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that there could be a problem much greater than one rogue unit and some of the latest testimonies jenkins the indicted officer told me he had hand-picked the gun trace task force to be a front for a criminal enterprise he also said there were officers from other units working with him baltimore police provided security for jenkins when he met with the drug supplier from new york despite efforts to reform the system it seems that every testimony undermines citizens trust in law enforcement and there are still weeks of trials to come samir khan r t reporting from baltimore a small german city of course is the latest to make a stand against newcomers in the country and increased police presence is expected there this weekend with mass anti migrant protests planned for saturday was his home to around one hundred thousand people so it's chancellor angela merkel open germany's borders to refugees back in twenty fifteen the city's been given asylum to around three thousand people over the policy continues to create tension in
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small towns across the country now the mayor of this city and one other in germany say they will no longer accept refugees as auntie margaret sentiment on violent attacks increase our europe correspondent rita oliver has met with locals in the city. here in court both around one hundred twenty kilometers to the south of. they've said they can't take any more refugees the city's mayor is saying that the infrastructure was being stretched to its limits. we have to realize that in court both social systems including kindergartens and schools are overstretched and under stress more is not possible we cannot do more now. since the beginning of the year the city has been plagued by violence between refugees and locals just last week a german couple were attacked just outside of the shopping center by three syrian teenagers armed with way one of those boys
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a fifteen year old has since been ordered to leave bourse and the surrounding area germany should start controlling its borders and stop the uncontrolled migration that has been going on for two and a happy years and america must go the government should change or it won't get any better. there are a different reasons why people have to flee iraq but we have to distinguish those from economic reasons for those who truly seek refuge should be granted asylum status less but we need to separate those who really look for shelter and those young strong in the wild man who managed to get all the way to germany in a sling isn't on new year's day a group of refugees were set upon by a gang of neo nazi thugs and just recently the right wing german national party were handing out pepper spray and refugee fly is in the city the group were temporarily detained by police for not registering their protest. the town of
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freiburg has voted to halt refugee arrivals claiming it has reached its capacity to accommodate and integrate asylum seekers at a special town hall meeting on thursday the mare explained the decision. we are not xenophobic which we are often accused of being we are dealing with integration we want to guarantee integration we have done a lot but when in the end there is no space what are we supposed to do however some in freiburg aren't convinced that the move is a good thing you know there are no problems i feel good here this is a general problem not just in freiburg but it has not affected me i have no problems with foreigners you. here in the news sometimes but i don't have any problems. in the friendship poll city of has also been a flashpoints in the log crisis this week we'll tell you all about that just off of this short break.
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thank. you to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. she'd like to be
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was like before katrina more people. interested always in the waters of our. thanks to. welcome back to r.t. international at least five migrants are in hospital after being shot during a mass fight at a food bank in the french port city of color another twenty two people have been injured charlotte dubin skis in color. this is one of the many food distribution points in cali just take a look behind me and you'll see a group of migrants who've come here to receive food to receive clothing and other items and it's one of these distribution points that the clashes broke out on thursday hundreds of migrants armed with iron bars with sticks and even a gun fighting over what was on offer now we understand that more than twenty
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people were injured in that violence which erupted over numerous parts of cali including five who were injured from the shooting and four of those teenagers said to be critically injured this is the latest round of violence in cali and the french interior minister has described it as reaching new levels. i came to carry because what happened here is extremely serious we have reached a degree of violence not known until today the government will propose a bill in the coming weeks to try and help asylum an immigration problems that will violence between groups of migrants is nothing new in cali but this is the worst city has been in many months and people here in cali say they just fed up of the situation. i think we need a structure put in place to protect us there's a lot of delinquency here because get damaged every day we have issues young girls
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can't go out alone at night it's a catastrophe for the french and especially for the people of cali the violence is really damaging residents of cali have lived in fear for several years now. living together we migrant is complicated those coming here in our bit different from to refugees who were coming here initially there are more violent and aggressive we are vigilant remember people are still being shot it's still dangerous and it's true that people who leave near these areas are constantly being disturbed it makes the city look bad. so that the it is starting to get skeery firearms were not in the united states here this is still a country where weapons are banned. callaway is probably best known for the jungle ruling my growing camp with thousands of people living in squalid conditions it was dismantled back in two thousand and sixteen but still my quince come to cali
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a feeling that one day they will be able to cross the channel to get to the u.k. . the latest incident comes just weeks after french president proposed a draft bill that would give that would tighten rather the current migration policy and i just know she would make it easier to deport undocumented newcomers who don't qualify for asylum it also increase the length of time or thirty's can detain illegal migrants for forty five days to ninety to receive the record one hundred thousand applications for asylum just last year. i was rail has been called the beacon of light and hope in the middle east by the u.k.'s defense secretary evan williams and also stressed that israel has a friend for life in britain unnecessary has been asking londoners if they agree. if you were the u.k.'s defense secretary which country would you call the beacon of light in the middle east jordan beautiful light on the whole you should definitely
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know the us. put it this way i suppose i would think of lebanon where christians and muslims appear to work. away living together and sharing political power you're right perhaps he was talking about israel always israel no i don't agree because of the palestinian troubles i don't subscribe to that they're not very good at adapting to other people i think it's just going to home a two state solution do you think israel is a beacon of light yes. because you have particularly i think you peace i think the peace and that's what the best he's also said that britain is going to remain one of the closest and best friends to israel so what's your take on that i'm sure we will be friends with everybody if we can. the u.s. defense department published its nuclear posture review on friday outlining
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america's nuclear strategy apart from strengthening its nuclear capability the doctrine takes a seemingly tougher stance on china russia north korea claiming these states represented a unique and complex threat the review also points out the united states wouldn't hesitate to respond to a nuclear attack using nuclear weapons russia's ambassador to the us has given us his reaction. in order to justify the unique crease in military spending and the growth in its nuclear capabilities america has come up with a scare story about russia we understand that the ideas aimed at boosting the military budget with trillions of dollars. of the twenty nuclear reviews already being compared to barack obama's from seven years ago we discussed the document with a us politician as well as the nuclear is the director from the nuclear age peace foundation. the vast majority of the nuclear issue is word for for the well probably obama administration however the underlying tone of it is
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a throwback to the cold war what president trump declared in his state of the union address was that we need to ramp up our nuclear capability and make us so strong that nobody would be even willing to engage in or even try and gauge with the united states because we have a strong nuclear arsenal that actually is really dangerous thinking and it's almost like into the amateur hour it's a little bit of everything sure it's a throwback to some of the cold war more explicit nuclear threats between the u.s. and russia and between the u.s. and other adversaries namely china and north korea but it's also a continuation of u.s. nuclear policy from past decades this is not that much different than what president obama had in his nuclear posture review in two thousand and ten this is more aggressive it does lower the threshold for possible nuclear weapons use and it
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calls for additional unnecessary types of nuclear weapons but in general this is much of this is the status quo. facebook has been to pull the plug on a so-called safe for children organizations of warm a social media giant called messenger kids poses health and safety risks here's a quick look at its promotional video. it's a video chatting messaging out for families in cannes and it's designed to give parents more control when their kids start to communicate online. laps designed for children aged between six and twelve parents or guardians can control the settings from their own facebook accounts and approve and monitor contacts messenger kids functions include sending texts photos and using video chat facebook has defended the platform saying it's a great way for families to connect. families will be better off because it exists my daughter uses it on
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a daily basis now it has enabled me to be more in touch with her critics of the children simply not ready for the dangers of the digital world those in favor think the app and hans's their online skills think and. emotionally developing and they're not ready to sort of go into anything like the need more time it's awfully hypocritical for a generation that created facebook to turn around and say that their kids shouldn't be on facebook because it's making them all happy i do think parents need to be aware that the future is is real and it's happening and that most of their children's lives will be spent inside of the digital cosmos i think perhaps to be an age limit otherwise. where is it going to end and i think children and just very emotional. to be able to cope digital cosmos is real it is a real place and it will exist in the future for these children and so we need to
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help them understand how to navigate the digital world part of that is understanding what the rules of engagement are so keeping kids keeping themselves safe while they're online and understanding what information to share and what information they should keep private we need for with where we're going with and i think education is the k. if we can train them on how to see that from the age of thirteen. maybe we can solve a few future problems but i do you fear for kids if we take them down social media . driving across so one of the world's largest lakes would normally sound like a very bad idea but not for these drivers in russia's siberia is video from the annual ice drift modernise race in russia. i.
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also find myself on the team here at all so you will see what three pm moscow time for more global headlines. like too many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money billionaire owners and spending two hundred twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy but great
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so will transfer. and thinks it's going to. if you criminalist released by the white house to and shaming into an institution those included on the list are accused simply by association. being from russia or is no one except it calls for suspicion so does the criminalistic really changes. the this is harder than kentucky. overall in this room places the boardroom story fanny's. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal
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miners the fed. live to see these people the survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here and that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened. back in image was quite controversial it's a lot of people some people sore as irresponsible some people sort of dangerous threatening whereas other people including you store as a symbol of something very different what was it you're. powerful. protecting. that is more freedom.
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but the people who criticize you what the base. are right wing lunatic. eighteen years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly. a love affair with a gun i witnessed the grim results of these weapons in hospital emergency rooms morgues in the confused of the mass of mass shooting sprees after each new massacre the newspaper headlines were always the side why did it happen here. says my book was published in the year two thousand more than half a million americans have been killed by firearms in the usa five hundred twenty seven thousand people dead and many more injured i decided to return to the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met and photographed those years ago to understand why despite this death toll there is such fierce resistance to even
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moderate gun control laws in the us. is there was in there on the trigger that's not what the picture is about he's not trying to harm me. he's trying to protect me. i'm looking out for myself my family friend neighbors.
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this is. relaxing. the thought that some people would want to take our guns away to me is so ludicrous because the bad guys thugs the murderers the ripest are always going to have guns and are you would be doing would be to take them away from the good guys from the law abiding citizens people in this country huddle in their houses and throw their dead belts but i was not succumb to this gown that is apt there. we were at our church last sunday and our sunday school teacher mike asked the class how many people had gun permits in i would say over two thirds of the members raised their hands.
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this is a thirty eight taurus and it five cylinder robot it's a concealed hammer. and it is concealed so that way it doesn't get tangled or stuck on anything when you try to pull it out of your pocket or your purse if a bad guy tried to. it to my to my family member as he would have better live with that better not i think it's fair and hearty when i have my baby. close so this is it will have to go this did it was just in this neighborhood were our venture a guess everybody in this letter i doubt anybody does not have a. great severance. oh absolutely i can promise you that's the reason they're not coming in stay away from me and stay where morrow and we will have that problem.
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will this is one of my favorite things to do. myself. with a bible in one hand and a gun in the other we can make this country one nation under god once again in the name of the founding fathers of this great country don't you ever acquiesce don't ever turn your weapons of war and safety don't ever turn those over to your government it is the great equalizer if two people have a gun their equal or whoever has the gun they are supreme. every time they pass another gun control law they promise a safety do you know who did the same thing adolf hitler now there's already three hundred fifty million guns in america what are you going to do you go confiscate a will. you're going to make it more difficult for the criminals to get them they
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already have them they can get them faster than you can the problem with crime in america is recidivism the repeat offender if you want to go after criminals who misuse guns the first time you arrest them. go after him keep them second make sure that the law abiding citizen is ready capable and prepared to shoot back. you know my motto comes right from the movie cinderella last year is my favorite movie really the motto is in a really was have courage and be kind. to. god. i want my daughters armed i want my wife armed i want my sons armed and i want them to be
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able to defend their families we never hurt anybody we don't want to. but at the same time we're not going to just make ourselves an easy target for those who would . rape robin plunder no no way. they have six machine guns in the house ten thousand rounds of ammunition in a closet with a license i have i could get on the phone today and get i could order one hundred machine guns and here in two weeks if i could get anything you know i have a tank you know it is no and you know. two hundred guns is what i sell the a k forty seven s n a r fifteen and i got everybody beat in time with the prices because i buy so many of the news people come in and i always blame the gun you know day asked me you know what happened why do you sell guns to kill people. for you so when i tell him i said all these guns are on
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a wall last night and i walked in this morning and nobody was dead. you know it's stupid you know gun us to kill a people look at the people kill the people and they just used a gun to kill people you know use a fork and knife a hammer or a screwdriver you know why keep blaming it on the gun or ok just give me just give me forty dollars i want. just to see if you are so good if you started your finger time i spoke with mr griffin ok go on then you hear your theory that it's better. for you i don't know where you. are. it's my birthday and i got a gun for my very basic life so i am going to shoot it for the first time are today .
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we've seen just about everything m. sixteen assault rifles a ar fifteen some models hunting rifles with homemade silencers these guys could have been used by anyone they could menus and robbers the message's and also homicides there was nineteen years ago those words deal right. since the laws in the state of tennessee of chinese substantially you're allowed to carry guns in parks. guns in bars you know guns in your car or so from a police chief's perspective i would definitely say that probably prefer if we do
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not have guns in bars. i got a for a tin shack gun from santa cause last year. right now our best selling rifle is the better wesson it's just you know finding an issue that people just you know go to the range and go shoot don't. have a phone. is their answer or there's a lot of. b.s. i came around terrified. oh really seen federal the animal no. it doesn't. we're being me you know.
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this as for right here the glock semiautomatic pistol is more of the biggest biggest movie guns ever. kids hear that they know what they're doing because i saw in the movie. they're dangerous we have to go out there and stop them and i actually hate them on how to handle a firearm immediately ok i've got one of our most popular self-defense rounds here it is one hundred twenty four grain. jacket whole point is it rapidly hitting organic material such as your for a couple of metals or else we also have an a r fifteen which should be a huge seller here really is strongly accurate for a very long is. still a lot of tension that i almost definitely i want by my bed for home protection my wife actually has
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a benelli and put my or her bed which in some automatic shotgun. was but what does it harm in the next hill dead what does that do to your minds that does it does it not make you feel constantly vigilant ted oh no i mean definitely prepared all the way but i also have a family that i love and care about very much so if you do watch the news you see it all the time home invasion here home invasion there highway shooting i mean it's pretty much it can be like the wild west out here so. it's. most of shootings take place in domestic situations a sizable number of people who kill other people are so-called law abiding citizens the law abiding citizen produces a lot of the fatalities by mistake. or by accident.
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several years ago there was a truck a sergeant here in memphis who did a study of murders in two different urban areas seeing if the presence or absence of guns in a home was a trigger or a protection order and his conclusion was that the presence of the gun was more likely to cause a murder or death by gun than the absence of a gun in a home. everybody i'm stephen. hollywood. merican just george bush and r.v. you see this is my buddy famous financial guru that will.


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