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and to unify russia and ukraine belarus the baltic states and cause of son as a single country and this was back in two thousand and six that some sort of business gathering but this has also been a general talking point when it comes to russia that putin is supposedly trying to bring back the soviet union however the foreign minister was working for shell at the time but his story was questioned when it was discovered that despite being part of the shell delegation he wasn't at the two thousand and six meeting and not only that he wasn't even in russia at the time when he was confronted about this he said he was lying to protect a source but then he also said that he regretted lying obviously this is the first instance of fake news regarding russia there have been rumors floating around that russia influence the break that broke and then there's also been president micron's various attacks against russia during that crohn's campaign and he claimed that russia did influence the election however this was later debunked by a french cyber security chief who said that there was no evidence of russian meddling now in britain and the british government is still looking for evidence of
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russian interference however you tube just a few days ago has gone on record saying that there's been no a sort of russian interference so it seems that in looking for news about russia they're actually just creating fake news about russia. american tycoon george soros is pledging huff a million pounds to hit the brakes it's campaign group despite soros being accused of meddling in british politics the billionaire sees he's proud to buck the coals i'm a proud supporter of best foot britain a group that wants britain to remain a member of the european union i consider brics it's a tragic mistake. soros and nationally invested four hundred thousand pounds in a campaign called the best for britain in the hope of drumming up support for a second referendum on the u.k. status in the e.u. a wave of criticism followed but the investor responded by donating one hundred thousand pounds more we heard from you can dependence party m.e.p.
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who believes that those actions constitute meddling why is this man interfere in my country in my democracy if he wants to be a part of our democracy he should pay taxes in our country and stand for election in our country not of which we are not a rich man's plaything these people will do whatever it takes to try and prove it's our democracy and we must not let them the fact is the british media is overwhelmingly pro remain and they will give him hundreds of thousands of pounds millions of pounds with the free publicity so this money it's a lot to me a new book in the grand scheme of things it's actually just starting in. a sociology professor from kent to university in the u.k. ses he overheard george soros and his associates bragging about their meddling in politics in numerous countries we spoke to that man frank freddy. of course of the
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conversation they were going on about how much influence they've been able to exercise over events in the arab spring in cairo they were very proud of the role they played into newseum during. the one thing about the create how much impact they were able to make on some of the demonstrators at the time and then finally they ended up by boasting over the. critical. very important role in the case of libya and the overthrow of the gadhafi regime and i kind of regard of the conversation as you know a bit of boosting you know when people get around it will be are you sure. well while there is little hype over those accusations or indeed an investigation this channel is still in the sights of many alleging we have influenced elections for example and u.k. based public relations firm called eighty nine op which box the best for britain
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campaign alongside or taurus released a report on russia's media allegedly influencing breaks it. the p.r. firm claims for example round the exaggerated stories on the refugee flow into europe that's despite the humanitarian crisis being high on the agenda of almost every european country it also mentions that artie's reach and social media was about a quarter of the size as all of the u.k.'s brags it campaigns combined potentially influencing over one hundred million so-called impressions it's unclear though whether that's a backhanded compliment to r t social media department well i'll ask a professor emeritus of international history at the london school of economics and the founder of you kept joins us live now to discuss this story gadhafi in the program ali what do you make of the allegations that russian media swayed believe
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vote in the referendum. well i don't think anyone believes them for minutes unless the adamant sort of remains like mr soros. it's perfectly clear from previous research that if russia was tweeting had made no difference whatsoever but is very hypocritical of this new group which backs. an anti breck suit campaign which is for overturning the democratic will of the british people to start talking about the russians influencing democracy it's also rather strange because the only blatant foreign influence in the referendum campaign came from the remains side after all president barack obama came over from washington d.c. paired with the british prime minister and told the british people that they should vote for him in the european union he even threatened them he said that if they didn't vote for him in the european union then he would make sure that trade
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negotiations with great britain would not continue would go to the back of the queue to put it. we saw the irish prime minister and the irish government wage an admit to waging a propaganda campaign on behalf of remain among the irish citizens living and her the right to vote joe as you mentioned george soros funds the campaign not the p.r. firm works for can they really accuse others of meddling in a referendum considering where they receive some of the funding. no i will not without a credibility i mean they can accuse anybody of anything the like but i don't regard british people believe it and as i said it says hypocritical they want to reverse the democratic decision of the british people they got all sorts of outside influences to come in foreign influences everything from the i.m.f. to the european union with the every from american secretary of state and the
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american president to self so they were encouraging outside influence in the referendum campaign at the time in order to get remain but they lost their in denial they can't believe it one of the arguments on it is that being used on this is that r.t. has a wide reach online i suppose apology how can not be regarded as meddling if people read and share and it's proven to be correct information as well. well it's not meddling in democracy as a democracy we realize foreign television companies to operate in this country you can watch for german television you can watch american television you can watch the any television r.t. it's just one one other foreign news program the british people are the right to watch and of course just because you watch r.t. doesn't necessarily mean you believe everything you hear on it likewise of i watch
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the b.b.c. very often i don't believe what i hear on it so you know we're democracy and people can make up their own minds and r.t. can operate the same way that other foreign media operate. allan scared professor emeritus of international history at the london school of economics allan thanks for your time this hour thank you. an adviser to the polish president has come under fire for what some are calling anti israeli comments he was defending a new law that prohibits polish people from being held responsible for the crimes of the nazi regime against the jews and sentiments in israel comes from the feeling of shame and the passivity of the jews during the holocaust then you lot also makes it illegal to refer to a nutty death camp situated in the country as polish ones that was violating the law could face severe punishment of up to three years in jail and the polish
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president advisor went even further in defending the legislation the religion of the holocaust has become a symbolic shield for their country which is used by israel to create for itself a special position in many places in the world many jews in gauged in denunciation collaboration during the war i think israel has still not worked through more than three million jewish people lived in poland before the second world war most of them were killed during the conflict the ice which broke in our camp which was built in poland during the nazi occupation saw around one million jews lose their lives there columnist for newsweek magazine mark shulman thinks the new law will influence poland's relations with other e.u. member states. the problem with the law is not so much the fact that says you can't say polish death camps but the fact the law says you cannot diminish the role of the nazis which means that if you say that the poles had some part of it you are violating the law and by all accounts while the nazis were the ones who are ninety
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percent responsible for the holocaust and what happened in poland clearly the poles were involved in fully the cases where the poles were part of the part of the problem and so is the real problem of course the question of freedom of speech as well freedom of people to study the holocaust to talk about the holocaust and not to mention the fact that thousands and thousands of israelis go every year to visit many of them high schoolers and the question is when their guides go to poland do they have to be afraid to speak their truth and speak of what went on apology i think this will have an effect on poles relations with the western europe at this point i mean it's part of a series of actions that the polish government has taken their member of the e.u. and yet they are testing the u. and its ability to accept a much more nationalistic government in poland. the us president donald trump and love him or putin spoke by phone earlier this monday the american leader expressed his condolences over sunday's plane crash in russia but that was not the only talking point with the details making
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a culture that. russian president had a telephone conversation with his american counterpart u.s. president donald trump expressed his condolences to vladimir putin over the recent dadley crash of a russian passenger plane that claimed the lives of seventy one people also the two parties discussed the settlement of these daily polit palestinian conflict now that was revealed by vladimir putin viewing his meeting with the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas that took place on a monday evening now busts out that due to the recent actions of the us sides notably their recognition of them as israel's capital washington has been ruled out as a trustworthy mediator in the eyes of palestinians back in december twenty seven thousand us president donald trump formally and now instead the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel and that move was criticized by
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the majority of international leaders including the european union's foreign policy chief now it also parked a wave of violent protests among palestinians and others across the middle east. putin spoke on the phone to whether donald trump just two months ago so some international observers should know that the two presidents discussed international issues via telephone quite regularly. nearly four months after its liberation from islamic state people from the syrian city of slowly returning to what's left of their old but many buildings in the city remain riddled with long lines and booby traps a local say they've been left to take on the reconstruction by themselves.
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we were forced to leave our homes because when we returned we found everything we could use to rubble and look at all the devastation what rock is a ghost city i mean that we are living in the midst of destruction we feel completely abandoned everything around has been destroyed. and rubble have to be to remove the debris with all money there's no running water so we have to vote in. the u.s. coalition cause the destruction of records and has a responsibility to rebuild the city we need to help with restoring the water supply in clearing the rubble. i found a man on the streets near my house my friend and i tried to detonate it from a distance but it didn't go off we thought the mine didn't work and walked towards
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it exploded my friend was killed i survived well human rights watch has called for international support in clearing the rubble and demining record it's almost five hundred civilians were injured in the three months after liberation many killed and it's report the organization also highlighted the growing risk of more civilians being killed as people return to the devastated city across the border in iraq civilians are also struggling to rebuild their homes with the country's second largest city almost completely razed to the ground mosul was liberated by the u.s. led coalition and iraqi forces back in july after months of fierce fighting in our streets some forty thousand homes need to be rebuilt there or repaired according to the united nations the government says it needs some eighty eight billion dollars in reconstruction funds for areas devastated by war a sum that had aims to raise at a conference that's just get underway in kuwait or over the u.s.
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which is expected to attend say it is no plans to contribute. but you know the u.s. government and the time to be patient this i'm not aware of any announcements that we will be making and i can tell you overall. over the past few years we have spent the united states government has one point seven billion dollars in humanitarian aid in iraq alone. from the pakistan institute for conflict and security studies think there's a high risk of a new insurgency if iraq is not rebuilt quickly but the sunni population already marginalized by the shia led government and they're directly in the previous years they're led to see. that now there's another group recently we have somebody or the other group is doing just like i guess i guess in some parts of iraq saw. himself another insurgency you.
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know them on the guard if the iraqi government is unable to. build these sunni areas which were badly destroyed during this fight. ok switching gears now russian the pleats have won their second medal at the winter olympics in south korea still very figure skating with. the u.s. winning bronze well fifteen year old alina who's deputy at the olympics took first place in the free skate section to ensure overall second place finish but a fellow athletes not actually competing was far from complimentary on her twitter account twenty six year old american figure skater ashley wagner accused the russian teen of killing time in her program and condemned her tactics in which she reserved her jumps for the second half of their on the remarks a furious reaction online. i personally disagree that this wasn't the program it matches the belly
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a relatively well maybe you're just jealous you can't compete with that stamina and those jumping passes your face looks a big green with envy it's just your envy you can't jump like that in the second half and even in the first we got reaction from russian coaches on wagner's comments who told us it's points but when prices. are not. quite ashley wagner has done a lot. she's an outstanding athlete the rules for the competitions have changed now and it's like accounting the simplicity points it's not about beauty to look at in order to win there's no need to do what i mean as a utility today but there's so far as well as the competitive side there's also the social aspect to the games with most nations hosting their own hospitality hoess russia isn't officially represented at the olympics rather a limb pick up points from russia because of a disputed doping investigation but there's still a corner appearing showing that feels very much russian as only a betrayal has been discovering. as usual there are all kinds of national houses at
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the olympics and young chang the likes of the hall and house near the coast the countries like austria and switzerland naturally settled a bit higher in the mountains and since team russia doesn't officially exist here the traditional russian house doesn't either or isn't that immature or sca. to make sure russian fans have a home in korea it took a few tricks after all the i.o.c. must be respected the place is called the sports house obviously you find wide blue and red in the design but never specifically and the recognizable pattern like here's white and black in between what could appear to be flag stripes no official russian symbols the mentors because haven't become official right other than that
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pure i ration fun and spirit. among the attractions here are these hockey jerseys from every year at the olympics that russia one goes but this one from nine hundred ninety two like here in korea you won't find the letters russia or the u.s.s.r. i'll ask the guests if they know why why did russia compete under a neutral flag at the olympics twenty six years ago and see the money was on own voice she believed. it was increased. and i don't know sorry. i don't know just i got some clues for you countries take turns with the olympic
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committee respect to the i.o.c. he said it was essential you know why not i think it's not only amends i getting over thank panton as in the same reason. that i mean i don't think sunday night i think it's. the start with russia looks just established as a country so being unique left russia was just established as a country that's when the soviet union. sometimes had its break up so neutral flags weren't always down to the i.o.c. sanctions. have a drink go our tea young chang some decent quizzers there as well a more arty programs are right ahead stay with us i'm back in thirty minutes or more global news from or to h.q. .
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in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decade's long debt. studying so hard it requires trust to. go he through humiliation to enter an elite society. and paci into debt sometimes quite literally. want other true colors of universities in the u.s. led. troops seem wrong why don't we all just don't hold. any old belief yet to shape. out of this day comes to the ticket and engagement equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. following welcome to cross talk we're all things considered i'm here all about well washington's political elites chatter endlessly about memos the u.s. continues to deepen its role in the syrian proxy war of course there is no public debate about this and are the two koreas giving peace a chance. some
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real news i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have a he's a political analyst as well as a leading expert at the center for actual politics and of course we have a political analyst with sputnik international right gentlemen crossed the girls in effect i mean to can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it let's first talk about what's going on in syria here. as a avid watcher of cable news in the west and i don't always enjoy it but i feel obligated to watch it. the coverage of syria is it's very interesting there's only one angle primarily and that's how trump is defeated isis that is the when you hear about syria the president of the united states believe it or not. there is almost no mention of the role that russia has played since september two thousand and fifteen that was the tipping point but you know you know i'm quibbling i suppose but you know. one of the programs i do like to watch is tucker carlson i
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think as a conservative i can identify with him on many issues i think he's right on some i disagree and he brought on a guest. talk about syria which was i thought was you know i was very happy to hear maybe a critical view of what's going on. he had a guest and well that gets repeated the usual bluster let's give it a watch go we've got bashar al assad is obviously a dictator but he was against isis too and now we're fighting him it seems demented to me and i bet you if you polled most americans they would agree with me well what i think you know the administration is doing now and what president trump is doing now is shifting from isis to iran. and russia is heavily involved in you know there's a lot of people i think rightly asking why not just let the russians take care of it well i'll tell you a couple of reasons one the russians don't care about isis they care about defending assad to they're aligned with iran and iran has made more gains in the
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last decade under the obama administration in terms of advancing its had germany which is not in the united states' interest or israel's interest than they've made in the last thousand years and three i'll quote a former nato commander who said the russians have weaponized refugees pile them into europe allowed isis to infiltrate and have done more to destabilize our partners in europe and in the warsaw pact ever did so i think all of those things that are in with respect that's just pure propaganda in my opinion picture react to that because i mean we could spend the entire program deconstructing only that one small part of that segment that please don't have to worry it's going to essentially michael will it's. but why because he has to explain he has to respond to to tucker carlson very simple question. assad is fighting isis the united states officially so has that it's fighting isis so why is the united states. forces istead isis. the simple question
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no simple answer well one that we got a non answer we got it we got to do exactly what inflection it was it was a deflection because he did not want to say that troops the official american policy is very different from the real policy that washington and the real policy that the washington press use is aimed at eliminating assad is that he that of syria that's and that's one of the reasons by the way that isis florist is syria without the support that the forces initially got from the u.s. from britain some other countries some other allies of the us i says would not have flourished here i mean if there had been the illegal invasion of iraq in two thousand and three of course in here and. show that's what you say as you know iran has been gaining more influence you know spread into july and that is why it's probably because of why because of what will now be able to speak clearly clear to our viewers it's weak is it because of what iran is doing or what other actors are
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doing because well obviously there's other well being for the us invasion of iraq in one thousand nine hundred one you know if it had not been for the us invasion of iraq in two thousand so we would have not been so influential it's a simple us that even the mainstream media. in the constant attempts to combat what they ludicrously call iranian have gemini we just simple the fact that iran has some influence against the overwhelming middle east germany of the united states israel and saudi arabia this this tripod alliance. they refuse to allow any other country particularly a weak country like syria to be allied with iran the us decides who is allowed to be allied with who and who isn't allowed to be allied with you and they never notice that all their attempts to roll block some fictional iranian influence only
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increase really in. gemini i mean just think about it out who's really the edge of my heroes not only that but their continual efforts in syria. directed against iran they have pushed russia and the ron paul to i'm sure iran and china closer together russian the russian government years ago wouldn't have wanted to be caught dead in bed with the iran now they find they have so many geopolitical interests in common and they can deal with them so professionally compared to the westerners that you know what we're looking at another defacto strategic partnership it's interesting that when you have to when you compare maybe russia's relationship with the rand and how it has to negotiate honest baby step level with turkey for example it's in fact the russian relationship both was iran and was it really could you not theory. of course it's boom or but it's that is growing in the
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one nine hundred ninety s. when the western u.s. the olson was the president of russia it wasn't because he also was intimidated and he wasn't it wasn't because his administration was somehow against washington it wasn't it was because it was a natural relationship the united states pushing pecks america wanted to be the only superpower in the world and not letting anyone else have a voice it was consolidating other powers you know this fight that i mean with the us again because with the end of the communist ideology. actually began realizing its own real national interest was a blinding blinded by ideological goggles here go ahead i'm returning to this new areas i mean when michael waltz says that we've lost call into a rainy and influence who kidnapped the lebanese prime minister had kept him against his will in riyadh for several weeks iran oh no it happened to be saudi arabia but we forgot about that who would just ball the syrian forces clearly in one hundred ok syria so doubts about you know i want to go here on this we can't
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know. but the. tailing development mark we have this israeli jet crash we don't know exactly what happened to it but it really fascinated. predictable how the israelis and washington mimicking television talking points where it's all about a rant ok here here is a country that you know the united states tax pro government forces in syria over one hundred people are killed and then we have this goes down we don't know exactly what the circumstances are but then the talking point is it's a brand's fault to be going after reigning in assets in syria israel has admitted in recent hours that it was brought down by syrian air defense yet it is real present their justification for their most recent attack on syria and let's go.


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