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clear about this they no one of these people seriously believe that carter page or george papadopoulos these bumbling inturn idiots were russian agents this was an attempt to use their bumbling to get intelligence wire taps inside the trump campaign it's true well what i find especially astonishing about this whole story is that feisal warrant was based on a story written by michael isikoff. and why do you want to get the story from the facts facts from christopher stevens so the story is that d.n.c. campaign paints pace christopher steele so that he would dig dirt on trump like heem going to mosque or hotels meeting with prostitutes there sleeping on obama's former badly you know in a hotel then michael isikoff takes an interview from this guy and then finally decides oh the whole possible fits together that there is
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a conspiracy against the night that's all you do also know that the face of court was not made aware of the origins and the author of this dossier ok what is there not being in there also were not told this article that was in the yahoo newsletter was also my suggestion i think i could correct them very easily you know let the farce of court just dreamed my stories about russia i think we should say by. the evidence was so should it be that they were in this rubber stamp court one said no had to be light to get the word and it's that bad and it's that. we should stress this again this was the evidence put forward to wiretap an american citizen who was working for trump's campaign or had recently stopped working. in the case of carter page that when it was renewed that they not only use this dodgy opposition research tabloid. scandal news from
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a foreign spoke that the u.s. intelligence community itself says has. minimal. meaning it's its complete you know horse water. but to back it up they used ya who knows story that is talking to the same people reference in the same document but the biggest shock to most of us might be that yahoo is still out there and that is it and by the way michael isikoff has a book coming on this very subject i must know i wonder if he is going to have to do you will do some of you were president i'm doing a good thing here if you wrote a number of books on russia on the middle east you know just read his stories on russia and the media is he's an extremely unobjective journalist but i just loved what. so far so warrant mentioned information on george papadopoulos which one papadopoulos told an australian diplomat in a long time but that the mounties profess connected to russia that he in russia
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during the clinton well even starred in secret police would not accept it you know like you would talk to someone in the london who works for a long time and quit reportedly in connection to the really bad script elements but if you're gentlemen we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on the member states with our. run. of the best out of the jaws of. the concepts is playing to perform i actually passed myself to die. you know so i need well i'm sorry i'm sorry to close with them. was muslim.
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you know you know homo stuff her out of. this country because. she had a good. soul. was that you could would. have more depletion. a couple still kind of oil u.b.s. i mean are you. sad.
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welcome back to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing the memo. for a gentleman to continue with the memo but i want to change. a different path here and watching him. c.n.n. they're absolutely giving complete cover. i saw one segment with a wolf blitzer talking i think was to. a congressman and he kept talking about his his issue was well why didn't you release it the same time because the democrats are going to have one and finally the congressman was quite politely said well can we talk about the contents of the memo instead of the timing of a memo we don't know much about because it hasn't been completely written ok this is the tactic again nothing to see move along but they're giving cover to it like i gave the new york times title right here if they don't want to talk about it
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a lot of people are talking about it it has amazing implications here the the real potential criminality and there is actual not just misuse of authority here questions but there is a potential criminality in if there was false presentation of evidence to the pfizer the secret courts when the f.b.i. investigation was requesting wiretaps on quarter page that's the potential for criminality but it has to be said of course the democrats the neo cons are completely denying they say that things are being taken out of context now they put forward kind of a rebuttal memo headed by adam schiff that's been blocked by the trump ministration that should not be blocked let's let's have all of this out in the open so innocent just like the g.o.p.'s memo it was scoured and it was checked the democrats. and done their homework it should be put made public as i think it would be it all of
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the underlying evidence which is clearly not any threat to national security as as as indicated in this memo all the underlying evidence should be unclassified and made public and this is where the hypocrisy of the republicans comes in because they just two weeks ago rude know the same flies apart from that mark you know in a democrat's republican right to gather and there was no no discussion there was another should know that they have these powers to trump that the democrats say you know is a tire and to put it you know. sort of the republicans meanwhile are talking about the deep state which you know of course is also a threat but they don't have a problem renewing the powers either so there's a bit of hypocrisy on both sides here all the evidence needs to be made available to the public you know. what about the moeller investigation i mean if this is ten percent of the underline in this is hoarding to the g.o.p.
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let's be fair. what does the rush investigation have two legs to stand on. and those who put him in that place where he is right now are they upset the elected president of the united states and they're going to try to do their best to go as he was us and to reach their goal despite all the obstacles paddy wagon to pick up a lot of people and is it from the fourth floor of the f.b.i. i mean there's a lot of people involved in that you i mean one of the reason i'm asking this is that given the media cover that the state is being given here i mean this is a growing confrontation we have documentation people under oath in front of congress during interviews have lied ok and it can't stop right there we you know. he is still sitting in his office right now yes if one has to
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wonder what he's doing in the interest of the f.b.i. another single director of that agency now a single director of the cia or the n.s.a. ever went to prison it's not because they were abused power it's not because they never committed crimes according to the american constitution american criminal code but it's because the power of the exercise in the american society in the american political war there is so overwhelming that they're essentially above the law it's been revealed time we've seen behind the curtain you know this is a growing crisis here because you know there's enough evidence here to put a lot of doubt in and then let's be clear here i don't want to repeat the same mantra that i keep the good people at the f.b.i. lab going to say that because i don't know ok. so there is there all the studies show that you know the interesting thing here this is really again we started out mark you know at the end of the obama administration changing all of those
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regulations about having access to classified information unmasking and what not i mean this is falling solely on the ministration the just left office ok the old obama administration to all these people who we're talking about are his appointees ok this is coming to a head right here what i may do differ i'm with victor here i think this is an opportunity for trump that i necessarily like him very much but this would be an opportunity for him to clean house and he may have justification because. you know i mean the local war of course they're terrified of what that want to. writes about it they're not afraid that people were actually under or they're afraid there was none trump may let me show it when that mixolydian four or to the justice department and the f.b.i. well actually now and you know what you make it very clear here you know some something. you know. all the media does is to cast this unbelievable shadow around
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the president the united states the president the united states can fire anybody he wants in the executive branch and he doesn't need a reason he can't do it you have one of them here and they need to it has been trying to deal with getting my peers at me a station they can't been doing it every day every hour and every minute of their coverage and they're going to continue doing it until they believe that the given each their goal but of course even. in the last few days and the myth that there's a constitutional crisis is possible in the near future in the united states because of the situation developing now because it's being as you said correctly it's a train wreck i don't know what we have right here you know what. we. and what we said who was it who said it was a clapper you know there's six ways to sunday to get you ok i mean this those are that's a threat here and so we have and we d.o.j. and the f.b.i. absolutely have resources to defend themselves but you know they're defending
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themselves against the constitution this is the crisis that i'm talking well of course they see themselves performing it. i mean that's peter struck all those messages to his girlfriend yes perino ok so the f.b.i. whose officials perjured themselves to the pfizer court in order to. get a warrant or approved then are charging. quarter page papadopoulos with lying about things that actually weren't criminal to begin with but i think there's two details on these documents that really struck out at me they're not pivotal towards criminality but they speak to a wider conspiracy one is bruce or is wife he is working in the attorney general of the money he should with she works for fusing g.p.s. and she works specifically on the line to getting this done. dossier this tabloid
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sheet presented to the f.b.i. and she continued contacts even after all of this nonsense was over with similarly andrew mccabe whose whose name is signatory on all these files documents he is a former f.b.i. assistant director who just resigned when all of this came out in the last couple of weeks his wife ran for office region your state senate as a democrat getting seven hundred thousand dollars now lies this is all of course that's ridiculous conflicts of nothing to see there. but i want that it does speak to a wider conspiracy here like the cortlandt from the new york times about all of this the republican assertion that investigative smike of a lot about mr steele is potentially problematic this is nothing compared to a constitutional crisis that may be unleashed by the white house if it decides to fire your or now it seems unlikely deputy attorney general holder wasn't your
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general so when speaking to the f.b.i. with a lawyer it was and wasn't recorded it is what the memory of the. interrogators the york times would never call that problematic who he was approved anyway so he would have to be court to look you want to sit on it as if you were for example accused of grand larceny you were that into an interrogation and then to investigate there would find out you had nothing to do with that but in the course of your interview you would see the plants see steerage they went to the supermarket to buy milk in the check to a check from the supermarket and said you bought orange juice so you lied on that also yes in the grand jury oh. well i mean i will feel like there against this new news report that they cherry picked facts right the fact that our bar much in late two thousand and sixteen promised to seven leaders that try. what will become the president of the united states this elephant is the room in the room is never
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mentioned the fact that ninety five percent of the mainstream media support that hillary clinton is now one of the things that we need to find in the rest of the ninety percent here is the the importance of these fines and warrants are of such a level of importance that one has to assume that the president of the united states was aware during his briefings in the morning i think we're going to find out if he was aware of this here on the on the back end of what you were just saying that. my prize of the week goes to john mccain john mccain it out of the most desperate of all the desperate attempts to try to wash over this to try to discredit the memo he said there's only one person that benefits from this memo and we can say it in unison a lot of there proved to you when you were in the oval carthew prize of the week. those are probably going to be the last words that john mccain goes. away from one
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hundred you can and speaking of the american service if i think some the whole thing up very well this is from the american conservative former us presidential candidate patrick buchanan trump pater's in the press may be terrified that the memo may credibly demonstrate that the poor balls were right that the elite media have been had that they were exploited and used by the deep state that they let their detestation of trump so blind to reality that they've made fools of themselves and they credited with high don't belittle a major conspiracy to overthrow an elected president of the united states and despite all that came out to the last few days they deep state and private miller and others they will not stop they will attempt to go on they will try to go on and accomplish their goal of removing an elected american president it's not going to be pretty it's going to be even if we don't like to listen. is a dangerous time to be living in i have you with this situation from
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a bird so i. think that that deep state and in general you know this ultra liberal ideology which is rooted in the net to states if trump approves of the nuclear if he moves towards a nuclear war if he is getting going to jump in they're going to do and that's really not a time for the many thanks my guest here in moscow and thanks to our viewers for watching us here r.t. this is the end of our broadcast segment stay with us for the extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember us talking. when else should seem wrong. why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to stamp out disdain because i took it and it against me because betrayal.
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when something i find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. i fight for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the shaper money kill the narrowness and spending to get to the twenty million a one player. it's an experience like nothing else want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game like great so what more chance for. the base this morning.
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as you know as i'm going to look at the. tallest some serious security you know i always saw was a couple walks the donkey kong a face a tall in the streets well i don't i actually am it's easier you know like that i don't want too much attention. i mean. singing into tain and you know far out for a lady to go on the stage and perform from people openly and it's considered a taboo in afghanistan ron i just don't look up the book global to the best out of georgia don't go go go go go go go no i don't and. look on the other i. don't i don't know about you making film in the country to me and going to see them or you
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know we don't have foam in this to you we don't have a cd you know this country was. really good so don't say shannon so we'll see if getting. injured with a modelo somebody's going to just make them better. this is a long record of them not to deliver their fish must. come read them correctly in my back that if i change my name. after that record high if you don't bother i can touch the head asked me which at that time gentlemen i said next yes they tell me the kindest back and that is the one to be good i was cash natural thing he cut it gently that's a cotton asked to sign me couldn't care act upon my dress a cat in case they think i'm a total fade out from the stuff you know that could be any car call me learn to know. that no fear all you ought to put on a tragedy how this not us who lost. a son lemme ask my boy all unionists know
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what dina sloan saw as boss. nothing to do nothing. right here right here particular been lost not only the general but it was the king of all i thought i thought would look good from which you never took the cup which did it because. i will go after what i said but. if. anything.
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but i'll float on the. north coast unbeknown to mummies on a slow season of the seas you see that almost child. good thing i was not you but i. was some of the fish let me quote it. but oh. yeah. you have my. roof i can get. i wanna. run. what. was it you could i was just not yes get to depreciate i asked
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if i'd you can be sure there's a couple so kind of oily b.s. get more then you g.s. your must like and what did i want on the stove meanies to to give me what i want some pianist. should i not have that the last i you but i only say i just you know also you have a number you can give some kind of bone one a gift you can only have one of us a have fun you don't come and. by that i got on that dust hank even if you have almost bought a good book to see you i'll buy. a toad asked none of them sort of like it probably not because but he also joined. me on. dawlish home i cannot i'm all. white i get out of all scared but if i raise my boss get high def as i say he has more than him because i want to have someone take she's.
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my time graham can't manage someone to tell. from me now right that's happened they caught it and i made up my son putting on my monitor. put him cushy scanner quickly this back when he my michelle kwan. any of us that got us off for they busted it was not that difficult to the bottom of the i want us all. i want to come was more than that i want to so new york me could him how that as a model question i was we don't ask bush that was bush yes. but that was the neck out of bennett and the pages are stars at the doorstep more than my stack a scare nothing to what he will be about think about how to distract me when i spoke to the school was established by i. noticed a lot of bother but saw the photos got off so i got to tell you about the by the usual of all of the.
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sites. most things are so. much. more. truthful i should mention because you. show them this. quarter so you know how to go right for the next hour of the show was the talk. tonight i'm to go for some more on what they must have moved on to be than. what it was from sun could look at oakwood couldn't hide so see at this. cheesy q. who thought he'd exam on both my them if it was all kitschy bacha should look that in messages in the queue for the for the show on and on then. when talkback the key
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quote of them has for seattle as your mayor brother colombo has they called callender for motherboard player yet more moderate on plummer on use more laws or one. was solid as of mark norad the as he caught way day or sat one would do stock that rebound after all mother had docked at plessy the rocket after be afraid of us and of the last that often got a fellow that may question i shall never tell him that all he has that the any color can either get as it should them talking a lot of what is the are really more than any of them well as one hundred fifty don't really had the loaf was there if we put up against our own national yeah global chillers are sad it was a horrid yama then do you mean with that you charged up and they're sold like usually who biasa lasher. the shotgun not sure that john caught him up
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they don't know i'm yet south or so the national capital. requires a critic i mean were. you playing us as usual to do good with you. more than i should was it took me doesn't it oh it has a tremendous. doesn't. because i didn't. know they. just sort of. peed on that's how much is. more widely. known for those who doesn't. think much of the study found some say say say what i don't know about that i'm also going to. be.
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as one who would disagree. with. you don't push on. but what if you here was a vision both of fish with everybody back tracked down have a look at all that was once asked and yes an easy matter. to see my mom still and i met on a sunny day came here and said gently that you start with john and i believe. that that means you tell him my last visit me. at my desk by this time. i felt a lot of you know what i should be. going out of your to. someone they can forget about about me come up with my submission up make a name and norm about all my ass but that's the but not with the better more. media
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what he had i caught the ball more telling good will come i did if. i should just just let you. a little. more that was the how much rejoiced but that the whole different but that's because i'm michelle but this month because they can be whatever you want to modify it ok george looking at me for what i did and i got it by going to see my god as well as the my god i'm not going to go for the boat that's been as i mean about all that i want to son cause i know what god got. the blood out of.
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the back forty to forty years back or fifty years back i've got. no open mind the country music we had some. people just the way they wanted nothing but to be. changed down there they're trying to enforce people into they. want people to do. right now we are now a music studio and they actually have made a song for the foot.


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