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the reaction be if the it voice was coming from a russian party where there'd be a great outcry as it would be if politicians from any political you know from any other country were trying to advise politicians or tell them what to do i mean what we should all be doing of course is talking to politicians from other countries not to get advice from the not to be told what to do but simply to find out what's going on in those countries we all straining for an interview to discuss these policy but they said they were too busy however they made their feelings about our clear saying that ulty would look to undermine the it also accuse the channel all being up profit again to answer jess's that russia has insisted in the break that both devising the u.k. from europe despite a lack of concrete evidence. were new clearly doesn't have a problem when it comes to seeking the advice of a foreign power such as france when it comes to reversing brags that
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a referendum in which the majority of voters opted to leave the e.u. so it seems that for a new meddling is ok it just depends on the country involved so let's even ski auti paris. julian assange just to remain stranded inside the ecuadorian embassy that's after a british judge ruled there's no rest weren't for the wiki leaks founder remains in force the president of ecuador says his country will continue to protect a stance. that your expenses. are government inherited the issue of the mistress sons from our predecessors clearly it causes a certain inconvenience but since the first days in office we pledged our support for him until he is safe and we believe he is in danger the london court ruling is important but it will not change our position we will continue to protect mr sanj
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and the international refugee law. with the court ruling going against him the stange look to stay holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london so we didn't drop the all criminal rape charges against him lot of the year but the u.k. says it will still arrest him if he leaves the embassy effectively leaving a songe in him bo human rights campaigner peter tatchell believes if the sound steps one thought out of that door he could easily be extradited there's no doubt that the bottom line in your son's case is the very serious and likely risk that he would be extradited to the united states to face a whole raft of very serious charges including espionage which can in theory carry the death penalty at the very least he can expect forty years in prison and possibly life imprisonment so it is totally understandable that as
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a rational human being during your sons' would not wish to step outside the ecuadorian embassy when the risk of arrest and extradition to the u.s. hangs over his head on tuesday or songe took to twitter over a minus scare at the ecuadorian embassy in london apparently a package was delivered to him containing a written threat and identified white powder police inspected this substance and it turned out not to be dangerous but it's not all been threats five years inside that small embassy means julian assange has had plenty of time on his hands to entertain visiting friends and supporters.
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thank you. thank you very sexy. well the long talks have come to be and germany's two largest polities have finally come i doubt a deal on how to rule the country together for the latest let's cross over to peter all over in berlin for us now hello peter so it's finally happened any surprise there. well angle of merkel's conservative bloc has hammered out a deal with the social democrats that was described as needing painful compromise by angle merkel and it came on day three of extra time of these negotiations and
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followed a twenty four hour session we heard from peter the current incumbent of the finance ministry the christian democratic union member of parliament as he was leaving those talks he said it was definitely time for a shower a very tired looking peter altmire as well there so what is this painful compromise well the social democrats they will hold on to the foreign ministry the labor ministry the justice family and environment ministries that they held in the previous government but they will gain the very powerful german finance ministry now at the moment it's unknown which position martin schulz would favor whether he would want to be the foreign minister or whether he would want to head up that finance ministry one thing is for sure whichever one he decides it certainly this particular clip is certainly going to be one thing he wishes he could forget. mr
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schultz do exclude the possibility of being a minister in the cabinet led by merkel or that c.d.u. c.s.u. . yes yes absolutely i would never be part of a government. well elsewhere the christian social union angela merkel's sister party in bavaria their head horse often looks to be heading for the interior ministry it had been thought that mr z. hoffa would be retiring from politics but the sixty eight year old showing no sign of that as he heads into one of the main cabinet positions by the looks of it and i say by the looks of it because of this deal that's been hard fought now made out it could all fall apart it comes down to the membership of the social democrats four hundred sixty thousand members will be balloted to see if they want to go into this coalition that's a postal ballot it'll take a few weeks to collect all of the results and if that's a yes well we could see
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a new government headed by angela merkel in place here in germany by a step that would be six months after the general election if it's a no though well it's hard to see beyond the only other option being fresh elections here in germany long as elections ever peter all of there from berlin thank you very much plenty more still to come that will be backed up at the stop like thing with us. when lawmakers manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round be the one percent. nor middle of the room.
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two americas too intensely charged in opposing news narratives to cable news networks reflect these divisions or rather function as triggers intensifying cultural divide also what has happened to journalism is it now profession inhabited by hacks in the politically possessed. welcome back a recent poll has found that the majority of americans believe that the media is biased it comes at a time when ever more female foremost senior government employees are moving into t.v. punditry with the controversy surrounding the recent new news memo giving them most
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to talk about some are calling explorers is that all grounds for the presumption of bias. many people seeking expertise on the nunez memo must be switching through channels these days so is it a big deal or is it underwhelming was it right to release it well here's a familiar face to answer all of your questions the fact that the newness and republicans deny the ability of the minority the democratic members of that committee to put out its report is just appalling he has abused the office of the chairmanship yes that was john brennan former cia director and now a member of the m s n b c family as a contributor breaded was a prominent figure in the intelligence community appointed by barack obama but that background doesn't necessarily mean he's biased right but bret is not the only intelligence official who's joined the ranks of mainstream media we also have josh campbell who resigned from the f.b.i. and joined c.n.n. as a law enforcement analyst he's yet to make his first appearance on the network but before he does here's an excerpt from his latest new york times op ed defending his
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former employee these political attacks on the byram of stop those critics of agency persuade the public that the f.b.i. cannot be trusted they will also have succeeded in making our nation less safe it's not hard to guess what campbell will say on c.n.n. regarding the nunez memo which accuse the f.b.i. of bias and just a little reminder he was also james komi special assistant the same komi who is accused of wrongdoing in the memo but of course campbell and brennan are the first to make the switch there is an absolute leftist bias in the country most of the networks if you just add up for example the time that they speak negatively about the president is about ninety percent of the time and there are numerous studies that show this where for example president obama he would do things say things and there would be no media coverage of it whatsoever and case in point are the recent memos that we're all seeing come out of course the republican memo released the new
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memo great scrutiny over most of the american media. we're very little coverage when what should happen based on that memo for example would be that that molar is investigation should be expanded but that's not what the media has called for now it said that you can never teach an old dog new tricks so how can we expect these ex government officials to magically shed their previous political associations. thank. you thank. you. thank you. thank you. thank.
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you. are asked in the seventy's president richard nixon was relentlessly mocked by the media for imitating a character from the film patton if that was life or should i think politics imitating art ironically what we have these days is the media imitating politics samir khan r.t. washington d.c. . another quake in taiwan has reportedly killed six people and rounded ninety people are missing with at least two hundred ninety eight injured in a six point five magnitude quake hit an island damaging numerous houses these are pictures of a local hotel in which is thought around thirty people are still trapped the ground floor has been partly crushed causing the multi-story building to lean to one side with skewers on now at the scene trying to get people out.
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the war in yemen is over a thousand days old and the humanitarian crisis in the country is only getting worse according to the u.n. almost forty seven thousand yemenis have been displaced since december while reports of children being killed or injured in the saudi led airstrikes keep coming in we spoke to some of those affected just a warning you may find the following images disturbing. and how what do you. do here. at ten thirty can hum stay. together and assure that every year but what about side of the lower . than the u.s.s.r. you want. to know all was all over the short little money. that you.
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were. structurally the go in the pot belly so i began with the me michelle. button has it and i get to be a. small child of michelle but they should learn this medicine and she will get a second on the end of the letter. just to remind you the sound he led coalition started this incursion in yemen back in two thousand and fifteen against the opposition fighters seize the power in the country since then saudi arabia has been under pressure from the international community under started sending aid to civilians the logo painted on the tents says saudi arabia kingdom of humanity author and writer abdel bari atwan says it's hardly humane to wait three
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years into a bombing campaign to stand and. the saudi actually after three years of bombardment by all means that from air from sea from ground. actually put an end to this war and declare victory and now. thousand. what killed most of them civilians and also. the famine is imposed in yemen is the situation and the top of that they are saying that we are kidding about the humanitarian side of this war we are helping the yemeni people believe that saudi is usually in better they is south of this war three years ago and now the internet and humanity can see the brassica effect on the people and saying that the saudi enough is enough. well to say your thoughts on today's stories by
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following us on social media i'll be back in just over thirty minutes with the latest well headlines don't have that. was. you know one of them available. to america's two intensely charged in opposing news narratives to cable news networks reflect these divisions or rather function as triggers intensifying
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cultural divide also what has happened to journalism is it now a profession inhabited by hacks and the politically possessed in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decades long debt. studying so hard it requires trust to. go through humiliation to enter an elite society. and paci dead sometimes quite literally. want other true colors of universities in the us. greetings and so you teach us from the roller coaster ride of greed and inequality wealth. ology on display every day in the world of wall street and big business to
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the unabashed corporate cronyism and gang land classism in the marble and stone halls of governments and capitals around the world add to that the countless wars and the daily celebration and exile taishan of ignorance all over intelligence on our televisions and computer screens and you've got yourself quite a downer of the humanity cocktail all of this makes it not too difficult to imagine just how easy it would be to slide into a comfy sweater of cynicism and turn off your dreams of a brighter future a hawk watchers no matter how bad things can get here on the ground and they can get bad remember all we have to do is look up throughout history it's the stars in the great wilderness of space that has inspired humanity to never forget just how far we've come and how truly magnificent we can be with just a little bit of hope mathematics and are met and imaginations on february sixth
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ilan musk and hundreds of thousands of others by his side have made their space x. dreams a reality by successfully test launching the falcon heavy rocket which of the new york times points out is the most powerful rocket in operation in the world today and on this historic day marks the first time that a commercial company has developed such a large rocket without any government financing somewhere you can hear all the little libertarians cheering and while you line musk is certainly a controversial figure and many question the integrity and reality of the billionaire's ambitions whether they be commercial flights to mars or an all test lot of native automotive future today let's just for this moment put down our cynical masks of adulthood rim and remember the pure childhood joy of imagination and discovery as we celebrate humanity's latest journey into the final frontier. so let's look to the stars and start watching the hawks. q. one
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q three looks like. this would be the last to leave the bottom if you. like you know that i got. three. legs. it looks. like the one for the hawks i am the robot for us and we start today with our own tabitha wallace who has been down in cape canaveral since monday and had a front row seat to the historic watch of speaks space x.'s falcon heavy rocket. just behind me we are about to see the very first test flight of the falcon heavy rocket from space x. from the launch pad thirty nine at the kennedy space center here in cape canaveral
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what we're about to see is the largest rocket the most powerful rocket ever launched we've got a seventy meter tall rocket twelve point two meters wide one point four kilograms of mass all of this with twenty seven first stage and and we are about to see seven million pounds of thrust sitting this rocket into the air hopefully to have a billion here a long trip through space what you can see over here is those last few moments and these. as we see it begins its descent this is the first time that we're going to see here it comes right past us now this is the most crucial moment of the rocket this is the moment in the next thirty seconds of max q this is the moment of peak mechanical stress that the rocket will see if we're going to see any problems it's going to be in the next thirty seconds here it is coming over the coast right
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down these historic space coast. here we are you're looking at about seven million pounds of thrust that has gotten it into the air inside is a tesla roadster the payload which is right now playing david bowie's space odyssey . on a billion year ride into space so far we're looking good you've got. a few moments we're going to see booster engine cutoff and a bat out of a minute so far so good. morning to space x. the winds have gone down the sheer winds at the top speed so what we're seeing now is as close to a perfect launch so far as we can see and here it is coming right over us. out to just make it past max q the time when it would explode if it was going to happen that's the most stress so far we're seeing clear win and the perfect rocket
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launch. kind of amazing now imagine this is the equivalent of three falcon nine rocket. financially strapped together in this moment. it's pretty amazing folks what you're looking at here is is historic this is the first rocket designed specifically for d.s. space if this works is this makes it all the way into outer space and on its trip to mars to mars we are looking at a complete change in humanity what we are able to do where we can travel this is the first step. and joining me now live from cape canaveral is my wife hawks co-host of the wallace who has both the afternoon watching the falcon as it were. yes no talk today just south although there was a hawk flying around the hotel or earlier it was a good sign. out of the caribbean can you say. you're always the verge brother can
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you describe the feeling on the ground there in cape canaveral as the falcon heavy took off what was that experience like did you feel it when the when the boosters had. first sees you didn't hear much at first the first few minutes but once it made it into just past us and made it past that max q when if it was going to blow up it would have blown out once it made it past that point about three minutes after liftoff we heard a series of sort of low brooms which is the sonic boom and what happened was even here we're talking we're about thirty miles down the coast from the from the launch pad the windows on our hotel were rattling for a couple of minutes kind of rumbling as it went past it's pretty amazing i mean people here were out. on the beaches there were people of those the roads to cape canaveral were packed this morning you couldn't get anywhere near there if you weren't there about the day before it was it was pretty amazing it's just it's sort
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of unbelievable when you see something this massive that has been years in the making so many mines so many people all coming together to create it. there is a moment of humanity has to cut to go wow where we're doing ok if we can do that let's why one of the actions is what you know what about this law and makes it such an important moment. not only the history but also the future of space travel with you know our journey into the stars. well one of the things that's really important to notice here is is what these rockets have meant to the space program and to our sort of travel into outer space beyond our planet when you look back at the rocket that we've used so pioneer one was back in one nine hundred fifty eight that was the first major rocket that held the first spacecraft that was launched then you moved on to the freedom seven rocket which is the rocket that took the apollo
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mission and alan shepard or i'm sorry alan shepard in one nine hundred sixty one into the atmosphere that we moved on to the apollo eleven trip in one nine hundred sixty nine where they landed on the moon piloted by buzz aldrin each of these rockets got bigger then the shuttle program came along this is really historic because it's the first big moment for space travel for the space industry since the shuttle launch and the shuttle program and so those two big major things were columbia and challenger which sort of in two thousand and three and one nine hundred eighty six respectively those two moments made us wonder if we'd be able to go back and now when you look at this rocket it was specifically designed for deep space what this rocket means as that we have the ability to send. lots of machinery lots of equipment lots of things we would need to colonize space or to go explore mars. and the other amazing thing about that too is that it's reusable although all
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the pieces come all the way back down and then the landings i believe were successful today as well the riyadh tree of all the pieces that's fantastic now yeah this is sort of the amazing thing a reusable rocket usually you are throwing away tens of millions of dollars but having those rockets still to come back down and reuse them is to close the police let's begin speaking of history i understand there is a connection between the falcon heavy and me god botherer in the u.s. there was space industry vrba brought in by correct. correct. we've learned from braun was a german american scientist the sort of like the godfather of the space program and the shuttle and the rocket launch rocket industry what sort of a back in one nine hundred forty nine ron wrote a book called the mars project was a nonfiction book that explains how we would use reusable rocket
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a large rocket with lots of rockets strapped together to go to mars and in this he actually talks about colonization and in the book interesting is a quote and this was confirmed in the original manuscript that it says the martian government was to be directed by ten men the leader of whom was elected by universal suffrage for five years and untitled he launched the vernor dr braun in sort of a stroke of strange genius actually sort of foresaw the idea of iran must being will not be on my specifically but he named this idea of a president of mars would be called that you launch so there's this strange connection between this man who actually was the designer of the saturn five rocket that's the rock that's the rocket that took the apollo thirteen follow. eleven put those into space it's so important it's sort of the beginning to know that it's all sort of coming around and putting us one step closer from fiction or from fantasy
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it's reality. around the nose for the most of the rocket industry. now is going to human day is what what has been the reaction today is what what has been the reaction to the launch to you on last you don't normally this would be a massive enterprise how how is that playing with the people of cape canaveral for many years up until the columbia this is a part of their everyday lives. you know it's sort of strange because space coast we're looking at right here from about melbourne florida although we have to cape canaveral about a forty mile stretch here it was all i mean it's known as space coast for a reason back in the day in the sixty's and seventy's i mean it was all about now it was all about astronauts here and business is booming for everybody since the shuttle ended this is the most historic moment since the shuttle program ended and they saw about one hundred thousand people from out of town and over hazar half a million people total that came out to see it people are excited because to them
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it means space coast is coming back that people are getting excited about space an air of space again and potentially jobs even if this becomes a regular around you know a regular industry that are going back and forth between the moon and mars and all of that this will get very quickly going to finish up what would you know what the next step is now now that they've successfully done this what's what have you and got up is up the sleeve. well you know over the last couple weeks he's still a flame throwers he's spent a car into space playing david bowie i think anything is possible but i think we're going to see bigger rockets and bigger plans and much more weight to wait and wait and then have a wonderful time on the beach down there i'm sure all of us in the winter jealous because in spite of that thank you so much for your excellent work as always always a pleasure to wait for you to get back there by the desk. will be back there and they.


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