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we don't want we don't want to we don't want to we don't want to take a break but we have to our quadruped don't forget to let us know what your big of a proper through the cover of facebook and twitter for your polls that are to dot com coming up in the right the further you go up or down the call the lack of orcs best of the scots as it was cool to watch a lot of your fascinating i'm sure cover for farcical book topic states. senators financial survival guide i don't find any i prize on with features. of the friday as the last of my ex in the future so crack up watched kaiser.
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exists is hotter than kentucky. with all of this move the voices it was very funny. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal mines of said i'd. love to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened. this little bundle of joy would have muchos of surviving in the what mother does can only win one cup at a time but usually give birth to two. every year. china puts
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a lot of effort into making up for this cruel mistake of nature. is just it was you or any of. china's panda breeding has become something of a production line. it's almost as though they've been copied three d. printed and put on show for the public. several cubs are born here each year. but only left work by dedicated scientists will be for nothing if panda love can't be encouraged in captivity it's not as though they don't practice until but in the same lazy way they do everything else with this proud mommy gave birth to twins and has no idea that a special love potion was formulated just for the. way everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy yells aspect every proud
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american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru and well he's a little bit different i'm not a point behind you know no doubt with all the drama happening in our country i'm hitting the road to have some fun every day americans come home and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american killed each. time we. join me every thursday on the alex salmond's show and i'll be speaking to get off of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that.
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fire and fury may be the apt title of a gossipy tell all about the trumpet ministration and it's certainly an accurate moniker for the kind of senselessly bare knuckle tactics the president prefers when it comes to deporting illegal immigrants or facing off against perceived enemies of america like the mainstream media north korea's little rocket man or the islamic republic of iran but what many tend to forget is that fire and fury could also very well describe america's foreign policy when it comes to washington's designated list of problem countries for many many decades and administrations prior to the origin sheet and no nation on earth has experienced the full nonsensical brunt of america's diplomatic approach from the people of iran to for however long history of fire and fury impacts today's complex world we welcome dan kadlec a human rights attorney professor at university of pittsburgh school of law and
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author of the plot to attack iran welcome. thank you for having me always a pleasure having you on down and then i want to start and i said i feel like the title of your book and this letter i feel like this has been coming for a long time i mean the u.s. stance on iran as you put it has been basically pretty hostile and become a trademark of going to donald trump's republican party but how does that actually compare to the u.s. arabian relationship historically is the kind of aggression interference you know really all that new when you look at the u.s. relationship with iran. well no and in fact that's one thing i try to emphasize in my book. if you go back to nine hundred fifty three in their audience remember this very well the cia's very first. date i was in iran the cia overthrew the democratically elected prime minister of iran mohammad moses deck
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installed installed the shah of iran a king we then helped i should say the cia helped the shah set up his security services called the sock train the sava could not see type torture techniques and helped the shah rule iran until the islamic revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine. through very repressive tactics again this is something very much in the memories of the iranian people and something that i think americans need to consider when we think about iran and how the iranian government and the iranian people perceive our government. one of the things that that sort of has come up now is that washington the mainstream media really quick to pave the way for a recent protests in iran as you know a budding popular revolution against the government you know as well here it is now you recently been to iran and have seen the situation on the ground for yourself
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and i want to ask you is the political structure in there really as close to chaos and failure as the establishment's and the mainstream media is leading us to believe. no i believe not i mean my perception of iran. when i was there is first of all that it's a very modern country in some ways it's very western a lot of people speak english most of the signs are in english and farsi certainly they're struggling but they're largely struggling because of western sanctions against a country which of cost their economy over one hundred sixty billion dollars and so yes there are economic problems. and largely imposed specifically by the united states there are issues of political freedom of course they are the people who are concerned about but i think you know iran is in the process and has been in the
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process of democratizing of liberalizing and i think they need to be allowed to find their own path through development and through democracy again keeping in mind that we interrupted their democratic process in one thousand nine hundred fifty three and the u.s. has spent a lot of money trying to gin up opposition and violent opposition to the government there and that has to be kept in mind also and when looking at these protests most definitely you know that it's interesting the political struggles for new years has been you know pushing hard recent years the tyrone's government the world's predominant sheo power to various sunni muslim terrorist networks which is like al qaeda and i says a relationship that would seem pretty unnatural to say the least is there any truth to this axis of power concept or is it an attempt to harden public opinion against the run and really you know go and part and parcel to this plot that you talk about as the title of your book. where you raise
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a great point i mean the truth is that he ron is and has been a mortal enemy of terrorist groups like al qaeda isis people might not remember this but. right after nine eleven iran helped the united states in its operations in afghanistan against the taliban and against al qaida and george bush even recognized this i mean he had knowledge that they were very critical to our operations because again their natural enemies. of these. extremist sunni. terrorist groups like al qaida now he says but then george bush thanked them by declaring them as part of this axis of evil even though it's a time iran thought they were going to get a better diplomatic deal after helping us. after nine eleven and by by the way the supreme leader of iran right after nine eleven condemned the nine eleven attacks in many ways iran is a natural friend of the united states in the war against terror and yet we have
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shunned them time and again and instead opted to be friends with countries like saudi arabia which in fact support al qaida and isis and that is that leads me to add to my second question is that you know over the last two decades since nine eleven we have the publicly available intelligence absolutely reveals many more ties between anti-u.s. terrorist groups you anti-u.s. terrorist groups and saudi arabia not iran yet one of the one is considered to be among america's top out america's top allies the other is treated like a mortal enemy and in that same way it it feels a lot like when it was saddam made nine eleven happen and somehow now we're still playing that same game is a run made all this time that it was a run with no evidence and no real answer to that why why do we seem so bifurcated on this saudi arabia great aranda horrible despite.
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you know well again is. will mention in my book the plot to attack iran iran is the big prize and has been the big prize for the neo con establishment the u.s. for a number of decades. the truth is it's one of the last stable countries in the middle east standing because frankly the us is yet to invade there. that i believe and it's quite frightening to me that there are powerful members of the us establishment who want to entirely remake the middle east. a iran is in their way of course iran has all the oil which has always been of interest to the united states and what is sad is the us has shown a willingness itself to aid and abet terrorist groups like isis in order to weaken iran. to accomplish this goal of remaking the middle east which frankly has done
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nothing but unleashed chaos upon that region and i think that's why americans need to really rethink what their government and their military are doing in the middle east and i would hate to see iran go that way of iraq to see the beautiful antiquities of iran destroyed as they were in iraq or afghanistan or syria. i think people need to step back and call on their government to to refrain from such a conflict against their country i couldn't agree with you more you know even after the disasters see them fold in iraq libya and syria after us attempts to bring about regime change you know people still seem to be taking to this idea of invading iraq i think almost too lightly do you think an all out war with iran is in the cards i mean obviously wrote the book the plot to graft iran but do you think that the plot will come to fruition is that something that we're going to see
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the next few years i think it's a potential it is a potential believe me i hope it does not happen and that's why i wrote this book because i don't want it to happen but yes i think it's a potential as you point out it would be disastrous. iran is a huge country it's about the size of alaska and it has about eighty million people it has a very strong military attacking iran would be much much more difficult than the war against iraq or the war against the taliban in afghanistan which of course we're still fighting to this day years later right. but i fear there are people. in power in this country who may be willing to take that risk and frankly may be willing to use tactical nuclear weapons to pull something like that off and that that's my big fear and i think americans need to be aware of that possibility and need to organize against it when one when they talk about iran on t.v.
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politicians or b.t.o. what is the best piece of advice you can give a viewer to you know through the b.s. as a word to kind of you know one of the key words they should watch out for when listening to that there is someone talk about iran who you know is pushing this agenda we're going to short i've worked. well again i think they need to look past the word terrorist and again realize that iran is not the country supporting terrorist groups that are somehow threatening the united states they need to look at our history with iran they need to look take stock in the fact that we were the ones that destroyed their incipient democracy in the fifty's and they were not the ones who are going to move further towards democracy now that they're going to have to do that themselves iran has on a couple of occasions occasions are for the u.s. a grand bargain to settle the u.s.
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has concerns in the middle east while giving iran the security that it wants and the frankly it's entitle to and i think we need to take them up on that i couldn't agree more damn cold voice thank you so much for coming on to been talking about your new book coming out the plot to attack iran thank you so much. thank you. imagine what would happen if north became sow and couldn't text your friends about it well according to research on dark magazine and the laboratory for atmospheric spaces it is safe physics at the university of colorado boulder there are signs that the earth's magnetic poles are going to slip for the first time in seven hundred eighty six thousand years over the course of a few hundred to a couple of thousands of years if pole reversal would affect satellites aviation g.p.s. and even your air conditioning and while you may be sitting in your bunkers thinking i'm ready you all that might not be needed for the flip of the poles fossil records
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indicate that there were no drastic changes in plant or animal life the last time it happened so no pull apocalypse likely but it might mean no cell phones for a bit while we adjust unless of course people really can't live without their cell phones. just wait a few hundred thousand years to see where you got it when the call comes you got it got to take the call i. hate. down side down all right out of there it's hope read it everyone remember every one of those world we have not told the real love that up so it's all you all i love you i am i robot and on top of the wall and people are watching all those hawks out there that have a great day and night at the but.
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it's all to see we have a great team we need to strengthen before the free world cold and your backs have been a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that winning spirit to the r.c.c. . recently i've had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best fall since my last will come from that. thousand zero zero zero zero you. know the left left left more left ok stuff that's really good join me every thursday on the alex salmond shield and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics school business i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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you seen years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with a gun if a bad guy tried to get to one of my family members he would have better luck with that i don't i think it's fair and hurting whenever my my baby says my book was published in the year two thousand more than half a million americans have been killed by firearms in the us when he had his thought to me as i did yes this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves in real scenarios it was interesting to see who actually got hit by the gun i just saw i did to return to the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met and photograph those years of god i don't know this but we are not.
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i want to show people of russia that there is another point of view and this is the goal of my campaign i know you can't win on the elections where only point it always wins for there is no talking what would be if i would win i will never win and elections like in the casino where because we know we. don't want. to.
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headline story sports highest court quashes the lifetime olympic done to over two dozen rushing up leads accused of joking violations. also ahead the bipartisan divide in washington with the white house expected to release a classified memo on friday the documents allegedly detail surveillance abuses by the f.b.i. including. selection to. german intelligence warns that the children. could be recruited to terror attacks in the country describing them as a living time bomb.
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joining us from right around the globe this hour welcome to moscow and to r.t. international my names you know me good to have your company our top story the court of arbitration for sport overturned the life. of twenty eight russian athletes accused of doping their results not the sort winter games in two thousand and fourteen with the story. this ruling has to be the olympic equivalent of having your exit cancelled at the last minute twenty eight it's previously banned for life from the games and are fully cleared of all doping allegations sanctions against them dropped nine a hard won medals in sochi are set to return to their rightful owners named and shamed they refused all along to accept the punishment for being guilty by association you're done with it's such
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a relief for us because we're really are innocent the public is now where of that many people believe that we don't but our close ones of course knew it wasn't true i'm really disappointed with the olympic movement it's a complete mess. there's a lot of uncertainty the bans were justified in some cases in others not so i'm happy that the athletes in my sport. have been partially acquitted and i'm sure we'll be promoting our movement further. legal mechanisms exist and we hope we'll still have the time to fight for our rights if not at cas then in a civil court switzerland has a long history of considering cases if there are agents have always sat the truth and justice always prevail in the end yet the verdict came with a catch. this does not mean that these twenty declared innocent but. due to insufficient evidence held the sanctions and old individual results
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achieved in such reinstituted so hold on a second you yourself proclaimed there's no proof to convict these athletes what part of innocent until proven guilty in my not getting here this short remark is the latest twist in what's been a nerve racking roller coaster of a doping scandal for russia's athletes the international olympic committee initially slapped the russian team with a blanket ban following a report accusing the country of a state sponsored doping program the court of appeals heard both from the author of the report and its key witness though and didn't find their testimony convincing enough these two men who were involved in exposing all of this mess basically gave us enough evidence to say listen mcclaren water you see we don't believe you guys the tribunals conclusion has poked a sizable hole in the reasoning behind the i.o.c.
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his decision to bar russia from the olympics but the not guilty verdict does not guarantee a ticket to south korea later this month it's still the hour you'll see that gets the last say in who does go and who does not since the russian olympic committee is suspended russian athletes can participate in pyongyang only on invitation by the i.o.c. the result of the cash decision does not mean that athletes from the group of twenty eight will be invited to the games so for now even without an invitation to south korea the twenty eight russian athletes have potentially paved the way for other clean athletes to achieve justice but even with this battle won the war is far from over. well we discussed the issue with a number of experts including were known sports lawyer our chimp part so he's got a lot of experience in this particular matter he welcomed the ruling. but if there
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is a victory for common sense and the fundamental principles of the olympics over political whims we've always stuck to the principles during the i.o.c. inquiry and recast as well charter is based on that's what appeared to cool it in leftist when he created the olympic movement of first of all it's a great victory for those twenty eight cleats for over a year to claim their innocence and cares this is confirmed that they have not committed any wrongdoing and he had wrongly sanctioned them for something they had not done theoretically. could challenge those decision the grounds on which you can challenge the decisions before the streets supreme court are very limited and i don't see how they could be successful. to another story we're closely following today the release of a classified congressional memo allegedly d.t.l. ng abuses of surveillance powers by the f.b.i.
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is expected to be approved by president trump on friday the possible move has already led to a major backlash from both the agency and the democratic party. as the details. well a specter of anticipation is hanging over washington d.c. as everyone is anticipating the release of the memo now at this point we've already heard from many republicans who say they've seen the memo and that the content is shocking they're calling it worse than the watergate scandal now essentially the memo is purported and expected to show great abuses by the f.b.i. essentially that they have the f.b.i. and the u.s. department of justice were abusing the foreign intelligence surveillance act in order to spy on donald trump that is what is being alleged now we've already got a recording of donald trump on a hot mike saying that the memo will be released just released. around one hundred
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. the f.b.i. is saying in complaining essential that they didn't have enough time to review the memo out before it's pending release and we've also heard from adam schiff a top democrat who is saying that changes to the memo have been made without prior approval and it's called on the white house essentially not to release it he's saying it's not ready to be released there have been changes that have been made to it that we've also heard from devon newness spokesperson devon's known as the chair of the committee and he said that some of those changes actually came at the request of the democrats it was minor edits some grammatical fixes as well as two edits done at the request of the f.b.i. now this medal is sent to to really kind of challenge and kind of throw away some of the credibility of the f.b.i. as well as the entire russia investigation in response to this we've heard a number of democratic leaders say that the calls to release the memo are somehow
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a plot by the kremlin and as the hash tag release the memo went up on social media top democrats sending a letter to social media basically saying that they wanted them to investigate whether or not russian bots were. behind the release but it's gone further than that at this point we've now heard allegations that perhaps the forces responsible and the chairman of the committee could actually himself be a russian agent. is it possible that the republican share of the house intel committee has been compromised by the russians there's a possibility at all the russian agents running the house intel committee on the republican side i hope that's not the case i mean this is behavior speak about tell me i'm not the first person who's raised this he's behaving like someone who's been compromised by.
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investigators reportedly are interested in stein's advocacy for better relations with russia any vote for stein is a vote that otherwise would have gone to hillary. donna brazil would seemingly buy into full fuel propaganda spread by both the russians and her opponent about her candidacy. if those objections and i know the senator from kentucky on the floor i will say before i read this if there's objection you are achieving the objectives of lot of meat. germany's domestic intelligence chief is raising the alarm over children of islamic state fighters that have been brought to germany he ses the youngsters are living time bombs that can be used in terror
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plots inside the country peter all over reports well. children or german parents who went off to join isis in iraq syria pose a potential security threat when or if they return back here to germany in fact he went as far as to refer to them in some cases as a ticking time bombs they were confronted early with islamic state ideology learn to fight and were in some cases forced to participate in the abuse of prisoners or even the killing of prisoners we have to consider that these children could be living time bombs there is a danger that these children come back brainwashed with a mission to carry out attacks or must it also went on to say that there was a whole network of online i use this headhunters looking to recruit and radicalize potentially vulnerable children islamic state uses headhunters who scour the internet for children to can be approached and tries to radical.


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