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tv   News  RT  February 4, 2018 11:00am-11:30am EST

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the top stories this week an extremist rebel group downs a russian fighter jet to the northwest of the country and then kills the pilot. the other headlines washington is. part of the conflict controversial republican memo. on the f.b.i. and justice department is released. highest court clears twenty eight russian athletes of doping and overturns all sanctions against them. insufficient evidence banned substances.
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here on r.t. international a rundown of the week's top headlines. today thanks for joining us. now is the most rebel fighters shot down a russian jet in syria's province on saturday then killed the pilot in a shoot out and verified video of the incident has been posted online by another opposition faction. a lot of work. to do other. good you got to do that. be somebody from out of the norm. of the. world. and our second video has also surfaced online reportedly showing the rebels posing with the dead body of the pilot and warning you may find the following images disturbing the clip does appear to show
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one of the militants taking a selfie next to the victim others are also taking pictures and chanting russia's defense ministry says the plane was shot down using a portable surface to air missile the salafist but it all sham opposition group has claimed responsibility for the attack it was formed just over a year ago from five other jarvis factions including the nord al denialism q movement which has in the past been supplied with weapons by the united states and some analysts say to get out of shanley's essentially al-qaeda in syria russia moved quickly to take action carrying out a number of strikes in a province its defense ministry says more than thirty militants were killed using high precision weapons. a friday saw the release of a contested republican memo alleging the f.b.i. and justice department abused their powers to secure a warrant to spy on a former trump campaign aide in twenty sixteen someone the party of suggest that it
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casts doubt on the whole federal investigation into the claims of collusion between the president's team and moscow documents publication has led to passionate debates in the media as well. put your wives those north koreans into stepping in line the republican party is so much light that people need to start taking to the streets this is a dictator this is a tipping point for our democracy declassify this memo for fundamentally a political purpose. specifically the memo alleges that the application for a warrant to surveil the former trump aide relied on the controversial democrat funded steel dossier was compiled by a former british spy and is full of on verified claims about trump's supposed links to russia crucially though the members that the f.b.i. didn't reveal the origins of the documents to the court of both the agency and the democratic party have claimed the memos incomplete and misleading some of also claim the f.b.i. was under no legal obligation to reveal the memos origin to the judge. looks at
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what the documents declassification could mean for american politics. if indeed the obama administration used the department of justice and the f.b.i. to spy on trump campaign this could be quite a scandal it would discredit the d.o.j. and the f.b.i. as nonpartizan the law enforcers and destroy the democrats now the democratic leadership doesn't want to be destroyed so here's a few of their last ditch efforts to keep their boat afloat. now adam schiff from the democratic side of the house intelligence committee says the republicans edited the document to fit their political agenda he says he's preparing a memo of his own that will expose the misleading character of the document. as expressed during our initial review we have grave concerns about material emissions affect that fundamental impact the most accuracy.
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discovered late tonight the chairman new news made material changes to the memo he sent to the white house changes not approved by the committee the white house therefore reviewing the document the committee has not approved for release however some of these changes came at the request of the democrats and the f.b.i. themselves others included minor edits and grammatical fixes. and it never hurts to throw russia into the mix is it possible that the republican chair of the house intel committee has been compromised by the russians as a possible of the actual russian agents running the house intel committee on the republican side and i hope that's not the case that this whole big stir is over just for pieces of paper but those four pieces of paper contain vital information information with potentially enough voltage to light up washington d.c. for months if not years. r.t.
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new york a former cia analyst on whistleblower john kiriakou told us he believes the developments of really bad shuttle you practices of the f.b.i. . this contains some troubling evidence of f.b.i. malfeasance those of us who are critics of the f.b.i. have been saying this for years this is how the f.b.i. does business they do it surreptitiously they do it by stabbing people in the back they do it by setting people up by entrapping them by tricking them and that's exactly what they did with the place of court they played the face of court judge by not telling them the source of this deal. please don't judge by not telling them that this was a a partisan. report and and they got their warrant they got their warrant anyway. other headlines two people have been killed and one hundred sixteen injured after two trains collided in the us state of south carolina the collision
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between an amtrak train and a freight train happened at around two thirty in the morning local time there on truck train was operating between new york and miami with at least eight crew and one hundred thirty nine passengers on board as a result of the collision the front engine derailed as well as a number of passenger carriages. the court of arbitration for sport overturned the lifetime bans of twenty eight russian athletes on thursday and reinstated the salty olympics results were part of the doping scandal dating back to twenty fourteen with russia were accused of widespread substance abuse eleven other athletes also had lifetime bans removed but will not compete at the upcoming winter games in south korea the decision to uphold the appeals was met with disappointment within the international olympic committee begats arbitrators unanimously found that the evidence put forward by the i you see in relation to this matter did not have the same weight in each individual case. this is why in
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twenty eight cases the evidence collected was found to be insufficient to establish that an anti-doping rule violation was committed at leats concerned this does not mean that these twenty eight actually start declared in a sense but in their case due to insufficient evidence the appears held the sanctions and old and their individual results achieved in such reinstated. cost a decision he's extremely disappointing and surprising for. the the i.o.c. we would never have expected these these decision. the urgent need for reforms in the internal structure of couse r.t.c.
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was done for looks back up in else one that shook the world the winter sports. team russia dog the judgment was swift and he immediately became gospel for much of the olympic world ever since the infamous report on doping in russia saw the light of day but its claims of a state sponsored conspiracy the pretext for the ban have been shaken to their very foundation in the last few days bombshell one. twenty eight russian athletes make a comeback from a lifetime ban over the past few years the international olympic committee unleashed to the ultimate punishment on them following a damning verdict the cheated the tests it seemed that their dreams careers and lifetime goals were annihilated in one stroke but last thursday the top sports court had a different opinion on that the ban was no more those stripped of their medals got them back the i.o.c.
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was both red faced and furious its members see the thing with bitterness and resentment but all things considered the i.o.c. had some trouble standing beside their initial ruling a lot of people asking hell the i.o.c. got the brief so wrong that they were able to throw it out so quickly. well let's let's let's you can look at the decision but let's let's see who will be competing here in the games coming up then we can have this conversation again the embarrassment is understandable the court of appeals decision to reverse the ban was among other things based on the testimony of the very same people who convinced the i.o.c. to impose the sanctions in the first place the mclaren report didn't find any individual violations of the rules of individual sports men's because there was only a very limited time the team of mr mclaren had fifty seven day bomb show. to. the
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russian paralympic team also had its very decided this week two years ago the doors of the summer games in real were slammed in their faces a blanket ban meant no one was welcome this february a team of almost eighty people will have a shot at the golds as so-called neutral athletes are not great but it's something russian are regularly tested and they're amongst the most scrutinized after it's in the world. under the supervision of wada we now have a greater confidence that the anti doping system in russia is no longer compromise and corrupt and given the latest winning streak for russia those athletes who have cleared their names in all likelihood will up their game bigger than of.
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what it was an emotional day for the russian athletes involved of course you can see here the reaction of one cross-country skier cleared of doping after the verdict was announced many more russian athletes were in high spirits they previously thought their dreams and careers had been shut of. roylance when i found out about the decision during my training c.a.'s decided to overturn my disqualification my band i had only positive thoughts in my head about that i've been ready to ski for a long long time keeping up my training but i had a question right away what about the olympics are we able to dispute this and get an invitation but it just you know i was waiting for the results of the appeal when i came back from practice it's amazing yes then my skeleton team started congratulating each other such a relief when not guilty in the whole public will know that a lot of people thought we date but only those close to us knew it's not tree. or you say they are not guilty or you say they are guilty and they have ruled that
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there is not enough proof for a doping offense hence they are not guilty and this is very important also because it makes the mclaren report to become not in a basis which is enough to convict athletes and everything that was done up to now was based on the mclaren report and if this is now not a basis enough to convict at let's then i do not understand why also all the russian at plates could have been banned khalik to flee without having any any proof of the opening of the head of the russian orthodox church has also shared his thoughts on the court's decision during a service on sunday. truth always triumphs even if lies are globally organized and today we have confidence that after the relevant
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decision of the swiss court the standard sportsman standing representatives of russian sports will be able to go to the olympics in south korea and defend the honor of our country we very much hope this episode will end all the influence efforts on sport to hit specific political goals and the athletes are not the goal russia is a back in december the russian flag a national anthem were banned by the i.o.c. from the south korean games athletes will compete as neutrals but one design agency has come up with an alternative for russian fans.
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the so. says. the so. this week the b.b.c. was accused of bias in its bricks of coverage with the majority of its guests said to have been in favor of remaining in the european union that's according at least the several reports which prompted anger in britain's house of lords. across our output as a whole we must be inclusive reflecting the breadth and diversity of opinion we must give due weight to the many and diverse areas of an argument.
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to leave has left us with a group of leaders who having lit the fire of all runaway breaks it is a historic mistake i want to but if it breaks my heart i lie in bed tonight worrying about the outcomes of backset once again i'm the soul reaver on a.b.c. panel. frankly the p.p.c. has become the supporter of a four organize ocean. for the european union of the brics it's true mr david did this it to me recently that his job in brussels is move even more difficult if every time he makes a small advance that is probably on the mind of the b.b.c. get short that in order because you do a duty of impartiality. and
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we discussed this issue with the director general of the institute of economic affairs who was behind one of those reports critical of the b.b.c. . but it's true that we are no longer in a referendum period and it is true as the b.b.c. said in the statement they have furnished you with that it's no longer a binary choice but the problem is this although there are a wide range of choices really those range of options are subsets of the remain camp and the leave camp i think it's pretty poor that a public broadcaster a skewed some panelists so dramatically in this direction on the top political issue of the times. in general in britain a stagnation figures famous figures and influential people have tended to be in favor of e.u. membership it's more the ordinary man or woman who rebelled against the political stablish an attempt to build a leave site seems to be the balance for people's views on brics it making sure you
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have a fair share of voice from both ends and all ends of the argument should be a very very high priority indeed. i think the politicians on the leave side of the argument those who are in favor of projects that are beginning to lose their patience with the b.b.c. but i would say that the b.b.c. now should be concerned but there are politicians who are seriously raising in the british parliament in the house of lords genuine concern about whether the b.b.c. really can be considered a neutral broadcaster one that doesn't just show a diversity of views but a proper balance the b.b.c. has responded they've said its guests represent a range of viewpoints the organization is stressed its reporting does reflect the fact that the debate over breaks it has moved on and is there longer a simple binary issue now coming up next on r.t. activists in the crime ridden u.s. city of baltimore of called for a cease fire over the weekend in an effort to combat record high murder rates we'll
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have that story and more after this break. but i don't want to sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings pins to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that don't. produce offspring to tell you that it's not because of the template file for the most important news today. off the bat i sometimes think you are not cool enough to buy your product. all the hawks that we along with all the good ones. own appetite i mean for conflict is very very low these days public service much more eager to see economic improvement and they are to.
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actually get into a fight with a neighbor or or with other powers in the world. so the weekly here on t.v. international now there's a ceasefire in the us city of bolton all this weekend tackling the record high model right that the city reported three hundred forty three homicides just last year alone. led to cities in body american urban decay more depressing leaving the city of baltimore baltimore struggles with a record high murder rate. murder. in
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full. length. yes baltimore there is a robust active crime strategy. worth more than. a box on the to. lead. of its kind in the city organizers have prepared around twenty events during the weekend to mourn the victims we spoke to the activists behind this latest campaign
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. people all around the city make commitments to just be peaceful and not be violent for three days and to celebrate life and do life affirming events so their events all over the city we distort what do we care and we keep it into we see a week in no home the side comes as baltimore's being rocked by one of the city's biggest police corruption scandals the gun trace task force was made up of plainclothes officers it was supposed to be tackling the city's spiraling murder rates however it does seem they've actually been adding to the levels of crime unit was dissolved in march last year and its officers arrested facing charges including fraud drug trafficking planting false evidence six out of eight members of the group of pleaded guilty to charges of organized crime. is following the story. the baltimore police department is now involved in one of the biggest scandals in u.s. law enforcement history for months now the court system has been trying to investigate corruption within the city's police force eight officers are on trial
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over drug trafficking racketeering robbery and planting fake evidence like drugs and. we would create false reports to cover up the robberies we were involved in. it was like aware of life where got away with a lot of things if proven guilty the officers and maybe face twenty to one hundred years in prison and six of them have already pleaded guilty and are now acting as witnesses in hopes of softening the moving verdict and their lawyers claim the officer still feel to over what they've done mr jenkins is extremely remorseful he's been remorseful for a long time even before these charges were brought and he's relieved that today finally he was publicly able to accept responsibility for their clients sorry for what they did or should. you should see regret for what happened i really don't have any comment meanwhile officers cases continue to be dismissed with hundreds under review and most of them involve incidents of officer switching
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off their body cameras to plant drugs or guns and then reenact seizing the evidence they had already planted. the high street giant is back in the headlines after shoppers took offense at socks it was selling the words appear to have the word printed on them and this follows another scandal over an advert featuring a young black model recently he was wearing a hoodie bearing the phrase coolest monkey in the jungle but to cause outrage even though the boy's own mother dismissed any claims that had racist undertones as was the case with the hoodie the controversial sox have got twitter users riled up as well this is ridiculous the next will be that they forbid the small w. and them people have choices if you don't like them then don't buy them getting a little tired of saying you can't make this stuff up. a lot to. be looking at how
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sorts of things that have become offensive new show in case you missed it cannot be found on all of our social media platforms. in case you missed it one of the great things about life in twenty eighteen is that you're free to be offended by anything . it's quite confusing recently people have been offended by history literature being a man being a woman meat pro-immigration anti immigration the list is endless because it is actually hard to tell is our guide to being offended in the modern world if i'm sure as a human your offended twitter will always let you know what you're offended about if only one person out of one hundred is offended you need to pretend that you are offended to be signaling will cover you every time there is no time limit shakespeare was writing four hundred years ago and still some of the wunderkinds at cambridge university had to be warned about the distressing cvs even friends is too
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much for some millennial zeal to choose an italian american a guy with a transvestite dad a homeless twin and even throwing in a lesbian couple wasn't diverse enough but they're not used always about the nineteenth century imperialist sessile road studios at oxford university he wanted his small barely noticeable start to go on why because he was bad one hundred and fifty years ago who wasn't. there and so are these chances my grandfather is david possible weinstein's situation that your liberty immigrant and christ the redeemer possibly offensive to jews and muslims the little guy being in the fountain naked it's time to act what is great is there are places where everyone's mind can rest in peace these are the old times based is. these are places where freedom of speech and expression often don't hold in case anyone have that feeling pat howard.
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not so a week's headlines for myself and a team here at all to see you don't know me will be with you at the top of next hour for more global headlines from across the world so you've got. it. a little. bit the everything didn't keep getting to.
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the u.s. is losing into a summer one the climate denying is precluding them from the dissipating in this new economy number one and number two the effects of the climate change and why the catastrophes the global you know migrants that are the result of it all this other problems are hurting the u.s. economy on the other side of the trade so you've got a double bind. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies move into pinball this is the simple song alone even some company else with a billion vines private companies to take over the you to the to use anybody tell us the robo. alexa wish you guys we got to do well in the going to go buy been this is. because just because i'm out of your. problem or you don't believe the left
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bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water is about water but it's also over. it's about the hurt and the redistribution of all. words. that don't words the world or. the t.v. . one that. can . mean if you spend.
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it simply december morning and i'm on a bus headed down south from chinatown new york there breathless driver speeds help on the ice who really it's an traveling across the states in a snowstorm because of a book. written over dishpan of twenty years back and forth from the mining areas the beast turn kentucky the book by a time in school or. is a monumental collection of moral history it tells the struggle of the words built around a mining of coal when any groundswell to come to the area to work well paid but often has faded jobs the book tells the story of harlan county that's where i'm going.


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