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looking forward to hear. this is what happens to pensions in britain if you watch kaiser report. twenty forty you know bloody revolution to the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just always i mean your list put me in the. school in the middle of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took part in this today over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. when you don't. see the team that looked what they did they could put it.
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what they need not through only ten best. let alone they. said. clement no seven did that to. you speak french. then send them all to new. zealand cut down towards. getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos remember wolf it was dismissive to do it looking for you like you know that this isn't my cup of tea is going up the study hall maybe. you know john.
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the only palestinians who gets the most hopeful is jerusalem counterpart i don't think there's some of those who in the world on the vision not only could do this. and that is the office not just the heart of the spine. i know if you continue in the cosmos you do more for me was a last resort. welcome back to dublin where i'm speaking to mary lou mcdonald then you'll be elected president of shared fame how she found the key to taking shouldn't fame into power and the republic of ireland thirty years of troubles twenty years of peace but of course a breakthrough process which some people believe is a fundamental danger to the peace process how do you evaluate the braggs us and the good friday agreement are mutually incompatible you cannot have brags that you
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cannot have a forcing of the north of ireland i was of the european union on the one hand and still claim to honor in word and spares and last are the good friday agreement it is in our view as stark as the us and i listened to theresa may and i listened to others from the english tories saying that. don't worry about the border in ireland ireland will be fine on the one hand and then insisting that britain will leave the customs union leave the single markers and so on and of course the reality is that those two positions are completely at odds with each other i think the tories have played a very dangerous game no way can arland or show daryn and or will argument be the collateral damage in the midst of all of the us. the idea of reimposing
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a border on the island is not just economically disruptive it's potentially jeopardizes the entire political infrastructure of the good friday agreement the executive itself in the north and the assembly the northern institutions are built on are premised on the notion of european standards and regulations and law so this is a big problem for us bragg says is a disaster in my view generally if i can offer that for you i respect absolutely the rights of other countries to make their own decisions i think brags this is a mistake from an irish perspective it's dangerous i think it is great she was the way in which the british government has disregarded us at by the way we have said this to mrs may so i'm i'm not saying anything as it were behind her back that we're not quite prepared to to put to the british government but i wouldn't
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put you in the same category of some of her temper that ministers live so i believe that that's that's as i put up some more straightforward the breaking of the good friday agreement and letter of spirit is that the same thing as the ending of the peace process so we're told them to the violence of the sort of the war is over and there is no. purchase no sentiment at all or told that i see that wishes for a return to any form of political violence at all i think it would be a very very foolish person and a truly food dish government that would gamble or that would take the necessary risks with all of that i believe the peace process is robust i believe that certain irish nationalism is growing in confidence is very much at ease and happy with the general momentum and direction of political traffic i am
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conscious that some of our unionist brothers and sisters are perhaps not as secure or happy with all of us but generally i think it's fair to say that there is no appetite for conflict as one of the of the political consequences of bricks of this provision of course or from the peace accords for a referendum or my own under certain circumstances and i wish you to is it your opinion that blitz to block them makes such a referendum very likely or indeed inevitable at some stage i think it demonstrates very clearly just how vulnerable the north of ireland is in the within the union because let's face it the people in the north voted to stay and yet that could be totally disregarded and i know for roots a scenario where investment into our island the economic activity right across the island people born on the island of ireland. who take for granted the fact
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that they can do simple things like travel throughout europe like europe is people's hinterland now people have grown up with the. access for education for work and so on but even in your list politicians of advising people to go to iraq five words where precisely precisely because these are things that people value i wouldn't go so far as to say that it makes irish unity inevitable but i certainly think it underscores the common sense of the united are and the common sense of actually managing our own political affairs and not allowing other forces beyond you to actually overrule and overrides decisions democratic decisions made by the people i think it's sets that are very clarity on how closely do what. the political developments another cope to wales and scotland the campaign by the welsh
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and scottish first minister together to keep the nation's will from the contents of the single market do you see will from not development something that might provide a different arrangement for the various communities of the soil the evidence so far is that in fact number ten carries very little for me of the devolved at ministrations think on any of these matters i think it would be a good day's work for a little bit of humility to enter into the equation perhaps in terms of the tory government and to actually allow those voices and perspectives in and to listen and hear when scotland tells you wash scotland understands to be in her best interests what scotland needs to survive to thrive and to advance and likewise for the welsh i think it would be wiser for the british system to listen to us here's the distinction for us though the heavy lifting to protect our lives will have to
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be done by the government and. that's a reality dublin will be at the table as an equal european partner when all of these matters are to be. negotiators and discussed and decided and we've said consistently to teach shock to the tarnish there that their responsibility and duty of care doesn't stop at dundalk that it goes into the north of ireland and that is we as a country and as an island have to understand our fortune in this regard is completely interlinked noodle shouldn't fear and when you look at the the strong influence the decisive position of the democratic unionist reformer one hundred full of m.p.'s might have a host of problems are you tempted to reverse the abstentions policy maker for you into the past westminster over the upset the apple cart no. i would not say that the d u p have what i what i would understand are considered to be
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a position of huge strengths i think they they find themselves as a particular moment in time with a particular mathematical relationship don't get me wrong i think this confidence and supply arrangement between the tories and the day you pay is. is wrong i think it absolutely compromises the british government's claims to impartiality or independence i think is highly problematic from that point of view but i think it's a stretch to say that therefore the d u p are all dominating and that they hold all of the cards and actually when you talk to you in unison the north of art and there's a very clear sense you know governments in london will have a lot of unionist support and then dispense with us as and when it's pragmatic for
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them to do so so that's to me a very short term arrangement what are you offering the people of the of the so for the all the parties let's ascribe more conventional parties become tougher but the conventional parties the older parties have had it all their own way since the one nine hundred twenty s. really when you think about this it's been them the politics of tweedledum and tweedledee so the two big beasts of irish politics feel of all infinite go search to swap roles what do we offer well where we are a party that is not in the back pockets of any vested interests we've had a whole history in this jurisdiction of corruption of corrupted institutions and the consequential loss of confidence in public life and political life i think we can be in fact i think we are a new broom even though we're even sold as political party to to sweep some of the
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us clean we argue for investment in public services. and generation a prosperity that isn't just about creating wealthy argument that looks good statistically you know the rice. g.d.p. the right g.n.p. you know the ratios looking smart we talk about a prosperity that is lived and that is shared and how would you describe the politics of fame on the left right split aware of the left are very decidedly of the left and we are republican left so we're about freedom and we are about equality we believe that citizens have rights we believe that it's the juicy of the station of good government to vindicate those rights what a shame feels route to power the other parties the established parties a jew or police as you put it he said we will deal with should famous been a historic position in
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a proportional system to get to power you probably have to have coalition allies know it takes two to tango how are we going to get. the first thing we have to do is we have to get a sufficient mandate sometimes it amuses me you know you hear politicians you know we won't go we won't entertain you or we won't do this or nobody will be doing anything unless and until you have a sufficient mandates and until you win sufficient confidence of the irish people so the first thing we have to do is prepare for elections prepare a political platform and we need to go and win hearts and minds we need to convince people who may never have voted for sinn fein before that we are offering something new and hopeful and different and i believe that we can do that at the end of the day whenever the election is the votes are counted well then it's for other political parties to decide what position they will take but i would just warn them against being overly our reagans are overly dismissive a few weeks ago you were celebrating the hundred fiftieth anniversary of the book
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of of conscience markovitch. if she was looking don't know what advice we should be giving you as the new president should fail i believe that she would say to me to stay true to stay strong to be flexible but not to settle for too little and above all a marquee event she was a woman who came from privilege but who was a lover of the poor not least of this city she would say stay true to the women and the man of now property stay true to our land and you won't go too far on. what i like here so i am pleased to say i'm from scotland a small gift. this is a quick scots go for top of tightness but whiskey and liquid ground of course friends only or close friends and of course one last thing has to be scotch well i
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can't promise that thank you so much they were both thank you so much. fascinating stuff from dublin for years i have noticed and welcome the increasing influence of women in the political leadership of island and of scotland maybe a limit on all night joins a growing list of women who have held leadership positions in the republic while currently northern ireland what the leaders of the ulster unionist and of sion fein are being forced in michel neil i women this is the case in scotland when a question is first minister is opposed by this davidson as leader of the opposition conservatives in wales in westminster women leaders are heavily outnumbered with only pride come easily and would carling because of the greens and of course trees and me the prime minister however even more important than me to lose gender or to other political changes. really mcdonald is the first infin leader not to be associated with the armed struggle this may well remove the
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political ceiling which has previously districted their support in the republic secondly and this is equally important the election of this dublin born woman represents a move of leadership from the north of ireland to what may be termed an all ireland approach it could well be that after four centuries since it last happened the next elections will see shin fein challenging for the leading position in irish politics both north and south the consequences for ireland and for island as a european nation would be far reaching. then tell next week from all of us here in the studio and of course from alex and up like these.
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it's all to see we have a great team but we need to strengthen before the freefall world cold and you're better than a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that waiting spirit to the r.c.t. . recently i've had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best fall since my last will call him and that stories are as we've. thousand old jokes i was only kidding here i called russia. nice dry. left left left more or less ok stop that's really good.
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but politicians do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some will want to be. the two going to be press it's like when the full story in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the wives of our. guests it. i. used some new solution a mix but samantha i'm. just using this thing in the book as that which is this mission of the new clothes is a. little
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bit so up until just almost a trial of a. couple don't play across on the spur to do some awesome all serious.
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you know they don't know. everything. headline news one of the deadliest campus shootings in u.s. history seventeen people are dead and around a dozen injured a florida. dead body their own flesh and blood on the floor. of the british government accused of turning its back on interpreters who helped its military in afghanistan we speak exclusively to one whose asylum appeal has been rejected. and a u.s. t.v. network releases a vast database of tweets allegedly used by moscow to influence the twenty sixteen presidential election even though some a scathing of russia praise and criticism the whole confidence.
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in the news team here internationally. with your. other school massacre in the united states this time at a high school in florida seventeen people are dead and at least a dozen others are reported injured video emerged online which seems to be from one of the classrooms while the attack was underway people know that it does contain upsetting scenes. like. the shots rang out inside the. school in the city of parkland panic students were seen running to safety this video was taken while the gunman still on the attack it's understood the killer set off a fire alarm to get all people into the open because as many injuries as possible the officers rapidly school but campus before leading pupils and stuff to safety. would be very. very. good thing you know
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maybe fifteen people are reportedly in hospital at the moment five of them with life threatening injuries so maybe cohen has more on how events unfolded multiple fatalities have been confirmed in the deadly shooting that took place at marjorie stoneman douglas high in a high school about fifty kilometers north of miami florida the suspected shooter has been detained and is now in police custody authorities have identified the shooter as nineteen year old nicholas cruz a former student who was quote expelled for disciplinary reasons he used in a ar fifteen rifle and even had extra magazines in his possession and as soon as the incident unfolded multiple ambulances police cars and even armored vehicles were deployed to the scene swat teams cleared the school and reunited students with their families who described the circumstances as quote chaotic and frantic florida governor rick scott said he's been in touch with local officials and homeland security has apparently been in contact with both state and local officials but we
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also heard from the white house donald trump expressed his condolences via twitter and white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders said that trump has offered financial assistance to florida if needed but according to every town for gun safety a gun control advocacy group the u.s. has seen eighteen school shootings in the first forty five days of twenty so these horrific says his six could absolutely reflect a greater societal issue. students
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of the high school in pocklington described the suspect as troubled some even said he looked like a future school shooter of the say he was a firearms enthusiastic in his spare time and we've been discussing some of the underlying issues behind what is yet another gun related mass killing in the united states so over three hundred million guns is enough for every person in the united states to have a gun it's insane and you know we license cars you can't just get in a car and drive it but you can get a gun and shoot it you don't need any training you don't need any licensing. and a lot of states now you can carry them. undercover illegally there's a lot of nutty miss in this country about how guns make you safer. and they evidence is all to the contrary this is an ultimate cry for attention and i'd like
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to see the media for the first time not look at this is a gun issue and to shy away from the anatomy object or or start to start to look away from why or how these individuals are getting the guns and start looking at the intent behind it why are they doing this what's the mental health of this person what's their personal individual issue if there's one thing that we do know it's been proven time and time again that the gun itself does not do any damage but the issue is the person behind it their intent their motives their means. was considered florida's safe city as well as one of the safest in the united states last year but just hours ago teachers there had to barricade classrooms while terrified students sent text to family and friends. we saw my dead body there on the floor in the i know it underscores how many people like five on the third floor. it looked like students it was one teacher and four
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students. so they do pull the fire drill we want to side. boom boom where's gunshot i doze firecrackers but after the last hour i. don't like coming in bringing a gun to shoot at school you like start taking a family i love you clean every night he get shot or killed. i want to start up i say this is catastrophic. and on the way to be catastrophic again broward county history it's devastating i'm sick to my stomach.
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to other news now the british government is being accused of turning its back on interpreters who helped its military in afghanistan many have received death threats from the taliban and say they can't remain in the land has been speaking exclusively to an afghan interpreter whose bid for asylum in the u.k. has failed. they only to give me the notice for deportation they told me that you have to leave the country so they're going to send me. i would defend her because abdul barry was a front line in ten percent with british forces in afghanistan from two thousand and eight to two thousand and ten. i know that if i join the british forces so close for me but i have to cross our country was. the situation in our country was very bad so i have to help the international forces to protect other countries so they came to my country to protect us so why should i not hope that working with u.k. troops made abdul it's hard for local taliban forces that i was
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a phone call from my from my father and a letter put in my door so you know that your son is working for the infidels so tell him to leave the job otherwise you'll be slapped at the threats soon turned to violence when the taliban grated on my family my father and my mom and my dad so on that time when that happened he was completely angry all the problems happened to me just because of you creating problems for us with his and his family's lives in danger abdul was forced to flee had enough time to go and see this for protection or something like only twice was for me one choice to leave the country he came to britain illegally through cali and applied for asylum on the very first day since then the home office has rejected his initial application and his appeal the government says it's safe to return to kabul where he says his life
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is in danger and i was. i was and justice. when i heard i helped the british forces in a very risky time but at the moment i'm at risk so i need help but they still ignoring me. as an asylum seeker can't work and this is the modest accommodation that the government provides for him he also gets thirty five pounds a week in living expenses and he has the constant threat of deportation looming over. him there are around a thousand afghan interpreters that worked with british forces around four hundred of them have been given u.k. beezus which means abdul is one of around six hundred who haven't qualified the system has been described as unfair and a lot of. abdul's best friend how much managed to win hashmarks applied for
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his visa while still in afghanistan and after a two year wait he was brought over to the u.k. under the government's official afghan interpreter scheme do you feel guilty sometimes that you got the visa and abdul didn't buy one visa for a very good to spend time over the taleban is under seventy per cent you know going to be almost all will be able to be searching for people. that would. like nato forces. if you were. back in afghanistan abdul was a professional boxer he can't compete in the u.k. because he doesn't have a work permit but he can still train since i came here he can do nothing to staying at home going out sometimes they keep him busy with my turnings googlebot market i mean if you.


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