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tv   News  RT  January 30, 2018 11:00am-11:31am EST

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a year ago it's a different deal than it was a year ago maybe not much but it is a different deal and what donald trump is saying he wants to see some drastic changes you want to see something that does that this deal is actually a really really good deal he called it as he's called after one of the worst deals in the history when it comes to any type of trade pacts but now you know he's taken a couple of steps back is going to look at what is happening right now because he knows one thing and this is what donald trump did say and dabbles yet we might be able to negotiate with the pact so that all eleven countries but we can also negotiate bilaterally with these countries so he's seeing opportunity here any way that you turn it even if this ship has sailed because if these guys are signing march eighth trust me they don't want to start opening up these negotiations again this is been going on for years so they want to wrap this up as soon as they possibly can and then maybe discuss it with the united states after and donald trump i think understands that for him there's a lot of wiggle room here bilateral multinational anyway that he wants to make
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deals and he will play on his way i mean he's been a wild card and this is the way the style is done with nafta with the e.u. with everybody he screams out this you know you know bloody murder that. you know fire brimstone type but they but the whole fact of the matter is the bottom line is the ban is a deal maker and this just happens to be a style and i think everybody understands that from europe to nafta and to the t p p alex you're here in toronto but you're a global trade expert thank you for your time and time now for a quick break but stick around because when we return natasha sweet reports on the border wall and those doctored dreamers and here are the numbers at the closing bell.
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i'm stephen bob taft hollywood guy usual suspects a very proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. to suggest this is my buddy max the famous financial guru just a little bit different i was abraham lincoln are not going to win the cup with all the drama happening in our country i'm hitting the road to have fun every day americans more. quickly start to bridge the gap this is the great american people.
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it's been two years since it was announced that some of saudi arabia's state owned oil company saudi aramco would be sold as part of an initial public offering today however it's not clear if the aramco i.p.o. will be listed on the new york stock exchange on the saudi stock market or someplace else in november president trump tweeted his support for the i.p.o. being at the new york stock exchange the sale of aramco valued at more than one point three trillion dollars is seen as one of the highest priorities of the saudi government and crown prince mohammed bill bin solomon and b.s. the end action has made some observers question if the i.p.o. will even be completed this year as was previously planned meanwhile in related news the large anti-corruption campaign in saudi which sought dozens of high ranking officials and businessmen arrested and imprisoned at the ritz carlton hotel
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has seen several of the businessmen including prince al waleed released it's unclear what sort of settlement was real each was reached although the saudi government says there are forty remaining individuals who may go to trial. the u.s. commodity futures trading commission the c f t c which i know well appears ready to find european lenders u.b.s. h.s.b.c. and deutsche bank millions of dollars each for so-called spoofing and manipulation in the us futures markets spoofing which became illegal as a result of the wall street reform and consumer protection act otherwise known as dodd frank became law back in two thousand and ten that's when if a trader makes a bid or an offer to sell a futures contract with the intent to cancel that better offer before another trader accept it bad after traders do this to try and push or pull prices in one direction or another the fines for u.b.s. and deutsche bank are expected to be upward of ten million dollars each while the
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fine for h.s.b.c. is expected to be somewhat less in august a u.s. appeals court upheld a three year conviction of former cheetah traitor michael kozak who was the first individual to be criminally prosecuted under the spoofing law. while the three day government shutdown ended last week in an exchange for a commitment to consider immigration related issues in the coming weeks the issues of funding president trump border wall and the docket dreamer's remains unresolved artie's natascha suite has more. many wonder if congress will sign off on funding for the wall that the president has been pushing for republicans say they're willing to work with democrats in fixing the legal status of some eight hundred thousand opera's sapience if funding for the border is agreed
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upon the question is will a deal be made breaking here when i was through with my parents. and is a doctor recipients coming from mexico city to the u.s. at only three years of age and is says he's had all of his schooling from elementary to college here in the states. or do so with. melendez graduated from county at long beach last year and has been directing short films took a scene on the immigration issues plaguing the country i think our lives are more at risk now than ever and i think if you're going to create more hate by building a wall you need to find a solution a permanent solution for our live in million and. in the u.s. community and all of our dreamers speaker of the house paul ryan says he also wants a permanent fix a we want to fix doc we do want to fix doc b. we want to fix it while addressing the root cause problem so that we don't have a doc a problem again i mean that's kind of common sense president trump famously ran a campaign highlighting the significance of building a wall while some question of his idea of
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a war has evolved he's confirmed the building of it in certain areas will take place we need a physical border wall we're going to have all remember that we're going to have a wall to keep out deadly drug dealers dangerous traffickers and violent criminal cartels mexico's having a tremendous problem with crime and we want to keep it out of our country while melinda's sees the wall as a symbol of hate esther valdez an immigration attorney who has represented more than three hundred talking recipients sees it differently the wall is not necessarily going to be a division between mexico and the united states there's going to be surveillance there's going to be drones it's going to be electronic that there's going to be cameras manpower tunnels because we're stopping the drug trade and we're stopping. what now is even more lucrative than the drug trade it's the human trade well valdes supports the wall she sees the path to citizenship for the eight hundred thousand dock recipients as a crucial step forward what do we do with approximately eight hundred thousand
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young people that the american citizenry has already educated they've gone to our public schools their skilled workers why send them back to a country that they know nothing about to establish foreign countries economies and their educational systems as points out many undocumented immigrants are ready to come out of the shadows and earn a livable wage but it will cost employers who have been increasing their profit margins through cheap labor and the rest of america it seems is waking up to how there's eleven million people who have been picking my produce so that i can have corn for three for a dollar well it has come at a price a price that employers haven't wanted to pay another twist in the fight for immigration reform being brought to the table is a new report released by the department of justice and homeland security report indicated seventy three percent of individuals convicted of terrorism related charges from two thousand and one to twenty sixteen were foreign born i was reading there and i think it's kind of unfortunate because i think you can make statistics
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say anything and any wall criminal and immigration attorney says he doesn't agree with the numbers let's remember that there's some statistics you can show that three or four americans create the same i'll do the same amount of activity and also says that the legal status of doc recipients aren't fixed that it will be a huge blow to the economy a lot of doctor workers are are here they're doing it every day jobs there's a lot of work who are in college they're paying tuition and an end as says because of the economic impacts the parents of dr recipients shouldn't be penalized definitely shouldn't be criminalizing their parents because of them the country hasn't engineers dreamers teachers. actors artists who can contribute to society and that's something that needs to be recognized but valdez says. the way things are going and dr recipients are able to stay and fix their legal status the economy will continue to soar when president trump last year announced that he was going to phase out the doctoral program to ask congress for a legislative replacement one that would allow dr recipients the right to work with
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protection from deportation made without replacement or a pathway to citizenship is one step closer and at a time a few at the border and possibly three parties. and we think natasha for that good report unfortunately is an issue that will continue to be talked about over the coming weeks and when to get back to poverty inequality and that wealth gap that we spoke about earlier in the program with ashley banks and now we're joined by dr david henderson a professor and research fellow at the hoover institution professor thanks for joining us as an economist do you think that offhand report that ashley was speaking about it you may have heard earlier but i know you're familiar with it are there from an economic perspective is that sound and accurate findings. some of them are accurate but the reasoning is not sound let me explain the actual report which is over ninety pages long says that world poverty has fallen by half
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the number in extreme poverty between one thousand nine hundred two thousand and ten and to their credit they say that's a good thing at the same time as they point out wealth inequality has increased elsewhere in the report they say we can't reduce extreme poverty without reducing extreme wealth inequality guess what their own report says we can't we have wealth inequality has gone up and poverty extreme poverty has fallen moreover they say. their way to handle extreme wealth inequality is to take from the wealthiest and in fact that will reduce the incentive to produce wealth and in fact the report is titled report were awarded work not wealth well guess what wealth dollars reward innovation moreover there's one other distinction they don't make they do talk at points about crony capitalism they do talk about carlos slim in mexico who got his wealth he's one of the wealthiest men in the world he got his wealth from cronyism
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by having a monopoly on telecom but take jeff bezos who was mentioned earlier he got his wealth by innovating like crazy i bet you bart get things from amazon regularly i know my household does and that's great and we save money and he makes money and his employer employees do well or they wouldn't be working there so i think it just leaves out the whole idea about gains from trade and how both sides can be better off right i got you on that now let me ask ask you i mean is this something how would you deal with it i mean i was in davos last week and the whole deal was trying to create a consensus in a fragmented world and it seems that with this wealth gap it's even more fragmented so you know how should elected officials or others economists maybe professor to suggest we deal with this. i would deal with that by letting more and immigrants in i mean you think about the wealth gap what's the biggest gap it's between us and
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united states and say people in the poorest parts of asia in africa let them in and in the ninety plus page report where they actually even highlight the the dilemma of this real young woman working in a sweat in sweat shop conditions they never even mention the idea of letting more people in there's an economist named michael clemons who wrote a book wrote an article titled trillion dollar bills on the sidewalk in which he lays out the fact that if we had open immigration in europe and canada and united states and japan a couple other rich countries and say a billion people moved the world economy would actually increase by about thirty to fifty percent and we would be better off and they would be better off those are that the gains from trade we've got we have a relatively free trade world the big gains left are from people immigrating yep let me ask you do you do you think that it doesn't look like we're going to get
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a more immigrants with this president anytime soon but absent that do you think some folks out there are just saying you know this is ok to have this this is acceptable outcome is just a result of a functioning market is that how you see it that's how i see it but also it's going well it's not just that we're there sitting there in poverty way fewer of them are sitting there in poverty and the ones out of poverty are doing better so for example let's say you have someone there making ten thousand years a household income and their income goes up five percent that's five hundred dollars household income average household income is fifty thousand and their income goes up two percent that's a thousand dollars so the gap can be increasing even though income is growing way more at the bottom end which is exactly what has happened. professor want to thank you we run out of time but i hope you'll come back and really appreciate it professor david henderson a research fellow at the hoover institution thanks for joining us thanks part. and
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before we go curry green mountain has announced its intent to buy dr pepper snapple in a deal that would stablished an eleven billion dollar beverage behold with the deal is the most recent part of an effort by j. a d. holding company that's the austrian entity which acquired pure green mountain in two thousand and sixteen and also owns pinera caribou coffee and other related breakfast and lunch and it is to become a major distributor of distributor a beverages in the united states dr pepper has a particularly prominent place on the minds of many americans and was the first carbonated soft drink ever it was invented by a waco texas pharmacist who received a at eight hundred eighty five the name dr may have been used to indicate there were health benefits to drinking it you know the deal was still has to be approved by dr pepper and snapple shareholders but i hope they keep postponing commercials with little sweet the miniature prince looking dude for a diet dr pepper it's
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a sweet one those are hilarious that wraps it up for now be sure to catch boom bust on youtube youtube dot com slash boom bust artie catch you next time. you see in years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with the gun bad guy trying to get to my family member as he would have better a lot better and i think it's fair and turning when i apply my baby and says my book was published in the year two thousand more than home for a million americans have been killed by phones in the u.s. how does the team yes we did this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves in real scenarios it was interesting to see who actually got here. i decided to return to the
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subject to track down each gun owner who i. madden golf those years you god i don't know this but we are not for a. global war hawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles based on. the news talk spread of tell you that will be gossip and tabloid by falsehood the most important day. of the hotham advertisements how you think you are not cool enough to hide their products. these are the hawks that we along with our loved ones. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to move. on events like on the biggest elsewhere
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they invite private companies to take over their utilities many by the telescope of . mr guys who got. this is. for you remember the left bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more than war it's about the hurt and the redistribution of. their debt downwards do you want.
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an american watchdog overseeing afghanistan has been banned by the pentagon from publishing information about areas controlled by the taliban. tensions flare as peace talks over best syrian crisis get underway in the russian city of sochi we're going to be bringing you live updates from the venue later in the program. the u.s. treasury names over two hundred russian politicians and business figures in the so-called kremlin list washington stresses that no sanctions are being imposed
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against the individuals on it though it was drawn up as part of a sanctions law signed last summer. the problem of doping in sport is much more widespread than previously thought according to a recently released report that was withheld by the world anti-doping agency for six years. a very warm welcome i'm mickey aaron and you're watching r.t. international broadcasting to you live from the russian capital it's good to have you with us this hour. now we start with breaking news the pentagon has apparently told the inspector general for afghanistan to hush up how much of the country's territory is under the control of local taliban insurgents that's according to his
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latest report. the inspector general produces regular reports on the progress of the longest conflict in u.s. history some of which have been quite negative about the u.s. operation his latest comes amid increased violence in afghanistan.
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now the u.s. treasury has released a declassified list of russian individuals as part of a sanctions law signed by donald trump in august last year the so-called kremlin list includes the names of one hundred fourteen politicians and nearly one hundred top tier business figures but the treasury denies those on the list stopping sign and medina cancian of a has the details it is quite a backlist was a lot of names that includes almost all top russian politicians and businessmen including prime minister dmitry me to the differing minister sergey lavrov and russian ministers now in total there are one hundred fourteen politicians and ninety six a businessman those businessman whose fortune is all for one billion dollars and they've got business and europe or the united states are also according to the u.s. treasury department and the inner circle of the russian president now the publication is part of the same sions bill which was signed by u.s.
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president donald trump back in august last year but the u.s. treasury department denies that it is a sanctions list. it is not a sanctions list and the inclusion of individuals or entities in this report does not in a know we should be interpreted to impose sanctions on those individuals or entities the us ambassador to russia has already called for the russian side not to react emotionally to this publication kremlin spokesperson said that this list does not represent anything in particular but they will still look into it a possible impact on the russian companies some other russian politicians have reacted quite certain cast sickly to this list of they say that the u.s. intelligence is simply decided to include everyone from the kremlin phone book and want one high ranking official even said that this list is essentially a book of who is who and the russian politics so the u.s.
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says it is not saying sions list but what could be the aim of such a move otherwise. tensions are high in the russian city of thought where peace talks over the syrian crisis have just got underway during the opening speech of russia's foreign minister some in the audience became quite emotional as r.t. is more a galaxy of reports. it's been a busy and unpredictable starts to the sochi peace conference first there's a deal a for hours and hours while last minute arrivals couldn't quite make their minds up on whether to attend or or not and when foreign minister lavrov finally got around to making the opening speech well this. difference i want to say.
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was. the only difference thank you very much. difference we have to continue working you will have a chance to participate in the discussion and. as for myself personally. the router's it's and once express my sincere is crass to cheat colleagues. friends again i would like you're. going to see those that if it's long live russia the let me speak please. organize this tell us more than a thousand one thousand six hundred delegates most of them syrians have come to attend to attend this peace conference but those last arrivals we mentioned are the
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hard core opposition the real power the rebel power on the ground formerly the the voted to boycott the sochi conference nevertheless turkey convinced them to get on board a plane and fly over once they got here they had their conditions they were also upset with the syrian government flags being put up. around sochi they demanded that those be taken down fortunately that the turkish foreign minister they couldn't convince them to stay to attend and they then boarded the jet and after spending ten or so hours at the airport flew back to turkey nevertheless the congress the syria peace conference went on went ahead it would have been great to have that opposition here to have that diversity here to see them sit down with the syrian government perhaps other factions other denominations and the cities who are
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represented here and to talk about their differences not try to necessarily resolve them here and now you know that's expecting a lot but at least get the ball rolling at least voice their concerns voiced their positions which is what this vent this venue this space is entirely about getting everyone. to sit down and to establish a precedent where they can talk to each other because the syrian civil war has dragged on and on people are tired of it internationally in syria weary of the fighting and well it isn't going the way that the rebels wanted it to go so there's more incentive here to sit down and talk nevertheless not this time around but sochi wooll happen again and we have yet to see what the session in particular will result in. as mark mentioned the signs do not agree on many points about syria's
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future including for example the fate of the current president bashar al assad but despite their differences a pro-government and opposition representatives agree on one thing that discussing these problems is crucial. we are here now to negotiate to sit in front of each other to fight each other to shout at each other to talk to each other to talk frankly we hope that here in sochi we can achieve what we couldn't achieve in geneva after eight rounds of talks now with the syrian government cannot just avoid these negotiations they will have to meet all the participants of the congress face to face that is a step forward that was not made in geneva it will be useful for geneva. and then at the hub that our sochi is your regarding sort we should remember there are many problems both on the ground and political the syrian army with its allies has liberated large areas and eliminated terrorist leaders anyway the geneva negotiations lead to nothing in order to please other parties that happens with
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other negotiation platforms too and that's where saudi comes in but we should expect too much maybe some expect the situation in syria will be resolved right after a declaration when announcements and saw what we know how politics works these negotiations are just a stage. or there will be no russian flag at the twenty eighteen winter olympics in south korea the international paralympic committee has upheld its ban on russia though it's allowing clean athletes to compete as neutrals two months earlier a similar decision was taken by the international olympic committee but while all eyes that on russia now allegations of doping violations are surfacing elsewhere in the world in the run up to next month's winter games the issue of doping has taken the main stage once again seeing the majority of russian athletes banned and those eligible to participate forced to compete under a neutral flag and frankly at this point when you hear doping you think russia but is the problem really reserved just the one.


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