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after the pilot was shot down he was alone and surrounded by militants but he fired back and unverified video of what happened later appeared online warning you may find the following images disturbing. this is. a major affiliate of could be heard shouting this is for all glad as it blew up a hand grenade and killed himself the story of the pilot's bravery has not gone unnoticed he received this letter from a veteran u.s. serviceman offering support and asking if there was a fund collecting donations for his widow and child we have asked the russian armed forces if such a fund is being created we are waiting for clarification the man who wrote that letter steve silva gave ati his views on may just silly false story. and he knew what it is chances were. and he knew what he had to do. any knew it was never going to be captured and that's
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a decision he had to bake. it's very hard decision to make book so. i salute a he did what he had to do and this was a personal decision. he knew what could happen to him he knows what can happen to other troops. and what has happened to his comrades these are very important people to you. and you do most anything for them . even risk your life he had to do our work this. year. i wonder if i would be brave enough to do what he did. he was he was a good bill we should do it. is an international support for women's rights and gender equality picking up pace online with a number of prominent hashtags when it comes to feminism people can't seem to agree on what's ok to say and was not party boy has been. are you
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a feminist if you put on a muslim headscarf or on the contrary if you take it off and even burn it according to the internet it could be either you just have to choose your harsh tag there is world hejab day that's the one that promotes women's rights to wear a headscarf it's going big in the u.k. and the u.s. . has nothing to do with oppression it's a feminist statement but many a man a man had to be women this piece of clothing is the very epitome of oppression but then there's also the no head job movement the one that condemns muslim headscarves as a form of oppression it's especially relevant in iran right now where women are being arrested for costing off their veils and the anti hejab brigade is outraged.
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i have you know you have to. earn the earn. but if you thought religious dress was a minefield or simply that it doesn't apply to you be aware because language is getting political to you in case you won over faith with the new rules using the word mankind is kind of a photo par that's precisely what the canadian prime minister justin trudeau tried to explain to a female journalist who used the word in a question to him little did he know that an even bigger if opar no matter how much of a feminist you are is mansplaining to a woman that she shouldn't be using the word mankind but then read the internet told him maternal love is the love that's going to change the future of mankind so
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we're like you to look what we're going to see people kind not necessarily mankind . there's lots of things you're going to famine this is a man but you're just a man don't interrupt. the. writing. by. people kind. but what about formula one
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bosses who presumably thought they were acting in an enlightened and post weinstein manner when they fired all their grade girls those are the promotional models who traditionally adorn the racetrack there's a support the band say that being a pit babe objectifies and sexualizes women but try telling that to the grid girls many of whom are moving up said trying to think up a new profession i've never had even the slightest hint of feeling exploited. i've wanted to be that i worked hard to get that they paid me well to do the job and i saw my outfit before i agreed to do it i knew i was wearing i knew what was expected of me the world has gone completely mad. i don't see a problem with promotional work tools we all do it by choice and we're not forced into the was and or go supply for the job it seems these days you come right
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perhaps all the hashtags could now be replaced with one much less binary one something like freedom to choose when to go to come here on the program on our senior including our guests debate the impact of war on youngsters in light of a recent video showing children in libya staging a mock execution back in a moment. local blogs sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they don't want. to do socks credit tell you that every gossip and tabloid by file for the reporters. mother talked about doesn't tell me you are not pulling out and let's not buy their product. these are the hawks that we along with all the one.
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with make this manufactured consent to stand up to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. i mean the real news is really the world. thanks for joining us today here on oxy a video has surfaced online showing young children in libya staging a mock execution.
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the boys in that clip are reportedly under the age of nine but they appear to be mimicking a real life execution which happened in benghazi in january and that video which we are unable to show you a gunman is seen shooting blindfolded prisoners in front of a mosque where a deadly bombing had just taken place now a panel of guests have contrasting views on the story and the trauma experienced by children growing up in a war zone. we know it's just a mocking video but we're actually seen actual videos where children has been used to behead people in syria and in iraq and iraq as well we heard stories when terrorist groups using the young people to spy on their families the individuals
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that are actually carrying out terrorist attacks and in particular suicide attacks often have been escaping chaotic lives but actually that the with what we call extremists material it doesn't happen until many years down the line you know and often substance misuse was a big problem and if we understand that the reasons that people engage in substance misuse is because of childhood trauma and if we understand that if we've got a large number of young guys children who have experienced that kind of trauma could they is it possible that maybe partially follow they started out or not the whole truth the root cause is not that you know first of all if you look into the history of islamist terrorism recently in a country where i was born by like this you will see most of the terrorist attacks in the capital of dark i was carried out by youths who in fact came from affluent families they had a very good life in fact they were brainwashed by this islamist terrorism not only
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by videos but by theological understanding of it and when it comes to children children are not being able to be children because of the upbringing they are getting because they are at the islamic extremist ideology it in fact denies you of any kind of creation that children can will need to grow up all that happens in all the culture is not there how are some of the occasion in some countries the education the younger kids on radicalization only extremism right from the young age so we that's what we call in for we call from regulations to prevent such a behavior. in online videos or what you know we have to regulate the education curriculum some of the countries require to be looked into and see how the education curriculum is being taught in schools. in america fingers are being pointed again at alleged kremlin ball online accounts that imitate real uses this
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time they're accused of sowing division by promoting the hash tag deep state the claim comes from controversial website hamilton sixty eight whose self-proclaimed goal is to call out russian propaganda the term deep state is used to refer to powerful elites inside government old military structures that wield influence on government policies at the gain traction after u.s. president donald trump started a battle with the intelligence community accusing it of being involved with a deep state network to undermine the president. listen to. the old.
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in. the form of the poor. eric constant yet the talented generous is part of the deep state so i have two questions first now which one is eric i did he tell the elephant or the cheetah which one i don't know. so second what is the state of it near dollywood because i mean if it is in.
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a school in new york has sparked controversy by ditching a longstanding tradition the annual father and daughter dance and song so it says to comply with guidelines on trans gender students obfuscate above and reports. it's a longstanding tradition of family bonding but the annual father daughter dance set for this friday at this staten island elementary school in new york well it's been called off it's been told to waltz off the stage because it violates the department of education's gender neutral policies gender based policies rules and practices
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can have the effect of marginalizing stigmatizing stereotyping and excluding students whether or not they're transgender or gendered non-conforming for these reasons schools should review such policies all gender based policies must be abandoned unless they have a very clear educational purpose now not all schools are complying with the new guidelines but this one is angering many parents school councils daddy daughter dance because of gender policy saying it might make some people feel left out you know our dads and daughters feel left out really and as the father of a little girl there's just flat out ticks me off and it takes a lot of do that but seriously the madness has got to stop it separately s. and nine this is why i am convinced now more than ever that. i can only hope that some diligent fathers take it upon themselves to organize their own father daughter
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dance as a fundraiser perhaps this will show the leftist n.y.c. school system you don't need their anti family propaganda mindset local l.g.b. t. activists applauded the school's decision to do the dance father daughter dance is inherently leave people out not just because of transgender status just life in general these can be really uncomfortable and triggering events if you think about it there are many different policies that could actually be triggering for example the authors of the educational policy they listed gender based graduation gowns or clothes for graduation pictures now the dance will be taking place in march but it will be for quote kids and caregivers of all genders it won't have the catchy daddy daughter dance name but officials are hoping that it catches on hale bopp and artsy staten island. thanks for joining us here on r.t. international your program returns to the top of the.
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national governments in various locations still don't even understand what the currency is how mining works what bitcoin does and that confusion and that learning curve that they haven't bothered to climb leads to a lot of missed policy choices messed up policy choices and it's because of a massive confusion out there so little is known about bitcoin except the currencies at all levels of government most levels of the consumer world and even within the crypto community itself. despite its turbulent history. dominated international sport however it was more about the use of those champions from. right on the children nibble against it that.
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new birth new more milk there one from the window offered me just you're going to get your brother this guy who is from the order of europe of what irish was the first computers after your you were build the first soviet and then picked team with nine hundred fifty two minutes and did seeds of office concentration camp prisoners and from slime soldiers sort of still think maybe it isn't that good for me there is corruption because you need a much good leadership from government because you're more significant than one fall through shock or with or without the fallout of this with you if you think that we are going to go with. the nation still bush will push through personal burst with enthusiasm will hope will you do when you're at the national more than could be three years or where are the workers up we are in the world free of rising tide can we.
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greetings sal you take shit. from the balloons to the marching bands to the elaborate floats and maybe the occasional creepy clown or two who hear doesn't love a good parade. you know who else loves a good parade apparently the president of the united states one donald j. trump yes the washington post and others are now reporting that the brand name in chief has asked the pentagon's top brass for a big time military parade like like the kind the nation of france features every year on steel day according the post they have begun planning a grand a military parade later this year showcasing the might of america's armed forces this would mark a pretty significant change here of the motif here in washington d.c.
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which has not seen the likes of this since just after the first iraq war back in one thousand nine hundred ninety one when close to nine thousand soldiers on the weapons of war were celebrated for their victory in the gulf needless to say many congressional democrats and some critics were livid and crying dictator senator dick durbin the democrat my job minority whip out illinois told the media that trump's parade would be a fantastic waste of money to amuse the president and retired general paul eaton a senior advisor to both told the guardian quote unfortunately we do not have a commander in chief right now as much as we have a want to be banana republic strong man. but you don't want to talk watchers you know what i'm all for this parade the bigger the better i'm i'm talking full on huge massive parade nuclear missiles predator drones apache gunships and the entire lockheed martin dance team let's truly put on
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a display and let the american people see the massive ugly violent power that trillions upon trillions of their hard earned tax dollars have paid for and the thousands upon thousands of children and families living in places that we don't like to talk about at parties have had to live in fear of. ra ra sis boom bang star watching the hawks. it looks like. it would be. as it gets to the bottom. but it looks like you know that i got. this this is. one of them on the watch of the hearts of the tyrol the answer and joining me today
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to talk popcorn parades and bombs is conservative commentator steve malzberg steve always a pleasure thanks for having me great to be here so i got to ask where do you sit on the parade issue the dominated the talk waves you know will it end up being this kind of self aggrandizing display of military military fetishism or or you know the heartfelt unifying display of respect for curtain former u.s. military personnel were it where you said well i think it's it's a great thing i mean donald trump loves the military i don't think anybody can doubt that even the media which you know despises every time he opens his mouth can't question his love for the military and i think this is his way of honoring the military as the white house has said i mean he was at a steel day in france as you alluded to he saw the displays saw the fanfare the pageantry the honor and he you know was in fact weighted with it you want to bring that to our military here now. to what for those who want to read into this that
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he's this is a dictator wannabe baba blah it does it doesn't matter what they say because even today when they reached a budget deal in the senate both party leaders praised the military. because the budget will address the military needs and expenses and the budget both of them schumer and mcconnell heaped lavish praise on the military like it or not the military is loved and adored and respected by i don't know ninety five percent of this country and believe it i believe it's actually about seventy two percent. who have faith in that institution where all the other institutions like congress and even the presidency in the media are down around like ten but they are going to be great this is going to be clear that this is going to be great i mean you know that those who want to be negative about it will always be negative about it but i see nothing wrong with this let me ask you this you know based on our last kind of
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military parade which was you know all the way back first iraq war drums parade counting inflation and i think i saw numbers around you know early twenty million dollars or somewhere in that range twenty twenty four million and and that is the big criticism coming from congressional democrats is that you know it's wasting money but steve isn't that rather how we say rich given that most mainstream trump resisting democrats in congress routinely vote to pour money into the black hole of spending that is the pentagon i mean currently the u.s. military budget for twenty eighteen is eight hundred twenty four point six billion twenty million for a parade seems kind of like a drop in the bucket compared to what they constantly vote i mean if any be military program comes along it's like here throw money at it. well i disagree with your characterization of throwing money into a black hole i think it's whatever it takes to support our military and give us the
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defense that we need. i'm all for it and i think again most of the nations fall for it i find that it's rich to use your. term there because it's so much waste in social programs waste and fraud and abuse and they're crying over what is a drop in the bucket in terms of the overall us spending of this country a few million to honor our military i think they're being very selective in their outrage i would agree and i disagree i think the we could use some accounting at the pentagon a little bit better than we have a mean just kind of throwing money over there is you know you have to have proper accountability there and oh but you have. been more money on our military than what the next six seven eight countries combined i think that we could actually look and say you know maybe maybe it is lockheed martin and boeing and all the others kind of bilking the public trough and putting in the hey this hammer needs to cost eight million but you know this hammer needs the cost seven hundred dollars compared to the four ninety five that we pay for let me ask you this republican congressman
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justin amash tweeted i'm all for a parade approach to celebrate bringing our young men and women home from these unauthorized wars overseas steve i want to ask you are we not risking the honor and safety of our servicemen and women by continuing these seemingly endless wars that congress has not authorized or is using like you know that was a u.n. map from way back in the bush days shouldn't we do that proper procedure to to give the soldiers respect to say here these are the proud we're given your full authorization to go fight these wars or we're taking you home and getting out of harms way. well i think of us those who are there they would say that they're there are appropriate circumstances they belong there they believe in the mission and i think what donald trump has done to make our troops safer has taken the handcuffs off of our men and women in places like afghanistan and they can now defend themselves and not have to have rules of engagement that are worse and more restrictive that police officers have in this country in a war zone so i think down shop has got
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a long way and making our men and women safer i don't think any of the people who are there voluntarily view themselves as being an illegal war in an illicit war or that they shouldn't be lastly you know it seems to me that military parades especially in washington and the folks that usually put them on are less about honoring soldiers and veterans that might be what they kind of put up on the you know on the banner and more about kind of cleaning the conscience i believe of many of the washing of money in washington especially depends contractors think tanks and politicians who pound the drum a war all the time whether we need to pound it or not are these parades really all about the photo op rather than than the actual care especially when it comes to politicians and honoring our soldiers you know they get up there shake their hand but then forget about veterans for the rest of the year well like you said we haven't had one since one thousand nine hundred one so how this one will work out in its aftermath i don't know and plus is going to be
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a nightmare of logistics because even some of the tanks that we would roll off can't with a concrete streets can't maintain or survive the weight of the tanks so i don't know how to get to work that but look again we're going to bring up infrastructure actually like hey randi redo our infrastructure we can the right of the abrams down the street but i believe that donald trump. and the congress has got a long way veterans are going to have if they don't already have a choice of health care or not just have to go to v.a. hospitals so donald trump is. reaching out to veterans in many many ways and i don't think there's anything nefarious about this at all he wants to out of the military bring them the respect that he thinks they deserve and the pageantry because yes at heart he is a showman in addition to everything else and i don't think there's anything evil intended here whatsoever steve i think that we might disagree on a lot of things but the end of the day we will agree on taking care of the veterans who come home and you can do
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a lot better than just parades good good spending that thank you as always steve for coming on my pleasure. well hawk watchers according to the old saying only two things in our lives are certain and that would be death and taxes but after decades of deliberation we can probably i dare say tragically add another war chaos and bloodshed in the middle east yes despite many attempts of grand bargains and many more attempts of quick and easy regime change solutions that we've been sold it is safe to say that violent turmoil is tragically guaranteed by the region's inhabitants probably writing and certainly slightly below death in a few steps above well in force texaco the turmoil continues as donald trump's entry into the world stage in an increasingly confident israeli government seek to impose their terms and neighboring syria and lebanon along with the palestinians or as poised as ever to push back for some of the ground for some on the ground coverage we go to our t's on your power bill in tel aviv israel. israel's northern
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border with lebanon may not be the only front to experience a military escalation in the near future just down the coast from where i'm standing here in tel aviv the gaza strip is currently experiencing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in fact israeli army chief of staff got the eyes and caught warned this week that situation has the potential to boil over into all out war this is a view apparently shared by hamas leadership which recently determined that scenario has a ninety five percent chance of playing out. however hard line israeli defense minister either that or lieberman has said there is no humanitarian crisis in gaza suggesting he doesn't plan to address it at all i spoke with renowned israeli journalist and columnist at haaretz gideon levy about the prospects for war. there the history teaches us that israel is going to war every four or five six years
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this is a matter of food and is what always finds the excuses for another war and always cover set up with all kinds of existential threats and and. the fact that this war is inevitable and then when we analyze it we see another war of choice and another war of choice and they gained over stick politics was a main motivation to world war so this might repeat itself why. how does having donald trump in the white house impact the situation here. he really put an end to the masquerades he declared officially the united states is the support of the israeli occupation without any limits israel has the. confirmation to go crazy to go viral or to continue look you patient.


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