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that's is in marble p.p.p. it's all. wouldn't lend you barely enough and barely in a niche could move by said league newsgroup as our hobby how is can this didn't work then give you the easy first one had one decide how that alley it went on in and she had skittish and behind those sheets good angles on the as indecent to typify playing all kinds of beer does and she's going to list on disc attacked well see how from where i live in and if you and gal in the given land i call it that gas is i can cliche i can say on your least slow under this scheme can i for a tough. one as a dismissal of prima shift is would it does that play by couldn't angin does cone dia of the nation. or be here what. can happen nor are
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these equal by a reason for attack does go into these eco lark and he crossed the line by. me of the course of i'm still in but as i suppose i'm to come to a spot of self negotiation it is called the all the smears of me put out all across this while sparing will quite a while when i did pull it back a. study of them across the. us was a beautiful medieval city and portugal's north with a population of one hundred twenty thousand. in the mid two thousand and six percent a sign. the contract award in the concession for water supply services to
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a consortium of companies. the main shareholder. a spanish owns multinational. bluesfest can sell us is a spokesman. my risk ok if it is their parties or the consume that via the game faced stern. in the mail on the girls who believe that we should go to. some with books but i will soon that is for the people we spoke. to move thirty years to consume vint sealed but abolish they consume that eating the dog meat cleaver so committed to. yield they convene to nucleons the body almost mute only on which most course on the. scene they needed to be cleped yes it go into your.
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message in the most god only means must say for those who wish to machines most will think of the. a visit. by a complete computer about why a republican administration made a change that was the same surely. part of the democratic philosophy i can only think that's deep within what they call the deep state in the us treasury there were left leaning bureaucrats who implemented this change to a territoriality based system of taxation without anybody actually being aware of what was going on. in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying
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a decade's long debt. studying so hard it requires trust to. go through humiliation to enter an elite society. and parching to death sometimes quite literally. wants other true colors of universities in the us. it's that the municipality had guaranteed in the contracts such as definite growth in population and consumption was still only seen on paper. so when in two thousand and ten the newly elected mayor this to go miss started protesting the company went to court demanding compensation. but i'm going to move.
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not far from this past us defend the city of fifty thousand which signed a similar contract with the same company and with tragic consequences. the people talk to the streets past us to fight atta had suddenly going to the most expensive water and portugal e.t.f. ok mike you can do just. what it is that we did that all gave me your thoughts on did it well then a lot. gets lost again and that must get it up on best became a matter of past us to fight it with water was the main focus of his election campaign. he soon discovered that the situation was even worse than he'd imagined knows the view you give you of the the elite community can you know. the maze thing
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museum. is it going to him when they put it is a pretty. good i would king is exposed to the more it is look it was there that. one class will be the only place where they live whether we're on the list of the most and yes with a student this is typically provide around the outer part of lebanon. how diverse which is war you're absolutely wrong. perhaps no you know. this was. and what's important is the result. do the people good quality work. is in one protected these are the main reason to be performed.
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for the people who knew the terms of the contract of sale for the water company which had been kept secret that was only one option. to make them public. so that all germans could know that they themselves had guaranteed thirty years of profits for two companies. a referendum was needed to make the contracts details public. political parties try to stop it. that's why do what i want when spam. then the indy five. thousand first. shifts guy i'm. getting it done for just barely enough of us i'm skittish to speak. i dish out only it was. done and i don't.
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know. the local government under the weight of public opinion was forced to reclaim the berlin water company from london which has since two thousand and fourteen completely returned to public ownership. however the repurchase price was very high close to one point three billion euros. the high costs of room in a spot of fishing. were true mainly due to the further water of being privatized first. this where the costs are probably. multinational have been very expertly proficient. at passing on to consumers because that's where
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the do over it's wherever they go. this is you. know these are pushing this official this to sever all peace. making. party america just think they can be a better left up to me. in economy key now. making me given the amount of what i need almost never of the. heart and mind of the european which is behind world products. i think that the european commission would be very very good to impose water privatization on anybody is the only could. we let the member states to organize in the way that the think it's more efficient
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so both public and private ownership are possible so that we have an official system. distribute high quality safe efficient affordable water to all the citizens . but if you're not just picked. in the patient. it didn't occur to me that imply but i mean if you. want to push at . least once every three. ill we're not able to go to the common talking about three go up and i could see that it is the best option. this is and it cut us off but if i stress once our finance minister ship that down i need guns guns. only to be used by you know what it. is he said no to students. this size and mass
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in sight and i didn't learn to. be chief guy fishtail to be out of a community as you will. get i was a hope. it was a historic referendum. ninety five percent of italian voters said no to water privatization is berlusconi's government a plan. the reason why we had this referendum is because the business when he got it might. be for passed a law that was foreseen there but i think they show up local level immediately that
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management of there will be somebody. making compulsory for anybody to sell out at least fifty percent of the state in public companies for all the public said b. c. it's not only what. a few weeks after that referendum triumph. and mario draghi the new and departing directors of the european central bank sent a secret letter to bonus going to be exposed by the korean adela newspaper. they remind him of the basic measures expected of it in a. structural reform favoring competition and italian balance including the full liberalization of local public services through large scale privatization. that secret letter. caused quite a backlash because the e.c.b. has no institutional jurisdiction to enforce policy making in an e.u.
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member state. it was judgment the judgment of the e.c.b. on what was necessary in this absolutely dramatic circumstances where forty percent of the g.d.p. of the euro area was under attack one of. the bell is going to government implemented many of the measures proposed in that letter while at the same time secretly trying to introduce provisions to private eyes water. a proposal that italians had rejected in the referendum. the course official courts intervened and said no you cannot remain should years. legal provisions that repealed as a result of a referral. this caused the european commissioner olli rehn to write to mr berlusconi again asking for clarification. you know little deserved we just.
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as a judge and i found a really it was a judge of a founder. at allianz who had already made up their own minds saw that sentence despite the outcomes of the referendum as an insult it also infringed upon an e.u. article demanding neutrality. and it. says that this yes get is. say yes. the. that there are. any who are not mix is. going to do your.
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group i mean is that funny that we're going to prevent. the exact city going to. your local modest you'll do it all up it don't want to do would all men these are peaceful sets but. always up in. large scale privatizations of a key demand in every memorandum that the troika has imposed on every greek government the water companies of athens and thessaloniki always on the list. goes. mia. mr make a luck as a journalist and was new democracy spokesperson. he later became interior minister
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for the right wing government formed by antonius a modest and twenty twelve. that was the year in which a minimum percentage state holding in the two largest water companies was abolished by law paving the way for complete privatization. thought if you tickle peas in a couple. of them one of your at it. maybe i think biased but out. them living up to the would have a huge issue. with the main. and the shipping of us because of the diversity of the people don't understand. if you . look even if. they have a fairly good location for the border they can move to. have
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a look at the superdome as opposed to. run out of the with the flow to the best out of the village with. the concepts i was proposing to perform i had to actually prepare myself to die i. don't know said he did what. i was sorry when i asked. you to snow in the home of. her. scanty because. she had a good. soul. what.
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was it he could with. yes get more education so he told me she. toilet b.s. i mean are you. up. to america's too intensely charged in opposing news narratives to cable news networks reflect these divisions or rather function as triggers intensifying cultural divide also what has happened to journalism is it now profession inhabited by hacks in the politically possessed despite its turbulent history. the soviet union i know has dominated international sport however this is not about the lives of those
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champions from the. right moment you were number with this that there. are more mobile there with the billboard movement your new theory described lose for the order of your more gracious to loose to be reserved for your you were the first some of you to limp it team of nineteen fifty two when she did seem survivor's concentration camp prisoners and frontline soldiers for sure for a baby in the us it's good to go there with your shoes because i'm welsh mother of the sure for her because you're working for you and for the month all through the door with all the wrong with you if you think that we're going to. be very sure you'll push rupert rupert. into zero he will know when you do when you're outdoors that we're going to bring your work the workers here we are removable for your eyes
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you've broken we're. the u.s. led coalition in the interest so called defensive as strikes against pro-government forces in syria accusing them of attacking a rebel group. on the eve of the winter olympics hopes diminish for dozens of russian athletes fighting to happen battles overturned. and a new party is being launched in the u.k. with the aim of reversing that sits at the support it's getting from across the channel is leading to accusations of french meddling. by the latest on these stories head to. my colleague rory so. he will be here with a full us bulletin at the top of the hour meanwhile stay with us here on anti international across two very different narratives playing out in the west bank.
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hello and welcome to our all things considered i'm peter lavelle two americas two intensely charged in opposing news narratives you cable news networks reflect these divisions or rather function as triggers intensifying cultural divide also what has happened to journalism is it now a profession in habited by hacks the politically possessed. cross talking america divided i'm joined by my guest in new york he's
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a political pundit and journalist contributing to the huffington post also in new york we have who he is the editorial director of reactionary times and a newsmax columnist and in los angeles we have ron paul cone he is a comedian a frequent guest on the jimmy door show and the young turks as well as host of his own streaming show get your news on with ron all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it ron you got up early as for this program so you were elected to answer the question you're. a great deal of my time i watch cable news and i try to watch as much of all of them they get a variety of them and you know i it's obvious to say that we live in two very very different americas the two americas that don't know each other at all anymore so when i look at the cable news networks i mean do they reflect this cultural divide or are they really intensifying it i mean are they magnify it because you certainly get that feeling. b.c. and fox go ahead. i think that they they definitely intensify
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a divide b.s. do they reflect what's really going on in the states or minutes the people that live here i would say absolutely not to the point where i try very hard to no longer even use the phrase mainstream media i try to refer to it to what it is i call it the corporate media because that's what it is it's own biased somali group of corporations they have an agenda they have a narrative they have certain things that they're not allowed to talk about but as far as the division goes i mean yeah and you brought up the memo as a for instance and i think that's a very good example you know on one side yet at m.s.n. b.c. trying to make it out like oh this is absolutely nothing that on the other side you know on fox news for instance you had oh this is absolutely everything and the truth is that you know there are things to learn in every given rhetorical of event
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so yeah there's certainly an agenda but really it's just most of the time political theater between the most elite among us and isn't really reflecting what's going on in the united states and more and more people are disenfranchised well that's what media that's why people come to us another alternative media jimmy door you're on very often and i really much we enjoy yeah that's why i haven't and he's a progressive i consider myself a conservative but i find him a reasonable person if i knew a reasonable person to talk to iran more or less the same question to you because it seems to me if you look at this in b.c. and then you look at fox basically with both are doing is they're they're. reacting to a status quo that is changing and i think that rattles both of them ok because we're still reeling from the election of donald trump in the media is trying to or not trying to adjust to the political realities so it seems to me that you know before the media horizon there was the rain was there people understood it but it's
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changing changed very radically since then and i think that sees the extremes and the networks that i just mentioned go ahead bob. well when ron was talking about corporations i mean what are we doing we're going for ratings because they're going to make more money and i used to be three times a week guest on fox representing i would say what i called myself as a sane liberal as opposed to a kneejerk liberal or a complete jerk liberal those are my different types of liberals but i'm going to hearken back to a book written in one thousand nine hundred seventy three that's always been one of my favorites and it's it's really proved to. news from no you know where by edward jay epstein and he was talking about how television news was terrible because they don't actually provide you real news if they're getting fed information from big corporations and from p.r. departments and so what i find offensive is i actually got into
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a little shoving about a shoving match but a little verbal jousting years ago with matt lauer because he gave me this i'm a journalist kind of thing at a function and he's a journalist like i'm tom brady. we've forgotten what real journalism it is and we don't have shoe leather on the sidewalk journalism anymore but we may not be able to have to have that because who's going to pay for it so where do we in effect get real news from sources and leaks and it's a good way well you know you know you know and it seems to me that it has got down to just because as i said in the introduction of the program is that. you know i can be very open with i'm very sympathetic to like tucker carlson for example i think he's a pretty reasonable person and he has opposing people on all the time on his program but if you look at like hannity and you look at rachel maddow i mean they never let anything that disturbs their world you know interested and i find that
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really disturbing because that's just basically giving red meat to your viewers you're not teaching them anything you're just reaffirming it's an affirmation process in watching the two that i just mentioned here and i don't think that they use a whole lot of news its own enormous amount of spin go ahead who will. well no not necessarily i mean this is the one thing i would say and to speak to you know all rachel maddow and her colleague over at m s n b c mika brzezinski saying and she was quoted as saying we have to control what people think i mean i think it needs to be fact based i think there is an extreme lack of integrity in reporting at this point and i guess the truth of the matter is that outlets like fox and newsmax are actually reporting facts things that have gone on and if you look at donald trump when he was on his asian tour he struck an energy deal to close our trade deficit with china by about eighty billion dollars if you look at the news that day the
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news was the speculation that this russia probe supposedly was going to shift to trump directly and now we're looking at this in february still hasn't yielded anything substantial that they can pin to trump so it's always been about trying to make the trumpet ministration look bad from the left and there is a little bit of a defense mechanism going on in right leaning media but it's usually a lot more fact based coming from the right yeah well i would agree i mean we in the memo for example i mean when you look at c.n.n. and they're missing b.c. they're just in denial ok i mean you know one hour they say it's a danger to national security and then when it's released they say it's nothing here move along nothing to see i mean they are in denial here i'm going to go to ron in los angeles i mean. in that sense i did agree with julio i mean they don't even want to address the content of the memo for example i read it it's very interesting it's something i think is very very important but you have the liberal
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corporatist media i will take your term they just dismiss it out of hand because again it's a danger is what they believe is the status quo and they have the right and the privilege to tell the world how to think our and tell the american public out of things go ahead wrong well yeah i mean i'm i'm a very progressive guy and i used to really love rachel maddow i used to get. that or her a diamond in the rough but recently you know i mean i say if you watch rachel maddow show and you take a shot of vodka every time she says the word russia you're going to be i think the average person would probably be dead within twenty minutes. the media has a very. the media has a very corporate agenda going to try that. very much. rob don't do it i'm not going to do it now you do. and cross talk will not be held regatta because i felt fear i don't recommend anyone doing that ok well i don't recommend anyone actually
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do it with a disclaimer on at the end of the program. didn't show braun thank you. but yeah i mean they have their corporate you know i'll give another for instance you know m s n b c is owned by comcast you've not seen an honest report on net neutrality from m s n b c you haven't really seen it in any of the corporate media but especially not from them because they're owned by comcast a very anti net neutrality company you know when dapple was going on all of the corporate media fox news c.n.n. m s n b c they're all funded in large part by ole oil and gas companies so of course they're not going to tell you what's going on in terms of oil a water protest where do you hear about that you hear about that from the journalists that are on the ground you know want last run on that good men and i'm not even like that on that point i do remember watching across the board and almost one of those rare moments of unity everybody said it to important
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