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it was all i mean it's known as space because for a reason back in the day in the sixty's and seventy's i mean it was all about now it was all about astronauts here and business is booming for everybody since the shuttle ended this is the most historic moment since the shuttle program and and they saw about a hundred thousand people from out of town and over hats or half a million people total that came out to see it people are excited because to them it means space coast it's coming back that people are getting excited about space in aerospace again and potentially jobs i mean if this becomes a regular around you know regular industry that are going back and forth between the moon and mars and all of that this will get very quickly going to finish up well what would you know what the next step is now now that they've successfully done this what's what have you when you got up was up the sleeve. well you know over the last couple weeks he's still a flame thrower if you send a car into space playing david bowie i think anything is possible but i think we're
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going to see bigger rockets and bigger plans and much more weight to wait and wait and then have a wonderful time on the beach down there i'm sure all of us in the winter is jealous because in spite of that thank you so much for your excellent work as always always a pleasure to have to wait for you to get back here by the best. will be back soon thanks. as we go to break off watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter see our full shows at archie dot com coming up sean stone presents part two of his interview on the winter olympics doping scandal with the president of the international society a political story with david wallechinsky and reductive lively camp and there's a lot left to discuss the roller coaster of inequality on wall street stay tuned watching the. i'm here to money field stadium in edinburgh the home of the. of scottish rugby i'm
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here to interview a scotland legend dodie we are a man who for many great battles on the stage behind me now is engaged in the greatest battle of all his struggle against motor neuron disease. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to meet people this will simple song alone even find company elsewhere though they invite private companies to take over the utilities anybody tell us the rope was. allowed to miss you guys you got to be a violent to pick him up because. my been this is a map of us to quote them out. of more you than both the left bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human rights the access to water it's about water but it's also over much more than water it's about the hurt and the
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redistribution of all as to purpose and dare debt downwards the one dollar. in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decades long debt. studying so hard it requires trust to. go through humiliation to enter an elite society. and paci dead sometimes quite literally. want other true colors of universities in the us. many of jokingly refer to the icy relations between washington and moscow these days as a new cold war but no words that made
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a narrative more evident in the world today than in south korea the home of the winter olympics where for the first time since the one nine hundred eighty s. existential stand up one of the world's two great super powers will be noticeably absent yes even though the international olympic committee recently decided to allow individual russian athletes to participate. and responds to a scandal over the use of performance enhancing drugs they will not be allowed to do so under their nations' wagon officially representing the russian federation but is that a fair decision considering the long history of doping in sports worldwide president of the international society of olympic a story as david wallechinsky joined sean stone to discuss the underlying issues of this debate they probably go back to the very first olympic games in some form or another but at what point do we say p.d.'s are reality they're part of life let's incorporate it into the regimen and monitor it rather than pretending that winners aren't cheating there's two arguments again this is an interesting argument to
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legalize all drugs of performance enhancing drugs p.d.s. but there's two arguments against it the most powerful argument is if you do that then. adolescents will start using these drugs if you as a teenager you know he can be a football player or shop or whatever. cross-country runner you're going to start taking these drugs. you're going to ruin your body for life because your body is still forming and so it sets a very bad precedent the second problem with legalizing all performance enhancing drugs is that. it's an economic inequality. we already have what some of us call technological doping you know it's completely legal to have better equipment than then a poor or rich country as opposed to a poor country but overwhelmingly you know the richer countries are having
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a better better opportunities to to improve as individuals legally if you start legalizing performance enhancing drugs you just make that problem worse because some athletes and their countries will be able to afford these drugs no matter how expensive they are in a poor country you won't be able to take them so putting recently announced that russia will hold its own winter olympics in opposition to the ones being held in korea what does it actually mean. well first of all it may not be so necessary now that so many of the russian athletes are allowed to compete having said that when the soviet union boycotted the nine hundred eighty four los angeles olympics. the soviet union organized an alternative olympics called the friendship games and in certain sports you could compare the times of course there was no drug testing apparently i neither side but but they already did this once before thirty four
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years ago and so the idea was to you know say while the olympics is going on we're going to use the venues that were used for the sochi olympics and you know we're going to show our athletes are great you don't have to watch those athletes at the real impacts. but if not it's possible that russia could do very well at the contract games and one of the you know subtle stories as nothing to do with doping at all is men's ice hockey men's ice hockey for the last five olympics the national hockey league has allowed its players to compete in tournaments and then fan past. i think because these players who are always playing for money are suddenly playing for their country and it's been a great experience this year the national hockey league owners said we're not allowing our players to play period done you can't go you kicked out of the league if you go. so this is very unfortunate so this will be the first winter
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olympics in twenty four years in which there have been no n.h.l. players but that had nothing to do with the cage which is the russian the. so those russian ice hockey players men's ice hockey players who don't play in the n.h.l. but are professionals will be at the twenty eighteen winter olympics the united states for example or canada just sending you know some old guys and a few college players so this is a great opportunity specht an opportunity for the russian ice hockey team. are good runs of wall street have been on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs this week starting on monday when the dow saw a lovely sixteen hundred point freefall marking the biggest point decline in history eventually closing the day down at one thousand one hundred seventy five points however before anyone starts whispering the word crash andreas garcia c.e.o.
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of the wealth management firm financial declared the c.n.n. money dot com that the stock market is throwing a tantrum take a deep breath i know it's been a while since we had a day like today but nothing has really changed from a fundamental standpoint. because nothing is more comforting than hearing financial experts casually infer that the stock market has the maturity of the five year old behind me in line at target meanwhile in a shocking show of force by the u.s. government this is shocking wells fargo saw the hammer fall last friday when janet yellen the federal reserve actually held the big bank responsible for their bad actions in the multibillion dollar checking account fraud and scandal in a statement the fed declared until the perm mix to push an improvement it will be restricted from growing any larger than its total assets size as of the end of two thousand and seventeen and according to n.p.r. wells fargo sits on about one point nine trillion in assets boy suffering so are we
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really actually seeing the u.s. government stand up to the big banks and is wall street going to finally fall victim to its own hubris to find the answers let us not look to a businessman in the suit but to a comedian with a mind who has spent a good part of his life calling out the streets and sam of the host of redacted some nights like him when times are this crazy going to turn the comedians are there and that's how it's got to be that's how it got to be you know lee with the with the recent kind of you know freezing of growth and growth in the in the demand to remove board members from wells fargo we're actually seeing the u.s. government you know truly step up and stand up against the big banks or is this all just. smoke and mirrors. i'm not and you're going to kill me she. really is the stand up maybe it makes know when they stand up it's an outlier and you know yes yesterday was the largest one day drop in the stock market history and
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people are running around hair on fire oh my god but i don't remember that ninety two percent of stock well this is held by the top twenty percent it is largely the rich further enriching themselves while they exploit all the rest of us and that's why the quote you read about how you have no worry everything still running fine you know what running fine is is it. the exploitation of the american working class it is you know and here's the news that was imposed i brought a real newspaper to see one of these are some of these and well yeah i went to the wayback machine they many analysts pointed to a seemingly unusual cause for the turbulence yesterday rising wages rise wages this stock market plummets when corporations are worried that the workers will have security will have good wages ellen. is on tape from like a decade ago saying worker insecurity is good for the market already this dogs are surging because workers have been pressed down to such a level that the corporations can do whatever they want before we started this
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segment you and i were mentioning spock's khan right the corporation that is known for the suicide nets where you know apple gets their their their phones made in china well now they're coming to wisconsin right the reason is not and everyone celebrating oh it was a big company come to that was a working job well the reason they're able to now come to america is because workers in america have been pressed down so far we're now celebrating that basically a slave labor plant is coming to our shores yeah i totally agree if you leave because of all you've seen over the years you've seen the destruction of unions you've seen the destruction of workers' rights going to you know it's like no minimum wage i will bump it up a dollar to ten yeah you know. and if minimum wage had kept up with when it was at its highest in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight if they had kept up with productivity and the buying influence it would now be twenty one dollars an hour but the productivity gains have all gone to the top and of course then you get deeper into what is the system in productivity gross domestic product you're
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talking about growth on a planet with private finite resources this is a cancer the stock market is celebrating cancer that will ultimately you know come crashing down here's the question will you as i've known you've spoken out about this for a long time you tried to educate people on this but one of the hurdles that you generally faced. when you're trying to convince people how you look at a new way than what you've kind of been raised in condition to look at i mean i think part of the hurdles is getting people understand the deeper system that g.d.p. is it's a life blind and it's decoupled from health from society is the g.d.p. the stock market is pure profit it is nothing but it doesn't matter how many people die it doesn't matter how many people starve it doesn't matter how tough it is people get water none of that matters it is one thing and one thing all the profit it would be like a driver only measuring his driving skills by how fast he's going he running people over these parents are interjected crash into people and just speed is only looking at and he gets to town and half the people in town have lost family members to his
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driving and he goes we should all celebrate look at how fast i got here that's celebrating these stocks are just like that but here's the other thing is you have to see about people understand these people are angry they get the anger they understand they're not doing well out there they look at the stock market they get i don't impact me and i like stocks but the problem is their anger is being channeled to the wrong places a lot of the time is being channeled into support of trump or support of white nationalism or hatred of immigrants or hatred of women or whatever it's being channeled in the wrong direction but the anger is genuinely there generally there and let me ask you this now after following this and i agree the anger is there people are going i have a feeling a benchley that the you know it's going to break at some point. you know are we going to see when that break comes are we going to see another crash is this going to take another recession is that what's on the tealeaves you know looking forward well i think it's going to want to alternately have an as an ecological crash at the least i mean i don't think i can predict the stock markets right now we're able
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to inflate them and pop them up by pretending things are fine when they're not but ultimately the the environment can't support this you know not just global warming but you got more plastic apparently by weight in those in the ocean then fish you have you know we're we're not going down. tens of thousands of acres of rain forest per minute or what it's it's just cannot sustain you know so how can we possibly can stand can continue saying growth you know again it's a cancer on a planet with find i read what i got to say thank you so much lead for coming on and it was starting out to us and keep up the great work of imam and you're doing good work as always thank you. and finally today when we look up to the heavens to find inspiration we must also keep an eye out for u.f.o.'s which is exactly what many good folks in south america thought they were witnessing when they spotted three mystery spire ball shooting across their blue skies almost immediately pictures and videos sprang up across the internet and social media as thousands of
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people stretching from brazil to peru witnessed this bizarre sight thankfully however we can rule out alien invasion or armageddon meteors you can go home bruce willis as the three fireballs were eventually discovered to be a very manmade rocket re entering earth's atmosphere on with three fuel tanks so remember everyone when you when you look to the sky to dream. don't forget to bring your camera and maybe a helmet too with all the falling debris in what i'm out. that leaves and gentlemen is our show for you today and remember in this world we are not told that love but love so i tell you all i love you i am a robot. keep watching those hawks and have a great night everybody.
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runs up with the flow to the best out of georgia. i do have to hide so it's plain to perform i actually prepare myself to die i. don't know said he'd what to say trust me i asked him. how to get warm. in a home of stone turned to. her. this country was. really good so and. so. what. was it he could would. not yes get more here i did make sure.
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they had a couple so kind of b.s. get a very good job. despite its turbulent history the soviet union has dominated international sport however little it was not about the lives of those champions from the. you know the bright man that you're worth. both newborn will be able to the moon bottle couldn't be just any military drug addict this guy through least for the witness the author cliff notes you're still listing because after your you were the first soviet a limpid team of nine hundred fifty two minutes we did see tonight was concentration camp prisoners and front line soldiers but it still think maybe if you miss this could sort of move here which grew up she's experienced and much
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later than the shipbuilders because reversed in the sentence of a month old and still shall go with those that are the closest with you if you think that is on the go that's about the vengeance you'll push robust lupus a little parcel of enthusiasm will double when you don't want to have them still more simply beating your weren't sure where there's trips up the army in the will feel nice and doesn't worry the the . god. you know one of them going to be.
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cute in a song remains holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london after a british judge refuses to lift an arrest warrant for the wiki leaks founder. the u.s. defense secretary asked congress to approve a major funding base for the military and singles out russia and china as key global threats. and human rights watch reveals how anti psychotic drugs are being misused by american nursing homes. more on the story is going to. stay with us here on r.t. international for cross-talk debating the latest political upsets in the u.s. .
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hello and welcome to crossfire where all things considered i'm peter lavelle to america's two intensely charged in opposing news narratives you cable news networks reflect these divisions or rather function as triggers intensifying cultural divide also what has happened to journalism is it now a profession and. habited by hacks the politically possessed. cross talking america divided i'm joined by my guest rob in new york he's a political pundit and journalist contributing to the huffington post also in new york we have who he is the editorial director of reactionary times and
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a newsmax columnist and in los angeles we have ron paul cohn he is a comedian a frequent guest on the jimmy door show and the young turks as well as host of his own streaming show get your news on with ron all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it ron you got up early as for this program so you were elected to answer the question here. a great deal of my time i watch cable news i try to watch as much of all of them to get a variety of them and you know it's obvious to say that we live in two very very different americas the two americas that don't know each other at all anymore so when i look at the cable news networks i mean do they reflect this cultural divide or are they really intensifying it i mean are they magnify it because you certainly get that feeling look again b.c. and fox go ahead. i think that they they definitely intensify a divide yes do they reflect what's really going on in the states or admits the
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people that live here i would say absolutely not and to the point where i try very hard to no longer even use the phrase mainstream media i try to refer to it to what it is i call it the corporate media because that's what it is it's owned by a small elite group of corporations they have an agenda they have a narrative they have certain things that they're not allowed to talk about but as far as the division goes i mean yeah and you brought up the memo as a for instance and i think that's a very good example you know on one side yet at m s n b c trying to make it out like oh this is absolutely nothing that on the other side you know and on fox news for instance you had oh this is absolutely everything and the truth is that you know there are things to learn in every given rhetorical event so yeah there's certainly an agenda but really it's just most of the time political theater between the most elite among us and is it really reflecting what's going on in the united
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states and more and more people are disenfranchised well that's the media and that's why people come to us another alternative media jimmy door you're on very often and i really much we enjoy that is why i have a job and he's a progressive i consider myself a conservative but i find him a reasonable person i find you a reasonable person to talk to rob more or less the same question to you because it seems to me if you look at and miss in b.c. and then you look at fox basically with both are doing is they're they're. reacting to a status quo that is changing and i think that rattles both of them ok because we're still reeling from the election of donald trump in the media is trying to or not trying to adjust to the political realities so it seems to me that you know the before the media horizon there was the rain was there people understood it but it's changing changed very radically since then and i think that sees the extremes and the networks that i've just mentioned go ahead rob. well when ron was talking about
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corporations and what are we doing we're going for ratings because they're going to make more money and i used to be three times a week guest on fox representing i would say what i called myself as a sane liberal as opposed to a kneejerk liberal or a complete jerk liberal those are my different types of liberals but i'm going to hearken back to a book written in one thousand nine hundred seventy three that's always been one of my favorites and it's it's really proved to be. news from no you know where by edward jay epstein and he was talking about how television news was terrible because they don't actually provide you real news if they're getting fed information from big corporations and from p.r. departments and so what i find offensive is i actually got into a little shoving about a shoving match but a little verbal jousting years ago with matt lauer because he gave me this i'm
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a journalist kind of thing at a function and he's a journalist like i'm tom brady. we've forgotten what real journalism it is that we don't have shoeleather on the sidewalk journalism anymore but we may not be able to have to have that because who's going to pay for it so where do we in effect get real news from sources and leaks it's a good way well you know you know you know and it seems to me that it has got down to just pack speak as i said in the introduction of the program is that. you know i can be very open with i'm very sympathetic to tucker carlson for example i think he's a pretty reasonable person and he has opposing people on all the time on his program but if you look at like hannity and you look at rachel maddow i mean they never let anything that disturbs their world you know interested and i find that really disturbing because that's just basically giving red meat to your viewers you're not
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teaching them anything you're just reaffirming it's an affirmation process in watching the two that i just mentioned and i don't think that they use a whole lot of news its own enormous amount of spin go ahead who will. well no not necessarily i mean this is the one thing i would say and to speak to you know all rachel maddow and her colleague over at m s n b c mika brzezinski saying and she was quoted as saying we have to control what people think i mean i think it needs to be fact based i think there is an extreme lack of integrity in reporting at this point and i guess the truth of the matter is that outlets like fox and newsmax are actually reporting facts things that have gone on and if you look at donald trump when he was on his asian tour he struck an energy deal to close our trade deficit with china by about eighty billion dollars if you look at the news that day the news was the speculation that this russia probe supposedly was going to shift to
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trump directly and now we're looking at this in february still hasn't yielded anything substantial that they can pin to trump so it's always been about trying to make the trumpet ministration look bad from the left and there is a little bit of a defense mechanism going on in right leaning media but it's usually a lot more fact based coming from the right yeah well i would agree i mean we in the memo for example i mean when you look at c.n.n. and them it's let me see they're just in denial ok i mean you know one hour they say it's a danger to national security and then when it's released they say it's nothing here move along nothing to see i mean they are in denial here i'm going to go to ron in los angeles i mean. in that sense i did agree with julio i mean they don't even want to address the content of the memo for example i read it it's very interesting it's something i think it's very very important but you have the liberal corporatist media i will take your term they just dismiss it out of hand because again it didn't dangerous what they believe is the status quo and they have
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the right and the privilege to tell the world how to think our and tell the american public out of things go ahead wrong well yeah i mean i'm i'm a very progressive guy and i used to really love rachel maddow i used to get. that or her a diamond in the rough but recently you know i mean i say if you watch rachel maddow show and you take a shot of vodka every time she says the word russia you're going to be i think the average person would probably be dead within twenty minutes. the media has a very. the media has a very corporate agenda going to try that very much. rob just don't do it i'm not going to do it now you do. and cross talk will not be held regatta back here i don't recommend anyone doing that ok well i don't recommend anyone actually do it with a disclaimer on at the end of the program. didn't show braun thank you. but yeah i mean they have their corporate you know i'll give another for instance you know m s
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n b c it's owned by comcast you've not seen an honest report on net neutrality from m s n b c you haven't really seen it in any of the corporate media but especially not from them because they're owned by comcast a very anti net neutrality company you know when dapple was going on all of the corporate media fox news c.n.n. m s n b c they're all funded in large part by ole oil and gas companies so of course they're not going to tell you what's going on in terms of oil a water protest where do you hear about that you hear about that from the journalists that are on the ground you know what ontological ron on that good men and i'm not even like that on that point i do remember watching across the board and almost one of those rare moments of humanity everybody said it to important period we didn't get anything more than that ok i learned more about net neutrality listening to the jimmy door show it was an excellent.


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