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breaking news coming from the u.s. where reports say one person is dead and more than twenty people wounded in a shooting at a high school in south florida. they know their shooting incident the u.s. national security agency headquarters in maryland leaves several people injured this is suspected shooter. also ahead on the. brakes it fueled remains has come from the government except this morning i'm not going to. britain's foreign secretary those opposing briggs's are portraying the country. the u.k.
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from the european union during a media grilling. fears and confusion world powers highlight the threats of returning. struggled to find a solution to deal with r.t. here's the story of one former member return to russia. while i was lying in the hospital people came up to me and tried to convince me to become a suicide bomber. you're tuning in from around the world this hour welcome to moscow and to r.t. international my name is you know good of your company we begin with breaking news from the u.s. where there is an active shooter a high school in florida according to the courts local media are now saying one person has been killed. up to twenty people may have been wounded these are
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live pictures now a lot more than when we last went to this scene there has been a helicopter up police have been steadily coming into the area where are to. joins us live now on the program to tell us more so what are we learning about what's happening inside of florida well the active shooting incident is still taking place at a high school in florida like you said and violence is police cars and even armored vehicles have been deployed to the scene so this is a very very such a serious situation according to the sheriff's office the cuter is still at large now one student posted photos from his classroom via twitter where he's currently hiding with his fellow students behind desks and president trump has already offered his condolences and prayers via twitter but we still don't really have that
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many details as yet because this is a developing situation so we'll have to get back to you on that. ok so we are due for no. we will return of course to that story a little bit later as more details emerge from it just to update you on one of our headlines of course i said that another shooting incident unfolded at the national security agency headquarters at fort meade morrow and three people have been taken to hospital according to the f.b.i. one of them is the suspected attacker authorities now say the incident is over controlled ortiz samir a come again the details of this. the shooting took place just outside the n.s.a. headquarters at one of its secure entry gates and according to a statement from the n.s.a. several people have been hospitalized and local reports say that a security guard was injured and then taken to the hospital immediately following
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the attack and we don't know the particulars regarding who was responsible but photos came out on social media showing a black band and a handcuffed man sitting on the ground and you can also see a bullet holes on the little windshield of the fan and the f.b.i. has sent personnel to respond to the incident but the n.s.a. says that the incident is under control and local authorities have warned that highway m d a thirty two is closed in both directions advising drivers to take alternate routes and expect long delays and a president trump has reportedly been briefed on the shooting but we haven't heard anything else from the white house now this isn't the first time there's been an attack at the n.s.a. headquarters back in twenty fifteen two men disguised as women rammed a stolen van into the agency's gates now the attack left one person dead and two injured. well the u.s. is dog joining in the chorus of growing concern coming out of europe over foreign
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fighters returning to their home shores washington urged its allies particularly britain to pay more attention to citizens who fled europe to join the terrorist organization earlier the u.k. defense secretary said they should not be allowed to return home i don't think they should ever set food in this country again they turned their back on britain. average and we stand for then the wars over the wars we're working with the coalition on foreign fighter detainees and generally expect these detainees to return to their country of origin for disposition. well another british official suggested extreme measures be taken the minister for international development said that the only way to deal with returning fighters was to kill them for terrorists of u.k. origin who come home are facing prison sentences while some other european countries have tried to reintegrate former fighters back into society in denmark x.
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even received departments to promote integration. the earlier we heard opposing views on the issue from our guest to deal with returning to hamas. initially britain said we're going to make them stateless remove their passports not going to allow them reentry other countries then said let's take a more light approach some of the nordic nations said let's try re patrick that have radicalization programs which in part i've actually been quite successful in some areas at the same time then the u.s. is now taking the lead and the u.s. defense said foreign countries need to repatriate their own citizens and deal with them using the rule of law and i think that's a sensible way to go they should not come back here it's as simple as that because they've committed the crimes abroad so why should the church. foot the bill for all this rehabilitation and all the short probably they do in jail for quite a while the cost move only when these crimes have been committed of course let the
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authorities deal with it under the rule of law in them. you know there are lots of different stories about what happens to these people if we make them stateless stand simply they will stay out there they will keep breeding extremism terrorism and radicalization and they'll keep killing and they'll keep hating us so we have it's a problem have to deal with you can't hide from it you cannot fall back on this british passport so you know i committed atrocities abroad but all for we british passport into the mix so we get sent back oh no how do you know people have committed crimes without putting the evidence in front of them and putting them on trial just assume people went out there so i don't want to go on trial here in london and regularly on trial here i think i mean my own regularly well these are obviously the the un is so weak. the you again is so weak just nonexistent the should have. should have at the un peacekeeping forces making safe and so we could properly categorize these people rather than so ok these people go in to fight for whichever
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side these people fight. against but now because they fight for the kids to be classed here it becomes a ridiculous situation. ok let's recap our breaking news. this hour there is an active shooter at a high school in south florida authorities have confirmed they are on the scene urging residents to avoid the area well this is the scene right now live pictures from this high school which is located around fifty kilometers north of miami it's a large school with around three thousand students age fifteen to eighteen inside this happened this occurred we believe to hours or so again and again that's not definitive what it would mean that it was coming towards the end of the school day so you would have still had a lot of pupils there in the school a lot of teachers as well it's called the margery stillman douglas high school and
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it happened yet just hearing just before three pm around two thirty we understand there are reports of victims one person is believed to have been killed up to twenty others wounded that police on their twitter page are asking students and teachers to remain at bar i created inside the building what we did see earlier as well where some students leaving the school we just lost the picture there for a moment i think you know these are some of the the tweets coming from the local police in the area what we did see though we saw a student being taken near the school we're not sure whether or not. those students were actually inside the school or maybe they're on the campus they may have been going to education or something. so a lot of local media a lot of social media as well photos coming in so this looks to be inside one of
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the classrooms you can see the pupils listening to the police staying under their desks there i'm sure they must be absolutely terrified just to recap there is an active shooter believed to be in. was not known earlier whether was on campus or with in the actual territory of the school it looks to be let's bring up the live pictures again and see what we can see there had been a a media helicopter in the area giving a picture of the school there had been police there had been actually a tank brought in as well just this proposed shooter and there is believed to be one person we heard earlier from the from the broward sheriff's office described as a white male wearing a burgundy shirt sweater no more information i believe the person whether or not it was possibly a student or somebody from the local facility we do not know this moment so what
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you're seeing there on your screen looks to be pupils on the right here pupils on the grass verge. i'm sure they're going to be moved shortly. on the left earlier as i was talking about that media helicopter getting these shots from from above is a believe the box entrance all of the school a lot more police and stop happened. to. i go. donald trump we know has been told by this we also heard from a corresponds to me that he had been told he was dealing with another i know the shooting incident in. north of there in. just outside washington d.c. we have been hearing that was a few hours ago this is scythe florida. just hearing a. florida governor rick scott has been saying on twitter here my thoughts and prayers are with the students their families and the entire community we will
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continue to receive briefings from law enforcement issue dates as well yes indeed this is what we believe we're seeing on the. right of the screen. police are waiting to make sure that everybody within the us are actually a constant force so that they leave that seems to be what is occurring there that pictures so far. there's a perimeter we know also set up around the screw police are there an armored vehicle as we heard mentioning before. well coral springs police they have been urging friends and families if you are in touch with your student this is a quote please ask it up to remain calm and boracay did onto the police come to their room those were the pictures we're seeing earlier on social media on students
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phones it looks like. under desks trying to keep out of shooed away from windows doing essentially what authorities had told them to do. we also saw some children earlier fleeing dragging their buck behind them towards police lines of them part of medics as we were seeing but these are those pictures from inside the school under the desks as well waiting as we heard for some police to go around each classroom and that would take quite a while because i said it's it's a large high school in south florida three thousand two hundred pupils there so that is going to take a while this we're going to keep a close eye on the story will be coming back to pictures all of this live to write the hour we will leave it for but just to recap one person believed to be dead twenty more injured in an active shooting campaign operation going on there at the
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high school in florida. ok moving to the u.k. and its planned exit from the european union the british foreign secretary boris johnson has been giving an update on divorce negotiations with the e.u. which many have criticized for lack of progress laura smith brings us more. this is the first in a series of six speeches to be made by cabinet members in the next three weeks boris johnson has opened this series of speeches in titled rhodes to bret's it and it was an address aimed at persuading people who do think that leaving the e.u. is a very good idea that it's actually all about hope and opportunity but in the same breath saying that reversing that decision would be a very bad idea here is a fear that some people are becoming ever more determined to stop brics it to
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reverse the referendum vote of june twenty third to sixteen and a frustrated will of the people i believe that would be a disastrous mistake that would lead to permanent and in the radical feelings of betrayal he's identified three main thing is that people who don't want to leave the e.u. have they talk about security the fear that it would cost the u.k. address to fend for itself they talk about it being a pulling up of the drawbridge that breaks it is synonymous with xenophobia and also of course economic worries that britain would be worse off outside the single market and the customs union so johnson this morning tried to address those fears in turn the consensus is a speech that as i say was long on a waffle and slightly off color jokes but very short on detail which is arguably what might make some remain as change their minds about bret's it on twitter of course opposition m.p.'s were very quick to point this out yvette cooper said that with thirteen months to go what we need is a not bluster and david lammy made
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a similar point we've heard it all before a few bad jokes and a few long words even boris himself was sounding a little bit desperate by the end under a hail of. since from journalists enough of your sweet nothings where's the clarity do you think that you are the right person to be reaching out to those remailer do you worry that this uncertain approach of the with leading this country is because we have a pm who won't vote for it today some of the anger that's fueled remain in says come from your own government i accept that this morning i'm not going to. persuade everybody but i've got to i've got to try and i've got to make the effort because in the end these are people's feelings and people's feelings matter two questions remain that were also asked today's media conference and that is whether boris is the man to deliver this message and of course whether it's actually too little too late. ok let's return to our breaking news story out of the shooting which has
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taken place at a high school in cite florida our latest line. is that the suspect the gunman in the park land shooting is not in custody what we believe to be looking at is the person whether or not he is in one of those vehicles or maybe he has already or she has already been taken away from that area but that is the latest line on this that the suspect at the gun man has been taken into custody had been some hours that person is believed to have been inside a site florida high school or on the campus a lot of police are lot of activity going on there of course as you would expect and you can see the fire engine there as well now with a lot of other machinery is what we saw we saw helicopters in the area as school was just ending the high school went on lock down we've been listening we've
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been hearing from the broward county sheriff's office where this school is located for the lid. details on this i'm just on their twitter page at the moment they have confirmed as of seven minutes ago that the shooter is now in custody but the scene is still active enough is important because they had been putting out a lot of information throughout the last number of hours for pupils teachers within that school to stay in that classroom so that police could eventually get to the rooms for everybody because we have heard that there are at least one person dead multiple people injured more than twenty injured in this at people have been urged to stay away from the area this is parkland florida run fifty kilometers north of miami. high built up area as well you can imagine the would have been
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a lot of traffic a lot of people in that area at the time just before school was letting out for the day. also hearing here. earlier tweets from the broward schools switches counting for all the education in the area saying that day students one stuff had been hearing what sounded like gunfire this from thirty minutes ago we don't know what weapons were used there had been earlier reports that it was a large weapon which might suggest a sniper's rifle or a hunting rifle which or even a semiautomatic gun which would do a lot of damage of course but what we're seeing now we believe to be the suspect to be the gunman in custody perhaps in the vehicle era similar vehicle because we just heard around ten minutes ago from the sheriff's office in the area that the person had been in custody that looks to be the person because there was earlier reports that he was wearing burgundy a shirt or a t.
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shirt and was a white male so indeed what we're seeing from the media helicopter suggests to me that suspect the gunman in police custody as you can see being held to. police just seemingly just insuring are trying to find maybe his his i.d. taken some photographs of that person. if it is fun to be the gunman if it is the actual suspect that person is believed to have killed at least one person and injured twenty more. so whether or not that person is now being brought from the police vehicle into what looks to be maybe an ambulance is being put on a stretcher perhaps being brought to hospital as well. he was standing up it seemed of his own accord there whether or not he had been injured in in maybe
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a firefight as police tried to get the suspect to all of the school which he had where he had been camped up for it looks to be maybe an hour an hour and a half. i can only surmise that he is being brought into an brought to a local hospital where i imagine a lot of other victims a lot of the other. being brought to right. yes so this is a footage from a helicopter a media helicopter in the area looks to be in a in a leafy green area perhaps a near the school we did not see whether or not the suspect had fled from this school but the earlier pictures we had was of a wide shot of a large high school this does not look to be very close to that but we can tell until we get a wider shot but right now if you're just joining us we're recapping our story a suspect seems to be in custody being transferred from
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a pole lease. car to and. perhaps he has been injured perhaps he had been shot in a firefight as police tried to get him art he's not being transported and escorted . ok we'll leave this story just for now we're just looking at the believed to be suspect. ok we have to leave those pictures for rights issues so we'll that return to it in just a moment ok so that was our breaking news for this course returned to it and very shortly of one person dead and multiple people injured in florida ok moving on for now america's top diplomat has assured his middle eastern country parts that donald trump the station to recognize jerusalem as the is really capital will not affect the city's borders or holy sites rex tillerson gave those assurances on our relations building to our right across the middle east to important to note that
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when president truman made his decision regarding the drift he also made two very important points one of which was. where he was not advocating for any changes to the status quo as to oversee the holding holy sites and secondly he made clear that the positions on the final boundaries are borders. this is a matter that's left for the parties to negotiate and discuss well back in december president trump threw his support behind israel's planes over the city of jerusalem saying that the u.s. would move its embassy there from tel aviv the move was condemned by world leaders on the u.n. stirred by protests around the clock. well
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we spoke to a palestinian politician dmitri delany he does trip will help improve relations with countries already. trump's move. this is doesn't go beyond a public relations effort after the the mess that was caused by trump's decision on declaration on drugs from back in december i don't think you will be successful these known to be a lightweight in the u.s. foreign policy especially the pertaining to the middle east as he admitted himself the peace plan that he talks about it's only he have seen it he have seen points of it that these are his words so in other words the secretary of state has no idea
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what he's talking about. also on other side know that how the donald trump runs his white house it was that like a corporation and he is the only one with the ideas he's on i want to take credit for everything but he will push fairly on everybody else and i believe that tinnitus and his involvement at this point that just seeing case something goes bust through it's things are going. in the middle east comes to the peace process or the nonexistent peace process i think it's here just to get the blame later on that's all. ok we're turning our breaking news story a shooting out second place a high school in south florida authorities have confirmed there on the scene there are residents to avoid the area the suspect the gunman is now in custody about us being confirmed at local media we are just awaiting for kind of. updates
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on the death casualties here because we know at this stage there is at least one person dead at but from some time ago we're hoping that it stays out at the most but twenty more at least are injured may have been wounded seriously as well number of them not being brought to hospital i'm just reading here. as well number of the fourteen i believe from the broward sheriff's office fourteen victims so far we have at least fourteen victims victims have been continued been transported to the local medical center that police are on their twitter page as we've been talking about the student teachers that despite that person being brought in to custody to remain barricaded inside the building whether or not there is another. link to this nobody knows for not but they are treating it as an active scene as well let's
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also take a look at some of the pictures that we had from inside on social media of if we can be of the students taking photos on their phones and sending them on social media so that their family their friends people could know where they are as well do we have that actually come we look at some pictures of inside on social media. earlier pictures actually of the students being told to flee from this school yeah this is what i was speaking about this this is a. high school freshman at the school you can see he's tweeting all of wall of the classrooms there for some of his tweets are suggesting he's scared which i imagine he is he's locked inside one of the classes probably hiding as we
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heard from earlier pictures on a desk in a classroom police have been sending out on twitter for the children and for the teachers to do so they would get a raw and each classroom one by wall tick tally off just how many students were supposed to be in the class moment hopefully it would tally up to the amount of children inside that class we know as well that this happened. right before maybe half an hour maybe an hour at max before children were meant to leave the school so there still would have been a lot of people in this large high school thirteen hundred kids school. just it's called marjorie stoneman douglas high on the person the kid who is tweeting there he was asking everybody to pray for the victim's family and we're also hearing a lot of personal testimony as well from this some you will dykes was a freshman he was in the third floor of the school he said he heard gun shots and
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saw several bodies in a classroom and not one of the on verified reports we heard from earlier about whether there was one gunman or more. seemed to be general that there was one person but police are still saying it is an octave seen weight in that classroom until they get a run into each room in this school and we're seeing on the right of your screen children obviously being escorted i can imagine there in the way after hearing gunshots as we heard testimony from other kids in the school where they will be wanting to be a content for getting in touch with their parents and friends to make sure that everyone is being a conduit for all of their friends but it does not look to be a good picture there one person is confirmed dead at this stage at least twenty more injured have been brought to hospital for what you're seeing on the left of
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your screen by the way is believed to be the suspected gunman it had been said earlier that it was a white male dressed in burgundy and this seems to. echo he had been in a in a. in an officer's car as you can see now he's leaving it on a stretcher from a from a nearby and so obviously he's being brought or maybe is being treated in the. as well. he's able to stand as you can see whether he has been injured as well in a gunshot with authorities we do not know we just know that he has been taken into custody believed to have been brought to the hospital at this stage ok i believe we can actually cross live let's try to go to dominic is who is a police officer in the u.s. dominick if you can hear me now. what might trigger.


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