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tv   News  RT  February 15, 2018 6:00am-6:30am EST

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i. am sure you guys have preferred to this letter for. him to ring out some basis increased his temper to reverse our spring press so much as i am maria from dan. the destructive power to religion for garza or emperor so to say supreme instance or. you. can put emphasis on the new. pointed criticism in this she's been jewish to equate it to the north. when you have a story. like or not the first fish to. the jews were those are when deciding that surprises me
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a substantial. number would simply because an allusion will spores to the sport that. look like a wish for thirty years and that was. the protocol it is hard coded to dismantle all this the world as we know it and those to try to get their way will be destroyed by it but those who want to come on board like a friendly regulator that's ok i am a bit wary though you know it's the classic good cop bad cop solarium you know when
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regular anyone phleger mccomas with a gift you have to be a little leery. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south and taken your last to bang turn. your act caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words and hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was a cave still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never again like it said one does not leave a funeral in the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one difference i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that
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mainstream media has met its maker. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution of the ukraine demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it your goal or here i mean you are liz put video through me in the neighborly as i knew you struggling needle the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took. it invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these another goal that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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elite. sorry. i. know they don't know. everything. i'll teach headline news one of the deadliest campus shootings in u.s. history seventeen people are dead and dozens injured at a high school in florida. blocked the door to turn off the lights and we waited for the police it was clear for us to leave a dead body of their own flesh and blood on the floor of. the british government accused of turning its back on interpreters who help by military in afghanistan we
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speak exclusively to one whose asylum appeal has been rejected. and a u.s. t.v. channel releases a vast database of tweets allegedly used to influence the twenty sixteen presidential election however both candidates parties and even attack russia. morning from moscow it's nine am here this thursday the fifteenth of february i'm calling brian this is your world news. from r.t. international in sorry to say that our first story is again another school massacre in the united states this time at a high school in florida seventeen people are dead and up to fifty are reported injured the suspect shooter is a nineteen year old former student who's now in custody video emerged online which seems to be from one of the classrooms while the attack was under way but please be warm that it does contain upsetting seemed.
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as the shots rang out inside the school in the city of pocket and panic students were seen running to safety this video was taken while the gunman was stunned at large it's understood the killer set off a fire alarm to draw people into the open to cause as many injuries as possible. as rapidly swarmed the campus before leaving pupils and stuff to safety. education. really. the way she told the way some of the youngsters have been describing that terrifying experience is. the song white dead body there on the floor and blood all around the floor how many people like five on the third floor. you could look like students it was one teacher and four students so they do pull the fire drill we want to. whom boom boom boom there's gunshots i doze firecrackers but there's
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a lot of oh. if you like is known as school you don't expect these links only like coming in being that you're going to shoot at school you like started taking your family i love you never know why he gets shot or killed right then. multiple fatalities have been confirmed in the deadly shooting that took place today at marjorie stoneman douglas high in a high school about fifty kilometers north of miami florida and the sheriff's office had a detailed account of today's events so let's take a quick listen we have seventeen from for victims. well victims were in the building. and shoot true victims are outside just outside the building one victim is on the street at the corner of pine island. and two. people who lost their lives at the house the sheriff's office has also confirmed that the suspected shooter. has been detained and is now in police custody authorities have
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identified the shooter as nineteen year old nicholas cruz a former student who was quote expelled for disciplinary reasons he reportedly used in a ar fifteen rifle and even had extra magazines in his possession and as soon as the incident unfolded multiple ambulances police cars and even armored vehicles were deployed to the scene swat teams cleared the school and reunited students with their families who described the circumstances as quote chaotic and frantic florida governor rick scott said he's been in touch with local officials and homeland security has apparently been in contact with both state and local officials but we also heard from the white house donald trump expressed his condolences via twitter and white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders said that trump has offered financial assistance to florida if needed but according to every town for gun safety a gun control advocacy group the u.s. has seen eighteen school shootings in the first forty five days of twenty so these
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horrific sophistic could absolutely reflect a greater societal issue. the students at the high school in paul clinton have been describing the suspect as troubled others even said they were afraid of him stressing the t.v. changed recently we've been discussing some of the. underlying issues behind yet
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another gun related mass killing in the us. so over three hundred million guns is enough for every person in the united states to have a gun it's unseen and you know we license cars you can't just get in a car and drive it but you can get a gun and shoot it you don't need any training you don't need any licensing. and a lot of states now you can carry them. undercover illegally there's a lot of nutty miss in this country about how guns make you safer. and the evidence is all to the contrary this is an ultimate cry for attention and i'd like to see the media for the first time not look at this is a gun issue and to shy away from the anatomy object or or start to start to look away from why or how these individuals are getting the guns and start looking at the intent behind it why are they doing this what's the mental health of this person what's their personal individual issue if there's one thing that we do know
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it's been proven time and time again that the gun itself does not do any damage but the issue is the person behind it their intent their motives their means polycom was considered florida's safest city is well as one of the safest in the united states but just hours ago teaches that to barricade classrooms while terrified students sent text messages to family and friends. my school is being shut up and i locked inside i'm scared right now. and there have been shots fired on campus at school there are police sirens outside i'm in the two room and the doors are locked. i want to shut up i say this is catastrophic. and on the eve of
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a catastrophic game broward county history it's devastating i'm sick to my stomach . prayers for the kids families and friends affected by the florida high school shooting. no kid should ever have to go through this please pray for florida love you all and hope everyone is safe. love each other you may never know when it may be the last day myths are won. the british government is being accused of turning its back on interpreters who helped its military in afghanistan many of received death threats from the taliban saying that they can't remain in their homeland has been speaking exclusively to an afghan interpreter whose bid for asylum in the u.k. has failed. they only give me the notice for deportation they told me that you have to leave the country so they're going to send me. i will do differently because abdul barry was a front line in ten percent with british forces in afghanistan from two thousand
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and eight to two thousand and ten. i know that if i join the british forces so close for me but i have to do that because our country was. the situation in our country was very bad so i have to help the international forces to protect other countries so they came to my country to protect us so why should i not hope that working with u.k. troops made abdul a target for local taliban forces that was a phone call from my from my father and a letter put in my door so you know that your son is working for the infidels so tell him to leave the job that they were as he will be slapped are the threats soon turned to violence when the taliban grated on my family my father and my mom and my dad so on that time when that happened he was completely angry all the problems happened to me just because of you creating problems for us with his and
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his family's lives in danger abdul was forced to flee i did i had enough time to go and see. for protection or something like only twice was for me one choice to leave the country he came to britain illegally through cali and applied for asylum on the very first day since then the home office has rejected his initial application and his appeal the government says it's safe to return to kabul where he says his life is in danger that was. ours and justice. because when i heard i helped the british forces in a very risky time but at the moment i'm at risk so i need help but this still ignoring me. as an asylum seeker can't work and this is the modest accommodation that the government provides for him he also gets thirty five pounds
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a week in living expenses and he have the constant threat of deportation looming over. him there are around a thousand afghan interpreters that worked with british forces around four hundred of them have been given u.k. visas which means abdul is one of around six hundred who haven't qualified the system has been described as unfair and a lot of a lot of bills best friend how much managed to win applied for his visa while still in afghanistan and after a two year wait he was brought over to the u.k. under the government's official afghan interpreter scheme do you feel guilty sometimes that you've got the visa and no one visa for those who spend time over. seventy per cent and.


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