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sanctions will find by donald trump in august now listing clues the names of some two hundred top officials and business leaders although they're not actually being targeted with new instructions. reports for now the russian government won't do anything about what was called the u.s. kremlin list that's how the russian president for now made up his mind about the u.s. treasury document it had to be published before the monday night deadline under the so-called countering america's adverse stories through sanctions act and so it was ten minutes before the deadline america's saying that being put on that list which includes one hundred fourteen top russian government officials as well as nearly one hundred richest businessmen doesn't mean receiving some kind of punishment so you may well ask what's the point something to do with sanctions that's not
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actually sanctions by the way something that i found rather amusing was the fact that the putin administration section matched the kremlin website name by name while the part about the businessman was almost identical to the forbes list of russia's richest men high ranking russian officials even had a little laugh perhaps the deputy prime minister of the dvorkovich said that washington basically released a book that you may call who's who and russian politics and one senator thought of the release as the sharing of the kremlin phone book anyway back to vladimir putin's first public reaction to the list he said that the u.s. officials weren't doing u.s. russia relations any favors with the show's muscle to get used to union human i don't understand the logic behind this move but it's definitely a hostile one and further. u.s.
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russia relations our security services share intelligence that helps prevent terrorist attacks do they need this or not we start working together or not we can do without that but i think it's in everyone's interests it would be absurd to reduce our relations to zero so. several political analyst told is they believe the list that demonstrates the trump administration's unwillingness to ratchet up sanctions against russia i don't think you'll have much of the fact at all the thirty thing i think it's the white house telling congress they passed this law to try to keep the pressure up on russia this concern about the last election and doing this list seems to have very little purpose other than just for filling a legal minimum i don't know if it will really damage any u.s. russian ties it seems that trump is not certainly trying to make it any worse the situation already is it seems like he's really just trying to hope a lot of this goes away and bring it all to
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a speedy end people look at it i think and say this is a piece of lazy intelligence you've worked through taken a who's who of who's the rich and powerful in russia and copy down a names it doesn't seem to have much substance to it president trump signed it off literally minutes the goal with no enthusiasm for these sanctions forward but he's under pressure though he's under pressure i say from his own intelligence from the military and from the democrats and we nor you know under pressure pressure presidents can buckle but the real question i repeat is why is russia the main threat at the moment to united states of america and the west that i think the answer has to be no. u.s. officials had to flee an event in the west bank city of bethlehem after angry protesters stormed the building they were in. that had been in business meeting at the bethlehem chamber of commerce and then this. protesters arrived with
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a banner condemning donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital of the minor clashes the meeting was cut short but before leaving the building the americans were given a very clear message. that you should be. the. story did not and that palestinian protesters then run out of the building and throw tomatoes at the diplomatic. wasn't so easy for the delegates to flee the scene either was palestinians trying to gain entry to the vehicles to get more on what sparked all the anger let's course live to artie's told us live now. paula what exactly happened what caused the fuss. well this is just the latest incident in
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a string of protests that have been happening on the palestinian street in east jerusalem and indeed in the broader middle east ever since the american president donald trump back in january that washington recognizes jerusalem as israel's capital or so on tuesday afternoon there was a protest in the palestinian city of ramallah in front of the prime minister's office now there are protesters object to to the reduction in services being provided by the united nations relief and works agency for palestinians that is now that follows an announcement by washington that it was cutting millions of dollars of aid to the agency until such time to quote that there was a fundamental examination of how it works last week the american vice president mike pence was here in jerusalem and the protests that we've been witnessing for the first time came inside the message all these radio parliamentary building. a
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group of blue makers who constitute the third largest faction in the israeli parliament stood up themselves and started shouting and holding up anti american plaque cards. or. should have since it is. now mike pence during his speech at the israeli parliament only further infuriated the anger that is already here on the street by announcing that by the end of next year the americans would be moving their embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem since president trump made that announcement on jerusalem back at the beginning of december there have been more than twelve palestinians who have been killed more than a thousand have been injured and hundreds have been arrested so this is a situation that just won't go away and witnessing tensions continue to climb. out
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thank you for those days hours that's artie's paullus liam we have more news coming your way after this short break so do stay with us. thank. you. but all of this do you suppose. they put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so if you want to express interest. wanted.
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to write. this is what. real people are. interested always in the wrong. place to. welcome back well there'll be no russian flag flying at either the twenty eighteen winter olympics or paralympics in south korea that's after the international power limpid committee upheld its ban on team russia though it is allowing clean up plates to compete as neutrals two months ago a similar decision was taken by the international olympic committee despite all
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eyes on russia when it comes to doping allegations also surfacing elsewhere in the world. in the run up to next month's winter games the issue of doping has taken the main stage once again seeing the majority of russian athletes banned and those eligible to participate forced to compete under a neutral flag and frankly at this point when you hear doping you think russia but is the problem really reserves or just the one country i'm afraid the answer is a resoundingly no an investigation conducted by a group of international researchers at two separate sporting events back in two thousand and eleven produced a rather shocking conclusion where more than two thousand and eight athletes were surveyed anonymously to encourage honest answers doping abusers remarkably widespread among elite athletes and remains largely unchecked despite convent logical testing that report revealed that at the thirteenth athletics world championships in south korea over forty percent of those competing and made it to doping in the past year and almost sixty percent at the pan arab games in doha
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whereas was only came back with point five percent of test as positive in south korea and three point six percent of the pan arab games needless to say that is a massive discrepancy and the other surprising thing is that the research was actually funded by wada and yet no one heard a peep out of them about the results which they've known about for years we would note that there was a delay of nearly six years between the completion of the data collection and the publication of this paper due to negotiations between wada and i double a f and subsequently between i w f and the authors regarding the authority to publish the results now it goes on to say that neither of the organizations impose restrictions on the writing of the report although i'm not sure how a six year delay isn't considered a restriction the president of germany's athletics federation for one was infuriated by the hold up banning that publication has impaired the possibility of taking important measures in the anti-doping complain much of this is more than annoying you could also call it the scandal and guess what the report was actually
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released months ago but i'd bet good money that you haven't heard a thing about it because for some reason it wasn't made into nonstop breaking news no probes were conducted and no bands were seen we managed to speak to the old the poles they told us that was said to indicate that doping epidemic. and to international track in the us we made forty six percent. and fifty seven percent of the athletes at these international track meets were dog much harder than we expect our quarterly results are in this paper i would call it. i mean when you're when you are talking that half of the athletes at an international track meet are asked to major to be doing some kind of don't be i think that's a serious problem for asked radix will be very very important to understand why do
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we have the difference is we don't know much about the the athletes compliance and by compliance i mean whether or not they follow the instructions and they answer the questions to be instructed because if not it could inflate to figure out what we have to do in the future is understanding. how athletes react when they actually see that question because it's a quite serious question have you used prohibited methods in the past. and how to motivate athletes honestly even if they are actually dopers. responding to our request want to say is the study will actually be reviewed by a new working group of prevalence which will be a key priority for this year but investigative journalist rick sterling believes want to avoid uncomfortable issues. this was a study which of course would raise alarms with the world anti-doping agency
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instead of pursuing it and doing further tests to determine the accuracy to try to verify or disprove the results of that study they simply blocked the publication so in my mind it's an example of the lack of transparency and the bias and the efforts to censor. studies and news that is problematic from their standpoint. tensions have been high in the russian city of thought the web peace talks over the syrian crisis at being held today even the opening speech by russia's foreign minister was interrupted for porth it's been a busy and unpredictable starts to the sochi peace conference first there's a deal a for hours and hours while a last minute arrivals couldn't quite make their minds up on whether to attend or or not and when foreign minister lavrov finally got around to making the opening
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speech well this. is because it's difference i want to say. that i think it's different thank you very much but are you going to friends we have to continue working you will have a chance to participate in the discussion of. the as for myself personally. the least of it is it's and once express my sincere is crusted she talks colleagues . friends again i would like you to tension. that i see does that it's long live the
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little please. just tell us more than a thousand one thousand six hundred delegates most of them syrians have come to attend to attend this peace conference but those last arrivals we mentioned the hard core opposition the real power the rebel power on the ground formally the they voted to all but boycott the sochi conference nevertheless turkey convinced them to get on board a plane and fly over once they got here they had their own preconditions they were also upset with the syrian government flags being put up. around sochi they demanded that those be taken down. we were made to the airport refusing to work under the flag and slogans of the syrian regime therefore our delegation has decided not to take part in the sochi talks but boycott them and return to ankara
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however the turkish delegation remains in sochi and it will voice our demands and our desire to see them implemented. they then boarded the jet and after spending ten or so hours at the airport flew back to turkey nevertheless the congress the syria peace conference went on went ahead it would have been great to have that opposition here to have that diversity here to see them sit down with the syrian government perhaps other factions other denominations and the cities who are represented here and to talk about their differences not try to necessarily. result them here and now you know that's expecting a lot but at least get the ball rolling at least voice their concerns voiced their positions which is what vent this venue this space is entirely about getting everyone to sit down and to establish a precedent where they can talk to each other because the syrian civil war has dragged on and on people tired of it internationally in syria weary of the fighting
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and well it isn't going the way that the rebels wanted it to go so there's more incentive here to sit down and talk nevertheless not this time around but sochi will happen again and we have yet to see what the session in particular will result in so my colleague neil harvey at the top of the hour. the concepts of paying to perform i have actually prepared myself to die. as my son. in the home of.
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this country was. so. what. was it he could with us he was just that yes get more education. education in the. toilet. when gold make its manufacture come sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round listen to the one percent of. the time
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making the whole middle of the room sick. i mean really need to. apply for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just kill you narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million one fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else i want to do because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy a great so will transfer. and thinks this minute.
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this is the kaiser report on max kaiser what the frick is growing on flour. pluckers not here will bring plucky back to what's going on upstairs thanks if you go on totally mad. i love the flowers and the trees and the bee is it's nature it's a forest right here in the middle of los angeles fantastic oh yes we're in a tropical jungle here in the middle of los angeles so you will hear the birds because we're in the tropical forest within los angeles where at the sunset marquis you will hear many sirens because many bad people live in los angeles as well as people like kevin spacey harvey weinstein on the police are chasing but you know is doing very well not only are these plants and trees doing very well but max the stock market is doing well as we've covered it keeps on going up and up and up and
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up and up and up and up and up and up trump has had the best you know one year performance of any president since f.d.r. remember f.d.r. of course came in when it was at all time low and then the stock market after the great crash sort well chumps had a great year and you know who is now actually piling into the market who at the all time high the millennia was finally fearful millennial is are finally ready to take a chance on the stock market they interviewed jared smith a thirty one year old old millennial who used to be afraid of the markets but not anymore the markets becoming a little more insulated he said i'm hoping that we learned our lesson from the crisis have gotten better as a society especially in the financial and banking world that we will not allow that again certain measures have been put in place since then when the market is not insulated in any way. the discounting mechanism for risk and the
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risk is the moment i hear that it has been for quite some time but i understand reading the financial press that the millennial is are piling into companies that are involved in the marijuana industry. they mentioned in particular that he was he had bought nvidia so a lot of them are into that whole gaming space and all the chips and stuff like that and some of the fang shares you know the tech shares he's piling into that he is also dabbling in some of the cryptocurrency stuff but he said he was mostly afraid of the risk but really the most shocking thing that this kid said this thirty one year old guy jared smith said from new york city by the way lives in the or probably in brooklyn this is for the twenty twenty elections to look forward to because listen to what he says about why he's piling into the stock markets and why he has faith in the future of the u.s. economy one factor influencing his appetite for risk president donald trump trump
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does seem to be much more pro a condom e and pro american stock market than other past presidents smith said while he's in office i believe there is an extra layer of insulation there from something drastic and catastrophic from happening like. this is a millennial saying this from new york right well i remember before the dotcom crash in two thousand you had an enormous amount of money flowing into america online because people got online and they said i'm online i'm going to buy stock in america online so it's a form of what i call stock market narcissism where you're buying what it is that you are doing at that moment so here people who are on social media they're buying social media stocks and so it's stock market narcissism and donald trump is very pro jobs and he's trying to bring back jobs but ultimately the decision of whether or not this market is expensive or cheap is that of the federal reserve bank who
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controls interest rates so interest rates are at historic lows at this time but if in fact the economy starts to heat up as this money all suggesting that means that wages will also start to heat up which is inflationary which means bonds will have to start trading down which means interest rates go up as therefore you have a correction. however if you look at what has also happened this week. how was it jeff bezos made two point eight billion dollars in one day and he made two point eight billion dollars in one day after his company introduced technology that eliminates the need for cashiers all cashiers and in america make an average of two hundred ten million dollars a day combined cashiers is the number two job in america and number one i believe is truck driver number two is cashier so jeff bezos of amazon introduced that amazon go we don't need cashiers you just walk out so you know whether or not
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inflation will ever appear in wages it's hard to know right so i think is that we're at this now tops one hundred thirteen billion dollars this is interesting that the internet of course was financed by the government and then you have private cheers able to cash in on what was billed by the government i've often said that social security for example should have a component that invests in the stock market so that people can participate in the things that they're financing it could be the infrastructure projects that it projects the technology projects remember there would be no technology sector without nasa nasa is a government program there would be no google there would be no apple there would be no microsoft without nasa the u.s. government so why should the u.s. government nasa and i say d.o.d. all of them. yeah so why should there be an element in our collective ownership of this country owning these particular entities not why is it concentrated in just one individual that's
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a very poorly designed system in my view now i have another tweet and this was from january twenty third your birthday somebody tweeted this about jeff bezos just to put into context when you're looking at how the wealth affected everybody feels great because the stock market keeps on going up a thousand points faster than all you know all time new highs faster for. sure as it seems like inflation is really kicking off after all the central bank interference in printing money but jeff bezos how much he made from january first to january twenty third jeff bezos has made another fifteen point two billion dollars just so far this year yes it's january twenty third the average american has made three thousand one hundred twenty eight dollars so far this year. jeff bezos made four million eight hundred fifty nine thousand three hundred thirty five times more than the average american this is the hyper inflation and billionaire
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class for sure yeah there's a billionaire created every other day. from the latest a to six every two days there's a new billionaire which is ok fine i mean the system produces a great wealth and we should encourage the pursuit of great wealth pro-capitalism but when you have the underlying architecture of the system as such where individuals like they are aggregating wealth. is vast magnitudes a multitude of the underlying inflation rate shows that the architecture of the system the design of the system is flawed is broken and will result in catastrophic failure or market failure we've seen that market failure many times we saw in two thousand and eight we saw in one nine hundred ninety seven we saw in one thousand nine hundred seven and we're going to see it again probably in the very near future because the underlying design of this capital system has not been modified to account for changes in technology over the past fifty sixty seventy years and we keep having these catastrophic failures. well speaking of catastrophic failure i
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want to point out once again before i move on to the next headline this money will the millennial you're supposed to be the one with her sort of crowd these are supposed to be the ones that all the democrats are counting on to come out in twenty eighteen in the midterm elections and vote for them and here's a millennial from brooklyn i'm only he's in new york they say but i'm assuming brooklyn ok am i might be stereotyping him but you know here's a guy who you would think is naturally going to vote for the democrats and he doesn't mention putin but he mentions president as a reason why he himself is invested in the stock market and if the markets continue to go crazy and you never know markets can stay irrational for longer than anybody could stay solvent trying to bet against them but here here's a kid that you would think everything if he's watching rachel maddow how he's supposed to be scared he's supposed to be hiding under his bed you know in fear of
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some nuclear attack instead he's he's he's took a third of his trust but he has of course like most when else in brooklyn are going to have a trust well he's taken a third of it and he's going long stock markets in e.t.f. for the first time since the financial crisis lots of curious timing on that you know the post-crisis the dow got down to nine thousand now it's flirting with twenty six thousand and these will any of us are piling in now at this level but they hated it at nine thousand that's the way markets are there despise the lows when people should be buying in their loved at the top still and people should be cautious so this is a classic kind of contrarian indicator that if you've got the on educated now piling in at all time highs i think the professionals will start to ease out for the exits before the mad rush well this is a dangerous sign that this next tweet because of course many of these millennial
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he'll be buying by. an online discount brokerage and here's one of them a tweet about one of them t.d. ameritrade c.e.o. says he has never seen client cash levels this low clients highly active in markets again another contrarian indicator so when you have low cash levels in accounts of people are fully committed that's typically a market top when you have a great bullish this that's generally on a market top when they pull call ratio is extended level more bullish bets than negative bets that's generally a market top so always contrarian indicators are telling us that the market is nosebleed territory and that's when most people you know pile in because the euphoria generates irrational choices yeah well i know that even ray dally oh i guess one of the.


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