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thrown together in a matter of minutes you know just copied and pasted from the russian government website and taken from a forbes list of russians which left do you think that undermines the credibility of this list what i think it does i think that the list it doesn't seem very serious as it sounds like there was much thought put into it seems like it was kind of cobbled together and i think it doesn't really come to much of anything i mean some of the comments we heard on the brief clip from putin about you know worrying about relations you know there are some in congress the majority that passed the law that put this into place that thought that relations between the two countries have hit a new low that there are voices that accuse the russian government of having interference in the last election and you know want to see some consequences from this and former f.b.i. director mueller is currently doing an investigation to see what was the situation and and and what ties if any were activities the trump administration had and he
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there's no those are that's an investigation of course it's ongoing it hasn't reached conclusions we're all still waiting to find out the end of it but you know there's someone that saw you think that things have already not so good but then doing this list seems to have very little purpose other than just fulfilling a legal minimum with no real consequence and looks very amateur it seems you know i don't know if it will really damage any u.s. russian ties it seems that trump is not certainly trying to make it any worse than situation already is and by doing this this just before midnight and giving it no teeth at all it seems like he's really just trying to hope a lot of this goes away and bring it all to a speedy end and sell side russian markets have said little reaction to the list too do you think a whale can do any harm to the country's businesses. i
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think at the moment no i mean there's been some suggestion that maybe this was some type of attempt to meddle in russian elections that are about to happen and so on i don't think it will have any effect like that and i don't think it will have much of an effect at all if anything i think it's the white house telling congress they passed this law to try to keep the pressure up on russia this concern about the last election and trump is just you know basically you know showing well you know you thought you got me in a bind you thought you were going to push something in and you really have and he's trying to kind of undermine an effort remember you know trump is somebody did not favor the bill the thought it was a bad thing when he was more or less put a difficult position in having to sign it given the situation he was in and he's also not been in favor of the sanctions that in place so there's not a president the spiritual to any of this stuff anyway he had to do this thing and he's done as little as he has to do and i think he will have absolutely no real
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consequence i do think the other side of it is that it has us all talking again at least the united states and elsewhere about russia the united states and the election that so trump get to the white house i think that's something that trump really does not want us talking about. and this issue continues to remain alive not least with miller's investigation ongoing and i suspect it will continue until we start seeing more prosecutions from mueller tom broke thing up there on law school thank you for your time. u.s. officials had to flee an event in the west bank city of bethlehem after an angry protesters stormed the building by when. the the. the name. of the.
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let's not get more details on the story from paulus point out what exactly happened because the folks. oh as you saw there a group of angry palestinian protesters stormed a business meeting that was happening in the palestinian city of bethlehem meeting with representatives of the. chamber of commerce and industry and a group of americans now the protesters hold up a banner condemning the recent announcement by the american president donald trump to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital they shall to americans out and they threw tomatoes at the american delegation now the delegation itself managed to escape in vehicles that had diplomatic license plates but it's still not immediately clear who they are or who they were but there are no reports of injuries now the u.s. state department has issued a statement in which it has condemned the violence it talks about intimidation and
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protest is and says that this meeting was part of the long term u.s. engagement in trying to create economic opportunities for palestinians not the same time also on tuesday afternoon in another palestinian city of ramallah a protest took place in front of the prime minister's office by a group of palestinian refugees who were complaining against the recent reduction of services being provided by the united nations relief and works agency for palestinian refugees and all this reduction follows the announcement by the americans that they are cutting millions of dollars of funding to the organization and they are demanding that the fund the organization. and there goes a fundamental examination now again that decision came in light of the american president announcing his recognition of to receive them as israel's capital he did that in the same bill last year and since then he's also said that he will move the
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american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem by the end often makes to all of this has left a lasting impression here on the ground wait tensions continue to climb i see that authorities pull us lee i thank you for those details paula but we'll get back to off to this short break with more stories that do stay with us. politicians do you sometimes need to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to be. what you'd like to be press was what before three of them or ten people. interested always in the water. there should.
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we've seen that market failure many times we saw. in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven we saw it in one nine hundred eighty seven and we're going to see it again probably in the very near future because the underlying design of this capital has not been modified to account for changes in technology over the past fifty sixty seventy years and we keep having these catastrophic failures. welcome back we're taking you back to our top story now the pentagon has apparently instructed the inspector general for afghanistan a watchdog overseeing the situation in the country to keep quiet over how much afghan territory is in the hands of the taliban as amid
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a string of violence that has shaken the country recently or to discuss this further i'm now joined live by dr dean a rescue lecturer in middle eastern history at redding university a doctor rescue you for joining us on the program what do you think the pentagon's motive here is is it trying to cover up the fact things are going the way it wants . well i don't think this is purely a pending means i think we have to contract denies this within nato us presence in afghanistan as well as of course the afghan government themselves and none of these groups are going to want to advertise the fact that. the taliban has made considerable strides in regaining territory but he gave the last year and buries evidence that this is an important element of the psychological warfare that comes with counterinsurgency campaigns like this. our resident troubles his new strategy
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for afghanistan back last summer and all good stuff do you think is working any better than was gone before. well i think certainly the taliban has responded to the announcement of more troops negatively they've kind of made clear that they're not going to take this incursion into afghan sovereignty line down but in general the trump sort of approach of we are going to kill terrorists rather than fight a long. counterinsurgency campaign is historically not proven to be a very effective way of dealing with insurgency groups like the taliban i mean this is a group that now occupies or at least is contesting almost fifty percent of afghanistan
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so they have a considerable presence they have considerable reach within society and a brute force alone at a huge he's probably not going to cut it. transferred but they won't talk with the taliban now has washington ever really been prepared to come to the negotiating table with the taliban. i think there have been moves towards negotiating with the taliban i think to some extent it's unavoidable purely because of how significant they are as a governing force within the country certainly at the local level so. whether or not that is publicly at meteoric knowledge or again advertised as the reality is that negotiations with the taliban are almost certainly occurring and. that is i think likely to continue.
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because they don't rescue lecturer in middle eastern history reading university thank you for your time. well they'll be no russian flag flying either victoria thousand and eighteen winter olympics or paralympics in south korea that's after the international paralympic committee upheld its a ban on to russia though it is allowing clean athletes to compete as neutrals two months ago a similar decision was taken by the international olympic committee despite all eyes on russia when it comes to doping allegations also something elsewhere in the world. the run up the next month's winter games the issue of doping has taken the main stage once again seeing the majority of russian athletes banned and those eligible to participate forced to compete under a neutral flag and frankly at this point when you hear doping you think russia but is the problem really reserves just the one country i'm afraid the answer is a resigning no an investigation conducted by
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a group of international researchers at two separate sporting events back in two thousand and eleven produced a rather shocking conclusion where more than two thousand and the athletes were surveyed anonymously to encourage honest answers doping abusers remarkably widespread among elite athletes and remains largely unchecked despite convent logical testing that report revealed that at the thirteenth athletics world championships in south korea over forty percent of those competing and made it to doping in the past year and almost sixty percent at the pan arab games in doha whereas was only came back with point five percent of test as positive in south korea and three point six percent at the pan arab games needless to say that is a massive discrepancy and the other surprising thing is that the research was actually funded by wada and yet no one heard a peep out of them about the results which they've known about for years we would note that there was a delay of nearly six years between the completion of the data collection and the publication of this paper due to negotiations between wada and i double a f.
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and subsequently between i w f and the authors regarding the authority to publish the results now it goes on to say that neither of the organizations impose restrictions on the writing of the report although i'm not sure how a six year delay isn't considered a restriction the president of germany's athletics federation for one was infuriated by the hold up banning that publication has impaired the possibility of taking important measures in the anti-doping complain much of this is more than annoying you could also call it discussing the and guess what the report was actually released months ago but i'd bet good money that you haven't heard a thing about it because for some reason it wasn't made into nonstop breaking news no probes were conducted and no bands were seen. we managed to speak to the office off that report they told us there were such indicates a doping epidemic. to international track in the us we still made forty six per se and can be seven per
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cent of the athletes at these international track meets were doping much harder than we expected our quarterly results is newspaper i would call it after their match i mean when you're when you were talking there how some athletes set an international track meet are asked to remain to be doing some kind of. i think that's just years problem for athletics will be very very important to understand why do we have the difference they close over that. is we don't know much about the athletes compliance and by compliance i mean whether or not they follow the instructions and they answer the question as to be instructed because it's not what could be in play it's what we have to do in the future is understanding. these three s.
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when they actually see that question because it's a quite serious question is prohibited method you know plus the money and possibility they. still and honestly even if they are actually dopers. investigative journalist rick stedding believes want to avoid uncomfortable issues this was a study which of course would raise alarms with the world anti-doping agency instead of pursuing it and doing further tests to determine the accuracy to try to verify or disprove the results of that study they simply blocked the publication so in my mind it's an example of the lack of transparency and the bias and the efforts to censor. studies and news that is problematic from their standpoint. we'll be back at the top of the hour with all the latest headlines all three of them.
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thought up here to education there are a couple so kind of toilet b.s. i hear there. was. nor made goods manufactured to sentence to public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. with the famous merry go round be the one person told. to ignore middle of the room sick. to lose the real news real world. but politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or
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rejected. so if you want to be president and she. was some want to be that's. what you going to be for us that's what the three of them will be that. i'm interested in the ones in the. city. readings and salutation so far and wide and across the land there's no greater waster of money than an unaccountable government saying that money isn't wasted an abuse in the private sector of course it is it's just the government waste and it
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just it just hurts a little bit more you know that knife cuts just a little bit deeper when you're dealing with government waste because when a private company weighs money it's generally their own that they're wasting but want to government waste money well that's yours and mine and all of ours essentially being thrown down the proverbial six hundred dollar toilet or the twenty four million dollar refrigerator yes yes they really are paying twenty four million for a new big league refrigerator on air force one. from city hall to capitol hill here in the united states of america our leaders love to waste our tax dollars especially when it comes the lawsuits cover ups and settlements as the citizens of the great state of new jersey have discovered after their investigative journalist over at the asbury park press revealed that quote governments across the state from the smallest towns to some of the largest cities have spent more than forty two million this decade to cover up deaths visit kill abuses and sexual misconduct at
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the hands of bad cops forty two million and that's just across the state of new jersey imagine what it's like in all the other states reporters also found that more than sixty eight new jersey police officers are facing facing discipline more instead paid about seven hundred thousand and tax dollars to quietly ride off into the sunset. and yet. they still ask and wonder why we are and always will be watching the hawks. but you get the. real thing it's like. the bottom. like you that i got. to.
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leave the. world over the watching the harks like a robot for up and down tap and. that's a lot of million that's a lot of millions a lot of weight and i were an incredible amount of ways i call it waste because my mind if you're paying out settlement then you're hiring bad officers just right especially valid large number i get there started i can't predict every now and again but when i'm forty two million that's a lot of waste and zero six zero dollars for a toilet twenty four million for a refrigerator does there's a lot there's a lot of waste. in mumbai and i think we have so much ways that the government really because i don't think so a lot of the people there really feel like they are but they didn't earn the money all they did was that one of the lection taxpayers just keep pouring a band that's kind of like what it has to say this is the thing is it seems like there's a certain sense of entitlement that happens when
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a lot of politicians i think you can always spot the politicians who aren't in it for the right reasons they're really public servants they're serving themselves and maybe a small group of people just their constituency and really just the one percent of their constituency is that you can see it because the people who back up this kind of wasteful spending who come to that thing of saying well they feel entitled they feel entitled to fancy new curtains and their office and all that and there's a certain amount of. there's an ethical bone in your body. i can't imagine going in as a public servant and being like i want to fight for a million dollar for a director i want this or signing off on it not quite and not questioning like i will be paying for this remember oh yeah those people that put got me elected or in this case for new jersey like who's paying for forty two million in settlement allegations of the people of new jersey of new jersey you know and that's i mean look these are allegations involving nineteen deaths one hundred thirty one injuries another misuse of power by the police so i'm not saying that settling with
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the victims of this is bad no give them the money they deserve that they brought a legit complaint but it has to eventually fall back and got to say like ok maybe we're not hiring the right polies not retiring many people maybe if we look back at . the gauge it was massive it was a two year investigation they were thirty thousand pages of documents court filings lawsuits all of it and they and i was covering five hundred sixty five different municipalities in new jersey all intensive makes me wonder what other states have very well but wow this is a lot this is just forty two million and this where when you look at that this forty two million as you said one thousand deaths one hundred thirty one injuries and other of our. when you look at it like take for example there's one tiny borough of absecon and atlantic county said that right population is eighty three
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hundred people they paid two million to settle a two thousand and twelve wrongful death case now in new york with a population of two hundred eighty thousand. settled the bodily injury case for two million pounds that have an eighty three hundred people on their backs supporting these payouts to bad cops now a town of two hundred eighty thousand can can withhold two million dollars can have you know they can handle that in their budget you can't handle that in a place of you can take two million dollars away from eighty three hundred people that's a road that's water that everything that. things. and you look at the numbers you had at least sixty eight. sixty eight given more than seven hundred thousand dollars in tax dollars just to quit hey were you quietly resign. almost a million dollars a million dollars. that bad that we're just going to pay you to write off of this but i'm paying for bad cop. i don't do as taxpayers number this is again our money
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that's going into this it doesn't magically grow on trees no money that was taxed whether it be at a local level or federal level that's what this is what's also interesting when you really dig into the numbers of this particular issue with police is that you've got the new jersey reporters one of six states that doesn't actually licenses their police officers they have no official procedure method to ban bad cops and there are many other states that also have this problem as well which boggles my mind in today's day and age that we've reached this level twenty one the last thing before we move on before we get on to this is that the asbury park press actually found at least sixty four thousand three hundred fifty three internal affairs complaints filed since joining a lot of. and you're going to lose it less than one half of one percent that's two hundred twenty six resulted in officer being charged of a crime of those defendants ninety were convicted so that's the numbers not good
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that's a lot of money and feeding people educating people cleaning cleaning up roads cleaning up the. value of money. on february thirteenth of this year new orleans louisiana will be packed to the parade millions with an estimated ten million and more people celebrating the prelims in bulk and alia that is mardi gras along with those tourists every year twenty five million pounds of plastic beads are brought into the city to be thrown and then thrown away once the party's over a recent cleanup effort by the city found seven point two million pounds of debris in fifteen thousand of the city's sixty eight thousand storm drains between september twenty sixth two thousand and seventeen and january twenty third of twenty eight ninety three thousand pounds of that debris were all mardi gras beads and they were found in one five block stretch near downtown. but it's not just the
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litter that has people worried the louisiana department of health warns that some beads and throws may contain lead and there may be lead in the soil the parade along the parade route in fact dr howard milky of tulane university's department pharmacology map new orleans and from the highest lead counts in the soil along the mardi gras parade route in his estimate four thousand pounds of lead hit the streets each year. i some point does the tradition of throwing beads need to be rethought when it cost millions of dollars in damages and threatens the health of the people who call new orleans home. no zero at this point i mean look down there just so a girl. or doodling whatever. you can do that you can see that on line rather than telling a big. lead in your water that question the whole of the horrible stuff.
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mobile recently the party is gone too and you're thinking about this is that originally we're talking about something that started in the thirty's that was glass beads originally and they were very treasured because only certain floats gave them out or certain people and so if you have it in them to lift up your top in order that sort of came out of my do you seventy's became a thing that they started having these plastic beads which is about the time we got . them so we're known for those types of things right so in this and other study that was by a group called healthy stuff dot org and very girl just trying to sort of green up the mardi gras celebrations these beads contain a range of hazardous substances that exceed the consumer product safety. regulation tests have shown at mardi gras beads to contain lead antimony chromium cadmium nickel trace levels of mercury and several flame retardants all of these. bees are having about. ruining right now. marty. extremely toxic but
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it's interesting when you break down what. we're talking about earlier it is interesting that of not taking credit for your work but more than half of them are to grow products they tested six out of eighty seven had levels of lead above a hundred. and now. that's actually the legal limit for lead in children's toys. it was above so prone to be put on your body getting into the going down the drain that's just dump unleaded there not to mention the fact that the little mardi gras presley footballs is not just the beaded necklaces you know it's all of somebody getting thrown out they can do about twenty nine percent. by weight which including butcher this is some other science major. to. banned by the consumer products safety commission in the plastic football i want to know why is anybody in the party toyed business saying hey let's pack our toys because what really gives
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people a good time let's pack our toys with toxic substances sure and i'm going to do this as you can see only the the life of these beads is that you know you take petroleum from the middle east it goes to china it gets all packed in with these horrible toxic chemicals and shipped off along with other a cheap plastic things to throw out and as new orleans is also trying to make mardi gras more family friendly and they're like there's kids programs i'm like don't they literally have on there don't let your kids touch them wipe them off with baby b. if people who handle them a lot are encouraged very shortly hardly to wear gloves when they're handling me is these things so let me give the tab is there any alternative that is we still i still want to see people go to new orleans have a great time to grow a legend on their own let down on the ground yeah but one of the alternatives that are out there are from the lead party favors the charlie we've all been using right at least put them in the proper.


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