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dangerous worldview and a dangerously misguided or view and to be this explicit about being willing to use nuclear weapons first in response to a conventional attack cyber attack any many forms of non nuclear attack i think is really dangerous and so it's a terrible precedent for other nuclear armed nations to perhaps follow bring up a good point about no winner in a nuclear war in fact the entire idea of a nuclear deterrent is that it is a zero sum game. but let's look at the policy continuing to outline of the american diplomats would speak from a position of strength. what is the meaning behind that. well i think in this position you know we've seen it in president terms quotes before saying that as long as nuclear weapons exist we're going to be at the top of the pack here and those like him equate nuclear weapons with strength and i think i think that's
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a very twisted way of looking at the world we're talking about the capacity to kill millions tens of millions hundreds of millions of people and that's not strength in my opinion that's that's weakness that's based on fear and that's based on an inability to to solve problems peacefully solve problems by talking and you know i think the escalation here both the threat of escalation in terms of an actual nuclear exchange but also in terms of a new arms race i think these are really dangerous things and no one strong no one no one's going to emerge from that in a good position now rick some u.s. senators have written an open letter to president trump ahead of the doctrines release blaming him for undermining attempts at nuclear disarmament would you agree with his position. yes i'm not i'm not one hundred percent familiar with the
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contents of the letter but generally yes i think that president transpositions have . worked to undermine nuclear disarmament we've seen the ongoing refusal of the united states russia and the other nuclear armed powers to sign the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons their refusal to positively and constructively gauged with one another to negotiate the elimination of nuclear weapons you know that that's something that has been an ongoing problem that's a long time international legal obligation that they're all in breach of and that continues today with this new trump nuclear posture review all right very interesting to hear thoughts requirement director of operations and programs and operations nuclear age peace foundation thanks for being with us here on our to international thanks so much. it's watching gears now the world anti-doping
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agency says it is concerned by the decision of sports a top court to overturn the lifetime olympic bans given to dozens of russian athletes accused of taking prohibited sauce substances why do understand this decision will cause dismay and frustration among athletes the agency supports the i.o.c. intention to analyze these decisions very carefully and consider all options including an appeal to the swiss federal tribe you know all right on thursday the court of arbitration for sports decided to lift all sanctions imposed on twenty eight russian athletes and to reinstate the olympic medals some of them of one eleven others will miss the upcoming winter olympics in south korea but their lifetime bans were overturned and sanctions partially lifted however the decision has disappointed some athletes from other countries who are hoping to move into medal positions retrospectively from the such a two thousand and fourteen games. but
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anything else this is a very very very dark day for the olympics and this is a very very very dark day for clean sport if there is such a thing if. people are saying they can prove they were dirty in the same breath you can prove that they were innocent or you say they are not guilty or you say they are guilty and they have fruit that there is not enough proof for a doping offense hence they are not guilty and this is very important also because it makes the mclaren report to become not in a basis which is enough to convict athletes and every sing that was done up to now was based on the mclaren report and if this is now not a basis enough to convict at let's then i do not understand why also all the
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russian at plates could have been banned collectively without having any any proof of the opening. the mood was of course very different for the russian athletes some of whom we spoke to share relief was the overriding emotion for those who thought their dreams and careers were finished. boy listening to you know i found out about the decision during my training c.i.s. decided to overturn my disqualification my ban i had only positive thoughts in my head about that i've been ready to ski for a long long time keeping up my training but i had a question right away what about the olympics are we able to dispute this and get an invitation but first thing you know i was waiting for the results of a pill when i came back from practice it's amazing news then my scouts and team started congratulating each other such a relief when not guilty and the whole public will know that a lot of people thought we day it's only those close to us knew it's not true.
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i've been training with my pusher in the whole season and now because of what's happened i've been paired with someone else we'll have to adapt our techniques and make adjustments for way differences and work a lot in our start but no yet in the give you some me of my mojo is for me and for those who can't out of their whole situation has only me me angrier and even more determined to win. here twenty eight sports fans of russia are found not guilty and now the i was see states that does not mean that they will participate in the olympics the upcoming winter games that means that practically we have a court decision that will not be enforced and i see a new population here as there was a violation by the i.o.c. when banning the sportsman so this is actually a little bit odd to me and when we see we have not seen the reasons for the decision right now the mclaren report didn't find any individual violations
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of anti doping rules of individual sports men's. several migrants in the french report of cow lane have been shot in the latest episode of violence to hit the city that story much more coming up after a short break stay with us. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. the world is getting away from us dollar as wall reserve currency the one road one policy linking up russia and china is out of the dollar every last trade oil away from the dollar countries are desperate to get out of the u.s. dollar so the dollar is going to lose value no matter what anybody says so here's
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the treasury secretary really trying to make it look like oh it's our balls are for a lower dollar don't really matter what he says the dollar is going lower as we've been saying for a number of years because the u.s. dollar is a currency that other countries recognize as funding the wars and the weapons on the property that they're trying to escape. from you. are welcome back this is our chief international not least of five migrants are in the hospital after being shot during a massive fight and a food bank in the french port of cali another twenty two people have been injured or to struggle to be a ski has more. this is one of the many food distribution points in cali just take a look behind me and you'll see a group of migrants who've come here to receive food to receive clothing and other
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items and it's one of these distribution points that the clashes broke out on thursday hundreds of migrants armed with iron bars with sticks of. gun fighting over what was on offer now we understand that more than twenty people were injured in that violence which erupted over numerous parts of cali including five who were injured from the shooting and four of those teenagers said to be critically injured this is the latest round of violence in cali and the french interior minister has described it as reaching new levels. i came to carry because what happened here is extremely serious we have reached a degree of violence not known until today the government will propose a bill in the coming weeks to try and help asylum an immigration problems that will violence between groups of migrants is nothing new in cali but this is the worst
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that it has been in many months and people here in cali say they just fed up of the situation. i think we need a structure put in place to protect us there's a lot of delinquency here because get damaged every day we have issues young girls can't go out alone at night it's a catastrophe for the french and especially for the people of cali the violence is really damaging residents of cali have lived in fear for several years now. so. living together we migrant is complicated those coming here in our bit different from to refugees who are coming here initially they're more violent and aggressive we're bridgeland people are still being shot it's too dangerous and it's true that people who leave near these areas across italy been disturbed it makes the city look bad. so it is starting to get scary firearms where not in the
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united states here this is still a country where weapons are banned callaway is probably best known for the jungle ruling camp with thousands of people living in squalid conditions it was dismantled back in two thousand and sixteen but still my quince come to cali one day they will be able to cross the channel to get to the u.k. . the latest incident comes just weeks after the french president proposed a draft bill that would tighten current migration policy legislation that would make it easier to deport undocumented newcomers who do not qualify for asylum would also increase the length of time authorities can detain illegal migrants from forty five days to ninety france received a record one hundred thousand applications for asylum last year. major police corruption scandal is unfolding in the u.s.
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city of baltimore with astonishing claims of wrong doing continuing to emerge six former lead officers responsible for reducing gun crimes have already pleaded guilty to running a criminal racket and four of them are now testifying against two other ex colleagues who have denied involvement. they came at me like a gang or something i remember one of the officers saying i looked like someone who needed to be roped everybody's life is destroyed because of this my kids are afraid to go in the house the gun trace task force was made up of plainclothes officers and was supposed to be tackling the city's spiraling murder rate it was however dissolved in march last year and the officers arrest arrested the units detectives have faced a slew of charges including that they stole from an extraordinary evidence as well as committing fraud and falsifying evidence in criminal cases or to use american reports now from baltimore and how the units crimes were exposed well it all started with an investigation into drug trafficking in new jersey then as the case
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unraveled federal authorities found out that the baltimore police department was also involved mostly its elite gun traced task force unit months of recordings recovered from a device planted in a police cruiser reveal that officers were involved in drug trafficking robbery falsifying reports and planting fake evidence in one case a high speed car chase resulted in a crash which the officers tried to cover up one of the indicted ex detectives involved actually broke down in tears in court it was a really bad accident none of us stopped to render aid to see if anyone was hurt we were foolish although i was doing so much wrong it got to a certain point where too much was too much altogether six officers have already pleaded guilty and two are still being tried but there are indications there's more to this story than just one rogue police unit court records show that the city paid over half a million dollars to settle claims of misconduct and falsifying reports involving
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the very same officers and dating back as far as twenty fourteen so why did the author just leave it all under the rug we're kind of used to this those all this is all very well known in the streets for door without the door. where it came up it's been. it's probably been plenty of complaints you can't go an extra help because you're afraid that you know this particular might just do some say you might tense up it's common well we see them coming we go to opposite direction if we can and if we can we deal with this circumstance this has been corruption for a long time you know just because this is one as it was though they decide to come forward or you know they got caught for what they done is stuff that particular as it had but at the same time as not going to stop the corruption a lot has to be done to stop the corruption from these criminals are cops and the cops are criminals then there's the unsolved murder of detective shawn souter that took place in november last year so it wasn't part of the country's taskforce but
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worked with some of the officers who are now under indictment and a day before he was set to testify in the corruption probe he was shot in the head with his own weapon while on duty and another unfortunate twist which some might find suspicious a patrol car transporting the dying officer to an os but all got into an accident there's no suspect in the murder so far and no eyewitnesses except one unnamed partner and when the police commissioner tried to redirect the investigation to the f.b.i. the agency refused saying that the case had nothing to do with the corruption probe i'm growing increasingly uncomfortable that my home aside detectives do not know all of the facts known to the f.b.i. or the u.s. attorney's office that good for a deal to us assist in furthering this murder investigation in the wake of the scandal baltimore police have launched an overhaul including a new commissioner vowing to rein in city violence but investigators still seem to have a very complicated plot to unravel samir khan our team reporting from baltimore.
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clashes have broken out between palestinians and israeli security forces in eastern jerusalem after the palestinian liberation organization called for a major day of rage. the unrest began in the palestinian neighborhood following the friday prayers israeli defense forces that let off smokin stun grenades to disperse the angry crowds there has been a spike in violence in jerusalem and the west bank following the u.s. president's controversial decision to recognize that the contested city as the israeli capital. does it for me i'll be back in about thirty two and a half minutes with more news you are watching our two international.
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players who knew when you don't. see the teacher what did they could pin it. to what they did not through only did space it. may be. left alone they. said. no service did that to. you speak french. was all. the. talk of. the council itself to. make this manufacture consent to stick to the public will. when the ruling closest to protect themselves. with the famous larry go
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live to be the one person. doing all middle of the room sick. leave the room. kentucky. places you go country. a coma and he says he was almost no coal mines left. his jobs are gone ok just said. that it was a laugh to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal
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mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened. oh no appetite i mean for conflict is very very low these days and publics are much more eager to see economic improvement than they are to. actually get into a fight with a neighbor or or with other powers in the world. welcome to the stone cold he will show this week all the chats and dispose generally silas and bend and tony evans about predictions but first to america the yankee stadium
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is now home to m.l.s. saw each new york city f.c. on sunday and with the main man at the helm for world and also legend patrick vieira to discuss his playing career and life his money just as his team took on rivals new york red bulls in the one summer. in the belief. welcome to the halls of the bronx game new year old patrick vieira is an international football legend he's won trophies in england with all still he's won trophies in italy with internets you know and you've entered this book perhaps press known for it in the ninety ninth world cup game france with the likes of t.n.t. on rate cities easy down let's have a shot with the ball so. let's talk about management why after the career that you
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tried to walk when a confederations cup premier li says researcher why did you choose the stress and strain of management. you know it's quite funny because when i stopped playing for you i i didn't know which direction i wanted to take so when i stopped playing that much the city i was talking to grandma would and they would have wanted me to stay in a football club but i didn't try didn't know for you what i would have wanted to do so i spent two years as a ambassador who mean everything and nothing at the same time but that allowed me to spend a little bit time in the in the academy and and i love to be around to players and and just talking about my my experience and i felt quite comfortable talking to those players so i just said ok this is the direction that i would like to try to do so it was an opportunity to go through to manage
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a second team in in much the city and to end this story is i understood that stance is something that i would like to do and this is something that i would want to do . how important was the creature half the time from going from a professional footballer to actually having to look sheree or if i. in a club going to support an organization that you have to look around what you want to because that's unusual yeah it is and those who understood why i would was going to do thanks for too much the city and the people the last because it will give me the opportunity to choose what i would do want to do you know when you are doing new call you think for a new respect for when you do things in the right way please pull was going to give you the local to see through to choose what you want to do this is why i decided to to come to new york because because he was a really exciting challenge and because i know that i have the right people to run in who can help me to grow up because staying in the family allowed me to make some mistakes because i have people behind who can give me the support that i didn't.
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want to she saw you see here in new york city which is great facilities yankee stadium but you go on in money each week the biggest clubs in europe for your national team which you served so well. i think you know it's like when. when i was playing i wanted to be a football player is on my dream was to play in the world cup my trip was to play in the biggest team that i can and coaching is is no different and. i know one day to my match one of the best team in the road one of the biggest nation in the world how well we do with new york city riddick to it where next i can go to coach. i kind of for you know any system where boy you went from youth team to research played with man and then you go into the first team that doesn't help as much now and so what force would you give to say
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young patrick vieira. the first advice is not to be scared to make the move i think is really exciting when you are young players that you have a big club who are interested in signing you and you have to make a decision to go and if you goes and. don't be scared to move on because there's so many cricket was doing a really good job and you think some players all scared to move on because they have the comfort of might be a big club and be able to sit on the bench or a list of nobody in the must i suppose is what you see what you say it is completely true when you are comfortable you somewhere when you don't want to go and this is a massive mistake because what the players need to understand is that if you want to keep different than yourself you need to play kids and if you are in it in a team that's don't give you it at the fortunately to play kids don't be scared to play someone else or to move on if you really want to play. in the french national team if ninety nine shiites i mean big characters were not in that dressing room
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company for. you of every single pass on the field bonus lee i think this is the just plan for this generation when we have talked in from ninety to two thousand and two two thousand and two. you may find a better player now. but you have players who knew what they wanted to watch you. understand how to use come in first and you have their strongest end to achieve the target east to the team and you have players who understand that. this is done was the main man this one was everybody understood where if place where.
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we could all of those trophies and all of those acolytes do all of that steaming the guy might disappoint seats in the dressing room before the game where you didn't stop. i wasn't disappointed i told them seriously i wasn't disappointed at all because for me being in a national team been part of the twenty three players was a dream i was a kid so what i will determine is just being with the national team and then. you have to. to to show to the manager on these important i think we've been reduced to sixty minutes it's because everybody understood where they were standing there mr what i mean so i was behind this show you. could see no place themselves. that is why i think this is important to understand that
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those players are playing in some of the criticism teams in europe and up and really well for the national team in the national team i winning so for me it was important to sit sit on the bench to look to understand and i was very close to did you to show and to see him and to he was really important to me because. we had a really good relationship talking taken advice for him from him and he helped me to grow up as a player and an even a time in the french national team that was touching in the papers about yeah i should play you know dish on the little stuff like that but i don't really get involved because because i had a respectful for you was as a player so now understood how important it was for the french national team so i knew my town would come one day but he was important for me to take as much as i turned from him and that's what happened to be a better player. in ninety nine to you
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whether it be before the tournament during the tournament your sister in the final seat so you might admire your party for the for third goal celebrations down the seans elise i is this something that will that will stay with you forever that was a favorite memory. david bituminous you re talking about it honest because yes i mean in my mind you still get excited about just of course space is unbelievable feeling is. you know you i'm putting cynical on a group in paris i was trying to be a football player i'm honest to leave the biggest trophy in the world and for me this is a dream come true and when you achieve your dream you out and about yourself and then the man who is like starting on the bench come in and get the ball to money put your money put you and i we had some fantastic relationship when we played at alston all. looking that's the song should he say when we went we feel throughout
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and you will not remember i got. up to triomphe a million stand exactly and and tell you it as well fun's was going through a difficult period of racism and to have seen it isn't easy done speeches on black the teal was something fantastic can do things that politicians can't exactly and just i think winning the world cup sent a message of teammates of affronts and pitcher of the french team winning was the french national team with this diversity and i think that the time and that moment was bigger than just football. griezmann. could die replicate won't be aero see down protestant yeah i think they have the time to do it and after all they have a really good manager will. we like to cim my not sure if we find
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the right words to bring them together because this is a type of player as he was before and with the talents i believe that fronts will reach at least to me finally the world cup let's hope some along with england will . fight it. it looks. like you really really appreciate you joining us on. q. and a and it's simple for so many reasons for me to see you to see doing well and i hope that you come back and manage an england some die kind of a great success in your career thank you thank you very much i took my sister. to see patrick here is going into coaching. we see you as the the manager the midst
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of the azura.


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