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tv   News  RT  January 30, 2018 1:00pm-1:31pm EST

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engles he'll be buying by an online discount brokerage and here's one of them a tweet about one of them t.d. ameritrade c.e.o. says he has never seen client cash levels this low clients highly active in markets again another contrarian indicator so when you have low cash levels in accounts and people are fully committed that's typically a market top when you have great bullishness that's generally on the market top when the pull call ratio is extended level more bullish bets than negative bets that's generally a market top so always contrarian indicators are telling us that the market is nosebleed territory and that's when most people you know pile in because the euphoria generates irrational choices yeah well i know that even ray dally oh i guess one of the richest hedge funders in america he was over in davos saying
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that anybody sitting on the sidelines is basically an imbecile they're going to miss out because markets are going to continue to soar this year certainly with all the tax cuts so that's what he thinks maybe maybe for a year though these money is a week ok i'm sure the democrats are hoping that he's not ok because they need a market crash if this is the sort of you know it's the economy stupid well let me point something out ray valeo can make a statement like that and be long the market and also hedged so he could put ten billion dollars in the stock market and for two or three percent of the vestment he can be hedged with puts and futures contracts limiting his last two or three percent if there is a crash the people who are listening to him will go along the market or on the head of the t.t. ameritrade or the discount brokers they'll pile in the money will pile in but they won't be hedged so if there is a ten twenty or thirty percent correction or a crash they'll feel it all laurie dahlia will feel the two percent and they'll be . like oh i guess i was wrong but i. lost two percent and by the way here's my next
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idea and then so finally because this kind of ties in with this young kid millennial being from new york and what's how trump even came into office in the first place and looking forward to twenty eighteen is bronco. tweeted. you know he's a professor at cuny city university of new york and he's written a book about inequality so he said of the dallas crowd he says as bronco milan says of davus attendees they are loath to pay a living wage but they will fund a film on a orchestra they will ban unions but they will organize a workshop on transparency and government you know just in terms of whether or not the sort of fellow moronic funding crowd of the m.s.m. b.c. watching elite of new york some of the people that we can think of whether or not that they'll have some economic answers that will trump the rising stock market are
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now feeling some sort of wealth effect that trump is making them feel smart because the markets are going up because they're invested oh speaking of a lot after the break we'll talk to one of the richest millennialists him out there in the crypto space don't go away stay right there. we go i traveled across the northeast exploring america's deadly love with. the bad guy trying to get to my family members he would have a better life better and i think it's a grizzly bear and hurting whenever my my baby says my book was published in the year two thousand million americans have been killed by the u.s. . team yes we did yes this is a middle school we go through drills. and we put ourselves in real scenarios it was
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interesting to see who actually got hit by the gun fire just saw i did to return to the subject to track down each gun on a who i'd met and fudged off those years of god i don't know that but we were not for a. fight for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money killian erroneous and spending two hundred twenty million flying. it's an experience like nothing else i want to do because i
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want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy great so will more transfer. and makes this morning. why go back to the kaiser part i measure as a time out of turn jeremy gardner of augur and many other crypto related projects a long term friend jeremy carter great to have you on finally thanks for having me man all right this is awesome now tell us what author so auger was one of the very first applications ever built on top of the theory of blockade is it decentralized application it is a decentralized prediction market platform effectively an unstoppable online betting platform that predicts the future right now i am some experience in the prediction market whilst going back of
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a number of years i studied your experience. the hollywood stock exchange so jeremy how does this say use the block chain in a prediction markets shorts so it is entirely written on top of a layer of smart contracts so there is not a single component of the augur platform that essential isin any way including though the event resolution process which is really the most novel innovation of augur is that instead of relying on a single central. entity to resolve say whether donald trump was elected president or not thousands of people report on the outcome of advance from around the world using a token that we issued out one of the very first offenders a very first utility token ever created because it's a token that is not used judd secure a block but to make application work instead so it's a bit of crowdsourcing using the telly talking to get interest of these prophecies
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like verifying a resolution as you say. it's efficient and what about the experience we've seen in the past as a prediction markets like in trade with in ireland is that you know a lot of people don't like to at prediction markets around because they like to be able to control the news cycle they like to be. it specially in america now with so much going on in the political space we like to control things and production markets tend to give them more and propagandized to look at things and it can get it you know you're attracting some attention maybe that you don't want to attract if you thought about that what's your thought i mean that that is why we've created a de centralized prediction market there is there are new servers still like in trades it can't be shut down once of the application goes live it's a pandora's box it is open forever there i mean there are thousands of nodes all around the world validating the transaction to hosting the platform it is totally on some sort of bill but we have gone and we have reached out to there are
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appropriate regulatory authorities he thinks and play into what the platform is we explain that is totally open source recently that the auger does not create any of the markets or the forecast foundation which is behind auger it's anybody that uses apart from there goes a group of kids as markets and to be clear i'm not speaking on behalf of other of augur i'm no longer associated just a co-founder and ambassador to the top so the chairman gartner story actually gets kind of interesting here so i read about you the new york times and there's a story out there the talk about the crypto pro. and they told us how i'd characterize it. and they've carried this so they have the in the what has it got tripped over castle in which is my house and severance is your house it's your house in san francisco and there are twenty somethings i know of the twenty something i am about to turn twenty six a month and you guys were early into the trip to space yes we're all go it's pretty much fun and if you're sitting on you know let's let's be honest a bucket loads of of of of wampum you know and so the new york times chose to take
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the angle that you know why are we giving these young guys so much frickin money and is this a good thing and i must say that the characterization you know painted you you know i would say in a not in a terribly flattering way. intellectually vapid right and so your experience you know i talked a little bit about this was that the mainstream media was a different experience than you expect there yeah and you know i always hated that term means she media just sounded like this horrible of justification of popular news but at the end of the day where you begin to realize especially as you interact with journalists reporting for these large news organizations is that they have neither the time. nor the capacity to truly explore the ramifications of technology that they're writing and reporting so and say what they do say look for soundbites they look for things that make it very easy to process so if it's about
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like fast fast money instant wealth. and stupid means they can write about that because the part of mousavi and his can comprehend that i ride my bicycle lambo some stupid me now i mean it is very difficult to take the time to explain to an audience that may not understand what's about database technology which is what sort of us can go and explain what a block changes and dusted if they take the path of least resistance and often that is just one that is very intellectually empty you know looking at this open source projects going back to linux you know it's technology guys and they're solving the problem of the software presented to them by microsoft and i thought you know we could do a better job of going to open source this and nerds and techno guys and programmers behind the scenes nobody ever hears about them came up with this product that was world beating product when software becomes money if it could have been coined as
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software that is money it's open source money right how has this impacted the general mindset of the young entrepreneur and developer programmer because it seems like it's not necessarily a match made of haven't you could you give a guy who's maybe artistic you know spent. one thousand hours a day and probably right here some least maybe worth and got a hundred million or two hundred million dollars in monitise liquid form so as a cultural observer and as a veteran in this space at your age talk to me about that is that a fair like observation what do you think about that the older folks get the harder it is for them to comprehend how natural this technology is in this new us asset classes to millennialism below that we've always had below get we've already had in game digital currencies we're used to the invertebrate of several years there's been you can mine digital gold and there's actually a real world value that you can go exchange those token internet tokens for you
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what you haven't had is digital scarcity and that and that's the real innovation that the big club provided and what makes it such a promising aspect was put into digital natives young people that have been on the internet like myself at least since we were like eight or nine when the world wide web really kind of took off it just feels very natural the whole idea of scanning a q arco to set aside money it doesn't feel that strange to us but i have to admit it is somewhat troubling the the man searches that are being created because it creates the wrong sort of narrative about the sec knowledge if you look at the articles written about me recently they there is no attempt to like go into any sort of anything that i've actually done in this industry they just want to write about like how much money i made and what it does is it perpetuates and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of this culture of greed of of fast money and that's
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what it was never about for any of us i got into this early and most of us have seen the real upside of this we've got it because we truly believe this acknowledge you change the world and make a better talk about digital scarcity because that really is a key concept up again referring back to my experience i was like a safe in the path that i created for the virtual specialist in. to deal with the fact that you've got millions of users and there was no you had it figure out a way to create prosperity across all those asset classes because you had proponents of people coming in by leonardo dicaprio so that price would soon hire and distort the market and so he had no scarcity had to create a specialised mechanism to create the digital scarcity by affecting the way price discovery work ok now with this digital scarcity that problem is solved yeah and it's true across all the crypto assets and it's something that let's say the gold people who don't like don't get they don't understand that so can you for in a few lines address their what they're missing about digital scarcity that would
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suit you have to understand in order to grasp the scarcity that exists in because one is the fact that big coin is like i said before open source money and it's aids features are programmable and deflation in twenty one million big quinta will ever be created is something that is hard wired into big scope and there's really no chance that that will ever be changed and so we soon so if you don't believe in code and you don't believe in software like you're not you're like you're never going to get picked quite a bit harsh you know he called me a chocolate ice and you know you know you're going to get regret your time's going to slam you earn her for ages i'm. victimise ages two for folks for folks that do not appreciate the power of software because eight in too many people can seem like magic it's like you literally write something into
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a computer in it and enemies other things now steve jobs said he said anything we do if it's any good should appear like magic right and you know there are still people that don't use up our products you know ok so now the market is i'm here at the conference here at the conference there's ice just hundreds of ice yes it's crazy and in. are we hit that we hit peak i.c.m. we've probably hit peak by c.e.o. i think we're going to reach a point very soon where there's more regulatory enforcement there's a massive shakeout in the industry a lot of these really tokens go and disappear with the idea of a nice you know this democratized way of crowdfunding from around the world for new technologies and ideas or even just see who wants it and that's a sure probably the most interesting concept is of course security tokens you know of last capital we did the very first security token to represent represented a limited partner interest in our beds for fun but moving forward i believe
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launching turned entire world into a stock market so anything that is scarce in the real world in theory you can securitize in tokenize on a block and so i think we'll have to have been in real estate with intellectual property such as digital rights management to pay for saying art as you identify yourself as a liberal and. liberals progressive precisely progress and. they are the last brace of this technology got the libertarians you've got the american capitalist you've got your conservatives and yet what you're describing there is would be a progressive. and yet they are the last to take a look at this how do you break through that to them. for me it's been a process you know i i grew up always around available but i grew up in the most liberal medium sized city in america this is a and when i would go home and try to talk about this technology now it is a scene friends that i went to college in high school with sometimes angrily posts
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about big oil assets i realize it is a troy and the only thing you do i don't waste my time trying to evangelize some i think that's an approach you can take a much more interesting to me is actually developing applications that are so good for the world that are so damn ensure bleed. better improvements upon what we have are totally new innovations that you can't help but accept that this is just is a powerful in promising and socially beneficial tool trying to convince someone and the other way you know it's futile. everybody got a thanks being on the kaiser report my flushing are great but that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report they may scatter stay forever like i guess jeremy gardner is the founder of og are now with author but its author check out author if you want to see us on twitter go to kaiser report the next time i.
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see this is harlan kentucky. boy you see you can walk through three families or you. money since he was no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the wisest. and it was a laugh to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's how it's happened. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the senate it's full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is there really
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packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of party america is doing the same. apparently better than booth. and see people you never heard of love redacted tonight president of the world bank so they can get. me seriously send us an e-mail. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies move. on on events like on the biggest elsewhere they invite private companies to take over their utilities many by the dulles drop of a luxury mr garcia got. this is. because. of the more you remember the lift bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more than war it's about the hurt and the redistribution of our worst words.
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they don't words we want or. a us watchdog overseeing the situation in afghanistan is banned by the pentagon from publishing information about the areas controlled by the taliban as they made a string of deadly terror attacks in the country. the u.s. releases a sweeping list of russian politicians and business figures on the so-called kremlin list it matches exactly the kremlin's list of officials on its website and mira's all possible which list of russian. tensions flare as peace talks over the syrian crisis get underway in the russian resort of sochi will guide you through the biggest developments in negotiations so far.
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a very warm welcome you are watching r.t. international with me nicky aaron good to have you with us this hour the pentagon has apparently instructed the inspector general for afghanistan a watchdog overseeing the situation in the country to keep quiet over how much of afghan territory is in the hands of the taliban as according to the group's latest report. this development is troubling for a number of reasons not least of which is that this is the first time sigur has been specifically instructed not to release information marked unclassified to the american taxpayer. of more details on this i'm joined in the studio by ecostar enough thanks for coming in eagle why are they classifying the areas controlled by the taliban while making first and foremost it's not just the areas controlled by the taliban what the pentagon apparently is withholding is just the
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general breakdown of districts and populations controlled both by the taliban and the army this is probably the most distinctive way of telling how well the war has been goal has been going on it has been going on for more than for almost twenty years right now and it for the for the united states has not been fairing too well have a listen to understand the urgently understand it's my responsibility we're not winning in afghanistan right now and we will correct. correct this well the favorite tool of correction in washington's case is bombs in twenty seventeen alone the pentagon has dropped some forty three hundred of bombs on afghanistan which is sounds like a massive figure but if you look at the progress made by the americans and their allies there the afghan army which is on the ground it is world it's not progress
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but they regress they've regressed rather for example the. you know put together by activists shows that the taliban has gained more territory in the country they've captured new regions as well as eisel has made a resurgence also gaining a foothold there this build up of both the taliban and all of these so-called islamic state has led to a massive spike in violence lately have a look. in
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fact to say that that tactic washington has used in the past isn't very effective so what is the game plan now well you'd be surprised the plan is exactly the same actually so the day you're trying to keep a straight face here soul in the wake of the violence they are saying that there will be no negotiations with the taliban here is how trump has justified this decision. there's no talking to the taliban we don't want to talk to the taliban we're going to finish what we have to finish what nobody else has been able to finish we're going to be able to do it. so he's staying optimistic about it while the taliban of course doesn't think so the taliban says you better talk to us soon and they're even saying well you know washington you can reach us in our office in doha they have like a foreign you know they've opened a foreign office just to talk to the afghan people and to reach out to foreign
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powers as well so really when there's no negotiations there's war and this is a war that washington is definitely having a hard time winning stalemate springs to mind yes he goes down i thank you for coming in. tensions are high in the russian city of thought she where peace talks over the syrian crisis have got under way during the opening speech of russia's foreign minister some in the audience became quite emotional as r.t. is my gal's you have reports. it's been a busy and unpredictable start to the sochi peace conference first there's a deal a for hours and hours while last minute arrivals couldn't quite make their minds up on whether to attend or or not and when foreign minister lavrov finally got around to making the opening speech well this. is a difference i want to say.
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the only difference thank you very much. difference between have to continue working you will have a chance to participate in the discussion. as for myself personally. and once expressed my sin serious questions he talked colleagues. friends again i would like you. going to see those that if it's long lived the let me speak please. organize this tell us more than a thousand one thousand six hundred delegates most of them syrians have come to
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attend to attend this peace conference but those last arrivals we mentioned are the hard core opposition the real power the rebel power on the ground formerly the the voted to boycott the sochi conference nevertheless convinced them to get on board a plane and fly over once they got here they had their preconditions they were also upset with the syrian government flags being put up. around sochi they demanded that those be taken down fortunately the turks the turkish foreign minister they couldn't convince them to stay to attend and they then boarded the jet and after spending ten or so hours at the airport flew back to turkey nevertheless the congress the syria peace conference went on went ahead it would have been great to have that opposition here to have that diversity here to see them sit down with the
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syrian government perhaps other factions other denominations and the cities who are represented here and to talk about their differences not try to necessarily resolve them here and now you know that's expecting a lot but at least get the ball rolling at least voice their concerns voiced their positions which is what this vent this venue in this case is entirely about getting everyone. to sit down and to establish a precedent where they can talk to each other because the syrian civil war has dragged on and on people are tired of it internationally in syria weary of the fighting and well it isn't going the way that the rebels wanted it to go so there's more incentive here to sit down and talk nevertheless not this time around but sochi will happen again and we have yet to see what these these session in particular will result in. however representatives from some opposition groups were
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present at the talks and managed to talk to their opponents from damascus it's clear they don't agree on many issues including the fate of the president bashar al assad but still they have something in common the will to talk. but you know we are here now to negotiate to sit in front of each other to fight each other to shout at each other to talk to each other to talk frankly we hope that here in sochi we can achieve what we couldn't achieve in geneva after eight rounds of talks now the syrian government cannot just avoid these negotiations they will have to meet all the participants of the congress face to face that is a step forward that was not made in geneva it will be useful for geneva. and i'm at the head that our sochi europe regarding sort you should remember there are many problems both on the ground and political the syrian army with its allies has liberated large areas and eliminated terrorist leaders anyway the geneva
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negotiations notes nothing in order to please other parties that happens with other negotiations and two and that's where sochi comes in but we should expect too much maybe some expect the situation in syria will be resolved right after a declaration when announcements and sorts what we know how politics works these negotiations are just a stage for. the us treasury has released a declassified list of russian individuals as part of a sanction for north signed by donald trump in august the so-called kremlin list includes the names of some two hundred top officials and business leaders although they're not actually being targeted with new restrictions. joins me live with the details now ilya so what's the reaction been from moscow. nicky hi well for now i'll be watching government do anything about what's been dubbed the call.


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