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root again in favor of russian athletes and they have been claims from the head coach of russia's news team that the i.o.c. was pressuring katherine this decision is that ok well did the i.o.c. president thomas spock was certainly scathing about the decision when that came through it would have been viewed very much as a decision on the mind of the i.o.c. or thirty and also very much put a spoke in the wheel of water their investigation at the mining also the credibility of the mclaren report houses a decision extremely disappointing. and surprising for. the the i.o.c. we would never have expected these these sort of decision of the need for reform. in no the interludes structural failure because a lot was probably sparks reporter the original cast ruling which effectively upheld the principle of innocent until proven guilty saying that there was
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insufficient evidence that those russian athletes had been doping this was the original cast in twenty cases the evidence collected was found to be insufficient to establish that an anti-doping rule violation was committed yet concerned it's been such an emotional roller coaster imagine for these athletes the real saw grafter months weeks years of preparation they had this glimmer of hope last week with the cast the big could go to the games represent their flag their country their of them etc. although that's been overturned there are still legal routes appeals that could go down but of course the opening ceremony has now just finished the games are about to begin whatever legal options are available they simply won't have time now to buy just the fear. france is unable to confirm whether the syrian government has used chemical weapons that's what the country's defense minister said in a recent interview when asked about a chlorine attack outside damascus. well they're designed.
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by. absolute the french defense minister saying that there is no reliable evidence to suggest that korean was used in that attack contradicting what we heard just a few days ago from the french foreign minister who had stated that for an attack it been carried out by the syrian government. will. result. will be a target the ministers are referring to allegedly took place on sunday and it's not the first time the syrian government has been accused of carrying out or in attacks in the areas in the country in january it was accused of doing so by a number of groups including the syrian observatory for human rights which some people have questioned the organization which is run by a businessman in the u.k. and also by the white helmet so voluntary group which some people have accused of
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aiding with the terror executions that have been carried out in syria by taking away the bodies at the end of the execution will the u.s. government has also spoken out about these alleged attacks in syria with the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson when he was in france last month same regardless of who carried out these attacks the blame was on russia whoever conducted the. russia ultimately burrs responsibility for the victims and. countless others targeted with chemical weapons since russia became involved in syria well the secretary of defense in the u.s. james mattis actually went even further than that suggesting that it's not just chlorine attacks but also that sarin has been used in another chemical agent in these attacks although he did also admit that there were in your dreams the. back
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under those claims now the un is of course investigating the allegations all these attacks in syria on some of the areas in the country but it remains to be seen whether the probes will ever be able to identify any concrete evidence as to whether those attacks indeed took place in who indeed was behind them and of course whether they will be able to agree and find a result ject if enough for everybody to agree on. we can bring in defense analyst ivan eland now good to have you on ivan the french defense minister saying there is no reliable evidence that chemical weapons and chemical weapons red line was crossed by damascus even though they used to say the opposite do you consider this to be a u.-turn well i think there are very hesitant to go across the red line going across the red line so i think in these cases
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evidence is very murky. you know. takes a long time to get the investigation. if you look at the same is coming from the u.s. they appear to be consistent in the hostile aggressive defense secretary mattis hinting the u.s. could strike syria if it's proved that the government used sarin gas. how much confidence do you think they have that they've actually got this right that they were chemical weapons used by syria. well you know it's always iffy i mean i guess they have some intelligence that says that but the problem is with these things is that one never knows for sure there are multiple lives on the battlefield and sometimes these things can get into the battlefield in strange ways so i guess they think they have intelligence but hesitant to say that it's going to cross the red line so who knows what the actual
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information is s'posed the point this brings up now if you've got the french saying they don't have proof no one pays to come up with concrete evidence then what are the goals in being so aggressive in the rhetoric is it political or something else well i think you know sometimes. people say there's no evidence of this or that when they don't want another military attacks or perhaps the french are reluctant to do another military attack but ministration always likes to. put on a tough facade so i think you'll probably stede them issue. tough statements they the one is we don't care who did this but the syrian government is responsible for it that's kind of a strange statement i think in terms of establishing facts and evidence russia's called for
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a new international probe they will next be sent to the sites of the said chemical incidents as i understand that hasn't happened until now why would western power is not well known well i suppose if they accused russia and syria something primarily syria i think of something that. you know. that didn't either didn't happen or somebody else did maybe their evidence is not great that's probably the reason they don't have anything to back it up for they they do have something to back it up they are hiding their sources and methods and teligent or something so i think. you know they evidence it probably is pretty thin maybe and they don't they don't want. any independent investigation on design features on the get this out defense honest ivan eland we are going to have very short break
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more news coming up in a moment. the bond market will not crash and this time it will continue to go even lower and negative yields on various bonds will increase from the multi trillion dollars what the negative yielding sovereign debt now the even more multi multi multi trillion dollars of negative yielding sovereign debt and we're going to go down the rabbit hole even further but it certainly smells like what the panic. in places like china
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and west off and all these various markets and what the oil price is climbing higher in gold looking better than we've got here. first. welcome back hundreds of supporters of a far right party have clashed with police in the essentially telling city of much around to just that we could go much around to support a racially motivated shooting which left six in. the one. shoot two was targeting african migrants police found a copy of hitler's mind companies apartment as well as
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a flag with the far right symbol shooter said he wanted to avenge the death of an italian woman allegedly killed by a nigerian asylum seeker. and the instant to feel concerned about the rise of neo fascist forces in italy national as well as foreign media of weighed in on the shooter's lawyer told journalists his client was greeted as a hero in prison police say that racial and religious violence has soared in recent years and these are the shocking numbers from the italian police force hate crimes have jumped ten fold in just four years the issues raising concern at the very highest levels with italy's justice minister revealing he was threatened when he visited the match or are to shooting victims in hospital even amir khan strong. i received threats against me and most firmly when i was at school the first is to run away when the time comes to take action so one looks. in while the videos appeared in the media showing the matcher are to shoot a shaking hands with the leader of the right wing legal nord moreover the shooter
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stood as a candidate for the party at local elections last year so we invited the league not council to discuss the issue. if this guy did what he did he became a creaminess so we. are very strict about it and our . we pons our pencil in the next election the people will use it to vote in this is the only way we act any violent act carried out by an immigrant it seems like the response is is also considerable surely this is not good for the country as a whole how do you feel about what's been reported the rise of nationalism and fascism in italy we are just telling you the people we need lo we need counter of account to be we cannot lose our identity because italy if
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this mood of immigration will rise and we will lose. a dainty ally of your party the former pm silvio berlusconi he's called migrants a time bomb now is fairly aggressive rhetoric is only going to further divide people you say your weapon is your your pension should be trying to bring people together we found always the right way to act together and when we have been in the government the last time in two thousand eighty two two thousand and eleven we practically stopped the arrival of illegal immigrants in two thousand and eleven we had only four thousand arrival in one year in last year we had the more than one hundred forty thousand arrival of illegal immigrants in italy so you can see the difference and this is a bomb because at the most of those people are illegal they will never go get the.
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paper refugee because just the five maximum ten percent of them is a real refugee. a woman in california who's been a prominent face of the anti harassment movement has found herself at the center of a sexual misconduct storm she's been accused by at least two men of inappropriate behavior with more he's not he's directly. democratic assemblywoman christina garcia has a reputation as a fierce advocate for women and has gained national recognition for condemning sexual misconduct all oh wait. a few we should not be on your show today but their voices like the powers that be can protect their time magazine's silence breakers issue centering on speaking out against harassment even featured garcia's face in the artwork and inclusion that garcia was humbled by posting on twitter that she was proud of the work being done and the issues clearly
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personal in october garcia revealed to the new york times that she has also been sexually assaulted by men in her workplace multiple people have grabbed my bottom grabbed my breasts we're talking about c.d.'s. earlier this week garcia even helped pass a bill granting whistleblower protections to legislative stuff who are victims of sexual misconduct announcing after the bill's approval that you were not standing alone and yet news has now broken up two men accusing garcia of sexual harassment one of the alleged victims is a former legislative staffer highly ironic considering the bill she helped pass is meant to protect legislative staff probes already been launched into the incident alleged to have happened back in two thousand and fifteen after an assembly softball game daniel farrow claims that while she was intoxicated garcia rubbed his back and squeezed his buttocks before attempting to do more than reportedly quickly extracted himself from the situation and it looks like this may even be a pattern for garcia as a second accuser story is eerily similar an unnamed lobbyist alleges that a drunk accosted him last may making graphic sexual proposals while trying to grab
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his crotch she was whispering roo close and i could smell the booze and see she was pretty. she looked at me for a second then sit acidic. he says he adamantly rejected the offer at this point garcia's camp has only responded to the first accusation the details of these kinds have never. been brought to my attention and till today i can also say i have zero recollection of engaging in appropriate behavior and such behavior is inconsistent with my values but if we've learned anything from the me too movement it's that accusations carry more weight than denials and once one person comes forward the floodgates tend to open. it with all t. more news coming your way in just over half an.
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hour i. cannot. know. how to handle it right now. the pentagon recently released its new nuclear posture review its critics are stunned not only the use of nuclear weapons is now more thinkable but it's also the threshold for their use has been lowered dr strangelove would be proud is the world facing another gain juris arms race. for. some my money and entertainment have become blood in our culture and we have children grow up playing playing war games on the computer this war has somehow been
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a mistake cited as entertainment to russia there's nothing funny about it is so serious russia will be the last to give up nuclear weapons because russia regards nuclear weapons as the bow. against inflation a waltz by superior competition of. footage like this has become well known around the world. the second world war was a human tragedy that left millions dead or injured. but who ever wonders how life may have continued for the victims. victor took out and volunteered for the front and was captured by the nazis he survived seventeen concentration camps and could barely move when he was eventually freed. but victor's story didn't end there. he
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went on to take home four gold and two silver medals for gymnastics from the one nine hundred fifty two when big games. the first soviet olympic team was made up of siege victims concentration camp prisoners and soldiers. through sport and they prove that the human spirit can achieve greatness even in times of the complete failure of humanity. this is the story of the soviet union's first and then picked . after the creation of the u.s.s.r. in one nine hundred twenty two the country was politically socially and culturally isolated. it wasn't invited to take part in international events. the country lacked the resources to compete and needed to be completely rebuilt. gulp it was. yes q. in one nine hundred twenty the state
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decreed physical education to be an essential element in building a strong and healthy socialist society and it. can. add yack yack yack. of daily exercise became mandatory and the state invested heavily in free recreational facilities all over the country. but a big. feature is in at. least what's the media messed up three of. that's right. despite its emphasis on developing athletic skills for decades a continuing ideological confrontation kept the u.s.s.r. from participating in the olympics. the one nine hundred fifty two health thinking games would be its first. one of those first soviet champions is gallina zebra. and then with its. but i was really cold this christmas throws
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a burner which come in the you know our sources here we have almost from the visit to sid does the water will fall on money but it will go as well for a bit of north so the hope of pity but rather scaling in with the regular not for the fair always around of course the starving if took me another what the uppity we call szilvia stove our bed that's about dumbo i'd never have to get there but courtship there with the body either what i said your shirt or a cold beer on your chin with a menu that said that that your pilot should vote for because then yesterday or the goodman year or. so i thought what i showed money me a little bit. galena zeman a is the us is a champion and is a minor of the eight hundred seventy two day siege of leningrad.
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police shell now poised to work not only when you will issue deal macomo ship of food will. you should you need a new pupil well shoes new but otherwise. what can you afford to put up with the if you used a membership but only i knew the going of. g. will the. spa bashir what do you mean by rushing down what is a quandary built those moderate at me as you put it they are schildt wizard which burton is measured with that you did in your or did it ashes your passion will passion will. come in the summer a stylish ocean to show that was she able that you could issue norman no mere serum or to rule of with him which could. cause ocean with a glow and it was for the special deal you did you call of was the u.s.s.r.
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second champion and another siege of leningrad survival. up above show the what it does is also the s. w. were acquitted of the will of where you knew. fitted to a knowing get away yeah fresh lapa him do zhenya i'm not sure why not going to nibble at this idiot. doctor promised i might write a very. big mistake or slogging to find some finance laws to demean and finance. i'll.
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read the silliest. one of those. responses that ended with the river. no no starting the motion of the goat has got is going to have to be discussed. there was sort of no call got of the thought that biafra that i'm going to should hit me yet we're not going to be called thumbkin already when. a stripper either but only did years and years ago if you got a scam or you. block. up a show the front. side of your mobile phone that it. was the song to see and never which inane. now they've. always really always got yours got all girly yeah them with something to do with that what you're a thug. much i'm willing even. if you have disclosures
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right here i'm sure there will. be but the one the government isn't the goal and it's just follow your narrative bomb me while i'm wishful might use your whisk i think. that's very issue is what they mean other well just spoke of me up unusual. but that. the author of what i wish was just the me it was after your you wore the instead of training her twelve year old you reconnected watering down for the city's emergency fund. this is bumbling at the leaking is that you feast off he would be liberating them beach. with. buckets for them to sell the huge of those new blue. was the lowest you could ask in the store you without even your
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most embarrassing to do some things what you cousin is to do with you as well as for your own your own so. that because i just couldn't get through. it little if it came from. the public on shoeless popular. session equality michel through. reform where he was identical i need no one gram both in your will for us there's a good mood in the study i'm. sure you will never. with the question that. whoever are shooting new sure there is again on the rooftop a show some what they will never just as human you will know that movie someone we should. talk of nationally mish mushroom example early
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we british chocolate. smart or the. if you believe that. one and you can. learn a. new one because you measured. them especially in the north should you but you might be a. block out neighbor york. if your ski school. class can live and yet not the most that we should it is valid for the us with expanded sort of brother thought a little bit of will. but that state. if there were thousands to get into
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the c.i. widdle nels of washington was at the new thing you get are still stuck with the not just the third component but at the top so they apply those. statutes that we have put in the clip but it is a leap imo for it is really about some cruise ship gunners cut its credit card at the mama similar to how. they operate the shelves you could talk at the mofo. well duck under your question or you if you're just messed it doesn't crash or keep it the list no way mom what's busty i did not to mention you did on your losses. despite mass hunger ten year old girl you know helped her mother work as a cleaner. i love the work i'm usually done lotion but last night the lotion commission doesn't know. what i can use you but our son is going she's got
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one right now did you open. your records and i. suddenly knew so the battleship. knew that by the will that go i'm you know sparkling you can stretch the way out even here is that a border of us news you know of course that's a big you're going you could sure show the. look which should come. up. on the we're back to show him with this new putting your money got. him out of it seems to be good or shouldn't you let them. know what you're going to meetings with going to the youth we didn't need for us we need to think more him for new. orleans i guess that if you fall in your life as a young nobody in black with a gun to be
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a personality on the front. i'm not having a dog the truth because of that but also my own them. it's the she shot. me i'm. a motion you're below but you mean. not pretty soon you look. up to start from does human. and thus the really become so like. the new put out skin like. a mortar and yeah below my knee. you want sustenance and jane your son. who might even use no bone. in
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your body yell as. most of. all of you me. it's all to see we have a great team but we need to strengthen before the freefall world cold and you're back to been a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in last what we want and i'm hoping to bring some of that winning spirit to the r.c.c. . recently i've had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best fall since my last will.


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