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appropriate to put sanctions so there's no way be interpreted as we're not putting sanctions on any of the people in that report new sanctions were expected to be announced along with the list although officials stress that no new strictures were coming in right now it's not easy to train with reaction from russia. for now the russian government won't do anything about what was called the u.s. kremlin list a that's how the russian president for now made up his mind embellished the u.s. treasury document it had to be published before the monday night deadline under the so-called countering america's adverse stories through sanctions act and so it was ten minutes before the deadline america's saying that being put on that list which includes one hundred fourteen top russian government officials as well as nearly one hundred richest businessmen doesn't mean receiving some kind of punishment so
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you may well ask what's the point something to do with sanctions that's not actually sanctions by the way something that i found rather amusing was the fact that the putin administration section matched the kremlin website name by name while the part about the businessman was almost identical to the forbes list of russia's richest men. no wonder the treasure list didn't come out until the last minute six months is hardly enough time to copy and paste the forbes list of russian billionaires i know personally many of the business people on this list some very close to putin some and some see little work was done to distinguish between these two categories i think the logic of the list is that the russian version of the force list isn't available in english ranking russian officials even had a little laugh perhaps the deputy prime minister. said dead washington basically
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released a book that you may call who's who and russian politics anyway back to vladimir putin's first public reaction to the list he said that the u.s. officials weren't doing u.s. russia relations any favor. should little shows muscle to get used to union human and i don't understand the logic behind this move but it's definitely a hostile one and further complicates u.s. russian relations our security services share intelligence that helps prevent terrorist attacks do they need this or not we start working together or not we can do without that but i think it's in everyone's interests it would be absurd to reduce our relations to zero so what should. we go reaction to the new us list from political analysts i don't think you'll have much of the effect at all if anything i think it's the white house telling congress they passed this law to try to keep
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the pressure up on russia this concern about the last election and doing this list seems to have very little purpose other than just filling a legal minimum i don't know if it will really damage any u.s. russian ties it seems that trump is not certainly trying to make it any worse the situation already is it seems like he's really just trying to hope a lot of this goes away and bring it all to a speedy end people look at it i think and say this is a piece of lazy intelligence you've worked really taken a who's who of who's the rich and powerful in russia and copied down the names and it doesn't seem to have much substance to it president trump signed it off literally minutes the goal with no enthusiasm with these sanctions forward but he's under pressure though he's under pressure i say from his own intelligence from the military and from the democrats and we nor you know under pressure pressure presidents can buckle but the real question i repeat is why is russia the main threat at the moment the united states of america and the west i think the answer
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has to be no or. to pharmacies in the german city frankfurt of found themselves at the center of a racial storm and it's all being whipped up over the centuries old names with more details his peter oliver. what is in a name well for frankfurt council the name of two of the city's pharmacies was enough to demand that change this is one of them exist to take it so more and it's not final part of the name that the city council here in frankfurt have a problem with it translates as the moon rish pharmacy now traditionally what that meant is that this was a pharmacy that would have stocked alternative medicines or medicines from the east as well as western medicine this building here you can see originates from nineteen hundred however there are campaign is that say that this type of name has no place in modern germany. the reason for the complaint was that people said this using the
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term morrish was racist and offensive against people from north africa but we spoke to people here on the streets of frankfurt and gauge their opinion about the proposed name change i think it's a shame because it's part of maybe our culture too and it doesn't have any more to do with maybe we've. already. we shouldn't change our traditions. pm on monday so you tell me if something is to be racist it has to either diminish or belittle people in this case it has more to do with recognizing cultural heritage it didn't even appear to me that you know it's offensive because it is a historic it's simply historic terminal pharmacy doesn't for sure doesn't use it to be to be offensive the owners of both pharmacies politely declined to appear on camera saying that the news that they were going to be forced to change their
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name brought nothing but unwanted publicity. interestingly enough the name up attack ads or more and is much more common place in the state of north rhine-westphalia but when the integration council in that state will ask. if they'd be following frankfurt's example where they said no they had far better things to be doing peter all of a r.t. frankfurt. in barcelona supporters of the sanct catalan president colors put them on have broken through a police cordon to reach the cattle in parliament. protesters gathered to demand the reinstatement of the local government to keep either building a list whose demand was reinstated the session intended to reelect the former president today was postponed to guarantee his freedom the result of the democratic elections which the man faces rest in spain for his involvement in last year's
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illegal reference. there were no russian flags flying at either the twenty eight hundred winter olympics or paralympics in south korea that's after the international paralympic committee uphold its ban on t.v. russia though it is allowing cleaner leaves to compete as neutrals two months ago a similar decision was taken by the international olympic committee but despite all eyes on russia when it comes to doping allegations are surfacing now elsewhere in the world in the run up to next month's winter games the issue of doping has taken the main stage once again seeing the majority of russian athletes banned and those eligible to participate forced to compete under a neutral flag and frankly at this point when you hear doping you think russia but is the problem really reserved to just the one country i'm afraid the answer is a resoundingly no an investigation conducted by a group of international researchers at two separate sporting events back in two thousand and eleven produced a rather shocking conclusion where more than two thousand and eight athletes were
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surveyed anonymously to encourage honest answers doping appears remarkably widespread among elite athletes and remains largely unchecked despite current biological testing that report revealed that at the thirteenth athletics world championships in south korea over forty percent of those competing emitted to doping in the past year and almost sixty percent at the pan arab games in doha whereas why don't we came back with point five percent of test as positive in south korea and three point six percent of the pan arab games needless to say that is a massive disk. and see and the other surprising thing is that the research was actually funded by wada and yet no one heard a peep out of them about the result which they've known about for years we would note that there was a delay of nearly six years between the completion of the data collection and the publication of this paper due to negotiations between water and idle a.f. and subsequently between the left and the authors regarding the authority to
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publish the results now it goes on to say that neither of the organizations impose restrictions on the writing of the report although i'm not sure how he thinks here de lay isn't considered a restriction the president of germany's athletics federation for one was infuriated by the hold up the thing that publication has impaired the possibility of taking important measures in the anti doping compay much earlier this is more than annoying you could also call it the scandal and guess what the report was actually released months ago but i'd bet good money that you haven't heard a thing about it because for some reason it wasn't made into nonstop breaking news no probs were conducted and no bands were seen we managed to speak to the authors of the report and they told us the research indicates a doping epidemic. and to international track in the us we are still made forty six percent. and fifty seven percent of the arab league says these international track meets were. much higher
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than we expect our quarterly results are in this paper i would call. i mean when you're when you are talking there are some of the athletes at an international track and we are asked to remain to be doing some kind of their own. i think that's a serious problem for asked radix will be very very important to understand why do we have the difference because over there. is we don't know much about the. compliance and by compliance i mean whether or not they follow the instructions and they answer the question to be instructed because if not it could be in play it to figure out what we have to do in the future is understanding. how athletes react when they actually see that question because it's a quite serious question have you used prohibited methods in the past month and how
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to motivate. honestly even if they are actually dopers. it's been a heated day in the russian resort of sochi where groups from the syrian opposition talk to representatives from damascus along with other concerned parties about the prospects for peace in syria and it seems that there's a palpable result emerging from the talks for more on what has been achieved as first light to a corresponding. rather than what's come out of the talks. well first of all they've agreed on twelve points twelve points along which a future syrian state will be built it's it's a guideline the document itself made the rounds of geneva multiple times but ultimately it got nowhere it was finally side here in sochi and it's a road map that governs everything from syrian from syrian government itself to
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syrian sovereignty to how the military will be overhauled compromise what the different sides wanted and you know what what they could all for what they could put a put on the table the other pig thing that was agreed on is a constitutional reform committee to amend or rewrite the syrian constitution the interesting thing here is that seats on it fifteen twenty man committee seats on it will be saved for those that were unwilling or unable to attend these talks with talking about his limits the hardcore opposition that came to sochi and then left without participating in these talks the kurds for example and in syria and others this will be passed on to the u.n. so the u.n. will oversee this new committee and the u.n. special envoy to syria will personally will personally sort of guide this initiative there was also of course drama nobody saw it coming this morning there
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was no we have it but from late arrivals to cancel participation even arguments and shouting matches there's even heckling. if he chooses to friends so i want to say. if you believe the brains we have to continue working we'll have a chance to meet in the discussion but as for myself personally. i want to express my sincere gratitude to our colleagues. in this national guard to go. beyond. them have yet have the were issued us friends again i would like your attention if it's long lived russia then let me speak
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please. the other thing of course is diversity here representation that was sides as i mentioned the. unwilling to come to these talks we're talking here about the hardcore the islamist opposition. the high high negotiations the committee that is based in saudi arabia and compromises many rebel groups they sent a delegation on the turkish pressure reportedly that came to sochi but they refused to leave the airport they stayed for about ten hours at the airport of sochi and they took offense at the various banners that were hung up in the city for these talks for this such a peace conference because it portrayed a syrian government flag there were other preconditions that they had this the turks tried to get them to come but to no avail the other side that didn't make it also where the syrian syrian kurds the s.d.f. they had no significant official representation here either nevertheless there were
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many other parties many denominations at this city's christians you see these muslim susan she is there certainly a lot of debate internationally turkey russia iran three big players the guarantees of the astronaut peace process they were all here and all in agreement the western partners for example the united states they only sent junior representatives and from what we've been told by sergey lavrov the russian foreign minister they haven't displayed much optimism much enthusiasm for this sochi peace peace conference for this platform so to speak but he says diversity is key. as the new year to go towards yes it's way more difficult to negotiate when it's not like minded people who sit around the table like in paris and washington but opposing sides but agreements by opposing sides are way more stable long lasting
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and sustainable the news achieved in an industry of like minded states taking decisions for the syrian people and the syrians can decide the fate of their country. oh the other thing that organizes and the russian foreign minister wanted to make very clear is that sochi is no alternative and it is not a competition you know a competitor to the geneva process the geneva process will continue under the auspices of the un controlled by the un and overseen by the un and the un security council the main talks the main breakthroughs are expected at geneva what sochi is is just the space platform for the various sides to come here and to sit down and to talk to see how they can resolve their differences not necessarily result them here but they get the full ruling supplement the geneva peace process and the u.n. special envoy for syria he was here as an observer seeing what was happening seeing
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the discussions and he said himself that there was plenty of debate plenty of arguments which is healthy and that this is a positive step. old city and seek safe calm neutral environment for the girls to do tional drafting on trolled and last but not least therians need sustained. could you mean he didn't actually have any release of detainees abductees in missing people absalom illegal thank you thank you thank you thank you very much thank you. we now have the text we have the theory we have the documents that have been signed by everyone what when means to be seen is whether they'll be put into practice you know whether they'll be enforced and what will come of this of the new constitutional committee of the twelve point plan that they've agreed on but the u.n.
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envoy has promised to take them to geneva and to keep this ball that has gotten rolling to keep it rolling bring is the very latest there live from sochi our correspondent rug as they have thank you. now as cryptocurrency is becoming ever more valuable hackers are becoming ever more determined to steal them so called crypto jacking that's turning into the go to method for making a grab for the money the mechanism allows hackers to secretly mine cryptocurrency on your computer while you're watching internet ads or using infected applications on your smartphone it's been reported that google and you tube were exposed to such malware recently but some hackers they prefer to do it the more traditional way simply stealing the digital coins from web while it's on these mcguffin santiago spoke to a representative from crypto currency exchange which just a few days ago suffered the biggest crypto robbery to date.
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popular japanese crypto currency exchange coin check confirmed on friday that at all the victim for the largest hack in the modern cryptocurrency history over four hundred million dollars or five nam's tokens have been stolen now we have foundations in this partnership coordinator make. to get some clarity on the situation how could a secure trading platform come under such an attack so it is very important to distinguish two points here from one side if you speak about number of course it is a more secure form but if we speak about the trading platform the exchange as they didn't use any security measures that we provided to them and this allowed hikers to easily deal this money mikhail so what's the status on the tokens and has there been any luck in locating the acars. all the money are known on them blow
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chain and we track them and we die exam. as for legal matters of course should be prosecuted and we give it to an f.s.a. and to a japanese authorities to find and prosecute them has this affected them scheme unity in any way what's the chatter like. and then community of us always drapes and we saw support from people all the time but sometimes such an unfortunate events would happen to really give a good test to our community and really education is happening. people are getting good advice on how to secure their funds well you heard it a new paradigm in global finance and global crypto security we can only hope we can learn from our mistakes and have a safe future francis jagow r.t. . join me for the very latest news headlines in half an hour.
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join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests in the world of politics school business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. ratings and salutation so far and wide and across the land there's no greater waster of money than the unaccountable government saying that money isn't wasted an abused in the private sector of course it is just the government wasted it just it just hurts a little bit more you know that knife cuts just
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a little bit deeper when you're dealing with government waste because when a private company weighs money it's generally their own that they're wasting but want to government waste money well that's yours and mine and all of ours essentially being thrown down the proverbial six hundred dollar toilet or the twenty four million dollar refrigerator yes yes they really are paying twenty four million for a new big league refrigerator on air force one. from city hall to capitol hill here in the united states of america our leaders love to waste our tax dollars especially when it comes to lawsuits coverups and settlements as the citizens of the great state of new jersey have discovered after their investigative journalist over at the asbury park press revealed that quote governments across the state from the smallest towns to some of the largest cities have spent more than forty two million this decade to cover a baths physical abuses and sexual misconduct at the hands of bad cops
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forty two million and that's just across the state of new jersey imagine what it's like in all the other states reporters also found that more than sixty eight new jersey police officers are facing facing discipline more instead paid bout seven hundred thousand in tax dollars to quietly ride off into the sunset. and yet. they still ask and wonder why we are and always will be watching the hawks. when you get the. real thing it's like. the bottom. like you that i got. to. leave the. world over the watch of the harks i go to
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a robot and i'm tap and while there that's a lot of millions that's a lot of millions a lot of weight i'm not really incredible amount of waste i call it waste because my mind if you're paying out settlements then you're hiring bad officers just right especially bad large number i get there started to predict every now and again but we're now forty two million that's a lot of waste and you know six hundred dollars for a toilet twenty four million for the refrigerator does there's a lot there's a lot of waste and in my mind i think we have so much ways that the government really because i don't think so a lot of the people there really feel like they are but they didn't earn the body all they did was that one of the lection taxpayers just keep pouring a band it's kind of like what i was going to say this is the thing is it seems like there's a certain sense of entitlement that happens when a lot of politicians i think you can always spot the politicians who aren't in it for the right reasons they're really public servants they're serving themselves and
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maybe a small group of people just their constituency and really just the one percent of their constituency is that you can see it because the people who back up this kind of wasteful spending who come to that thing of saying well they feel entitled they feel entitled to fancy curtains in their office and all those out and there's a certain amount of. there's an ethical bone in your body i can't imagine going in as a public servant and being like i want to fight for a million dollar for it or i want this or signing off on it not questioning and i questioning like paying for this rumor or you know those people that put got me elected or in this case for new jersey like who's paying for forty two million and settlement allegations of the people of new jersey with new jersey you know and that's i mean look these allegations involve nineteen deaths one hundred thirty one injuries and other misuse of power by the police so i'm not saying that settling with the victims of this isn't is bad no give them the money they deserve if you know if they brought a legit complaint but it has to eventually fall back you got to say like ok maybe
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we're hiring the right polies not requiring that everything from every employee for if we if we look back and say i mean because this this investigation was massive it was a two year investigation they were viewed thirty thousand pages of police documents court filings lawsuits all of it and they and that was a covering five hundred and sixty five different municipalities in new jersey is all intensive and it makes me wonder what other states. but wow this is a lot this is just borrowing forty two million and this is the where when you look at that this forty two million as you said one thousand deaths one hundred thirty one injuries and other abuses of power and when you look at it like take for example there's one tiny borough of absecon and atlanta county i have mine set that right population is eighty three hundred people they paid two million to settle a two thousand and twelve wrongful death case now in newark with
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a population of two hundred eighty thousand. settled the bodily injury case for a two million well you have towns that have a eighty three hundred people on their backs is supporting these payouts to bad cops now a town of you know two hundred eighty thousand can can withhold two million dollars can how you know they can handle that in their project. you can't handle that in a place if you're going to take two million dollars away from eighty three hundred people that's roads that's water that's everything that's. supposed things. and when you look at the numbers you had at least sixty eight cops sixty eight given more than seven hundred thousand dollars in tax dollars just to quit hey when you quietly resign you're about we're going to get almost a million dollars a million dollars a year year that we're just going to pay you to write off the sun i think of paying for a bad cop yes i don't do as taxpayers member this is again our body that's going into
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this it doesn't magically grow on trees not money that was taxed whether it be at a local level or a federal level that's what this is what's also interesting when you really dig of the numbers of this particular issue with police is that you find that the new jersey court of this report is one of six states that doesn't officially actually license their police officers they have no official procedure but the bad cops and there's a many other states that also have this problem as well which bartels my mind in today's day and age that we've reached this level twenty eighteen and one last thing before we move on before we get on to this is that the asbury park press actually found that at least sixty four thousand three hundred fifty three internal affairs complaints filed since twenty eleven you're going to lose it less than one half of one percent that's two hundred twenty six resulted in officer being charged of a crime of those defendants main the were convicted so that's the numbers not good that's a lot of money and feeding people educating people cleaning cleaning up roads cleaning
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up things. ridiculous. on february thirteenth of this year new orleans louisiana will be packed to the prevailing winds with an estimated ten million or more people celebrating the prelims in bulk and that is mardi gras along with those. tourists every year twenty five million pounds of plastic beads are brought into the city to be thrown and then thrown away once the party's over a recent cleanup effort by the city found seven point two million pounds of debris in fifteen thousand of the city's sixty eight thousand storm drains between september twenty sixth the twenty seventeen and january twenty third of twenty eight ninety three thousand pounds of that debris were all mardi gras and they were found in the one five block stretch near downtown one but it's not just the litter that has people worried the louisiana department of health warns that some beads
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and throws may contain lead and there may be lead in the soil the along the parade routes in fact dr howard milky of tulane university's department pharmacology map new orleans and from the highest lead counts in the soil along the mardi gras parade routes in his estimate four thousand pounds of lead hit the streets each year at some point does the tradition of throwing beads need to be rethought when it cost millions of dollars in damages and threatens the health of the people who call new orleans home absolutely no no no at this point i mean look if you're down there there would be just so girls looked up or too sure or do the lives of his teachers whatever you know. you can do that you can see that rather the role to be wise and to lead and your children are going on that course or horizontal horrible stuff. there's a certain mobile readers or the party has gone too far and you're thinking about this is that a rich.


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