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means we have to start looking at accountability of the human being and make this an issue more focused towards them in mental health i don't know one sane one healthy one compassionate human being on the planet who takes such a massive cry for attention that they have to take a life or several lives of others this is got to stop being a gun issue that has to stop being a mental health and human issue let's take a look at the history of us school shootings there have been two hundred seventy five incidents since two thousand and thirteen with an average of nearly want to week and there have already been eighteen shootings in schools so far this year here's a look at some of the most serious cases in the last decade. there
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are reports from police that at least seventeen people have been killed in this shooting at a florida high school twelve deceased victims were found inside the school building while two were found just outside and one in the street nearby two more died of their wounds at the hospital scores of injured have been hospitalized and reportedly three of them are in critical condition the school is marjory stoneman douglas high in park linda florida the area that is known for its low crime rates. police have detained a suspected gunman and identified him as nicholas cruz again he is nineteen year old former student of the school who was expelled for disciplinary reasons. also
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spoke to gino logan a political analyst and psychology expert who said people who commit such crimes tend to be socially isolated blown or thing is a big one we find out almost all the time that this person is a loner that they don't have a lot of friends that they tend to isolate themselves very intentionally and you know for parents and for schools alike that's always a warning sign. you know we'll tend to find that some of these people have given some science a once in a while though we get somebody who there have been no science nobody can see anything the child was relatively social so again you can't across the board draw any real conclusions on the type of person that's going to do this but it looks like what we know with this particular student right now it also sounds like he knew the his way around the school which means additional deaths unfortunately because he knows how to get in and get out of the school obviously he knew it was
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a gun free zone so there weren't going to be guns protecting the students there that makes schools a rich target for a crazed killer like this. we have now video showing the swat team as it evacuated students from their classrooms take a look. thank you very. good all the way all the way and you can see students there with their hands in the area there as the police enter the room which is standard procedure to make sure that there were no other people who are armed but you can also see those students who are visibly shaken and we discussed the issue with rick sterling investigative journalist who thinks a culture of violence in the u.s. is encouraged by policy at the highest level well it's not hard to obtain weapons in the united states one can do it through a friend or through an online or go to
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a gun show or or there's all sorts of ways to obtain guns there's a. big problem here is that the propellants weapons another problem is the prevalence of a violent set but at the state level in we know that the new budget that that's being implemented increases the military by eighty billion dollars so already we have the united states spending more on the on the military than the next eight countries combined just the increase in the u.s. military spending is more than the entire russian military budget eighty billion dollars just imagine if that eighty billion dollars was put to positive uses promoting conflict resolution. putting using it for improving social needs and resulting conflict instead of promoting violence and military solutions we might see a dramatic decline in these kinds of incidents. of course this is
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a developing story and we'll keep you updated as new details become available but now let's take a look at some other news making headlines around the world. the u.s. is now joining in the chorus of growing concern coming out of europe over foreign i still find returning to their home shores washington urged its allies particularly britain to pay more attention to citizens who fled europe to join the terrorist organization earlier the u.k. defense secretary said that they should not be allowed to return home i don't think they should ever set food in this country again they turned their back on britain values average and we stand for then the wars of the wars we're working with the coalition on foreign fighter detainees and generally expect these detainees to return to their country of origin for disposition another british official suggested extreme measures be taken and the minister for international development
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said that the only way to deal with returning fighters was to kill them and for now i feel terrorists of u.k. origin who come home are facing prison sentences while some other european countries have tried to to reintegrate former eisel fighters back into society in denmark extra hottest have even received apartments and jobs to promote reintegration earlier we heard opposing views from our guests on how to deal with returning jobs. initially britain said we're going to make them stateless remove their passports not going to allow them reentry other countries then said let's take a more light approach some of the nordic nations said let's try to repatriate them have radicalization programs which in part have actually been quite successful in some areas at the same time then the u.s. is now taking the lead and the u.s. defense said foreign countries need to repatriate their own citizens and deal with them using the rule of law and i think that's a sensible way to go they should not come back here it's as simple as that because
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they've committed the crimes abroad so why should the touch. foot the bill for all this rehabilitation and all this. probably the doing jail for quite a while that cost more money when these crimes have been committed of course let the authorities deal with it under the rule of law in them. you know there are lots of different stories about what happens to these people if we make them stateless stand simply they will stay out there they will keep breeding extremism terrorism and radicalization and they'll keep killing and they'll keep hating us so we have it's a problem have to deal with you can't hide from it you cannot fall back on this british passport so you know i committed atrocities abroad but all for we british passport into the mix so we get sent back oh no how do we know people have committed crimes without putting the evidence in front of them and putting them on trial just to assume people went out there so well i don't want to go out of here i'm in london regularly on trial i'd like to go on my own regularly well these are way but obviously the the un is so weak. the u.
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again is so weak just nonexistent the should have. should about the un peacekeeping forces making safe and so we could properly categorize these people. so ok these people go into fight whichever side these people fight. against but now because the fight for the cure is to be classed here it becomes a ridiculous situation. now to the u.k.'s planned exit from the european union the british foreign secretary boris johnson has given an update on divorce negotiations with the e.u. which many have criticised for a lack of progress has more. this is the first in a series of six speeches to be made by cabinet members in the next three weeks boris johnson has opened this series of speeches in titled road to bret's it and it was an address aimed at persuading people who don't think that leaving the e.u. is a very good idea that it's actually all about hope and opportunity but in the same
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breath saying that reversing that decision would be a very bad idea here here is a fear that some people are becoming ever more determined to stop brics it to reverse the referendum vote of june twenty third twenty sixteen and to frustrate the will of the people i believe that would be a disastrous mistake that would be to permanent and in the radical feelings of betrayal he's identified three main fears that people who don't want to leave the e.u. have they talk about security the fear that it would cost the u.k. address to fend for itself they talk about it being a pulling up of the drawbridge that breaks it is synonymous with xenophobia and also of course economic worries that britain would be worse off outside the single market and the customs union so johnson this morning tried to address those fears in turn the consensus is a speech that as i say was long on what full and slightly off color jokes but very short on detail which is arguably what might make some remain as change their minds
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about bret's it on twitter of course opposition m.p.'s were very quick to point this out yvette cooper said that with thirteen months to go what we need is this is a not bluster and david lammy made a similar point we've heard it all before a few bad jokes and a few long words even boris himself was sounding a little bit desperate by the end he hears under a hail of questions from journalists enough of your sweet nothings with the clarity do you think that you are the right person to be reaching out to to those remaining do you worry that this uncertain approach to break sits there with feeding this country is because we have a pm who weren't so sure vote for it today some of the anger that this. you'll remain is has come from your own government i except that this morning i'm not going to. persuade everybody but i've got to i've got to try and i've got to make the effort because in the end these are people's feelings and people's feelings matter two questions remain that well also today's media conference and that is
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whether boris is the man to deliver this message and of course whether it's actually too little too late. america's top diplomat has assured his middle eastern counterparts that donald trump's a decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital will not a fact the city's borders or holy sites rex tillerson it gave those assurances on the relations building tour across the middle east. important to note that when president truman made his decision regarding the drizzling he also made two very important points as well one of which was. where he was not advocating for any changes to the status quo is to oversee holy holy sites and secondly he made clear that the positions on the final boundaries are borders of jerusalem is there is a matter that's left for the parties to negotiate and discuss. well back in december president trump threw his support behind israel's claims over the city of
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jerusalem saying that the u.s. would move its embassy there from tel aviv the move was condemned by world leaders and the u.n. and start violent protests around the globe. i. was. was was was. really was really was. we spoke to palestinian politician dimitri delilah me he doubts that tiller since the trip will help improve relations with countries already angered by trump's move . this is doesn't go beyond a public relations effort after the the mess that was caused by trump's
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decision on declaration on jerusalem back in december i don't think he will be successful he is known to be a lightweight in the us foreign policy especially pertaining to the middle east as he admitted himself the peace plan that he talks about and it's only he have seen it he have seen points of it and that these are his words so in other words the secretary of state has no idea what he's talking about. also another side reno that how donald trump runs his white house there ones that like a corporation and he is the only one with the ideas he's only want to take credit for everything but he will push fairly on everybody else and i believe that tillerson his involvement at this point that just in case something goes bust which things are going that way in that direction in the middle east history when it
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comes to the peace process or the non-existent peace process i think tillerson is here just to get the blame later on that's all. reports are that the american led coalition in syria has killed dozens of russian mercenaries have led to headlines raising the specter of direct u.s. russia confrontation moscow has now responded to those claims. russian citizens might be in syria but they don't belong to russia's armed forces over if they do remain russian citizens once again we are calling on everyone not to follow in times to move on and times move forward from formation and serious approach in describing such an important issue to me because also suggested all media sources to reach out to russia's defense ministry to various five facts before publishing and asked for the us side the world there has been no confirmation coming from there on the contrary the u.s. defense secretary said that he has no information that a knee a russian army servicemen were casualties following the u.s.
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air strikes now a number of reports first appeared on different social media platforms last week suggesting that anywhere from several dozens to up to several hundred russian mercenaries were killed in syria and their reports of alleged russian casualties were very quickly picked up by different international media sources including the bloomberg c.n.n. and the daily mail the new york times and many others so as it stands for now there has been no confirmation provided it's a regarding the story of well we could go pro-government forces in syria were attacked by the u.s. led coalition near the euphrates river coalition says it was responding to an unprovoked attack on the syrian democratic forces headquarters there who are fighting the government these are some.


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