrency stuff but he said he was mostly afraid of the risk but really the most shocking thing that this kid said this thirty one year old guy jared smith said from new york city by the way lives in the or probably in brooklyn this is for the twenty twenty elections to look forward to because listen to what he says about why he's piling into the stock markets and why
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he has faith in the future of the u.s. economy one factor influencing his appetite for risk president donald trump trump does seem to be much more pro a condom e and pro american stock market than other past presidents smith said while he's an office i believe there is an extra layer of insulation there from something drastic and catastrophic from happening like. this is a millennial saying this from new york where i well i remember before the dot com crash in two thousand you had an enormous amount of money flowing into america online because people got online and they said i'm on line i'm going to buy stock in america online so it's a form of what i call stock market narcissism where you're buying what it is that you are doing at that moment so people who are on social media they're buying social media stocks and if so it's stock market narcissism and donald trump is very pro jobs and he's trying to bring back jobs but ultimately the decision of whether
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or not this market is expensive were. shape is that of the federal reserve bank who controls interest rates so interest rates are at historic lows at this time but if in fact the economy starts to heat up as this millennial is suggesting that means that wages will also start to heat up which is inflationary which means bonds will have to start trading down which means interest rates go up and it's there for you to have a correction. however if you look at what has also happened this week. how is it jeff bezos made two point eight billion dollars in one day and he made two point eight billion dollars in one day after his company introduced technology that eliminates the need for cashiers all cashiers and in america make an average of two hundred ten million dollars a day combined cashiers is the number two in america number one i believe his truck driver number two is cashier so jeff bezos of amazon introduced that amazon go
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we don't need cashiers you just walk out so you know whether or not inflation will ever appear in wages it's hard to not write so i think is that we're at this now top one hundred thirteen billion dollars this is interesting that the internet of course was financed by the government and then you have private cheers able to cash in on what was billed by the government i've often said that social security for example should have a component that invests in the stock market so that people can participate in the things that they're financing it could be the infrastructure projects that it projects the technology projects where there would be no technology structure without nasa nasa is a government program there would be no google there would be no apple there would be no microsoft without the u.s. government so why should the u.s. . and i say d.o.d. all of them. so why should there be an element in our collective ownership of this country owning these particular entities not why is it concentrated in
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just one individual that's a very poorly designed system in my view now i have another tweet and this was from january twenty third your birthday somebody tweeted this about jeff bezos just to put into context when you're looking at how the wealth affected everybody feels great because the stock market keeps on going up a thousand points faster than all you know all time new highs faster. mr as it seems like inflation is really kicking off after all the central bank interference in printing money but jeff bezos how much he made from january first to january twenty third jeff bezos has made another fifteen point two billion dollars just so far this year yes it's january twenty third the average american has made three thousand one hundred twenty eight dollars so far this year. jeff bezos made four million eight hundred fifty nine thousand three hundred thirty five times more than
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the average american this is the hyperinflation and billionaire class for sure yeah there's a billionaire created every other day. from the latest a to stick so every two days there's a new billionaire which is ok fine i mean the system produces a great wealth and we should encourage the pursuit of great wealth pro-capitalism but when you have the underlying architecture of the system as such where individuals like they are aggregating wealth. vast magnitudes a multitude of the underlying inflation rate it shows that the architecture of the system the design of the system is flawed is broken and will result in catastrophic failure or market failure we've seen that market failure many times we saw in two thousand and eight we saw in one nine hundred ninety seven we saw in one thousand nine hundred seven and we're going to see it again probably in the very near future because the underlying design of this capital system has not been modified to account for changes in technology over the past fifty sixty seventy years and we
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keep having these catastrophic failures. i was speaking of catastrophic failure i want to point out once again before i move on to the next headline this money will a millennial if you're supposed to be the one with her sort of crowd these are supposed to be the ones that all the democrats are counting on to come out in twenty eighteen in the midterm elections and vote for them and here's a millennial from brooklyn i'm only he's in new york. they say but i'm assuming brooklyn ok i'm i might be stereotyping him but you know here's a guy who you would think is naturally going to vote for the democrats and he doesn't mention putin but he mentions president as a reason why he himself is invested in the stock market and if the markets continue to go crazy and you never know markets can stay irrational for longer than anybody could stay solvent trying to bet against them but here here's a kid that you would think everything if if he's watching rachel maddow how he's supposed to be scared he's supposed to be hiding under his bed you know in fear of
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some nuclear attack instead he's he's he's took a third of his trust but he has of course like most when else in brooklyn are going to have a trust well he's taken a third of it and he's going long stock markets in e.t.s for the first time since the financial crisis lots of curious timing on that you know the post crisis the dow got down to nine thousand now it's flirting with twenty six thousand and these will any of us are piling in now at this level but they hated it at nine thousand that's the way markets are there despise the lows when people should be buying in their loved at the top still and people should be cautious so this is a classic kind of contrarian indicator that if you've got the an educated now piling in at all time highs i think the professionals will start to ease out for the exits before the mad rush well this is
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a dangerous sign that this next tweet because of course many of these millennial zz he'll be buying by an online discount brokerage and here's one of them a tweet about one of them t.d. ameritrade c.e.o. says he has never seen client cash levels this low clients highly active in markets again another contrarian indicator so when you have low cash levels in accounts of the. people are fully committed that's typically a market top when you have great bullishness that's generally on a market top when they put call ratio is the extended level more bullish bets than negative bets that's generally a market top so all these contrarian indicators are telling us that the market is at nosebleed territory and but that's when most people you know pile in because the euphoria generates irrational choices yeah well i know that even ray dally.


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