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back to to attend the gangs the north and south have agreed to march together under one slime at the opening ceremony seen as a sign of thawing relations but while the north is on a charm offensive u.s. vice president mike pence who is also going to the games has a very different message i'm announcing today that the united states of america will soon unveil the toughest and most aggressive round of economic sanctions on north korea ever we will continue to intensify our maximum pressure campaign until north korea takes concrete steps toward complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization. and new anti brag that policy is about to be no interest in the u.k. and is finding its first support across the channel french m.p.'s belonging to a manual mccrone on marsh movement not only back the idea but have reportedly been giving advice to the parties found this artist saw that deep in ski half of the toe
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. this is really a brand new political party that's about to launch in the k. its goals are quite ambitious pledging to transform british politics and reverse brigs it it wants a second referendum on it i think there's no chance of bragg's it being reversed the brave people have spoken and that's an end of the matter they can bash their head against a brick wall although get is a sore head while the party is launching in the u.k. it's getting advice for of course the can all hear it from the helping hand coming from a manual much for his party the public on the march with advisors said to be at a recent meeting did something about tactics earned its north one your good friends was glad you came here like the us and like many other countries looking
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for a hole because it was feeling despair i think and today july increasing you can look at the future musical and i think the movement that greece and all others i meet with when you use the future you can embrace. during the ideas of mcewan's which invited in every day people regardless of their experience in politics were new also calls on everyone to join and those behind it hope it'll work for them too we don't have much time the only way of winning is by the same miracle as michael. the u.k. electoral commission says there is no issue with the british party receiving advice from a foreign political party providing it receives funding from it sounds fair enough but what the reaction be if the advice was coming from a russian party world would be a great outcry as there would be if politicians from any political or from any
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other country were trying to advise politicians or tell them what to do but i mean what we should all be doing of course is talking to politicians from other countries not to get advice from them not to be told what to do but simply to find out what's going on in those countries we are streaming for an interview to discuss the party but they said they were too busy however they made their feelings about art they are saying that r.t. would look to undermine it also accused the channel of being a propaganda tool answer jested that russia had interfered in the briggs's vote dividing the u.k. for europe despite a lack of concrete evidence. when you clearly doesn't have a problem when it comes to seeking the advice of a foreign power such as france when it comes to reversing brigs it a referendum in which the majority of voters or pleased to leave you so it seems
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that for a new meddling is ok it just depends on the country involved challenged even ski r.t. paris. a recent poll has found that most americans believe their media is biased it comes at a time when ever more former senior government employees are moving into t.v. punditry with the controversies surrounding the recent new nurse memo given them lots to talk about summer can exploit if there are grounds for presumption of bias . many people seeking expertise on the nunez memo must be switching through channels these days so is it a big deal or is it underwhelming was the right to release it well here's a familiar face to answer all of the questions the fact that the newness of republicans denied the ability of the minority the democratic members of that committee to put out its report is just appalling he has abused the office of the chairmanship yes that was john brennan former cia director and now
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a member of the m s n b c family as a contributor brennan was a prominent figure in the intelligence community appointed by barack obama but that background doesn't necessarily mean he's biased right but brett is not the only intelligence official who's joined the ranks of mainstream media we also have josh campbell who resigned from the f.b.i. and joint c.n.n. as a law enforcement analyst he's yet to make his first appearance on the network but before he does here's an excerpt from his latest new york times op ed defending his former employee these political attacks on the bureau must stop those critics of the agency persuade the public that the f.b.i. cannot be trusted they will also have succeeded in making our nation less safe it's not hard to guess what campbell will say on c.n.n. regarding the nunez memo which accuse the f.b.i. of bias and just a little reminder he was also james komi special assistant the same komi who's accused of wrongdoing in the memo but of course campbell and brennan aren't the first to make the switch there is an absolute leftist bias in the country most
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of the networks if you just add up for example the time that they speak negatively about the president it's about ninety percent of the time and there are numerous studies that show this where for example president obama he would do things say things and there would be no media coverage of it whatsoever and case in point are the recent memos that we're all seeing come out of course the republican memo released the new new memo great scrutiny over most of the american media. a little coverage when what should happen based on that memo for example would be that that molar is investigation should be expanded but that's not what the media has called for now it said that you can never teach an old dog new tricks so how can we expect these x. government officials to magically shed their previous political associations.
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just in the seventies president richard nixon was relentlessly mocked by the media for imitating a character from the film past and if that was life for i think politics imitating art ironically what we have these days is the media imitating politics samir khan r.t. washington d.c. after a short break we'll give you some tips on how finding out the russian threats can
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save billions more heading into your military budgets they chained. i'm here at muddy field stadium in their home in the heart of scottish rugby i'm here to scotland legend. a man who fought many great battles on this behind me now he's engaged in the greatest bottle of all his struggle against motor neuron disease. here's what people have been saying about rejected in. the long run the only show i go out of my way to. really packs
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a punch. is the john oliver of our country america is going to see you know apparently better than. to see people you've never heard of. jack the next president of the world bank very. seriously send us an e-mail. welcome back well it's been a long five months but it looks like germany is finally getting itself a new government the country's two largest parties have put their differences aside to agree on a coalition the latest round of the talks started yesterday and only wrapped up this morning after a full uninterrupted twenty four hours of negotiations merkel's chief of staff peter meyer joked as they left the talks that all of them needed a shower so what should we expect now after the deal was reached to all of
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a tells us. the social democrats they will hold on to the foreign ministry the labor ministry the justice family and environment ministries that they held in the previous government but they will gain the very powerful german finance ministry now after a moment it's unknown which position martin schulz would favor whether he would want to be the foreign minister all whether he would want to head up that finance ministry whatever position martin childes ultimately takes he may well regret giving this statement back in september. and. mr schultz do exclude the possibility of being a minister in the cabinet led by merkel or that c.d.u. c.s.u. . yes yes absolutely i would never be part of a government so what happens next well it all goes down to a vote by the s.p.d. membership that's four hundred sixty thousand people that will be casting a vote by mail so are expecting a result from that ballot over the next few weeks trying to drum up support
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for the deal we saw the negotiating team sending out a selfie out to a social democratic you know what's up chant saying they were tired but satisfied and encouraging their membership to get behind the vote it is going to be very tight though should the social democratic membership go vote yes well that means angela merkel will have to go ahead to form a new government and we could expect to see that in place by six months after the actual election in september if that is a no though from the social democrats then this whole deal well it all falls apart and all this negotiating has been for nothing and really the only option facing germany would be a brand new election. well if the new election was to take place it's not entirely certain the so-called grand co grand coalition can even happen again now because
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the latest polls suggest support for the s.p.d. has dropped to a record low of only eighteen percent and there's even opposition to the coalition from within the s.p.d. itself around twenty five thousand new members of join the party since the new year and many of them reportedly have the intention to vote against the deal with merkel . u.s. defense secretary james mattis is congress to approve a massive funding boost for the military one of the reasons cited was the growing nuclear threat from russia and china. moscow advocates a theory of nuclear escalation for military conflict congress must commit both an increase and just stained investment in our capability modernized in the weapons as well as other nuclear system china to would modernize and needed for already considerable nuclear forces we need congress to lift the defense spending cap to
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support the budget for military. several days ago the pentagon issued a nuclear policy review and which it named north korea china and russia among the main security threats the defense department claims there can be no possible delay to modernization of the country's nuclear forces they review also says washington reserves the right to use a nuclear response against a non nuclear threat but trump administration is pushing for a seven hundred billion dollar defense budget for this year which is ninety billion more than last year's political commentator lou rockwell thinks any such increase certain global stability but they want more money because they just want more money i mean this is what the government lives to do it lives to spend. so when you start
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using these weapons it's all too easy to escalate it's a horrendous thing the u.s. has got its bases its about a thousand bases in this world all around these other countries it's threatening their destruction i don't know what's going to happen but it's very very disturbing that these guys are talking openly about this kind of military escalation it's an outrage that the american people should be letting this go on and maybe they don't even realize what's going on but it's important that all of us understand what's going on learn something about what they're doing it's. it's. threatening to everybody in the world and anybody who's got children or grandchildren would like to see their families or continue into the future hard to be worried about those desperately ward. it's a building in hamburg that was once the headquarters of hitler's secret police think a star but its dark path is not stopping developers looking to the future although
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it seems not everyone is on board with the idea. if you live or does it many people died after the torture which isn't mentioned that's why there must be a commemorative place here it is a social obligation for the victims who have come here with i mean. to the future i believe that this place should be more appreciated than it currently is. the model that homage to mine in a place of death is at the very least tasteless and what was printed by many newspapers hello hello. which is phrased in a way that's reminiscent of the words at the concentration conferences work sets you free to.
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structure that hope for is the former to start with headquarters compound torture took place. one must feel sorry for the future tenants they did not even know that if it's a hotel for example it's a hotel of horrors and torture. follow the latest headline story my colleague duckling figure at the top of that. was. that. i was.
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going to. pay everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy you know suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru and we're just a little bit different i want to. know no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have fun every day americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people.
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in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decades long debt. studying so hard it requires trust. going through humiliation to enter an elite society. and paci dead sometimes quite literally. wants other true colors. universities in the u.s. . is what a company is a profitable public firm that supplies cheap water has a more than half a million households a small percentage five point four six is already owned by the french multinational
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suez. but it was like oh my goodness where is the person i was against and i guess of course i'm going to die so your theory is the simple domestically bought settles down of them doesn't it get them out of this only get them to monitor this and. then come in and she has more so to float up top with elizabeth that will be a political pity maybe you know a view it could be feed. in a moment boy your kid then. you view it could be you see it. they know and as a middle class the bull's eye sees the. bit of his little gems upon a better santa prisoners record if you remember the kill. by d.a.p.
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is greece's largest water company it provides five point five million people with water. by the looks of the africa. up. by norse anything that's there. it's i look at it as that mean. there's a limit on a barrel settlement with us you know i know most of it i can see. it will happen but they just tell a venomous way things go as it became i got. to go on a sunday i stop opiate is a strong last them are silly but another strategy. leap yet is a stronger as a risk you raised for the apocalypse off at least it ought to shape dallas. not i'm a potty payoff i said this young people are power. power increases
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their dad was a power fashion across your. there's a. democratic shill decision. if you know fifty. and what's a privatization officially it's not the commission's policia mississippi state however it's true if you look at the troika us and if you look at the memorandum of understanding between for example the troika and portugal the commission as part of the troika is asking to further privatized across the book to go so in the troika the commission is still pushing for privatization so if it is really a human right and if you really are serious to the citizens at today's initiative we should start acting on policies instead of.
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thank you. seem able to do this although i wish was sitting. on until you were. simply. putting if appropriate even. pushes you go what fundamental mean. that i can push you. each could have. told us but if it is a so you could if you had. concerns about the pressure being put on southern countries european water movement activists ropes to read. the highlights of the european commission as part of
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a troika so to force southern european countries mainly greece and portugal to privatized that. they say that is unacceptable and must stop. a few months later the commission's reply leaves everyone speechless. the commission believes that the privatization of public utilities including water supply firms. can deliver benefits to society when carefully made. to death could appear at this one as i was privy to it and bunches was as they counted a duffer to cosign. such nice bets on i can still have accepted going to see. it would put out if it was something i don't. know so did some enormous economic
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every nothing yeah if it's out of the depth of a thought if i thought that juvenile id goes a little botany see need to shift a bureau. and not by deed. you sure could get all going to dismiss your bridge you know that. is a week's pay minimum opinion to centers extreme events you can be good as a coffee table secretly got lucky let me be the last i did. not look at dog ac your salaries do result was that he's gone and a very serious one to be there. when the troika came to ireland they wanted to privatized the water utility. but there was no water utility. the water was sprayed in twenty seven
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local authorities so they were told or government by the troika to build. the i was government. a company called irish water. which began installing meters. side to people's homes. on divorce protests took place. in scads of the city of cork gloria woman went out in the morning and said you are not putting up be the outside my house. i told him there are meant to be a stairs of vision while the water meters that was asked. what he and i were to there was a mass of supportive people here to stop them. and this was the forst time that the irish people had taken a stand on any issue since a steady had begun says the troika ride to toes in the not. knowing.
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i thought i thought it was my. god i think for some people it probably was the straw that broke the camel's back. and no one of a sudden move in the street together. and people were joining the docks and you know what had the water meters got to do. with the fact that you can't see a doctor should go to a hospital what have the water meters got to do with the banks coming in taking people so this. you know this is true or own a little bit of power you can't go and fun to try but you can stand to thank your folks. there's your polar and and it might be true years and we're still not finished. but people are still resisting this because it is the one thing that they have power and they're never going to get it.
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was there. and we knew that this is big something different it's not it's about water forced to foremost but it's also about much more than war it's about to hurt to be trailed. the surrender of sovereignty and the redistribution of our west upwards and their debt downwards. there is a problem with the leaks and we couldn't find them until we have brought in some measures so if i see my solution suddenly it says there's a million liters a month for a couple of people in my house i grow that temperature so that's the reason for the use of. an island there were no meters because they had a completely different system of water charges. the irish paid through general
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taxation. over one billion euro was intended for the maintenance and operation of the water system. some people think those paper water through taxation is a little bit crazy we really only country in the o.e.c.d. . it has zero war poverty and we're the only one with the a lot of poverty because we're the only one that pays for a trip to the us a general taxation that's the one thing we've got right and we'll keep it and the rest you should look at for follow us listen to us because the dumb irish got this one right. we really need to modernize our washer structure so now we really have to invest. so we need a structure to invest we need to wage borrowed money and then we need a way to pay for it paying out of general taxation people who work would probably
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end up paying more taxes. we are losing forty seven percent of our trees and walk into the ground in leaks before it gets to the top. no billion new rock to spent do i choose to spend it on middle east or do i choose to stand up billion euro in fixing the leaks and building a new water production. despite the water having been paid through general taxation. no tax exemptions were plans to offset the new charges. and of forcing one of the major against the evils worse is. the threat of paying for water twice led most citizens to regard the introduction of meat as in challenges as another austerity measure and the establishment of irish water as the first step towards privatisation.
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mr ferguson down with the minister tusk by the government with setting up the new company. clearly didn't work out quite as we expected. it was never on the agenda from my perspective that it could would or should ever be sold or privatized while i was discussing this matter with my officials at the time i insisted that the legislation would have to include three point one the legislation was handed to me before i went into the parliament it wasn't in a. real . central office and i didn't say of course we all know privatisation is ultimately envisaged. and then there was a letter from disinterested just example same years that you can say that will you please take these words.


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