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toward complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization. a new anti bragg's the party is about to be launched in the u.k. and it's finding its first support across the channel french m.p.'s belonging to a manual mccracken's on marsh movement not only back the idea but have reportedly been giving advice to the party's founders are to charlotte devinsky has the details. this is really a brand new political party that's a boat to launch in the k. its goals are quite ambitious pledging to transform british politics and reverse brigs it it wants a second referendum on it i think there's no chance of brakes it being reversed the british people have spoken and that's an end of the matter they can bash their head against a brick wall but all the get is a sore head while the party is launching into the fray it's getting advice for of
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course they can all hear it from their helping her and coming from a manual much calls party the public on the march with advisors said to be at a recent meeting it's something about tactics and it's normal each one of your girl friends was like you can be like us and like many other countries looking for who because it was feeling just fair i think the danger increasing you can look at the future musical and i think the movement that greece and others are living with when you use the future you can embrace. bring the ideas of mcewan's which invited in every day people regardless of their experience in politics who knew also calls on everyone to join and those behind it hope it'll work for them to. we don't have much time the only way of winning is by the same miracle as michael
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the u.k. electoral commission says there is no issue with the british party receiving advice from a foreign political party providing it receives no funding from it so it's fair enough but what the reaction be if the advice was coming from a russian party will there be a great outcry as there would be if politicians from any political or from any other country were trying to advise politicians or tell them what to do but i mean what we should all be doing of course is talking to politicians from other countries not to get advice from them not to be told what to do but simply to find out what's going on in those countries we are stringing for an interview to discuss the party but they said they were too busy however they made their feelings about our year saying that r.t. would look to undermine the. also accused the channel of being a propaganda tool and suggested that russia had been defeated in the brakes but
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dividing the u.k. for europe this fight a lack of cold creates evidence. were new clearly doesn't have a problem when it comes to seeking the advice of a foreign power such as france when it comes to reversing bragg's it a referendum in which the majority of voters to leave the u. so it seems that for an e.u. meddling is ok it just depends on the country involved. auti paris. after a long five months it looks like germany is finally getting itself a new government the country's two largest parties have put their differences aside to agree on a coalition the latest round of the talks started on tuesday and only wrapped up on wednesday morning after a full on an uninterrupted twenty four hours of negotiations merkel's chief of staff peter altman are joked as he left the talks that all of them now needed
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a shower and meanwhile the social democrats martin shultz has just announced that subject to approval of the coalition and the new cabinet he'll become foreign minister if confirmed as the country's top diplomat he will step down as the party's leader and be forced to eat his own words. mr schultz exclude the possibility of being a minister in the cabinet led by merkel c.d.u. c.s.u. . yes yes absolutely i would never be part of a government. artie's peter all over it looks at what we can expect after this long awaited deal what is this painful compromise well the social democrats they will hold on to the foreign ministry the labor ministry the justice family and environment ministries that they held in the previous go. but they will gain the very powerful german finance ministry so what happens next well it all goes down to
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a vote by the s.p.d. membership that's four hundred sixty thousand people that will be casting a vote by mail so are expecting a result from that ballot over the next few weeks trying to drum up support for the deal we saw the negotiating team sending a selfie out to a social democratic what's up chat saying they were tired but satisfied and encouraging their membership to get behind the vote it is going to be very tight though should the social democratic membership go vote yes well that means angle or merkel will have to go ahead to form a new government and we could expect to see that seems place by six months after the actual election in september if that is a no though from the social democrats then this whole deal well it all falls apart and all this negotiating has been for nothing and really the only option facing germany would be a brand new election well if that new election was to take place it's not entirely
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certain the so-called grow call or grand coalition can even happen again that's because the latest polls suggest support for the s.p.d. has dropped to a record low of only eighteen percent and there's even opposition to the coalition from within the s.p.d. itself around twenty five thousand new members have joined the party since the new year many of them reportedly with the intention to vote against the deal with merkel. now a man interrupting a woman to explain feminism may not be the best idea but that's exactly what canada's prime minister has just done justin trudeau told a young lady to correct her supposed gender bias language and has now been calling a sexist himself. i am a feminist being a fan of the feminists and i will. say yes it is repeating i.
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just. maternal love is the love that's going to change the future of mankind so we'd like you to look what we like to see people coming not necessarily mankind. but. there's lots of things you can do to be a better feminist as a man but here's a simple one don't interrupt.
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by offering people kind of. a recent poll has found that most americans believe their media is biased it comes at a time when ever a more former senior government employees are moving into t.v. punditry what the up are surrounding this recent nunez memo giving them lots to talk about samir khan explores if there are grounds for presumption of bias many people seeking expertise on the nunez memo must be switching through channels these days so is it a big deal or is it underwhelming for the right to release it well here's a familiar face to answer all of the questions the fact that of an innocent republicans stood nigh the ability of the minority the democratic members of that committee to put out its. torture is just appalling he has abused the office of the chairmanship yes that was john brennan former cia director and now a member of the m s n b c family as a contributor brennan was a prominent figure in the intelligence community appointed by barack obama but that
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background doesn't necessarily mean he's biased right but bret is not the only intelligence official who's joined the ranks of mainstream media we also have josh campbell who resigned from the f.b.i. and joined c.n.n. as a law enforcement analyst he's yet to make his first appearance on the network but before he does here's an excerpt from his latest new york times op ed defending his former employees these bullets got socks in the bureau must stop those critics of agency persuade the public that the f.b.i. cannot be trusted they will also have succeeded in making our nation less safe it's not hard to guess what campbell will say on c.n.n. regarding the nunez memo which accuse the f.b.i. of bias and just a little reminder he was also james komi special assistant the same komi who is accused of wrongdoing in the memo but of course campbell and brennan are the first to make the switch there is an absolute leftist bias in the country most of the networks if you just add up for example the time that they speak negatively about
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the president is about ninety percent of the time and there are numerous studies that show this where for example president obama he would do things say things and there would be no media coverage of it whatsoever and case in point are the recent memos that we're all seeing come out of course the republican memo released the new memo great scrutiny over most of the american media very little coverage when what should happen based on that memo for example would be that that mole is investigation should be expanded but that's not what the media has called for now it said that you can never teach an old dog new tricks so how can we expect these x. government officials to magically shed their previous political associations. if
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so in the seventies president richard nixon was relentlessly mocked by the media for imitating a character from the film patton if that was life or should i think politics imitating art ironically what we have these days is the media imitating politics so we are con r.t. washington d.c. . the u.s. senate has reached a two year budget deal that includes a massive funding boost for the military it's being seen as a major victory for the u.s. defense secretary who managed to get it through by flagging up the russian threat.
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today's congressional action will ensure our military can defend our way of life preserve the promise of prosperity and pass on the freedoms you and i enjoy to the next generation. moscow advocates of syria a nuclear escalation a military conflict congress must commit both an increased staind investment in our capabilities russia has been modernized you need weapons as well as other nuclear just trying to modernize you and expanding authority considerable move forces we need congress to lift the defense spending aboard the budget for military. several days ago the pentagon issued a nuclear policy review and which aims north korea china and russia among the main
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security threats the defense department claims there can be no possible delay to the modernization of the country's forces the review also says washington reserves the right to use a nuclear response against a non-nuclear threat political commentator lou rockwell thinks such moves threaten global stability. well they want more money because they just want more money i mean this is what the government lives to do with lives to spend. so when you start using these weapons it's all too easy to escalate it's a horrendous thing the u.s. has got its bases about a thousand bases in this world all around these other countries it's threatening their destruction and i don't know what's going to happen but it's very very disturbing that these guys are talking openly about this kind of military escalation and it's an outrage that the american people should be letting this go on and maybe they don't even realize what's going on but it's important that all of us understand what's going on learn something about what they're doing it's it's.
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it's threatening to everybody in the world and anybody who's got children or grandchildren would like to see their families continue into the future to be worried about this desperately worried. the war in yemen is now more than a thousand days old and the humanitarian crisis in the country is only getting worse according to the u.n. almost forty seven thousand yemenis have been displaced since december meanwhile reports continue to build of children being killed or injured and saudi led airstrikes we spoke to some of those affected by the conflict just warning you may find the following images upsetting. you know what do you. really. know that you had ten times today because. they get they understand even a lot of us i don't know and. then you really don't know what. kind of data
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will last with all the good little money. that you. but i want to tell you so i have a couple demi michelle. has it and i get a b. and i. have get a small child of michelle but they should know that in the shape of a simple thing in a letter. just to remind you the saudi led coalition started its incursion in yemen back in two thousand and fifteen against who is the opposition fighters which had seized power in the country since then saudi arabia
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has been under pressure from the international community that finally prompted it to recently send aid to civilians the logo painted on the tents reads saudi arabia kingdom of humanity author and writer of one believes it's hardly humane to wait three years into a bombing campaign before sending any help. the saudi actually after three years of bombardment by all means that from from see from the ground they did not actually put an end to this war and declare victory and now more than ten thousand people were killed most of them civilians and also with the famine. in yemen is a situation in the top of that they are saying that we are hearing about the humanitarian side of this war we are helping the yemeni people i believe the saudi is usually embarrassed they just thought that this war three years ago and now the
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international community can see the drastic effect on the people and syrians of the saudi enough is enough. it's a building in hamburg that was once the headquarters of hitler's secret police the gestapo. but its dark past is not stopping developers looking to the future although it seems everyone's on board with the idea. a little is a many people died off the torture which is unmentioned that's why there must be a commemorative place here it is a social obligation for the victims we've come here with so right now to get yourself. to the future i believe that this place you're more appreciated than it currently is.
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the miles i miss you so much to mine in a place of death is at the fair least tasteless and what was printed by many newspapers hello hello all of which is phrased in a way that's reminiscent of the words at the concentration contra says work sets you free to. sleep back to that purpose the film i started headquarters compound the torture took place. one must feel sorry for the future tenants they did not even know that if it's a hotel for example it's a hotel of horrors and torture. that's our program for now but i'll be back in about thirty minutes with more on today's top stories stay with.
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light for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the superman each of you know their own lives and spending children twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great to transfer. and.
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hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things considered i'm peter lavelle to america's two intensely charged in opposing news narratives you cable news networks reflect these divisions or rather function as triggers intensifying cultural divide also what has happened to journalism is it now a profession inhabited by hacks and the politically possessed. cross talking america divided i'm joined by my guest in new york he's a political pundit and journalist contributing to the huffington post also in new york we have who he is the editorial director of reactionary times and a newsmax columnist and in los angeles we have ron paul cohn he is a comedian
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a frequent guest on the jimmy door show and the young turks as well as host of his own streaming show get your news on with ron all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it ron you got up early as for this program so you were elected to answer the first question here. a great deal of my time i watch cable news and i try to watch as much of all of them to get a variety of them and you know it's obvious to say that we live in two very very different americas the two americas that don't know each other at all anymore so when i look at the cable news networks i mean do they reflect this cultural divide or are they really intensifying it i mean are they magnify it because you certainly get that feeling look again b.c. and fox go ahead. i think that they they definitely intensify a divide yes do they reflect what's really going on in the states or admits the
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people that live here i would say absolutely not and to the point where i try very hard to no longer even use the phrase mainstream media i try to refer to it to what it is i call it the corporate media because that's what it is it's owned by a small elite group of corporations they have an agenda they have a narrative they have certain things that they're not allowed to talk about but as far as the division goes i mean yeah and you brought up the memo as a for instance and i think that's a very good example you know on one side yet at m s n b c trying to make it out like oh this is absolutely nothing that on the other side you know and on fox news for instance you had oh this is absolutely everything and the truth is that you know there are things to learn in every given rhetorical event so yeah there's certainly an agenda but really it's just most of the time political theater between the most elite among us and is it really reflecting what's going on in the united
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states and more and more people are disenfranchised well that's the media and that's why people come to see another alternative media jimmy door you're on very often and i really much we enjoy that is why i have a job and he's a progressive i consider myself a conservative but i find him a reasonable person i find you a reasonable person to talk to rob more or less the same question to you because it seems to me if you look at and miss in b.c. and then you look at fox basically with both are doing is they're they're. reacting to a status quo that is changing and i think that rattles both of them ok because we're still reeling from the election of donald trump in the media is trying to or not trying to adjust to the political realities so it seems to me that you know the before the media horizon there was the rain was there people understood it but it's changing changed very radically since then and i think that sees the extremes and the networks that i've just mentioned go ahead rob. well when ron was talking about
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corporations i mean what are we doing we're going for ratings because they're going to make more money and i used to be three times a week guest on fox representing i would say what i called myself as a sane liberal as opposed to a kneejerk liberal or a complete jerk liberal those are my different types of liberals but i'm going to hearken back to a book written in one thousand nine hundred seventy three that's always been one of my favorites and it's it's really proved to be. news from no you know where by edward jay epstein and he was talking about how television news was terrible because they don't actually provide you real news yet they're getting fed information from big corporations and from p.r. departments and so what i find offensive is i actually got into a little shoving not a shoving match but a little verbal jousting years ago with matt lauer because he gave me this i'm
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a journalist kind of thing at a function and he's a journalist like i'm tom brady. we've forgotten what real journalism it is and we don't have shoe leather on the sidewalk journalism anymore but we may not be able to have to have that because who's going to pay for it so weird we in effect get real news from sources and leaks and it's a good way well you know you know you know and it seems to me that it has got down to just pack speak as i said in the introduction of the program is that. you know i can be very open with i'm very sympathetic to like tucker carlson for example i think he's a pretty reasonable person and he has opposing people on all the time on his program but if you look at like hannity and you look at rachel maddow i mean they never let anything that disturbs their world entered and i find that really disturbing because that's just basically giving red meat to your viewers you're not teaching them anything you're just reaffirming it's an affirmation process in
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watching the two that i just mentioned and i don't think that they use a whole lot of news its own enormous amount of spin go ahead who will. well no not necessarily i mean this is the one thing i would say and to speak to you know all rachel maddow and her colleague over at m s n b c mika brzezinski saying and she was quoted as saying we have to control what people think i mean i think it needs to be fact based i think there is an extreme lack of integrity in reporting at this point and i guess the truth of the matter is that outlets like fox and newsmax are actually reporting facts things that have gone on and if you look at donald trump when he was on his asian tour he struck an energy deal to close our trade deficit with china by about eighty billion dollars if you look at the news that day the news was the speculation that this russia probe supposedly was going to shift to
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trump directly and now we're looking at this in february still hasn't yielded anything substantial that they can pin to trump so it's always been about trying to make the trumpet ministration look bad from the left and there is a little bit of a defense mechanism going on in right leaning media but it's usually a lot more fact based coming from the right yeah well i would agree i mean we in the memo for example i mean when you look at c.n.n. and them it's let me see they're just in denial ok i mean you know one hour they say it's a danger to national security and then when it's released they say it's nothing here move along nothing to see i mean they are in denial here i'm going to go to ron in los angeles i mean. in that sense i did agree with julio i mean they don't even want to address the content of the memo for example i read it it's very interesting it's something i think it's very very important but you have the liberal corporatist media i will take your term they just dismiss it out of hand because again it didn't danger isn't what they believe is the status quo and they have the right and the privilege to tell the world how to think our and tell the
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american public out of things go ahead wrong well yeah i mean i'm i'm a very progressive guy and i used to really love rachel maddow i used to get. sitter her a diamond in the rough but recently you know i mean i say if you watch rachel maddow show and you take a shot of vodka every time she says the word russia you're going to be i think the average person would probably be dead within twenty minutes. the media has a very. the media has a very corporate agenda going to try that very much. rob just don't do it i'm not going to do it you know you do. and cross talk will not be held regatta because i felt fear i don't recommend anyone doing that ok well i don't recommend anyone actually do it with a disclaimer on at the end of the program i'm. going to braun go thank you. but yeah i mean they have their corporate you know i'll give another for instance you
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know emmett's n.b.c. is owned by comcast you've not seen an honest report on net neutrality from m s n b c haven't really seen it in any of the corporate media but especially not from them because they're owned by comcast a very anti net neutrality company you know when dapple was going on all of the corporate media fox news c.n.n. m s n b c they're all funded in large part by ole oil and gas companies so of course they're not going to tell you what's going on in terms of oil a water protest where do you hear about that you hear about that from the journalists that are on the ground you know what ontological ron on that good men and i'm not even like that on that point i do remember watching across the board and almost one of those rare moments of unity everybody said it's important. period we didn't get anything more than that ok i learned more about net neutrality listening to the jimmy door show it was an excellent program on net
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neutrality learned an enormous amount ok it was probably me let me go back to you one of the things that i find really disturbing in our political discourse is it everywhere if you post someone they're a traitor they act in a treasonous way and i criticize donald trump for that and i certainly i certainly criticize and this n.b.c. and c.n.n. for peddling the same thing go ahead rob. well one of the things that really used to infuriate me when i was a regular contributor to fox i've always been a democrat is i had people that would suddenly contact me on facebook or via twitter or they are e-mail and say i can't believe you're a traitor and you're on fox and then i will would respond and say did you see me when i was on this week no i won't watch it well then how do you know what i'm saying or what i'm contributing and really as a result of fox i've met a lot of interesting conservative people that i never would have met who follow me on twitter or i've spoken.


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