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threatening the court he was almost seeing he would dissolve the court if it root again in favor of russian athletes or have been claims from the head coach of russia's news team that the i.o.c. was pressuring kathe in this decision is that the case that the i.o.c. president thomas spock was certainly scathing about the decision when that came through it would have been viewed very much as a decision on the mind of the i.o.c. or thirty and also very much put a spoke in the wheel of water their investigation at the mining also the credibility of the mclaren report because of the decision it is a extremely disappointing and surprising for. the i.o.c. we would never have expected these these are the decision of the church and the need for reform. in no the interludes structural failure because that was probably sparks reporter the original cast rolling which effectively upheld the principle of innocent until
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proven guilty saying that there was insufficient evidence that those russian athletes had been doping this was the original cast in twenty eight cases the evidence collected was found to be insufficient to establish that's looking rule violation it was committed concerned it's been such an emotional rollercoaster of ours and for these athletes the real saw grafter months weeks years of preparation they had this glimmer of hope last week with the cast the solution that they could go to the games represent their flag their country their of them etc. although that's been overturned there are still legal routes appeals they could go down but of course the opening ceremony has now just finished the games are about to begin whatever legal options are available they simply won't have time now to budge them here's some reactions from those athletes many of whom were hoping to even make a debut at their first winter olympics i was hoping that cas would rule in our favor right now. i don't know what to do i'm disappointed but of course i won't
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give up on sport i've still got a lot ahead of me i will compete and win medals for my country. until the very end we were hoping that the decision would go in our favor now i feel sadness and sorrow but i will compete in every competition i can if i have enough strength and the opportunity to compete in the next olympics i will prepare for them. i have no words. i had no emotions left we had all our bags packed and were just waiting for it is the i think such situations make you stronger emotionally. hundreds of supporters of a far right party have clashed with police in the central italian city of match after just a week ago match around us of a racially motivated shooting which left six injured. was. the. the shooter was
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targeting african migrants police found a copy of hitler's mind in his apartment as well as a flag with the far right symbol the shooter said he acted after the death of an italian woman allegedly killed by a nigerian asylum seeker. the far right shooter is sparking massive debates about the growth of neo fascist forces in italy italian as well as foreign media of weighed in the shooter's lawyer told journalists that his client was greeted as a hero in prison. police say that racial and religious violence has soared in recent years these are the shocking numbers that we receive from italian police hate crimes of just ten fold in just the space of four years the issues raising concern at the very highest level with italy's justice minister revealing he was threatened when he visited the matter out a shooting victims in hospital. i received threats against me and my
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firm belief but i was too the first is to go away when the time comes to take action so i. can see claudia the maker member of the italian right legal nord party joins me live on the line very good easy cloudier now there's a video i understand circulating in the media that shows the match out a sheet or shaking hands with the leader of your party also in twenty seventeen the shooter is said to us that is a candidate for your party that was in a local election how do you feel about this seeming connection as your party trying to distance itself from the shooter at this point. of course our party is a party that doesn't like the violence so if this guy did what he did he became a creamy now so we. are very strict about that and. we pons pencil in the next election the people will use it to vote in this is the
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only way we act we are acting political party and we're part of the became a nation of party so our next election our leader mr salvini would present the self as a leg or without the word not because now he's presenting his serve as a kind of prime minister for all over italy every day he has at least four or five speeches in front of thousand and tell. and of people in the at the end of the speeches all the people want to take a picture we team itself with him shake hand we deem and those meetings are open to everyone not only to members of a small club so every citizen can come and speak we are in his speech shake and so this is happen that guy was not the cleanup before to make these
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criminal act after that there is a criminal but before it's not extreme so how can we do if someone. is mind something wrong is not our fault maybe he was shouting then and supporting mr so we in speeches has a thousand thousand thousand thousand thousand of people so he's not. i can say is not the program for us is a problem of what's happening in that situation is not very safe because a lot of. argument on the immigration issue you know a few days ago. immigrants from africa. in many pieces eighteen years younger and who does pieces you know
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beg. so you know when something like that happen maybe in some people that is not. very very well in his mind something can happen this is a secure through problem but can happen when people that is not really . safe in his mind see some shocking. shock in the. clergy around the veil though about what. years they were fold increase in hate crimes in just four years so any violent act carried out by an immigrant it seems like the response is is also considerable surely this is not good for the country as a whole how do you feel about what's been reported the rise of nationalism and fascism in italy. well we have
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a big problem because. our enemies so immense a political enemy like democratic party or the left a strong left. wing party they believe that everyone doesn't support them is a fascist or is a nationalist or is a populist so they use those terms to dinner g. to me to all the others. and we are working in the political or field and we believe that our idea could be one of the many ideas in politics and we are not. arguing the order. in a very bad way but they like to argue and call ours is like a fascist or some feel that this is not true we are just telling to the people
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that we need the law we need contrave account to be we cannot lose our identity because italy if this mood of immigration we arise and we continue we lose in a dainty in history of thousand thousand of years and we don't want to lose it but this is not that because we are a fascist or as is still suffering is just because we will like to keep in the better way i work on t.v. and you know as i told you our we pons so if we are to really actually want to move on we have time to an ally of your party the former soviet bell is going he's called migrants a time bomb that's fairly aggressive rhetoric it's only going to further divide people you said your weapon is your your pension should you be trying to bring people together is not a bad thing to hear from your allies it's
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a divisive talk. well we are running for an election we do it coalition coalition with the party of mr berlusconi in order to parties so this is a big correlation we are assured that we and of course we are different parties we can have a some. little difference on these issues but we will always will find we did in the past when we have been in the golan in very seriously we found always the right way to act together and when we have been in the government the last time in two thousand eighty two two thousand and eleven we practically stopped their arrival of illegal immigrants in two thousand and eleven we had only four thousand our arrival in one year in last year we had the more than one hundred forty thousand arrival over illegal immigrants in italy so you can see the difference and
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this is a bomb because at the most of those people are illegal they will never go to get the. paper refugee because just the five maximum ten percent of them is a real refugee claudio's all the others are going to have to interrupt you at that point allowed you to finish it the point you were making there were at the time they sadly cloudier many thanks glad to make you my guest member of the italian right league ignored party. it's a very short break but with more news in just a moment.
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the bond market will not crash and this time it will continue deals ago even lower the negative yield on various bonds or the increase from the multi trillion dollars what the negative yielding sovereign debt now to even more multi multi multi trillion dollars of negative yielding sovereign debt and we're going to go down the rabbit hole even further but it certainly smells like what the panic. in places like china and west. these various markets and what the oil prices climbing higher and all the things that are that we've got here fashion reversed. back a psychotherapist and gender specialist in the united kingdom is challenging university
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which is blocking research he wants to conduct into people he regret undergoing gender change james caspian claims that the move by paul university is an attack on free speech is pretty extremely stressful to find myself embroiled in these proceedings which i think should be of great concern to anyone who values free speech in knowledge i do believe that the research i proposed is important to the well being of the transgendered community it's a completely new topic and i'm sure that the plant of persons who passed whole transition and of course showed any type of regret have to resort to this more and more only one name that is to prevent mistake in. in following this person before such a trip. the research proposed by mr caspian was initially approved by academics back in two thousand and fifteen but then was later dropped in december of twenty sixteen high court judges in the university's favor ruled in the university's favor
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without waiting for an internal review of the study according to mr caspian the university dropped the research because it feared there would be a backlash on social media we've reached out to battle university for comment mr caspian's research proposal was not refused on the grounds of topic but on the methodological approach the investee was not convinced the approach would guarantee the anonymity of his participants and the confidentiality of data on the research i lost the first round of his legal battle leaving him to cover the university's court costs he set up a crowdfunding page to cover the expenses amount a fresh legal challenge against the university so far raised almost fourteen thousand pounds. yet some wider perspective on the story now i can speak to walk higher reversed his decision to become a woman appreciate you coming on what i'm sure you've got a fascinating perspective on on all of this. you refer to yourself as someone whose
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deed transitioned back to male we are you surprised that a university blocked research aimed at studying such such a concept you know i'm not surprised at all because if they start studying there's games wanted to do at the university where they would is there's a bad number of people who are already transitioning because they regret having changed their gender so i think they're fearful of the truth coming out this is their way of preventing research from being done what do you make of the explanation the university put forward they say they're concerned that it could provoke nasty comments online. well everybody's afraid of nasty comments aren't they but shouldn't we be really open to getting the truth and james is about to explore that and they really don't want the truth i think that's probably more the issue is that they're trying to prevent the truth from coming out and that's the
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backlash they're afraid of the l g b t which is so powerful it would probably overwhelm the university but james is on the right track even the surgeon who does the surgery who is on it also saying that he's saying a rise in people requesting he transmission surgery legal for the research he mentioned that says the reason that it was blocked was political universities rejected those claims what's your take i think it's political absolutely i think it's totally political and i think there's a tremendous amount of pressure as i said from the l g b t i found out in my many years of working with transgendered people that there is a groundswell of people be transitioning i'm working with them all the time now more and more letters from around the world from people who after five seven twelve maybe fifteen even twenty years they wanted to transition back calling the surgery
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and their gender change just pure folly and foolishness and totally unnecessary so they want to help the transition just as i've done speaking of your personal story you were born a male late to try changed and lives is as a woman as i understand the need to change back how difficult was it for you when you felt at that point you made a mistake or you wanted to change back and how happy do you feel about since having changed to both genders. well i feel quite good i've been back now to my birth gender for twenty five years i've been married for twenty years you know when i discovered that. this whole this whole transgender thing is built solely on feelings there's absolutely no objective proof that anyone is a transgender except by themself identifying as a transgender is no medical proof that anyone is a transgender and there's no proof that anyone benefits from the surgery over the
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long term you know some people like myself feel like we had a good time while it lasted but when the truth rears its ugly head in that you really can't change your gender biologically that you're living this whole thing is just total foolishness and you want your life back you want to live in reality. you know surgically made transgender life you d. transition back and you take on a life of reality and you're much happier having done that. vault for economy to come on and share your experiences was appreciate your time and your opinions i guess well kyra who transitioned himself back to miles thank you thank you my pleasure and as always appreciate you guys home for tuning in this evening the very latest news headlines and updates coming your way just over half an hour.
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eleven. dropping bombs brings peace talks the battles they believe the new socks for the tell you that will be gossiping by files of the most important news today. about how you are not cool enough to buy their products please. this. week along with our world lead. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies. even some company else where they can find private companies to take over their utilities anybody tell us. miss
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you guys you got. to go. this is. because. of what you. brought up the locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water. it's about the hurt and the redistribution of. words. the pentagon recently released its new nuclear posture review its critics are stunned not only the use of nuclear weapons is now more thinkable but it's also the threshold for their use is dr strangelove would be proud is the world facing another game arms race.
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welcome one old first time calling will show this week which i can you hear it for the announcement a video assistant referee you can hear a lot more about this ball at the world cup and we go behind the scenes of an evening with yours truly first though let's go to meit's in germany where i interviewed a man who could have played for the defending world champions germany but instead chose to play for nigeria i sat down with a very interesting man to talk about the super eagles hopes for the summer as well . nigeria's course one of the first two teams that will be russia at the world cup in
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the summer very very tough group as well argentina you know missy croatia and our favorites of course that we featured earlier on in the series we've come to china to f.s.b. mights defend i'm not a cheery and super eagles defender. let's go have a chat about outs. you were injured last well course so. disappointed were you to not make that squad and how excited are you if you stay free to go to russia for them to the biggest football tournament in the world i think when i got that injury in two thousand and fourteen and the first moment i didn't even realise that i'm going to miss the world cup because it was my first cap. but the coach back then was quite serious and he told me afterwards i think he even made a statement after they got an immunity by france and he missed me i think that was the moment i really realized what a big chance that would have been i saw him there with i saw the super eagles flying and they did quite well off and worse and worse i still don't realize that
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this is going to happen i think i start to realize. more and more but i think the first reaction when we had the final whistle when we qualified to work is that i broke down crying and froze and just to call it was not really the super and also because i wasn't relief i just realized ok. it's going to happen but still the feeling that that big excitement is not is still to come. when all of the teams came out so i'm sure you all and you know what subgroups got you why did you fail i joined the was a group later because i was actually out training at the time they made to drop some of my team mates and the physios they told me oh. you want to know you want to see him let you know. again i think it's everyone forgets it's it's a big challenge but also it's a big opportunity to nitty because i think again nobody will have us on the list
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and say i think going to be eliminated but i say most of all my complete team is with me on that point we're going to say we're going to make it through to the quarter finals to beat whoever whoever comes then if we beat them we will see but of course we want to leave the group saying that the biggest course so far. is an african country when enough or completely is going to win the world cup it's going to be nigeria huge amount of players huge amount of players that have always played in europe and been successful call me culture suppliers do you feel about team spirit now we speak strong enough to carry the expectation of the noise here in ny should always have a lot of noise here in liverpool fans that follow may not all seriously hold on their club teams when they support them and there are always fault of the on the national team as well i think it was one coach we had before the super easy always said we have one hundred seventy million coaches out exactly you know to come up today expectations i think we can make up all expectations but i think we can make
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them very proud and of course it would be a big sensation and i think if you ask any nigerian like serious. what will you do if if nigeria brings home the world cup they will see they would play something like i would have never expect that even though they tell us even on twitter everywhere they say yes bring home this world cup make us proud to get that trophy but if we if we would really minutes to get it then it would be beyond the expectation i think that would be what i want to be the world's biggest party probably one of celebration i've heard of and as a kid growing old with having two parents just didn't have really sure why. well i was just with all those once life analogy or somehow i want to lie of course sometimes you thought ok playing for germany certainly in the bad thing they want to walk up two thousand and fourteen but since i never gained the attention it was
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quite clear from the beginning and i always probably you feel the same because people dave you are different because you look different so you always feel more attracted by that foreign side so yes same with me and therefore it was always this very strong relation to to my manager and having to. have been told lots of things in the media don't go there and i was told the sun in ukraine i was told to sign the south africa and brazil before world cups don't go if you block don't go to the. area this rice is a lot of got to be honest alviso you know the russians have been very friendly to me does it concern you at all not one thought because. i think from pause the international language and of course we still see racism in football but if i would think about racism before i think about playing the game and enjoying the world cup then something will be wrong i guess from what you said enough to keep i'm sure he hasn't when he acts and always gets into that stage tonight with it being
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a global guy everybody playing in each of these late where it's going to happen soon and all the lights are i hope but i think the main problem is that if i see germany fights for an example they build a new structure and it starts with the youth african football as a as in total to see that there are a lot of problems besides football the focus is not just on building up the future and therefore becoming successful as a nation. but it's more like temporary things and you have maybe political issues inside of the inside of the boat or something like as a new president he is lucky that there isn't just someone with somebody who's telling the challenger him so. it's almost it's too many different problems that are not for the cost of being successful those structures that you need to build. in african football you have to upgrade the leak you have to have to build better
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conditions for training better facilities you have to come to mr tech on saturday is that something you'd like to be involved in because i know that people like calling are we going to go out on the sharks in nigeria one of the things we'd like to it's approach you like to form a legit use but go and look underneath as well is that something post career you speak very well very bright draw your priest. you would like to be involved in post football career to give something back to north korea nigerian football is definitely an effort but. i'm not too well connected right now because a lot of players in my two nigeria national team and they come from academies i mean they are ready but it is as i said they need to improve everything everything around it and also the education for football but definitely would be something that i'm interested in like to bring up this nation even more because as you said before you have we have an amazing football talent and god knows how many talents they are i can't even tell you because it's too many it's unbelievable i think i've
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seen around forty or fifty players since i have a joint the super eagles coming in and out most of them stay but you always have another one who's just there for a try or who gets a chance at the end of the day depends on the coach a little bit only a film and tell him to play that i can't even tell how many because as i said before i'm not too well connected in nigeria finally are you always so you know all the big m she writes and come play you know a big company clothing company puts a little black kid in ice which is. coolest little monkey in the jungle you felt compelled to tweet about it do you feel it's your responsibility in the public as i prefer. national football are two comments on social issues and if so i want i think because we have the we have the range to address to a lot of people and with this issue in particular i just know that it's not just one person who puts this online there's a couple of persons who look over it and i say it's either. some kind of
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ignorance maybe those people day they just didn't realize the fact how people would react on this but then on the same time i saw in two thousand and eighteen we see what's going on and in the usa but also all the all of the world places what we did was just insulted two or three days ago again and running sterling as well in manchester go i got arrested and sent to prison for racially abusing it's happening every day i think it's our responsibility i don't even blame anyone. or claim anyone that h. and m. is racist but this should not be happening because they also have a responsibility because they have a big range and you can see i think it was a big image of them is for them it's just that we need to keep remind people how like the african community or the black community feels as long as black people get
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compared with.


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