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tv   News  RT  February 2, 2018 11:00am-11:30am EST

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the law abiding citizen produces a lot of the fatalities by mistake. or by accident. several years ago there was a truck a sergeant here in memphis who did a study of murders in two different urban areas seeing if the presence or absence of guns in a home was a trigger or a protection order and his conclusion was that the presence of the gun was more likely to cause a murder or death by gun than the absence of a good in a home. turkey's decision to invade northern syria has foreign policy implications far beyond the middle east what are anchors objectives in syria and the region doesn't the
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silicate a final peace settlement to syria's proxy civil war and what is turkey's future in nato. this little bundle of joy would have no chance of surviving in the wild mother pandas can only win one come at a time but usually give birth to. every year china puts a lot of effort into making up for this cruel mistake of nature. is just. china's panda breeding has become something of a production line. it's almost as though they've been copied three d. printed and put on show for the public. several cubs are born here each year. but only left work by dedicated scientists will be for nothing if panda love can't be encouraged in captivity it's not as though they don't practice until but in the
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same lazy way they do everything else with this proud mommy gave birth to twins and has no idea that a special love potion was formulated just for the. everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy you know fastback every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. to see this is my buddy max famous financial guru where he's a little bit different i'm out of. there with no doubt with all the drama happening in our country i'm hitting the road to have some fun every day americans come home and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american killed. on.
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the wall this getting away from us dollar as wall reserve turns. the one road one belt policy linking up russia and china is out of the dollar every loss of trade oil away from the dollar countries are desperate to get out of the us dollar so the dollar is going to lose value about what anybody says here's the treasury secretary we are trying to make it look like oh it's our policy or for a lower dollar vulgarly matter what he says the dollar is going lower as i've been saying for a number of years because the u.s. dollar is a currency that other countries recognize as funding the wars and the weapons and the poverty that they're trying to escape. the protests held against the enter a convention to place ten days after columbine. if. you would what happened at columbine on april twentieth one thousand nine hundred ninety nine was that two two
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young men who were intent on killing as many students as they could they opened fire on students outside and then went when when confronted with a police presence they went inside the school. began shooting there went to a library that's where they killed and injured the most students and that's that's where my son once went worse as the day went on. no word from him being asked by the police if we could provide a description of him and what he was wearing at one point asking for dental records and being told one point that there was one last school bus bringing students. back from. when you're waiting for forty five minutes for a bus that you've only taken a couple minutes. began to realize that there was no last school bus.
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how old was daniel. fifteen. seventeen years ago when we last met i think it ended in tears for me because i realized again what i what i would do if they came to take my gun
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that would be the end of it for. this country for sure and i'm not willing to hand that over. no i'm able to do it and i know i would do it. protect my rights. the rights of my friends the rights of my loved ones the rights of this country. or i don't think so. i wouldn't let it go easily and probably not while i'm living. i feel like there are a lot of gun owners out there who don't take the responsibility of owning guns carrying guns storing guns i don't think they take it seriously and. why the resistance to regulation. because it leads to more regulation. that's too slippery
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of a slope we can't have laws to protect people from their own stupidity. one hundred eighty degrees baucus guys he's a word sexy when they talk about guns i'm not going to but they're all mantic. they're emotional. no no no. no no no. no no no no you. know when. you don't know. you don't know you in. a well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state comma the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. the second amendment in every state constitution
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guarantees my right to keep and bear arms why for my personal safety and to preserve liberty that's why it's called america. not much solution i've heard him say. i think there's somebody shooting in here. mass shootings in america have become almost commonplace but the sandy hook school massacre six and seven year olds were targeted by gunman reached a new level of horror and cuts to the rule of the american gun debate. today cause me to want to strengthen and absolutely not i think if one of those teachers the principal who never had had a gun that young man possibly would not have killed anyone or. do you think it's he. it's all i think a properly trained teacher. can and. just the need to deal with
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i think is friggin fantastic certain school districts are training their teachers so they can carry a weapon. and school. we go through drills and we put ourselves in real scenarios it was interesting to see how fast we get on the buses how fast we do this who actually got hit by the paintball gun. it was pretty cool but pretty. scary too the swat team comes in are and they're like ok everybody out you know put your hands up and we're all put our hands up we're terrified and takes us out so. we had a thought to him yes i did. yes this is a middle school. so. that possibility of oh yeah we could be prepared.
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went to every single mass shouldn't have in common gun free zone. i mean i was i think it was a color blind. from my cold dead. you know i think that part of the problem is that that the gun lobby has been very successful in getting their message out much more so than those who want to see reasonable gun laws they control the narrative that you're either for the second amendment or against it you're either for freedom or against freedom the surest way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good way that guy. you're
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after these mass shootings gun sales do tend to go up just because people start getting freaked out people think that the government is going to take our guns i mean i hate seeing the shootings happen but it is definitely it is good for business. this is a smith and wesson m.m.p. fifteen it is our best selling weapon right now you know pretty tough. here. and. as. a sole weapon seem to control the city. what is that this is a semiautomatic rifle. is it is it not an assault weapon no why not. semiautomatic wimpole the trigger one shot and that is what differentiates is it in
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your eyes the fact that one's fully automatic and the other isn't right why are they called survivor so that. because the media and the left wing politicians one mega bogeyman out as. a tool. bullies assault rifle i mean this is by even about what it is i know i know and i should even call them an assault rifle we're going to it's a military style weapon that's what they want me to say a sporting gun you know you know different names but it's the same thing it's a military style weapon. not a reason to buy an assault rifle is if you're going to make an assault on an enemy position and you need a lot of bullets because you got a lot of people in the position you're attacking the assault rifle was merely. it seems to me you don't need an assault rifle to kill a deer this this ongoing debates that some people have about whether. things
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like the a k forty seven and they are fifteen are so weapons are not that whole discussion is absurd that the s.t. greatest friend and a mass shooter could have. been having a one. on one of. the two killers. went out in search of guns they were under eighteen they got an eighteen year old to go to the gun show to a gun show with them to make the purchase they purposely sought out a private seller that's the so-called gun show loophole where you can go to a gun show you know one table for the licensed dealer you have to go through a background check table of a private seller no background check. yes
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guns that i sold and everybody sells every gun dealer that i found all around the united states in crimes they should have you know mandatory registration nationwide everybody owns a gun it should be registered and i am and they're responsible for that weapon why should you let some kid walk in a gun store buy fifteen guns and be able to give them to fifteen of his friends with no receipt even sold them and everything's legal that means guns could be shipped in from the east coast in the west coast and sold in a newspaper to it to anybody that can pass a background check that's how the criminals get guns. about forty percent of all gun sales are private sales they don't go through a background check and these are not going through a licensed dealer imagine going to an airport and have to go through security and they said ok we're have sixty percent of the people go through security and forty
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percent can bypass it when you get onto that airplane. i think. i can take you right now thirty three miles from here and buy you anything you want on the side of the road in the black market dealers it's out there facebook for example you can buy guns on. you know but just prior they privately and that is still legal in tennessee you can as of now you can still be private sales in tennessee but without without a background check you can't so you can so that any one yes and so to try to introduce the law. that shouldn't be. without outgrown chuck d. should. you know what. after her not so well there needs to be some things done to people where they're
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back to working again and not being given money by the government to run around and do whatever they want but there's a lot of things we could address maybe that's not the only problem could be some mental health issues could be drugs cause a major problem i don't know that but we are not the problem. it's. going to be. should anything be done. now. the natural selection take it's course. young no. no no no no no no no.
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this is says holland kentucky. over all of this move them places you could walk in the street families are you. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal mines the fed at. live to see these people the survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened. they are imposing their sanctions we just started developing our domestic
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capabilities and topping our internal resources as a member how during the previous u.s. administration they said that the russian economy will be in shambles but pointing to falling oil prices and sanctions and all that stuff well are we in shambles now quite the opposite. brought us closer to the best out of the jaws of. the concepts those paying to perform i actually pass myself to die. said he did what. sorry trust me i. was not. in the home of stone how do you know i'm on how i. respond to posts.
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so we'll see if you think. that he could with. yes can i did machine. thing. i mean. i. really want to lose. my. sticks if you buddy up but give up and up this time the movies are going to force.
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as one of the biggest police corruption scandals in the us some rivals report from the city of baltimore on what triggered the case on some of the mystery surrounding it. well done to you says it's seriously concerned with a decision by the sport's top court to remove guns on return models to russian olympic athletes. also this hour a public and professional backlash russia's medical community stands up to the harsh sentencing of a doctor whose patient died shortly after a simple to. if you. go there welcome to r.t. international live from moscow with me daniel hawkins rover you are tonight thanks
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so much for joining us here on the program. now one of america's top police corruption scandal is unraveling in the city of baltimore officers from an elite police unit tasked with reducing crime seem to have actually been adding to it they're on trial accused of turning the law on its head they came at me like a gang or something i remember one of the officers saying i looked like someone who needed to be robbed everybody's life is destroyed because of this my kids are afraid to go in the house the so-called gun trace task force is made up of plainclothes officers and has been trying to tackle the city's increasing murder rate however the unit has been dissolved officers have been arrested on charges against eight of them ranging from drug trafficking to planting fake evidence. samir a car now reports on what exactly triggered this case and how the police units crimes were exposed. well it all started with an investigation into drug trafficking in
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new jersey then as the case unraveled federal authorities found out that the baltimore police department was also involved mostly its elite gun traced task force unit months of recordings recovered from a device planted in a police cruiser reveal that officers were involved in drug trafficking robbery falsifying reports and planting fake evidence in one case a high speed car chase resulted in a crash which the officers tried to cover up one of the indicted acts attacked is involved actually broke down in tears in court it was a really bad accident none of us stopped to render aid to see if anyone was hurt we were foolish although i was doing so much wrong it got to a certain point where too much was too much altogether six officers have already pleaded guilty and two are still being tried but there are indications there's more to the story than just one rogue police unit court records show that the city paid over half a million dollars to settle claims of misconduct and falsifying reports involving the very same officers and dating back as far as twenty fourteen so why did the off
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forty's shoes just leave it all under the rug. you see this those offices of very well known in the streets for door what are they doing and this isn't the first incident where it came up it's been it's probably been plenty of complaints you can't go an extra help because you're afraid that this particular might just do some so you might pencil and comma will be see them come we go to opposite direction if we can and if we can't we deal with this circumstance this has been corruption for a long time you know just because this is one as in a way as though they decide to you know come forward or you know they got caught for what they done it stops their particular incident but at the same time as not going to stop interruption has to be done to stop the corruption from these criminals are cops and the cops are criminals then there's the unsolved murder of detective shawn souter that took place in. november last year wasn't part of the country's taskforce but worked with some of the officers were now under indictment
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and the day before he was set to testify in the corruption probe he was shot in the head with his own weapon while on duty and another unfortunate twist which some might find suspicious a patrol car transporting the dying officer to an asp it all got into an accident there's no suspect in the murder so far and no eyewitnesses except one unnamed partner and when the police commissioner tried to redirect the investigation to the f.b.i. the agency refused saying that the case had nothing to do with the corruption probe i'm growing increasingly uncomfortable that my home aside detectives do not know all of the facts known to the f.b.i. or the u.s. attorney's office that good reveal to us assist in furthering this murder investigation in the wake of the scandal baltimore police have launched an overhaul including a new commissioner vowing to rein in city violence but investigators still seem to have a very complicated plot to unravel samir khan r.t. reporting from baltimore. and what other news the world dopey agency says its
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concern with the court of arbitration for sport the citizen to uphold the appeals of russian olympic athletes why don't i understand that this decision will cause dismay and frustration among athletes the agency supports the i.o.c. is intention to analyze these decisions very carefully and consider all options including an appeal to the swiss federal tribe you know thursday the court of arbitration for sport rule to lift all sanctions and reinstate the olympic medals for twenty eight russian athletes eleven others will miss the upcoming south korea olympics but have their lifetime bans overturned over the decision has disappointed some athletes from other countries they were hoping to move into medal positions retrospectively from twenty fourteen games.
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or you say they are not guilty or you say they are guilty and they have ruled that there is not enough proof for a doping offense hence they are not guilty and this is very important also because it makes the mclaren report to become not in a basis which is enough to convict athletes and everything that was damn
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up to now was based on the mclaren report and if this is now not a basis enough to convict that lets than i do not understand why also all the russian at plates could have been banned collectively without having any any proof of the hoping the mood was very different of course for the russian athletes involved sheer relief came over those who thought their dreams and careers had been dashed. loyal i'm assuming you know i found out about the decision during my training c.s. decided to overturn my disqualification my band i had only positive thoughts in my head about that i've been ready to ski for a long long time keeping up my training but i had a question right away what about the olympics are we able to dispute this and get an invitation but i was waiting for the results of the appeal when i came back from practice it's amazing news then my skeleton team started congratulating each other such a relief we're not guilty in the whole public will know that
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a lot of people thought we date only those close to us knew it's not tree. over to the united states where the countdown begins on donald trump's the cigarette over the release of a classified memo this friday the document allegedly details f.b.i. abuses regarding its surveillance powers the us president earlier said he was one hundred percent behind the memos release and that he had seen the agency and democratic party go on a verbal attack against the white house caleb orpen picks up a story. the pending release of a classified government memo is shaking up washington d.c. if indeed the obama administration used the department of justice and the f.b.i. to spy on trump during the campaign this could be quite a scandal it would discredit the d.o.j. of the f.b.i. as nonpartizan a law enforcers and destroy the democrats now the democratic leadership doesn't want to be destroyed so here's
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a few of their last ditch efforts to keep their boat afloat. now adam schiff from the democratic side of the house intelligence committee says that he's preparing a counter memo he says the republicans edited the document to fit their political agenda he says he's preparing a memo of his own that will expose the misleading character of the document. that the f.b.i. says that they haven't been given sufficient time to review the document and they have grave concerns about the facts that have been removed from the memo as expressed during our initial review we have grave concerns about material emissions a fact that fundamental the impact the memos accuracy. of a crab say the document was altered before the president saw it they say that these changes were made without their knowledge so the vote to release it is invalid.
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discovered late tonight the chairman news made material changes to the memo he sent to the white house changes not approved by the committee the white house therefore reviewing a document the committee has not approved for release however some of these changes came at the request of the democrats and the f.b.i. themselves others included minor edits and grammatical fixes. now leading house democrat nancy pelosi says that releasing the document poses a significant threat to national security the intelligent. is that it's the cia the d.n.a. the. national defense everybody has their element of it and sources and methods must be protected. if you absolutely cannot stand the message go after the messenger and it never hurts to.


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