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tv   The Alex Salmond Show  RT  February 15, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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this is taking place now in syria and from what we understand the turkish government is not happy about it at this point turkey is demanding that kurdish forces be expelled from the anti islamic state fighting force led by the united states in syria however in the past we've heard u.s. leaders quite adamant about their support for the kurds this is us leaders on their support for kurdish forces. the coalition is working jointly with the syrian democratic forces to establish and train the new syrian border security force currently the approximates who hundred thirty individuals training in the be a soft snow group close with the goal of a funnel for sons of approximate thirty thousand. now the turkish government considers these kurdish forces operating in syria to be terrorists and feels quite threatened by them and has been a long outspoken in demanding that the united states and its support for these
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forces this is what we've heard from the turkish president. but my use to him why do these weapons still arrive america is in the process of creating a terror army on aboud do nothing crucial now buddhas do not provoke we will run out of patience. now at this point we understand the tillerson has arrived in turkey and he'll be going to an embassy a u.s. embassy in turkey that is on a street that's actually named for the military operation against those kurdish forces armed by the united states operation olive branch they've actually renamed the street the u.s. embassy is on as olive branch street sending a pretty clear message to washington that they do not approve of this policy of arming kurdish forces now at this point of the united states is caught in a strange place between two allies it's aligned with the kurdish forces and it's also aligned with the turkish government a member of nato that considers those kurdish forces to be terrorists so
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a lot of questions are being asked all eyes are on in car as people wait to see what the usa will do next as it seems like this is a quite contradictory aspect of its foreign policy yeah we'll be closely following developments there from the turkish couple artie's came up and thank you for. a political science professor to marci's the turkey no wants the u.s. to deliver on its promises. yeah fed up with these words it's coming from america and they're saying good to be you know i understand security teams of turkey at this big terrorist group there is you know not waiting any diplomatic santals from united states just want to keep its promises to deliver those promises to turkey. and especially in man bitch otherwise i think it doesn't work you know these kind of diplomatic meetings for cookie.
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top intelligence chiefs from america's security organizations are warning u.s. citizens to stay away from chinese smartphones that includes t n one way after concerns were raised by the countries in which the phones are produced provides the capacity to maliciously modify or steal information provides the capacity to conduct undetected espionage raise your hand if you would recommend that private american citizens use one way or z.t. products or services. not of your generation thank you for that well the browns just mentioned there are some of the biggest phone communications names worldwide zaid t.e.'s market share puts the company in eighth place globally while while way makes the top three alongside samsung and apple and the chinese brands weiwei is
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investing massively to break the jew awfully all of those market leaders it has huge stars advertising its phones like football i call it messy actress scarlett johansson there you go superman over there henry cavill. but it's not only chinese phone manufacturers suspected of spying on their owners last week a conversation between two f.b.i. officials was leaked in which the expressed concern about apple's ability to provide prissie however that conversation was from two years ago in another time when the f.b.i. was at loggerheads with all that was over the tech giant not providing software to access the devices of alleged terror suspects we heard from consultant tom cheez
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right to say the warning from us in till chiefs is ironic considering the activities of america's old agencies anything's possible in trump's america we just don't know but given the size of the trading relationship between the two i think they'd have to be very cautious about damaging that seriously electronics one of the of the biggest markets going back and forth intellectual property and this huge contractual tire speed chinese manufacturer is an american network provider so it would be incredibly difficult to translate these sort of statements into legal restrictions it's certainly ironic that they're putting so much effort into you blocking the entry of these companies into the u.s. markets without making a video available because as we know the one place where there is great evidence of spying activity happening here is largely driven by the u.s. government we know that actually ironically they try to insert software into huawei devices to spy on people that way so it's a difficult situation maybe they have evidence they don't want to share for security reasons but right now the one party you have evidence is spying on people
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if the people who are complaining about huawei ok time for the shortest of bricks there right after that we see her the limb pick up from russia brand is being received at the winter olympics we're back after this. to mars the coalition negotiations germany's three largest parties have provisionally agreed on a compromise that may yet pull through. all of these difficulties a sign of something major going wrong in german politics the birthing pangs of the country's fourth from the coalition.
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the protocol is hard coded to dismantle the world as we know it and those who try to get their way will be destroyed by it but those who want to come on board like a friendly regulator that's ok. a bit wary though you know it's the classic good cop bad cop scenario you know when regular anyone with a gift you have to be a little leery. welcome back to the program know that there are two unusual teams on this year's winter olympics one is the united squad from north and south korea competing together for the first time in a dozen years it's widely seen as a positive move on a sign that relations are warming between them the other team is olympic athletes from russia known as are competing neutral flag jew to
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a disputed doping scandal. some spectators whether they recognize team russia rebranding. it will take a long while for russian athletes journalists like myself that i can tell you first sure to forget the acronym o. a r after chang twenty eight thing well just before the winter games a group of russian designers thought they could take advantage of the international olympic committee's language sanctioned. i put one of those on myself and decided to walk around near the olympic park a little bit. what kind of team did people with this kind of sweatshirt support i'm sure. it's a limp
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a calf really believes he can beat the russians north korea are doing north korea russia the russians the food we see here he goes they do that if you lose a limb and then something of a limp think athletes of russia what would you chant if you wore annoy our team supporter. oh we've come from really. some people say a russian animal can make it sound like that there you go a russian bear siberian tiger appear was. merely make it sound like it's hungry. for gold medals well judging by the first few days of the winter olympics the russian fans have chosen to stick to the more traditional chants and symbols.
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played you know you have to try and go r t n p r chang. interesting that great fun despite the weather well moving on to what would you call it more hostile i suppose sporting outness fear thousands of french football funs run paged through the spanish capital on wednesday what you can see here is the build up to the crunch game between real madrid. in the us the champions league. the french found set off flares and fireworks close to their opponents stadium the much misjudged the risk so the riot police were mobilized to police escorted supporters to the venue the much ended up three one win for the return leg though
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isn't parlous and that will be at the beginning of march. the french president is on course to tick another campaign pledge off the list and money will mccollum's promising to bring back compulsory military service and his party has been busy trying to whip up support. we call it the national service because it's the place where the youth of our country and the nation meet one another where they get to know the military service on the one hand and civil engagement on the other it's where one gives his time to the nation and to society . what about the age range it will cover all age ranges both boys and girls will take part in the service will be obligatory so what's the reaction been well polls from three years ago suggest that eighty percent of people were in favor of the move that's nod to windell to
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a little more than huff charlotte dubin ski us people in paris what they know. but you play as if you're ready to serve your country yes i have even tried to get in the army. i think there are many ways to help your country and not on in the army it's not all about taking a weapon in your hand. but. army training is definitely way stricter than the school curriculum but this experience gave me a new perspective on things. as well i think military service is something good this creates unity around the country but servant should be optional. at the moment the toll seems quite crazy her as they say it would be obligatory then they say not.
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to do you know the french national anthem at all softball. to be. some half hearted marching going on there while french military experts told us he doesn't expect this plan to work out it. is no paying it. did during its come pain talking about three or six months is a concentration and he couldn't work because to teach the basic ages to the basic skills to a soldier needs many three months is it's impossible to make something useful for a. modern army like the french army where there is a many high technical systems. the new leader of irish political
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party should fain mary lynn mcdonnell sits down with alec summon next on the program and i'm back with more global news updates from our moscow studio in thirty minutes time. in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decade's old debts from. studying so hard it requires trust to. go through humiliation to enter an elite society. and paci into debt sometimes quite literally. wants other true colors of universities in the u.s. . with lawmakers manufactured sentenced to public wealth. when the room in
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closest protect themselves. with the famous merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. pay everybody i'm stephen ball. task hollywood guy the suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru just a little bit different i'm not. going to win those up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have some fun meet everyday americans. and hopefully start to bridge that gap. this is the great american thanks thanks.
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thanks. thanks. thanks thanks . thanks thanks. i am to welcome to the alex salmond shoe and the first of three special programs on the future of island and particular the future of island in europe post breaks it this week a new woman political party leader was elected in these islands made a limit donal's has a scottish name and indeed ancestry but on sunday she became president or oktar on our shin fein in succession to the long serving gerry adams alex has been to dublin
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for a major interview with the new leader to discover what turn election means for the politics of ireland north and south but first let's hear from you with your tweets your messages and your e-mails. there's been a fantastic response to last week show which featured the amazing rugby legend dodgy we're here to few of your tweets williams says great show this morning interview with guardian informative press an interview about living with m. and d. and his dog b. career graham patty says a moving inspirational show today a big talking about has a mundane explaining who is trying to do something about it not just for him but for all sufferers well done and so see all of us there he says just watched alexander's interview of da de witt at mighty field stadium broadcast to be excellent t.v. which already talks about his rugby playing days and openly and come to italy to fight with. shell says it is false to dog his own teeth in fact after the first two
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died he tweeted we're back on again at six thirty pm hope i'm as good as i was this morning where yesterday you were and in response to that shell says first alex i'm unsure i've watched took the legend that study were to get me their best wishes jordy here's hoping your foundation can help find a cure for this horrible condition and i'm says just what should entry with dodi wear what an inspiration wishing you all the based shine to titus says great interview on the show well done finally we are says in response to dorothy actually if you're presented with another quake at the end of the alex i'm unsure can i auction it well i don't know what daughter's response was to you but for all of us here we're happy to send you another creek for auction. and night island on the shore as a name suggests alex of course boxes all of the good jobs and over the last few days he's been spending a great deal of time in alan's capital of dublin over the next three episodes he conducts major interviews with irish politicians including former teacher prime
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minister bertie ahern on the form of one of the republic made evacuees however first he spoke with the women of the moment the new elected president of shin fein mediately mcdonald here's alex the fish import from dublin stephen's green one of the most famous locations and dublin's fair city one hundred years ago showing fame held a majority of parliamentary seats across the island of ireland last weekend they elected mary lou mcdonald as president of shaun finn she is the first shannon fame leader not to be associated with the struggle so could once again shouldn't fame be challenging for power across the island of ireland until the easter rising of one thousand sixteen shin fein had little success when all was changed and changed utterly by the oppressive british response to the rising sinn fein started to win
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by elections and then the one nine hundred eighteen u.k. general election swept ireland in a landslide victory only in the six counties which were to form northern ireland and unionism still hold sway after the establishment by treaty of their ideas for the state and the civil war which followed shin fein effect to the split into the two parties which were to dominate the politics of violent for the rest of the century one party which became feel a gale came from the pro treaty wing of nationalism led by michael collins and the republican field a foil party of him and the really low. meanwhile shin fein was a joost a political rump increasingly a source of real struggle of the ira in northern ireland retake we as the troubles swept hill a province from likeness of the unable to move in over some twenty years ago shin thin and the democratic unionists lead the party militaries and both sides into a peace process which holds to this day graduation fane of eclipse the
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constitutional nationalist of the s.-t. o.-p. in the elections of the north while the twenty six thousand election for the doyle in dublin achieved its best results since the one nine hundred twenty s. a met him to challenge the irish old firm ophelia gale and feel a foil now the question is under this new leader milly with donald tension fame finally overtake the democratic universe in the north and the med once again as a governing party in the republic. will be dawdled you're no officially the leader of shouldn't fear tell me a bit about your own background how you came into politics your double to go i am an example and woman alex even ann and i came into politics in some ways almost accidentally i came into a sort of a pit of political activism and running for elections and so on as a result of my interest in. domestic politics what was going on in the north and i
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too international politics. but i had never planned this as the end point if you like of my political journey i grew up in dublin i come from what would be considered to be i suppose a typically middle class background i was very lucky to have. good educational opportunities a good chance the things in life and i came into my my husband always tells the story that when he he met me for a service a student then i got a very good job when i came out of university i left and i went working for the trade unions which meant but that my income dropped i then left the trade unions to work for shit and fein which meant that my income dropped again and he said to me now you need to stop that because the next thing is you go into work and you know you have to pay them to show up so i am the kind of person that goes on political instinct things that i believe in and i passionately believe in social justice. i
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believe in irish unity i believe in getting things done i believe rather than sitting on the sidelines and giving i wish that if you actually want to live in a better country if you want to live in a better world there's actually a responsibility on you to go and do something about that so that's how long story short i got involved in political that it wasn't your first choice. for the future for you when i came of age the politics that i knew and the political atmosphere that i was accustomed to or comfortable in was fianna fáil. i discovered very quickly that that was exactly the wrong place for me to be because i'm an irish nationalist i mean united are in and are but i am also a person who believes that social justice and equality is the other side of that coin what good freedom if not an equal ireland. so for me shin fein blended perfectly. still does that concern for self-determination for freedom
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but also a very keen sense of building an equal society and giving people not just rhetorical lip service around opportunity or prosperity but actually making those realities in people's lives but shouldn't traditional strong woman little strictures really supposed to cause this market one hundred years ago the first woman elected to the house of commons but of course are substantial to proceed you mention markovitch there i mean air a giant of irish history a phenomenal woman. who one hundred years ago this year was elected to the house of parliament. but who was in jail at the time and who in any event was an abstention as a politician and just like shin fein m.p.'s now we don't take our seats we continue in that tradition because for us irish political decisions are to be made rightfully in our union for irish people and then so many other women down through
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through through the years and it would be fair to say that although the perception of sion fame correctly has been of a very male partially because irish politics sadly has been very male there has always been a strong hold horse of of women in leadership positions engine fan i think what's changed now is that more of us are in public representatives of roles and public leadership roles and i'm very proud to serve in that same tradition as marquis of h. and more a drum and margaret buckley and so many others and i'm very humbled to be the woman who in modern arlen now leads from the front and is is the their own shin fein you know last month when you accept a nomination president shouldn't feed you you famously said that you were going to try and fill julia adams the shoes. because you brought your own. what did you mean by that exactly i suppose i meant two things firstly that gerry adams has
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defined i believe irish political life for a generation he is a person without him the peace process i believe would not have happened. the person who charted in a very concrete way the democratic pathway to irish freedom. the person in the leader who managed to bring the ira relatively intact on the journey and a person who stayed very very true to his background to his tradition whilst at the same time being and credible radical in terms of modernizing the shin fein party and building it from the ground up so he is as they say some act to follow and i won't fill his shoes i won't be attempting to but then i don't need to because i have my own as you say because i think it is so important for anybody coming into
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political leadership to have a sense of their own journey to have a sense of their own identity their own generation in leadership and i think particularly for women because it is still something of a novelty to have women in the most senior of leadership roles and i am the person that i am a dubliner of a certain generation and i have consequently a view that is different from my predecessor on many things a different approach and i think it's very very important to say that sense of i suppose novelty and change from the from the very beginning you rightly say that. brought should the food to support a peaceful path to too early should look but still the case that you had before shouldn't be a source who flew the struggle of the troubles more recently you think that is a. a significant opportunity for departure a group for your party but certainly
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a change and i think it is a reflection of the success the political successes that have accrued over the past twenty years and more that you have as you say me as a leader of shin find the leader of the irish republican movement with with no association with the troubles or the conflict. but also you now have a whole generation of people who have been born on this island who never lived one day of conflict in ireland a generation of children born in belfast and derry in the glens of them for whom talk about the troubles of the conflict is the stuff of history books no don't get me wrong some of the consequences and the pain of that conflict is still here and we still need to deal with us but that is a my you see change an entire generation of young people who have come up and who have no experience of british soldiers on the streets or armed actions by ira
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volunteers or the u.v.'s for the u.d.a. and that is a massive transformation and something that's extremely positive a very good reflection so yes it is a change. and also from what they called the south even from the east coast dublin's actually on the east in the south bush so for shin fein very often associated as a northern party a partially of the north i think it's now clear that we are truly a national organization and that's always been the case but as we grow in political strengths right across the provinces of ireland and now that the leader is a job. i think that kind of rights up in lights in a way that perhaps wasn't the case before.
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in twenty forty you know bloody revolution to the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be increasingly violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know here i mean you are liz put me in the. school in the middle of the fall the ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty forty and. those who took part in this today over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.


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