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tv   The Great American Pilgrimage  RT  February 11, 2018 9:30am-10:01am EST

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the moment still to be confirmed of course but it looks like the crew and the passengers on that doomed flight all perished earlier on again this is the picture was telling it. just now that has been circulating for the last hour or so bit of wreckage can't tell if but if you use a larger bit of the engine. lot of speculation there's a little speculation earlier on that from an initial eyewitnesses this saying what they saw a lot of post mail scattered around and they also say they saw some helicopter parts maybe initially that led to some speculation that well heck was this some sort of mid-air collision seems russia post of immediately got back on on line and they've said no nothing to do with us we don't run helicopters and of course this being an internal regional fly internal to russia no doubt this is just post that was being carried on the plane at the time as it gets around this massive country just simply very difficult to to deliver all the post is that's why planes are so important another theory may be that the weather was the problem you can see the
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snow it is moscow's had record snowfall over the last week or so and normally doesn't bother the russians get on with it but this is been incredibly heavy snow for. states hampering right now people getting to the site. conditions difficult but it shouldn't of course according to plane experts be a problem for planes as long as the d.i.'s to properly and that's something that of course the the investigation team is going to be looking at very closely what happened to the what's the flight dispatcher first of all i'd say about that rather the airlines flight that took off earlier on was it properly well there could be many people that can answer that question don whatever airport tonight of course that's also the scene all this aside tragically our thoughts are with all those people who have perished. their family and friends moreover who are going to have to pick up the pieces and deal with this tonight. so many lives shattered tonight
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so many families torn apart tonight some of those people a bit arriving at domodedovo airport to try to get some news taking it in we saw a picture of a man literally in pieces earlier on howling and also of course going to or scare port as well trying get a handle on what's happening crucially could there be any survivors here well the coming minutes maybe the coming hours will let us know that answer i suppose as the recovery operation continues we spoke to aviation expert julian bray a bit earlier on he explained the plane's technical capabilities and possible reasons for the crash. it's all pure speculation at the moment so i understand there is some video footage of these parts so it could be unrelated or course it could actually be carrying crated helicopter parts inside the aircraft the antonov is a good old work called the ensign all day and one for eight and so it's as you say it's use of my own it's also used for cargo and it's widely used inside russia by
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all the by their regional airlines the point is this is a daily new aircraft and the maintenance on it will be fairly straight forward where it's flying they could possibly thing the thing they call wind shear where the wind just suddenly goes straight up and alters the characteristics of the plane also we have to consider where those icing whether they properly d.i.'s the plane before it left moscow it could be that ice built out very quickly on the wings and that might affect the flying ability of the plane it could well be the wind shear or it could well be that they did actually have a problem with the engines themselves it could well be that the fuels i start the fuel lines of lot there's a any number of things that will have to be investigated it is a very difficult area i'm to stand so somehow they've got to get the assets into the area so they can actually properly a map how to find out exactly what's happening. so you have the snow there i've
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seen some footage shot by local and already the show completely covered by snow. but it's about five story in more detail of course throughout the evening meantime let's check out some of the other big stories that happened in the last seven days in our weekly and around seven hundred fifty thousand children struggling to get basic medical services in the war torn iraqi city of mosul that's according to the un's children's rights body unicef an estimated seventy four million dollars in needed to rebuild health facilities for children there seven months after the euphoria that greeted the liberation of most of muslim mixtape the iraqi cities struggling still to get back on its feet. i. tell you another shuttle
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fleet. the number of. health care centers or hospitals is very limited the extent of the damage has affected it was there in one of the health centers the other day the one family came in with their baby is a two month old baby they wanted a vaccinated there was vaccine there was everything there and stars who were seeing over one hundred children a day were able to vaccinate this child but those families have to walk far i also saw or the baby unit there were nine incubate has six of which which were filled with premature babies who would not have survived unless those incubate as with their it's a wide area wide level of the. levels of devastation families have to walk in
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normal stances to be able to get the health care what we're saying is that the cumulative health care that is required of any child anywhere else in the world is not available yet in mosul. more than half a year this is liberation the city remains strewn with corpses a horrifying scene warning you may find some of the pictures coming appear distressing the condition of many of the bodies is as to be expected making it difficult to confirm their identities most of the victims appear to be civilians women children elderly people residents are calling on the government to do something about the situation given the risks now the health of the people living there still amongst all this unisys representative in iraq peter hawkins describes the situation in mosul is extremely worrying i think what we need to understand is the extent of the problem this is a massive city mosul city probably faced one of the biggest urban warfare since world war two and. two point two million to two point four million people affected
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it's a been an enormous challenge for everybody to try and clear everything up and get the people working again watching out international monitors kevin i would live here in moscow today if a couple of hours yet and i hope you can stay with me because we got more awful news of that plane crash that happened just outside moscow in the last few hours it's all coming up. tens of billions hundreds of billions probably a trillion dollars of u.s. government subsidies a shot on the energy industry yes government can subsidize mining of big brother crypto currencies and put those into a wall it's called american citizens give each have an automatic wallet tied to this also security account and they can get a daily weekly or monthly air drop of crypto coins that they can then years to boost economy with the government can easily do that.
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with gold made goods manufactured and sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling close is protect them so. when the financial merry go round lifts and we the one percent of. the time we can all middle of the room sick moves. to leave the room to be relieved to rule the world. what politicians do. we put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. more so more want to be rushed. into going to be pros this is what before three in the morning can't be good for i'm interested
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always in the waters of my. question. it's. true the world's biggest social media firms were tackled on thursday by british lawmakers who took the unusual step of conducting a parliamentary hearing outside britain as they try to game to pin down the companies over alleged russian interference during that vote at that scene again
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there was little if anything to back up those accusations. we looked at all advertisements with any connection to russia and we found no evidence of our services being used to interfere in the referendum a very small number of suspects it's not research agency linked accounts forty nine such accounts were active during the campaign which represents less than point normal for some of the total number of accounts these are very low level things judgment until we complete this investigation we won't know but what we haven't had is. information that's enabled us to target on a particular page or a particular phenomenon despite all their commitment enthusiasm and hard work spanning over a period of really several months when this inquiry kick started it seems like the u.k. parliamentary committee that's trying to find out the truth about a russian any breck that meddling they seem to be really hitting a brick wall this week they travelled all the way to washington thousand thousands
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of miles presumably having spent thousands of pounds to get there and what they ended up with while questioning the executives of twitter you tube and facebook was just a frustration it seems and that was thick in the atmosphere investigative journalism for instance it is led to suggestion that there are lots of campaigns going to have it looks like you haven't looked have you that's the thing you haven't looked this economy. going on in the horror well it seems who did look with twitter and what they said they found was that they were only fourteen nine accounts connected to russia during the time of the bracks it referendum again i'm no mathematician so correct me if i'm wrong perhaps but it seems that there is and this is really nothing to write home about given that twitter has hundreds of millions of accounts and despite the chair of this committee damian collins saying that his quote instinct tells him that the numbers should be higher that did not turn out to be
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the case so despite this ghost. i think continuing in the committee keeping asking the executives to look harder it seems now if not for results so far but of course it's a headline grabbing thing the seemingly huge appetite for this in the media but little for them to work with to put some meat on the bones of it let's look at some of the headlines this one reads for instance twitter's finally conceded that russian accounts tried to influence breck's it but if you read on there's only a passing mention to explain the story in just a few dozen accounts then the same for the times headline check this one out which admits the existence of so-called russia trolls big headline the first paragraph then reveals there are only forty nine suspicious accounts another good example you've got to dig even deeper to find the actual numbers in this lengthy article radio talk show host john galt spoke to us but it all he told us the russian investigation could well be a wild goose chase after all this is a fast these employees went all the way to washington to question to they don't
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understand how the internet works they could've got them on a skype call and question it's far soko an issue a waste of my taxpayers' money and it served very very annoying it's a joke they act in an almost kangaroo court fashion firing questions at you and hardly waiting to listen to the answers you know or i don't think the british public care they know why people voted for it let's just get over it and accept democracy a new political party is set to launch in the u.k. says it will reverse britain's exit from the european union and it's getting popularity in france president when you're micron's parties even offering a provider. he has more. this is really a brand new political party that's about to launch in the k. its goals are quite ambitious pledging to transform british politics and reverse brigs it it wants
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a second referendum on it i think there's no chance of bragg's it being reversed the british people have spoken and that's an end of the matter they can bash their head against a brick wall although get is a sore head while the party is launching into the fray it's getting advice but of course they can all hear it from the helping hand coming from a manual much calls party the public on the march with advisers said to be at a recent meeting consulting about tactics and it's normally one euro girl friends was glad you came here like us and like many other countries looking for who because it was feeling despair i think the danger increasing you can look at the future musical and i think the movement of christian authors i mean with when you use the future you can embrace. burring the ideas of mcewan's which
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invited in every day people regardless of their experience in politics were new also calls on everyone to join and those behind it hope it'll work for them to. we don't have much time the only way of winning is by the same miracle as michael the u.k. electoral commission says there is no issue with the british party receiving advice from a foreign political party providing it receives funding from it so it's fair enough but what the reaction be if the advice was coming from a russian party will there be a great outcry as there would be if politicians from any political or from any other country were trying to advise politicians or tell them what to do but i mean what we should all be doing of course is talking to politicians from other countries not to get advice from them not to be told what to do but simply to find out what's going on in those countries we are straining for an interview to discuss
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the party but they said they were too busy however they made their feelings about our year saying that r.t. would look to undermine it also accused the channel of being up propaganda and suggested that russia had interfered in the brig's boat dividing the u.k. europe this void a lack of concrete evidence. clearly doesn't have a problem when it comes to seeking the advice of a foreign power such as france when it comes to reversing brigs it a referendum in which the majority of voters oh please to leave you so it seems that for me you meddling is ok it just depends on the country involved jollity even ski r.t. paris. if you joining us this is our international coven though we do this sunday afternoon as one story is dominating our coverage coming from russia today tragedy
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a plane with sixty five passengers and six crew on board crashed in the last few hours literally just outside moscow just minutes after it took off from domodedovo airport we can get the details more correspond more goes to if you watched. but twenty mistakes in tracking along the road to try to get to the site of this place southeast mosco county basically southeast the city of mosco either more of a can see it. again we know some of you it's because you're in the middle of nowhere basically the signal could disappear but last time we saw you were tracking three kilometers from the along the road because it's not possible because of the snow to try to get to the site of this crash southeast of moscow yeah but of sixty kilometers away from where i'm talking now. tell us what's happening and what you know so far than as close as you can get i think to to this awful site of the accident. well there's a police cordon around the area there are multiple the two that we thought initially when i go through they were taking civilian cars who they weren't. even
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the villages the local troops but with so why the fuck. we walked over here to three kilometers they're trying to clear the roads trying to clear away the snow so the heavy equipment the fire and rescue vehicles rescues themselves they can get through but we we arrived at the final checkpoint that they are letting anyone through it's all part here the crash site itself is about to was so perhaps a kilometer away from here the plane landed on an empty field what is problematic is that it's very deep snow that has been heavy snow for the most over the past two weeks and difficult for rescue was working in those conditions getting to the wreckage getting to the body six o five sixty five people passengers on that played them survived seventy one with six crew members all of them russians all of them from the or
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a growing region and the rescue is what a psychologist a working with the working with relatives but when the details that have been a much we've learned that there was a technical difficulty that the pilot reported. immediately after takeoff minutes after takeoff you requested or you request the merchant adding that airports which is also in the east of moscow but there obviously didn't make it that how far they made about sixty kilometers from what the end of the airport in the span of a span of minutes this all the ground investigation underway sort of i mean i'm i right in thinking just looking at the chronology of this one time is now ten to six here in moscow we believe this plane took off to local time so just four hours ago . in this time between that plane crashing in the last three hours how the rescue was actually physically got the no in any number or not do we know who was actually
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at the site. q we know that the source that the crash was reported by locals they say they cropped all the while in the air krach who's the person details that we are living through rescue is a rescue has gone the air they got the a squeaky. you know fortunately the roads were relatively clear they managed to clear away the little snow that there was but there's been no problem with no problem with access to the crash site the crash site itself so easy in a field there's a route that runs parallel to it but the crash site itself is an appeal that you know months worth of snow has been building up there so it's the difficult one with the latest numbers because the there one hundred fifty rescuers at the crash site itself a twin to assume vehicles with more rising more arriving all the side as i say there's nobody being allowed the check with the last check with is a police officer this press behind me as well as locals you know people of interest
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to do. a little more. i think status has there been a is there any hope atoll that they could be any survivors of this crash on all not obvious from the early indications it's a not. we haven't heard anything of you know anything of the sort. as express sorrow is. condolences to the relatives of families of. that died perished in this tragic crash but again we don't know the cause is whether they were technical something out computer malfunction or perhaps lack of service but the crop was manufactured in two thousand and ten that is when it was built so it is very very recent the chances of that being a technical failure you know technical fault with the aircraft are each remotely
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extremely clean the company itself the rapid very large there have there were no problems reported with the aircraft particular it was in the climb stage at the time wasn't just a few minutes after takeoff was only it was six and a half thousand feet and so you see we would be going up to about thirty thousand feet for this what was it just over two hour flight that should have taken it to its destination tragically never got there in the climate coast but that's crucial for aviators because that's the time when those engines are given a most thrust of their maximum thrust and that's a time sometimes when one of these engines can literally blow one of the the turbines can snap or whatever now of the planes are made to hopefully be able to sustain that fly on one engine but of course the crucial thing here we hear eyewitnesses say they saw flames as well the plane on fire one school of thought could be that maybe an engine gave up on the initial klein one of the found blades came out it was uncontained maybe it cut through a fuel line maybe it cut through
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a control line done hawkins earlier on saying the flight tracker tracked this plane it did it and then it suddenly came back up again sounding like the pilots did have control issues with the plane really early days but it could be and engine full of you heard any more about that where you. give the money just like to say that meteorologists they have this is a statement they've said that the whether that you see here we just dismiss that but most of the day he sees highly unlikely they said no but it's polluted it has a factor in this crash the sweat there is you know it's completely normal on the flights but the sec off the particular it flies in these conditions conditions much worse than the less a cold and less a course of plane hadn't been d.r.s. probably is another theory no reason to say that it had no reason to think that it hadn't done with it ever internationally and pulled very busy airport to fly from every way it was self but again it's something else that the crash investigators very early on a going to be looking at. as the g.i.
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can you know there are hundreds if not thousands of say the two small schools three biggest airports a dome at the edge of a where they said craft a call from he's one of moscow's biggest base send out thousands of aircraft a day so it is highly unlikely that there was you know gee i should itself was the problem then may have been another issue a declaration of the oversight with regards to making them so perhaps something out but the experts of said that the eye can itself highly unlikely to have been a factor that is the choke d.-i thing has been said that it's been highly highly unlikely the fact that the weather highly unlikely is a fact of the aircraft itself very new very recent the deal dates are not highly unlikely as well but this is early as yet all we know is that reportedly again the pilot reported technical difficulties off the takeoff it's important to know via
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the just before takeoff during during the week that he will the runway pilots check everything they can every single vital feature of vital component of the aircraft as they catch the taxi to the runway so the. you know it's a lot of a lot of a lot of. a lot of sort of you know procedures that they after one of. these whatever it was i did like you that well guess we're going to let you get back on the ground there trying get some more info from us one of the first people as you are on the scene there off this terrible crash they were gassed to have lived without cigarettes off a. flight number six w. seven o three has gone down this often and we believe or have perished in that flight results internationalists kevin i am with you we continue with our news and the update about this awful story after the break.
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despite its history of the soviet union and. this is about the lives of those. you know. on the children. there been. described as what were your. first to be reserved for your you were two. thousand nine hundred fifty two when did seeds of concentration camp prisoners. be it isn't that good there was corruption because you are much closer to the ship because you're more than one full. bore with or without a with you if you. want to go with. the notion you're brochure for through personal
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. enthusiasm so when you do when you're at the ocean we're going to be putting you're there with the workers here in the. some are much more and entertainment have become blurred it in our culture and we have children grow up playing playing war games on the computer this war has somehow been to mystic hated as entertainment to russians just there's nothing funny about war it is so serious russia will be the last to give up nuclear weapons because russia regards nuclear weapons as the bow walk of the against inflation or war by the superior upside coalition of forces.
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in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decades on debt. studying so hard it requires transfers. going through humiliation to enter an elite society. one parching to death sometimes quite literally. want other true colors of universities in the us. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you were a southend taking your last bang turn. your at the top to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry for me i cried so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first
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met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like. it's sad one does not need a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with this. speech you don't know whether takers. saying that mainstream media has met its maker. i. i i i. i i. i.
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i i. breaking news an arts international passenger plane this afternoon with seventy one on board is crushed shortly after it took off from a moscow airport there are no survivors reported the authorities are investigating all possible channels to establish exactly what went so badly wrong. the recovery operation is going to continue around the clock could drones deployed to try to locate those all important black boxes of that crash play. one story dominating our coverage thanks for tuning to us in.


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