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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  February 14, 2018 2:30am-3:01am EST

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what's going to open up this asked a relief center at the orlando international airport and that he needed us to be there to assist the people coming directly is coming from puerto rico so on october third we had arrived at the airport and we were there for a month from october the third through november first. we were able to see over one thousand families and i were table and basically what we do is we guide them through the services available at that time at the center. of this as a really center and i want to call it a welcome center let's not call a disaster let's call it was there at this time we welcome them we tell them where to go to get the services they need it it will be with the schools information about the schools driver's licenses many many good insurance transportation you name it everything they were looking for everything. and we guide them to all the services and then after that we move to our office here in the city of orlando and we have
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a i'm still i mean we get an average i would say the for between four to six how many spread from puerto rico just look to for guidance because that's where i think that's the main thing that we provide here is guidance to disturb assisted government services and the services available from the not for profit organizations everything that is free that's what i'm going to send them to get help what are the things that the evacuees are in need of most what are the services that you're finding are the most critical in my main thing that they're looking of course is for housing and that is the main problem that we having in the area because there's any is an essential that we have have in the. area for some time but the government there already they're having meetings and we've got discussions about this but. the main thing is of course housing but we have in thirty mins is the beginning when they call when they send e-mails that we tell them to calm tool a place where you have a family member or friend that can have you in their house for at least three months. because jobs there are jobs available i mean that is something good i mean
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our office we have been getting lots of companies sending us e-mails and many must know we won this one to help these people send them to us will have jobs is that will speak english whatever will will help them but i will say how seem jobs. in medical insurance medical insurance is another concern that they have you know. because a lot of i would say. a combination of people came from puerto rico we have the reports of the guns who are here in the in the states we wanted to bring our parents or our grandparents or always aunties because they were sick although we didn't want to go through this there so we brought them here and then we have all these young couples that they were caught and i will their children with their children their dedication i mean what was going to happen the services so we have a combination of everything coming here and that's what. i want to talk
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a little bit about children the children coming from that are dealing with quite a bit of trauma what have you noticed most that they've been affected by. the good thing is we have amazing partners for example in the we have the orlando area and then we have it which is in the spot of orange county and then we have to see me which is part of the all accounting but the part where he comes coming they have been going to these two towns two story areas i would say the orlando area and they also are the you see me all see on the. school department the department of education of osceola and the orange county public schools they got together and they basically agri where the parents come in with the children they get we're giving them thirty days for them to get all their paperwork there are financial information everything for their kids in a sense of if there will are i want to tuesday they got worse call and i wednesday on thursday the child. able to begin right away because they don't have anyone to
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live in interrupt that and they were making things easier for them has well this has been hard for everybody to have seen adults with i mean i remember seeing all those sitting on the table and with us at the airport and just starting crying because of what happened and i saw a lot of children like there were like you know wow the rain here they were asking me those who really year i remember this kid that he also asked me how do you have electricity and i said yes we have electricity i mean i know this happening everybody. and their kids i will say. i know it's going to be it's going to take a bit of time i know it's going to be in their hearts where hopefully with time it will go away once they start but once they are stable and then in a stable environment how many people that are coming in from puerto rico are looking to stay here permanently and how many of them want to eventually go back to their homes and go back to puerto rico and who's helping them do their parents and
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their grandparents they want to go back to they want to stay here one month a lot or has enough i want to see i'm going back is what they're saying. i want to say is like a half and half of i always say well sixty to seventy five percent i will say of the people coming from portugal they want to stay there one bit ok sean they're looking for the services many of them lost their jobs i mean they don't have nothing they lost their home a lot of jobs they don't have nothing to go back but then there is you know the the grandparents their parents who want to go back they want to about go back to their homes they want to make things you know back to normal because that's what they know all their lives there's a sense of community here that seems to make orlando very special it's something you don't always see in in these senses of trauma and things going on it's that sense of community and what makes the orlando community so special well first of all. orlando florida i would say is to say can stay with someone of puerto ricans
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in the united states new york on this economy's us we are two hours away on a flight is twelve hours away too i don't have hours and we're here so because of the concentration of guns and i want to say flow that's like a melting pot i mean there's people from everywhere from all over the world so when they come here they feel confident that what i mean many places they speak they have speak their language as well i mean you know this is this is home for them they come to this new world where they're here is here house well so they have come in their past they have family members so this is like you know it is not. different like going to new york on their way. here is go to chicago in both through the ohio where there whether it's i mean it's different so they're trying to say here because of the weather because of the people that are leaving here.
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and the vicinity so close the committee has been amazing the response of the community i have to say that he has been amazing. people i mean they were helping neighbors i mean them and people helping their friends from puerto rico family members bringing them here having when they do that with them and helping them they help them to be sponsored really amazing from the community in jenin and one thing that i think people often confused about the situation with puerto rico is that they are u.s. citizens these are citizens of the united states and that they're they're part of our u.s. community what is it and what would you like people to know about that about that melting pot and they're getting the services that i'm canceling because where they carried me and then we have all their islands are rollo's that they're not part of the united states that's what maybe people think that we're not part of we are i mean we have been eighteen ninety i think you was so we have been part of. say for
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a loan on time. we are important people for example i mean our books are in college our books i mean glitch i mean we're translating constantly what their location that we receive in spanish but our books are in english because they're coming from here a lot of things products i mean everything so. i don't sometimes i'm thinking i'm guessing it's because we are far away from the state i we not part of it or close or maybe i don't know that's what people think that we are not but we are what can people do and what's the best way that they can help puerto ricans either who want to go home or want to stay here and and be part of the community. for example within a three city is in. line with an a three city with a water service is with the jobs that they're lost in the companies some companies are closing are coming back to the united states. i'm guessing. they're part of the
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guys who are here to offer them jobs to help them or for their jobs to help them feel help them to feel. comfortable. it's just a matter of safety in them in the community more than anything because we are u.s. citizens i mean and i mean here that's what we're trying to let everybody know and understand well we are welcoming them with our hands open because they are part of our i mean they're part of this community has well and they're you know they're coming here and they want to work they want to do be productive citizens as well continue doing what they were doing in there and that one thing that seems to happen a lie after a natural disaster is that once the cameras go away once it's not a political statement anymore for someone it seems that we just sort of forget about what happens and it's it takes months and years to recover from these kinds of things what what is the one thing that you would hope that the news media and
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people would focus on more i would say more than anything is to continue cody what is happening in the them don't forget i will go i mean right now they're they're having a hard time putting back with working with the three cities in the nation for many years before in the island anyway making sure that they receive the help that they need the fema continue being in the island and they'll need the land without services and the systems in janet and i mean we need. programs new programs for the island to come to the island. please don't forget all the imam because we can all being again the beautiful island that we have been for so many years i mean we're going to be again are we want to continue we hopefully we're going to now in life there but i mean. how can i say i mean we are hardworking people and and we're not asking anything for free i mean we want to work for a while we but it for them even if i think i wish i could continue calling what is
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happening on the make sure that things have to happen happen. all right as we're going to break our watches don't forget the lot of us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter so your poll shows that r t v dot com coming up represent the second part of shaun stone's pastoring interview with the publisher of the trends journal gerald salon great to watch box. a plate for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the shaper money killian erroneous and spending two to twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else on it because i want to share what i think from what i know about the beautiful game like great to what bowl chance for. and thinks it's going to.
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hey everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy you know suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. i'm going to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru well he's a little bit different on the day everyone good morning no no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have fun meet everyday americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people. now for just.
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thirty i want to do is just show the face do we really be very clear let's go away go to. management. and they are they they when they at the end they have the fattening. you need to feel the. sun and the what do you how much they have. come to mind if this. album in the book and there's you still want to talk more next.
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the cryptocurrency boom is left many new social media consumers it heads full of terms like bitcoin and blocking but beneath the surface there may be much more to these innovations than just a speculative investment and an opportunity to buy illegal drugs on an online silk road some like trends journal publisher gerald celente even go so far as heralding block chain the future of not only trading and accounting but even democracy but just as importantly the advent of these new technologies and potentially a whole new economy threatens entrenched political interests just as strongly as it excites the public for an in-depth look at just how this clash may play out sean stone sat down earlier with joe flint. and there's something else bigger about block change technology what we call block chain democracy
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go to switzerland richest country in the world has been in a war since what that eighteen system was all around them went out into it the people vote on all the issues you want to go to war let the people vote hey trump wants to go with store ron is he going to go said jarret or erick or evocative go fight they don't go fight senators sons don't go fight living's little boys could you imagine little paul the royal dressing up and leading the charge maybe obama will be beyond them. so let the people vote blocked change democracy no you won't hack into our systems these things it might man the biggest banks in the world are using them like rypple for bank transfers so we could vote online if you could block change online this could be the beginning of a new real new democracy because anybody over the age of six years old knows that
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we don't have a representative democracy the only people that the mcconnells the ryans the nancy pelosi as the dianne feinstein's represent are the people that give the money adults call them bribes and payoffs in school they call them campaign contributions. and so how does a block chain make it democratic because it's more of an open source platform anyone can we vote that we vote on the issues we vote or you want to go to war in syria we'll vote you want to do it we'll vote you want to increase the budget deficit hey you like that tax plan we'll vote oh no the people are true stupid or you think mitch mcconnell is smarter than you or have a little chuckies show me your favorite. we're an educated society or there are a lot of stupid people like congress is still with them so blocked change democracy
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will give us to democracy that the richest country in the world that hasn't been to war since eight hundred fifty has done and we can do it in a flick of a touch. but all this talk about the danger in a sense of government or ference when it comes to things like bitcoin other crypto currency i mean isn't that really built from it would this be prevented is that you know we've seen for example the online silk road that was basically banned by the government and the creator was hounded by the f.b.i. and imprisoned so the point being if you know book and big coin it could be a currencies be censored by government they're going to go after the bitcoins there's no question about it they're doing it and you've already saw in the last year what bitcoin went from you know controlling over eighty percent of the crypto market now it's down to about a third where you have the other crypto xin there again the crip bitcoin is a populist coined it's your it's millennial generation is gold it's the alternative to fee currency but that doesn't mean the other crip those are going to go away
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that was the leader of the charge and that's who the government's going after had then they used to be a big one called a o l. because a.o.l. l. went down that didn't mean all the others so these other crip those that have purposes services and products that they're providing are going to be the ones that rai's and they've got to keep going if the big coin because it makes the banking system obsolete and that's why the banks jews hate the cryptocurrency s. it puts them out of business. speaking of the banks there's i mean the head of the new head of the fed is this for old powell who comes from a background of it seems carlyle group i mean he seems to be a sort of a wall street blues was they get but what can we expect from him and why did trump select them it won't yell is out that was obama's choice and now we got the trump choice overload the central bank is separated for the government yeah sure. you
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hear about a million mickey mouse second cup i would get it maybe he's going to follow the trump routine so we believe that although they're saying interest rates are going to go up a lot we don't see it happening because we soar the fear of interest rates going up and what it did to the market and what the government picked taking on more and more debt that means they're going to have to pay more money when interest rates go up so we don't think we think powell is in the clear in the trump club and as well if interest rates really go up you're going to see the emerging markets which equity markets we've gone much higher in percentage points than the united states crash because they borrowed all that money in cheap dollars and now when the dollar goes up higher they've got to pay that money back with more of their currencies so if the dollar gets too strong it interest rates go too high that's when you're going to see the market crash at
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a global meltdown that will be much greater than the great recession's panic of zero eight. in terms of really three talk little bit of big coins in the city even mention the silk road there's the online silk road but then there's real slow growth strategies like what china has proposed essentially which is infrastructure development i mean basically going back to the original silk road of the middle ages but the idea of connecting countries through it all roads high speed rail systems right water water canals and you know an infrastructure that basically allows economies to blossom we haven't seen that in the united states price of the fifty's and sixty's but is there a prospect of the silk road be revitalized by the chinese working with partners in your asia to essentially revitalize their kind of the economies of the world that way absolutely and they're doing it the business of china's business the business of america's war so one of our top trends actually for twenty eighteen is follow
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the yellow silk road here when china joined the world trade organization by the way two weeks after nine eleven when no one's paying attention we would put they hate those copies of graham behave and how we do business it's ok so they join the world trade organization five percent of their population member population one point three billion is middle class today it's approaching thirty five percent luxury goods where they being sold in china china's business is business these cats have been around a long time they're not interested why they're interested in money you know china's greatest threat is people they don't want to have social unrest these to be reports to came out every year about the social unrest in china which seemed like thirty thousand a year in strikes and they don't want that to happen they've got to keep the people
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happy and by the way another one of our trends is silicon valley rust belt two point zero. when the chinese now come to silicon valley they can't believe how rundown this area is and how backward it is look with the artificial intelligence revolutions now taking place in china look at your ali baba is saying it had since look at that moving into as you mentioned the yellow silk road the moving through eurasia into africa into europe that's the future so we're telling our subscribers and our clients watch what's going on in china you want to make money by china sell china because that's what the future is but as long as the future of america is more war look how trump is bragging now we just gave more money to the military yeah great yeah well it's only stoking i mean trump is the only one support us stoking those fires we certainly have democrats looking to war with russia but
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trump is playing into this continuation of the middle east wars and it seems to me that the middle east wars are a way of sabotaging perhaps the silk road strategy of basically keeping that whole region unstable whereas you need to see more. solidarity between the countries that you can actually build infrastructure from china through afghanistan through syria through the west basically we're promoting strife and conflict in those in those countries what is who's profiting from these wars you know human right i didn't i'm not going after trump what i'm saying about trump is he's building it bigger i mean look at obama did the nobel as i say nobel piece of crap prize look what he did to libya look what it does look at look at syria hey folks out about thirty three thousand more troops in afghanistan promised a year we're going to be out of there you know anyway people call the neo cons i call them sick s.o.b.'s why is everybody afraid to call these people
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sick do you ranged human beings. rather than putting a label on that white washes the mental illness that there's suffering there's no strategy it's a sickness and it's about time we call a spade a spade and if you don't see the strategy don't see it as a ploy to destroy destabilize countries the play of oil profits or try to keep the chinese out of iraq's oil things like that where you are one hundred percent right we said about the democrats with this let's hate russia let's hate russia yeah oh yeah well look at russia did in in iraq and in and somalia aren't they in sudan now no i think they're in mali i mean it's not russia you know so yes they're making us hate it but it goes back to january nineteenth sixty one president to whitey eisenhower's
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farewell address to the union. a five star general supreme commander of the allied forces during world war two warning the people that the military industrial complex is robbing the nation but the genius of the scientists the sweat of the labor is and the future of the children. who has a jam packed show with some pretty fantastic interviews great work out there in orlando and fantastic get over there. fascinating when you see what's up of puerto rico that you brought up a great point of view that we go to often forget because of their distance that they are american citizens but we should be helping them yeah it's not the it isn't just this idea that as a victim it's your own responsibility about probably one of most un-american things i've heard this week and it's only when there's a test to study what is good so long they'd think yeah i find that
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a little odd we don't know we don't work like that here in the space shuttle always with our i will that is there are so few to date remember everyone in this world were not told the world opened up so it's all you all i love you i am i robot interim and i'm top of the wall and people watching those hawks out there at the great big night for. all to see we have a great team we need to strengthen before the freefall world cold and you're better than a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that winning spirit to the r.c.c. . recently i've had
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a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best fall since my last will come on the road so as. on the. left left left more or less ok. the games have begun the younger sister of north korea's kim jong un has captured the attention of the media while u.s. vice president mike pence was mocked as an even undiplomatic the two koreas are engaging each other. just. certain i want to do things that show me face really truly be very clear like go
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away go to. management. and they are they they when they up and they have then you. get mean you need to feel. something yeah i'm them what do you how to become a soft look at what do you do you wonder. if. i want to be in the book there's you still want to talk more like a passionate. stunt is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos and nimble fit to commission to do it like you know that this isn't my cup
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of tea is going to have no clothes on me all may be a bit. old john without a doubt nobody should be the only palestinians who gets the most help from his jerusalem counterparts i don't think this is about those who in the world and those over vision know only because it is a. i know it does offer that that is the heart of this lady of the most of the jihad i'm not going to go to the i'm a doesn't seem to do more in the middle sauced don't put this off.
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