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so that's the story for working class america lots of talk not much walk this tax package that has been passed how do the democrats play that to the country. i think they play it as one point seven trillion dollars in deficits the same party that says we don't have money for medicare we don't have money for social security we don't have money for medicaid has one point seven trillion dollars to give away nearly all of it to the one percent of the one percent that's how we play it and the question is hey republicans what happened to your worries about deficit spending let's go to kareen tayloe karim a big part of what the president talked about in davos switzerland was all oil was the united states is open for business the environmental protection agency certainly has a lot of different under this president what do you expect tonight well i expect him to not tell the full story about what's going on at the p.a. there are approximately approximately sixty six rules that right now that are
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either out of the door of our have already been overruled and that's very concerning to us in the environmental space and i think what we need so i understand realizes that we can have a very thriving economy and have green jobs and have embracing solar wind and natural gas and so this movement to go backwards to coal is very disturbing to us the coal industry employs less people than the rbs right now so why would we want to do that why would we want to say that we're going to embrace coal when that whole industry is dying not because of anything dealing with environmental regulation but with automation and just changes in technology and so right now instead of putting tariffs on solar he should have been lifting up the solar industry instead of saying that we're going to you know look at bringing back the coal industry we should look at just transition and finding a way to have those employees who've been powering our country for decades and generations figure out other ways to become a part of this green clean economy equities very important just transition is. very
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important and it's not a zero sum game we don't have to turn i weigh from environmental regulation to have a booming economy so we're very concerned about this expression around infrastructure this is a really great opportunity to rebuild america to rebuild our roads our bridges but if we're not going to allow our environment to also have that protection alongside of that that's concerning too and when we embrace coal we're embracing something that already is going to impact people dying prematurely when the president definitely made a lot of promises to coal country green jobs your thoughts bart chilton there wasn't much talk about that a davos was there go there was it but this whole regulation you know he's reducing regulations it's really a little bit unclear so he uses it he says that there's three parts to stool reducing regulations tax cuts and then infrastructure and of those regulations is really undefined other than we know that he's cut back on some of our mental energy regulation in the financial space he hasn't talked a lot but hasn't done that much and i think it's going to be this year when the
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people are really in place that we need to either watch out or be clapping depending upon your perspective but so far i'm not sure if you could say it was this regulation or this regulation and it is somehow increase the economic fuel injected the economy not that i can see actually scott email use there's a lot of talk about what the poll numbers are of the president right now but i think we all get a pretty good sense that the only number he cares about is jobs absolutely and that's what i think should be the biggest difference between a trump speech and president obama's speech if i can present bombing started talking a lot about social issues in fact that is what the headlines were coming out of a state of the union speech by president obama every every forsyte that we're getting about president it is going to be about jobs the economy he's going to talk about coal but not necessarily about the environment but the impact of jobs on the coal industry and i think that's where you're going to look at like you said that is the currency that president tough talks about and i think the initial people that were having their meetings with present. when he first got into office knew
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they got their meeting because they said i'm going to bring so many jobs this country i'm going to reinvest back in this country and the i did it just taking away the individual mandate alone did so much for taking out that lisa small business that think you're going to really start seeing that also start to provide some momentum in our economy as well going forward on the topic of foreign policy north korea is expected to be a major part of the president's speech tonight in the past year the trumpet ministration has increased sanctions against north korea and anyone doing business with kim jong un however any effort to put pressure on may be limited by how much china is willing to help when the situation the president is also expected to say recent cooperation between north and south korea leading up to the winter olympics is proof that his policies in strategy or working on north korea meanwhile wars in iraq and afghanistan continue in a wave of violence in kabul afghanistan have many wondering whether or not the
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taliban is actually closer to peace talks for more on that we're joined tonight by a panel of former u.s. diplomat jim generous jim nice to have you with us tonight the world is watching the president tonight what are we going to do in syria what are we going to do with north korea a lot of rhetoric back and forth what are your expectations tonight on on his importance and his detail tonight on foreign policy well from the excerpts i saw he is going to make a point of saying that we've got isis on the run in syria but what i would like him to hear what i would like to hear from him saying and when we do that we're out of there we're going to do it will declare victory and leave and as far as i can tell that's not the policy we all know what's going on right now between the the kurds and the turks which is a direct result of secretary tillerson and outspent of that we were we were staying there and supporting what amounts to regime change and blocking iran we have a whole. mission in syria and i wonder if the president will refer to that or what
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whether obviously i wonder if he's even been there for informed of it does the country have the appetite to do more in afghanistan i mean i think president obama said it purr pretty good that's where empires go to die. no one's been successful militarily in afghanistan for thousands of years in your we are possibly going to waste a lot of treasure on the other hand conservatives are making the case if we don't fight the terrorists there who knows where it's going to end up does that still play well i don't think it plays but unfortunately that's still the policy look when the mr trump announced his new policy in afghanistan it was the same old policy except more of it more robust rules of engagement more bombing but no go no strategy as to how this is actually going to work. it really doesn't make a lot of sense and he even said this was contrary to his own instincts what about syria tonight in also the involvement of the turks in the line in the sand that
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aired one has drawn i mean it's almost like calling the president out on what the policy is going to be in the middle east and dealing with a future syria and right now and so she there of course are thousands of representatives who are working at the table right now trying to come to some conclusion about what syria is going to look like the united states isn't there but they will be there tonight in front and center of that crowd with the president what do you think i really don't think he's going to allude to that look i mean what's he going to say if first off he can't acknowledge the russian role in defeating isis which is like not acknowledging the russian role in defeating headliner because it would then open up the whole bucket of warm about russia which evidently he is not going to address tonight and how could he talk about how we'd better to whipsaw or self between our kurdish allies and our turkish allies and we lose either way ok jim jethro's thanks for joining us coming back to our panel here let's talk about the elephant in the room that caused the shutdown was. rocca mench
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what will the democrats do to get doc up because there's going to be a wall on the table tonight for negotiation you know one of the things i have a problem with which may be addressed by the president but i doubt it is that we've been living in a government in a country that basically operates on two or three weeks cycles that's impossible it should never be less than a year from now to an old two year deal. dr has to be dealt with both sides feel very strongly the problem is the president talked about the wall when you talk to republicans privately most of them say they know it's kind of a waste it's twenty five billion dollars all told but the bottom line is we want to help these kids and overwhelmingly the american public wants all of the kids as reflected by all the polling the problem is how obscene they're going to be how much show business is involved on the republican president side larry labor is the big docket is big with with labor no question about it how do you see this play now . well i think this mitch said democrats want to help eight hundred thousand or more young adults be able to stay in this country but if he demands as
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a price that families will no longer be able to reunite in this country virtually every one of our families have people are truthful about their own history. was family migration somebody one first and then the next and then the next whether we're white black or brown this is a president who's so cruel and hateful that he's ready to break up families just because he doesn't want to see more black or brown people in this country that kind of racism has no place in this country that's what he's about he's going to try to make democrats choose between the kids and being family migration of hundreds of years ok stay with us we'll take a quick break but when we return we'll talk to a man who has known donald trump personally for decades and interviewed him many times larry king they will. do you know what you've got in your head you might think it's a phone but in the news we see the t.v. with t.v. the free and unlimited t.v. you get t.v. everywhere for free and since t.v.
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is everywhere so is our t.v. streaming on all your favorite devices outdoors or inside any time of day or night catch all of our award winning shows news and cutting edge analysis everywhere you look at where ever you go question more. mark twain said it's easier to fool people than to convince them they've been fooled that could be why america is so divided because people have been fed a fake news feed for by corporate interests they beat you down until you believe their fairy tales well here's a story for you it's called big and it's full of facts not fiction just. rejected tonight is
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a comedy show. not defect by the corporate. you go after the corporations it's just more your life profit over people and you turn. your back it's not for me it's like medicine it's like a cancer from all the stress that the news puts a blunder redacted tonight is a show where you can go to cry from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the corporate mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to filter it through some satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical comedy news like redacted so ninety's where attack.
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welcome back to our special coverage a saving of president donald trump's first state of the union address we're now joined by host of politicking broadcast legend larry king larry nice to have you with us tonight does america need in the in these troubled times globally geo political issues does this country need donald trump to be presidential tonight to rise above the tree line and be the classy president that can relate how important is tonight. i would say very important i would say i absolutely has to meet those marks. if he doesn't we will continue to have strife and will continue with division and they'll be upset they'll be continuing questions about the russian investigation which he can't discuss in the state of the union will he discuss the meet to discussion that's going on across america will he join and endorse that
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movement he may not be able to based on his own personal problems he's got to he's got to rise above what has been the past about trump he's got a barrage above the the. the memos he sends out of the tweets he sends out he's got a rise he's got to be presidential it's very hard to match and i think anyone would agree on is to match obama's oratorical skills obama may be one of the greatest orators america has ever had and that is not from strength but if he's got a well prepared speech and again the press is not received in advance of the speech and he delivers it well this could be an important night for trump he told a group of journalists today that his mission is to bring the country together that if he could do that and it's ironic that we're bringing this part of the conversation up because you're looking at live pictures right now the motorcade and also protests outside of the capitol in washington d.c.
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say. from your experience of donald trump and you've known him for decades does he have what it takes to bring people together we know about the deals we know about being able to broker a deal and do a real estate deal and those kinds of things but do you think that he has the chops to bring people together the word i would use is hope. he's an enigma to me i've known him for over thirty years we were friends i haven't heard from him since the election. i spoke to him quite frequently during the campaign. he has been to a personal level he's been wonderful of shared many moments with him when i had some minor surgery in new york he took my wife out to dinner. he is always top me at hotels and invited me to places and we went to us we were at a super bowl together in minnesota oddly enough years ago so in that part of them
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i've found him and we know he exaggerates and he's very much self-involved in the word i it comes out a lot and his friends what we did was put up with that in other words he was amusing to be with he was a character in a sense and it was a lot about all about me let's not talk about enough about me let's talk about you what do you think about me but it was ok it was fun he wanted to get on page six in the new york post now he's president he's on the front page of the york times it's a different story so he's got to modify in my opinion he's got to modify himself he's got to be the donald trump that was not the donald trump that is especially when he goes off beat or when he goes off media when he gets personal attacks on people when he's a vicious two opponents you know we're a democracy. these are not the senate and the house and not employees donald has
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dealt with employees all his life these are not employees they don't have to go with you tell him they don't go where you tell him to go he's got it there's some kind of balance has to occur and it's important tonight do you think ed do you think he can unify it tonight the answer is. i have to say i hope and i think that's a great answer hope is and all of us at some level. i don't politically agree with everything the president's put now out but i don't want to see him fail i don't want to see america fail i think the stakes are way too high and i do think that this country is ready to rally behind someone who wants to make things better for average americans and if this tax package works i'm all for it but the proof is in the putting i will say this about donald trump he has done or attempted to do everything he talked about on the campaign trail
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a conservative on the supreme court that moves for decades a lot of decisions reforming the tax code knocking off regulations that hamper business i mean there are things that he's you know when he tried to do health care and i think he might go back at that and and larry your thoughts on the health care has that been left to the side of the road like roadkill or other republicans and this president have enough momentum behind him to go tackle that one more time because that really was his big focus on the campaign trail and it's a great question and the answer is i don't know because we didn't get an advance of a speech that is the only or it's the first time a memory we haven't had an advance of a state of the union speech where we bring up health care i think he has to it's too big too big too big an issue and i think he has to bring it up but also remember eighty five percent of america supports the dreamers. and he's should be
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well aware that so i know he's going to push for the wall but he's got the one thing he has to have that he hasn't shown in my opinion yet is come passion does he really care that's very important a president should care a president should nurture us a president should enfold us a president should bring us together let's hope isn't daca the perfect subject for him to prove to the american people that he does care sure he could say look i want to wall it's very important for national security although i don't know how great the problem of illegal alien is going to bring up the one illegal alien who killed a woman in san francisco but if he said listen i want the wall i'd like to have the wall but these people eight hundred thousand a million point eight they came here not by their will they were children there in
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no man's land why don't we just free them up and i said at a joint meeting with republican and democrats i said bring me a bill i'll sign it yeah larry what he said tonight bring me a doctor a bill i'll sign it do you know malani a trump well all very well what do you think she's going. she's gone through a lot of pain over this thing but the pornstar obviously she must be feeling a lot of pain with that she did not go with him to davos she's a very smart. she's a very good mother he's a she's a talented woman in her own right she's kind of put i don't know where she is in the realm of things you know the daughter hears to be more important than the wife but she'll be featured tonight she'll be up there in the upper stands looking down smiling graciously icac i don't i don't like to get into the personal lives of
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people i don't know where that's going. i've always thought that the role the mission of every president is to make the country feel good about itself and i think it's hard to argue that ronald reagan probably did that as well as any president is donald trump in a position to make the country feel good about itself tonight with what the market has done and these car companies that are repatriating dollars in the job numbers that are low unemployment numbers that are low for minorities latino's and african-americans this is really an opportunity for the president tonight isn't it yeah he has that opportunity ronald reagan did it and i knew reagan pretty good by embracing the tip o'neill's he never looked lean he never had enemies he had
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a political philosophy that many of i in many cases disagree with i was very close to nancy but you felt that he cared you a few felt he cared i don't know if we feel that with trump i don't know how we look at him and there was george burns had a great line once the secret to success in anything. is compassion and sincerity and if you can fake that you've got it made. let's go back to our panel tonight midseason scotty dale use the steve malzberg and holland column i'll let you pick up on that comment larry is correct when he says he's not a great orator but he is a great communicator it was forty four years ago tonight that president nixon said one year of watergate is enough fast forward to bill clinton the era of big government is over what will be the bite of the night what do you think the bite of
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the night is steve i think the bite of the night is going to be that we want to america and we're all equal and he's he cares about and is out to help every single american no matter their race creed or color well is the president to journalists today that he wants to you know unify the country he can't do that unless he plays ball with the democrats nancy pelosi today said i have a successful speech if he doesn't bar that's that's always a possibility but i want to i mean come on i'm well it's all done in the senate and there's going to be plenty of support with her what the president wants to do i think in the house yet but it's easy not to make sausage with chuck schumer out how sure we already said no wall i mean how do you do it. listen this president spent the last year acting like he only wants represent red states and be a red state president who i think will be more moderate tonight i do but by the same token i think once the first tweet comes out the next day or so whatever
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moderation showing tale be washed out he's facing a very low standard as people were alluding to that is only teleprompter he's doing great the problem is it doesn't last long i want him to succeed is as an american i think oh moderate today but i think the shelf life will be very short scotty no this is the biggest platform this president will ever have. this even beach the crowd at the inauguration. you did but you know the world is watching in i think that the president does want to please he does want to deliver he talks about winning he said on the campaign trail that america doesn't win anymore and we've got to start winning again this is one of those nights where america can win absolutely and just as important is the message that presidents have is going to be getting from that lectern it's also going to be the messages coming out from the crowd we all members joe wilson's you lie that took the headlines the next day there's going to be a lot of subliminal messages also coming i think we've already seen it tonight malani a trump just walk down the stairways in
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a white suit now because i am female i obviously like what she's wearing and she wears white traditionally but tonight it means something different considering we just came off the grammys or a lot of the women in solidarity were all wearing white and so when the president is already saying these not going to focus on the great strides women have made in twenty seventeen in regards to sexual abuse in the workplace maligning i just sent that message right there and i guarantee that it's going to be one of those messages sent and more powerful than anything her husband could have said larry is donald trump in your friendship with him over the years always been a guy that rises to the occasion. he seems to he's had bankruptcy's he's had charges against say if you couldn't do that thing with billy bush and still remain alive and win the presidency if you could do that you got somethin that you're doing right he drives you crazy if you disagree with him but he seems he dances the dance he does the little dance he is he's the great
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negotiator who has negotiated a great deal yet except he got that tax bill through he's disliked on the world stage. he's low in popularity in america but he's donald he's the donald it's still be a apprentice the show is still going on how my ratings how my doing was he will say tomorrow that this is the most watched state of the union speech in the history of television he will say that whether it's true or not and the question will be will he stick to the things he says tonight only disagree with himself and two days in never know with the donald larry as you see the president come into the chamber tonight. what do the democrats do tonight i've been at these where there is thunderous applause there is people sit on their hands and tonight there are
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a number of lawmakers who are not in attendance because they are protesting the pres the united states which i personally don't agree with i think they're on the payroll they ought to do their job and get there this is a platform for the country not just their political beliefs and i have felt the same way when republicans did this to obama but how do the democrats play this tonight your thoughts on their leadership. they will say i agree with you they shouldn't vote to boycott a presidential speech i agree they'll sit on their hands and those moments they'll be moments window spanned when that when the speech you know is in platitudes good basically they'll sit and republicans will stand and applaud with the big applause lines that's always happens in state of the unions all the women dressed in black timers will focus on that a lot but basically it will be republican speech to all republican house with a lot of democrats president the democrats hope to bear the majority in the in next
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year's state of the union so we shall see what we still see but again i think except that a brief indications you gave was the axis of evil in the state of the union speech that generally forgotten some good story breaks the next day we know we know today a story will there will be a big story breaking within twenty four hours after his speech guarantee one word that i picked up on when the president was speaking to business leaders in davos was cheerleading. he said that if you don't cheerily i don't care what you're doing it's not going to happen you've got to cheerily steve malzberg we're going to see some cheerleading tonight oh without a doubt he will bring up the pompoms to cheerlead and rightfully so he's our leader easy he's our hope as well as larry so so eloquently put it it's all about hope and he's going to cheerlead this country america first but not america alone that's what he said double ladies and gentlemen the president ited states.
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thank us thank you thank you thank you thank
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i thank you. members of. yes i had the high privilege and the distinct honor a privilege of presenting to you the president of the united states. a thought.
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about anything anything way thanks. mr speaker. mr vice president members of congress the first lady of the united states and my fellow americans less than one year has passed since i first heard at this podium in this majestic chamber to speak on behalf of the american people and to address their concerns their hopes and their dreams. that night our new administration had already taken very swift action. a new.


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