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will come under some notice that well sure she and yours although there were several that you could issue norma to numb your serum or to with gibberish for your cause oh sure the gloaming it was for. you to carlos with us as a second champion and another siege of leningrad survivor. top of the show to go at it as the thirty s. w. the record as it. were you knew. fitted the way knowing your way yeah fresh lapa decision and i chose my now so they're going to nibble at this idiot. that's a promise i might not write even in the high seas if you buy cheap big mid august la going to find some finance laws in demeaning like
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a finance of yes. i'll tell you what somebody are being bought. out you. are at the end it now or should we start a dialogue with the police. one of the. responses that ended with either of us. know the most or the motion of the go it has cut is cut or you have to be discussed . there was sort of no kong out of the for the player that i'm going to should need yet we're not going to be called thumbkin already when standing. for face to parole about on did years and years ago if you glottis come over here in grad block and suffer show my front. you are both sort of the it's. plus you have never which means
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now they've. always really always got your skin color yeah them with somebody else with back with you not. much i'm willing even. if you have disclosure so he. buys a new one the government isn't the goal just follow your narrative bomb me while i'm wish so much if you wish got you is for the rest there she is what they if you feel me other well just spoke of me up unusual. but that will reduce your ego that they want what i wish them because after your you wore the instead of training her twelve year old you reconnected watering down the city's emergency fund. it is bullying to get up early teens that you feast off he would be liberating them beat
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. with good if you. sell the. those new blue your good was always the crust in the store you with oh dear minions embarrassedly do some things what you cousin is that with you as well as for your own your own so. because i just said you. must be a record of. it little if it goes wrong. with the public interest popular. session equality michel through god there were no ideas or from where it was identical i need no. gun both in your will for us there is a good mood in this that you. you're sure you will never with the question to. vote out. for shooting
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a new show on the terrace again on the rooftop or show some what they will never just because you know you will note that most of the small way you should. talk of a nationally mish mushroom example early we british chocolate is not a good model other. than. what are new to do with. noon you can learn a. new one cause you motion. them especially in the north should you but you might be in. not only. black out neighbor york. if your ski school. in the class can live and yet
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not the most i associated this well of otherwise with the standard sort of brother thought a little bit of will. but that stage if he needed that the c.i. widdle yells of question what is the new thing you get to lukla thing. much at the start of all up at the top so they apply those but it's. such a stepping up it the cliff nobody's leap i'm a fool but it's really about i should goddess god is good is good at the mama. good day a pretty good result look what you could talk at the mofo. well duck under your question or you if you're just messed it doesn't crash or keep it the list no way mom what's nasty i did not to mention you did on the losses. despite mass hunger ten year old
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girl you know helped her mother work as a cleaner. i love the work i'm usually done lotion but last night so the lotion condition i don't know. what i can use you but our son is going she got one and i now did you open. your records and i am suddenly. so the battleship. new that by that will that go i'm just for quitting because the rational way out even here is that a border of us. of course. a break you're going you couldn't sure show the. look which should come. up. in the we're back to jury and witness you're not putting your money got. him out of it said mr goodere shouldn't you let them.
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know what you're going to meetings with going to the youth we did need for us we need to think more of him for you. you know we i guess that if you fall below your first as young a million back with a gun to be a possibility on the front. i'm not having the truth pick up there but also my own them. yes the shout thirty. a motion. so add up pretty soon. up will start from my does human. and us to come so like. the new put out skin like. a margarine yeah i love any money. you want to subsidize and your son.
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might even use navaho mother. in you buy yellow as the momma. most of. all of you need. a plate for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside i see. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super manager killian erroneous and spending to the twenty million one player. so it's an experience like nothing else
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not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy my great so one more chance for x. . and thinks it's going to take. join me every first day on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics sports business and show business i'll see you then. all across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to meet the people themselves with simple song alone even some company elsewhere so they can find private companies to take over the utilities anybody tell us the. guys who got. this is us to quote them out. for you to lift bill brought up locals are ready to stand up
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for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more than water it's about the hurt and the redistribution of. birds. downwards do you want or what. you're doing you don't. seem to be. dead equipped to do. what they need not through only ten spaces you. may be. left alone kelly said. claiming to know. that the. few speak french. musette you. send them all to new. busy cut down towards.
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the war hawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings planes to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle of. the new socks for the tell you that will be gossip and probably myself most important. off the bad guys and tell me you are not cool enough to buy. the hawks that we along with all the walking. you know it. really. was even a started training in joplin and shot put as soon as to see just what the broken in
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one nine hundred forty four. which the person they're going to put our position in but obviously most. were there which grew up surely got. a much good mood on the show sybil wrote back without question a match children of a few. is chalk show of shit match the other match. simple muddiest match. of with ground that. looks because immersed was identical must go. through chicago with a good. deal of shifted area but there was kind of like we knew nationally on the get go that saddam was a still one thousand followers. but he just didn't get off the yearly. yet shift around this guy that he spit on the us military.
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style record national political. the feeling was not still yet. you didn't. want him to do community because you knew point you didn't move no he just didn't go in or just let not a solution a good or sure issue sherman you know believe none luzhniki to do it in the remove just your web the. coast it's going use minutes it moves in the. name yes the water or shim national thing goes now what worries me are what's up with people away is through associates used to do their use they gave good bush. you took all of started his training immediately after world war two ended in nineteen forty five. it was identical sure where most what does goma
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come when you most usually show mochrie investment when you're all in the euro if you fall short of purplish up to let me out of enthusiasm will call her till the end is no wishing for knowing you don't well out on still more than a puny thing or words. you are very much now as you were. after world war two the u.s.s.r. was recognised as a major player on the world stage. for the first time it was invited to take part in an international event. that invitation was to the nine hundred fifty two wimpy games to be held in helsinki. it. is. a city it's could come. and indeed the spectators had no idea about the soviet team or what they had lived through. the first soviet and the big medal was won by nina openly over she was born and raised in
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a girl like me and used to to deal to parents who had met in exile. sort of laughing at the bill nash. somewhere appeared to really be a spiritual guru and you know when the mitral. forward the other world steered you where you were going as you've been the. guy who was in your way just will be are you sure go ahead if you have what the how likely rightly you have a business guy when he speaks you know what he is if the united states if i got the serious fusebox going to live in a couple of audits of his miss you when you buy this other somewhere. because it's there when it is not. possible that they will there's a governor we spoke you. know we can that's. a good scheme that's really rich by me because i wasn't supposed to offer them is not next
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to each week but you couldn't because your life is actually we're loopers in your use of himself just to shit in peacekeeper gretly not ready for. one proposal but when there's a sort of courts. you know who she. it said that when he returned home from war not even victor chicken out in zone mother could recognize him and fast eat at you if one flew up but you're. absolutely right you wanna scream like every age just twenty victor volunteered for the army was taken captive and went through seventeen death camps when he was liberated victor weighed just forty kilos and could barely do a single push up on a new concordance large area. but ours. you don't know what a boy who was overworked. because there was so many prisoners the nazis had to use
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for bunches they had already blown up three when a british navy ship intervened victor had been on the fourth. among the u.s.s. asa other first and then pick champions were. and it's only about done off who grew up in an orphanage in besieged leningrad no one knew his parents' last name so his carers gave him the name but done off meaning god given during the war he served as a desk by with the navy in his thing he took gold for free rifle in three positions . a tank crew and survived full an arsenal broke and mag concentration camps he hid his jewish identity by posing as a muslim from a setia when liberated he weighed just thirty six kilos in one thousand nine hundred two he won gold for greco-roman wrestling during the medal ceremony the judge raised dum and noticing his tattooed number hugged him revealing a similar tattoo the olympic judge in the uk of had been prisoners at the same concentration camp they were in which he was
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a. geisha because served as a saboteur he was decorated for destroying communication networks behind enemy lines blowing up a train and carrying a wounded comrade back over the front line he was wounded twice and in one nine hundred forty two his leg was so badly damaged the at the top doctors out of amputating after that he lost all flexibility in his fight. despite a nonfunctioning limb one silva welterweight boxing at the age of thirty four i was . brought up. was captured by the nazis in one nine hundred forty one and sent to the infamous book and world concentration camp when liberated he weighed just thirty kilos and had to be carried out by soldiers. doctors recommended that he took up a spot to improve his health and l. cing he won gold for weightlifting.
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that's just. your highness carcass left his father in the first world war and served with the estonian infantry corps in the second. during the nineteenth. fifty two and then takes he took gold in greco-roman wrestling despite a broken rib. shaking one could only walk with a stick because of his war which meant that for some time he couldn't bend his leg but that didn't stop him winning two gold medals in rings and team gymnastics to silva pummel holes in all round individual men's competition here tonight don't spoil. yourself. oh yes. yes yes yes it. was the navy did not get anything or the collectible will all wash the cars that you know my shell is. full of shirtless well
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a marsh block mosher women you know when you. start your new computer is huge yeah i didn't know. what to show you because they didn't a guy will. go by a euphemism well you should too should sure stolen my also show the mouse but i only got a meter i don't we. were punched in you had the lip by elvish the most. well he both could then he would want chairman bill but i didn't go to the boy dealership as a hogan sheesh the ocean is obvious it produced a miracle. when you blow no but i hear you can move not below what i could just. a million americans to get was just are going to risk your lives but it doesn't give. those
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a millstone of will or growth or is not showing me to conserve we the notion that it was just you know your way but are your cabala yeah when your we girls but over here what the one cause of strong reasons for the safety of new show me i will yes she shall be with you are going to block a new sheriff down the new throw a police chase the meow was creation that we should not go about when you are sure . that when you are delusional or you just be sad and it cost me a deeper on the old me now come here and rule should be of the good as you can be put it going to the pretty be illegal what with you we get on newsnight. it will eventually get cheap you want to do shit you get us to eat meat in what you can a sweet little to quit that stuff which you would usually just lets out he said it to keep its given potential. but you will think i eat economy.
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getting sowing on the day not submit stash. if copied what you brought need me i don't but if i knew painting alley there a copy of delivered nobody maybe i didn't think it got so much to be at the computer had no. idea why i should get out and they did only there was. well thank god you brought out about those can now chill but now more the third day after the show came the back of the duck at. the part i don't know a trick not not but that was in that i would have caught. up with. you not even to begin to be clobbered you might eat all of us what because the javelin competition was delayed by more than an hour even a burned out and only managed fourth place but in shot put she won gold and set
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a new world record. illegally in the room here in the she said they would kill a chef i knew he said i found out that i actually said. that in. fact yes and you said you said oh what shall i must get with. you that. was not your story and pollution of. your we're dreaming up or material in the pilot or the operative then you do well no question. but the worst area. near spoke earlier. performances from the ocean. many years ago of my. gun is all through the shield. of the prisoners. that.
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was normally called the mutiny through thought and. knew the solution to rule of the was evidence and they could tell the dance go ahead got it because what they wished of would develop because of the able in and out but it that she did that on monday he could show it but how much are younger know it. not just a good. flogging machine. not good. because you're part of the get up there maurice because i teach both a tech way either or you're going cargo you know the subway in europe i where could be sure theist knew him but in new york he has mentioned duck floor for justin for session the author got out of malice towards a pretty empty gesture the artist ignored your because it was out that i wish a cat into the ocean and you should emerge over the you. hear that that's
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a just me asteras chair sue you. when you are sat by the tail it's a good speech on somewhat of. a venue there or at the new sport at the by the up but that could the ocean operated a little to the scratch heaver and that technique another of what i thought usual i haven't you had yet on this can be a chess gear can you cesky have another with your brother that you can hear in a drought on top of the go rates of coke or the hope on the opera asked for can have knowledge of that and of a great not at all any of when changeable a chair or what i think the word the one that's there when you committing up with that are now a number are. there with cressy were the liquid brings
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to five years of. run low to the best out of the jaws of. death to concerts i was preparing to perform i had actually prepared myself to die i. don't know said he'd what to say trust me. as most of. you. in home will start turning to her.
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this country was. she had the goods sewed on. so we'll see if you think. what trying to show you was that he could with us the. yes get more deep mission. education thing. b.s. get. some my money and entertainment have become good in our culture and we have children grow up playing playing on the computer this boy has somehow been to mystic cited as entertainment to russia there's nothing funny about it is so serious russia will be the last to give up nuclear weapons because russia regards
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nuclear weapons as the bow. against inflation no walks by superior competition the fourth. in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying decades. debt. studying so hard it requires drugs just. going through humiliation to enter an elite society. and parching to death sometimes quite literally. wants other true colors of universities in the us. everybody i'm stephen bob taft hollywood guy you know suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v.
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to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru well he's a little bit different i'm not a. good hard liner we know that up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have some fun meet everyday americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people which.
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israel strikes at twelve targets in southern syria after damascus downs an israeli fighter jet for the first time in thirty six years. meanwhile turkey's president says one of his country's military helicopters has been downed near the syrian border is carrying out an offensive against kurdish militias. a far right surge is causing concern in italy ahead of a general election anti-fascist activists rallied in several cities after six african migrants were injured in a shooting. and kim jong un's sister invites the south korean president to visit north korea in the latest sign of improving relations between the two countries.


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